Summerkin Down through the Way she fell feeling the wind and the pressing darkness the dizzy thump when she landed on the bank She was through The air felt softer here the shadows deeper and the pull of her

  • Title: Summerkin
  • Author: Sarah Prineas
  • ISBN: 9780061921063
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Down through the Way she fell, feeling the wind and the pressing darkness, the dizzy thump when she landed on the bank She was through The air felt softer here, the shadows deeper and the pull of her connection to the land settled into her bones In the Summerlands, time moves slowly, roots grow deeply, and change is not welcomed But change is needed.After defeating th Down through the Way she fell, feeling the wind and the pressing darkness, the dizzy thump when she landed on the bank She was through The air felt softer here, the shadows deeper and the pull of her connection to the land settled into her bones In the Summerlands, time moves slowly, roots grow deeply, and change is not welcomed But change is needed.After defeating the wicked Mor and freeing her kin from deadly oaths made to this false ruler, Fer is now the rightful Lady of the land Yet her people don t know what to make of their new Lady s strange ways, and neither do the High Ones, the rulers of the magical realm, for Fer is an outsider half human.To prove herself worthy of the Summerlands crown, Fer is summoned to compete in an epic contest where her strengths and skills will be tested and her loyalties challenged Can she trust Rook, the puck she calls friend Can she trust herself If Fer fails, she will lose her land and the Way will be closed to her forever.

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      Sarah Prineas

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    1. Author of the Magic Thief series and the Winterling trilogy.Coming in Sept 2015 is my first YA, Ash Bramble.My website sarah prineasCheck out the book website, magicthief

    One thought on “Summerkin

    1. This is a little younger than I usually read, so I m rounding up a smidgen to correct for that Overall, a fun read.

    2. My review of the first book in the series was a bit middling 2.5 bumped to 3 and for the first part of this book I feared the second would be the same.But at some point it started to click for me, and I didn t want to put the book down so this is a solid 3, maybe a 3.5.The biggest plus is the characters I had mentioned that the characters were a bit of a weakness and rather thin in the first book, but they felt flushed out in this one at least Fer and Rook did And I was glad that some of the o [...]

    3. A really interesting arc for this fae series The first book was about non violence, with medicine as resistance, and this one is about non hierarchical servant leadership I m really interested to see where book three goes I mean it s technically about a competition to see who gets to be the Lady of the Summerlands, with archery contests and a magical fashion show And trickster babies who are sometimes puppies And government led extermination campaigns against said tricksters MIDDLE GRADE IS FOR [...]

    4. 4.5 STARSThe sequel to Winterling is not only worthy, I actually enjoyed it The story feels original here, the characters develop even greater depth I love that Fer view spoiler takes her role as Lady with such grace and intelligence, while also still needing to learn a thing or two hide spoiler Prineas creates a wonderful sense of place with the Summerlands and the other lands Fer and Co travel to, and the new characters felt very fresh and interesting Though I had a few quibbles and unanswer [...]

    5. 3.5 stars too.I liked the first book better, although I loved the character development in this book better Fer and Rook are fleshed out There is also a lot of adventure in this book with the quests Fer must complete in order to prove she is the rightful Lady of the Lands Children will devour this and yet, it is still highly enjoyable for the older audience

    6. I love the self loathing antihero as much as the next person, but it s refreshing sometimes to read books about characters who are good and heroic and, yes, fallible, but ultimately strong and kind Fer is a wonderful character in that regard she can be childish and naive which is totally fair because she s, what, like thirteen and she can be stubborn and foolish, but she s ultimately driven by empathy, fairness, and a drive to be kind to everyone.Summerkin is a good book It s better than Winterl [...]

    7. Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.Last year I completely fell for a surly, mischievous, puck named Rook and a strong, kind hearted, girl named Fer when I read Winterling by Sarah Prineas my thoughts When my copy of Summerkin, the sequel, arrived it was no surprise that I lost interest in everything else in my TBR pile and had to read it right away I am happy to say that I adored it and am in love with the characters than ever.Fer, who defeated the evil usurper who had mu [...]

    8. Fer Actually Lady Fer, ever since she defeated the M r, the powerful, corrupt ruler of the lands on the other side of the Way For the longest time, Fer felt like she didn t belong in the normal, human world All her life she was lonely, that is, ever since she came to the Summerlands The land lies across the human world, through a series of portals, and now, Fer has been crowned the Queen of the ever changing land.One fine day, Fer s assistant and best friend, Rook, delivers a letter to Fer It is [...]

    9. I might ve enjoyed it if I d read the first one first But I didn t know it was a sequel when I started to read.It was rather boring at the start most likely because i couldn t understand stuff they would ve mentioned in the first book , but I made myself finish it, hoping it would get better And did it Certainly I enjoyed the last half And so you might ask why I have it only 3 stars Well, 3 and a half, actually I did enjoy it, yes, but I have enjoyed books a lot better before, so I think 3 and [...]

    10. Not bad but it didn t quite match up to book one.Fer, now Lady of the Land since she beat the raven queen must prove her worth to the people in charge because in fact she is the magical equivalent of middle management and most everyone else is going ewwww she s part human gross She also struggles to deal with the corporate culture of the magical world while not compromising her values but through being a decent human being heh she proves that she is worthy of her job Also there s like this almos [...]

    11. Another book by Sarah Prineas that has an intriguing plot that kept me reading A bit predictable at times spoiler it was easy to see Fer would save Gnar and Lich at least once over the course of the book but the plot did deviate from what I thought would happen regarding Rook, the summer crown, and Arenthial The puck characters are a delight and the plot was original enough and intriguing enough that I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read For older readers, it may be a bit [...]

    12. Most people Fers age have the everyday dealings with trying to feel like they fit in and are accepted by their peers and viewed as equals by all Fer takes it to another level as she goes to an area in the world she was from and has to fight for acceptance and respect from a group of peers who definitely have different ideas as to how their world should be run I finished this book in a matter of days.

    13. I liked the first book better it was exciting but it was nice to see the story followed through a bit I know there s another book so I guess that ll tell us about the new lady s time as the lady and beyond that I think it would become redundant and boring so I ll read the next book and gladly stop it there.

    14. This was such a good, fun read It was really original I loved all the characters, twists, and turns Fer really grew on me in this second book I grew to like her In book one she kind of drove me nuts but this book I loved how much she grew as a character It was great If you re a fan of books like Narnia or wildwood this is one you d like too.

    15. Another great book from Sarah Prineas In this one, Fer must find her place in the fairy realm, and prove herself both to those around her and to herself.

    16. This book is the second in the Winterling series The series will continue in Moonkind which is scheduled for a Jan 2014 release date I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one, it was a wonderful middle grade fantasy involving fey I would definitely recommend reading Winterling before reading this book.In the last book Fer defeated the evil Mor making her the Lady of the Summerlands Now Fer is back in the human lands and longs to return to the Summerlands When she returns her people don t [...]

    17. I ve been waiting for this sequel to Winterling in a quiet, happy way not the rabid GIVE IT TO ME NOW that I hear from many people regarding books in a series So, I don t feel completely saddened that this didn t live up to what I wanted it to be, but it s still a bit hard to swallow.I had been hoping for a thorough exploration of Fer short for Jennifer s past, her new role as Lady ruler of the Summerlands, and character development of her friends Instead, we are treated to a sort of Hunger Ga [...]

    18. Fer is restless back home with Grand Jane She can t forget the Way she crossed or the people she saved or the land that is so much to her than the place where she s grown up With Grand Jane s reluctant blessing, she heads back to take her place as the Lady of the Summerlands Only to find the High Lords have issued her a challenge, contesting her right to rule, and have opened a competition with the prize as her beloved Summerlands She can t refuse but she s nothing like them, nor does she know [...]

    19. I really, really love this series It s got the characters of a children s novel young, not involved in romance, and preferring adventure over teenage wangsting and the worldbuilding of an accomplished YA fantasy The world is enchanting, the creatures are wonderful The pucks THE PUCKS Shapeshifting men who have a pack of wolves mentality, and are direct decedents of Loki or if they aren t, they should be seeing as their entire reason for existing is causing Mischief And the characters are charmin [...]

    20. Fer goes and takes part in the Triwizard Tournament to prove that she s indeed the Faerie Queene, meets several contestants from different parts of fairyland who might use trickery to get their own way Rook reconnects with his puck brothers and is on a quest of his own Will Fer come out on top, will Rook have to decide between being a puck and the friendship he so clearly feels uncomfortable with Fer s grandmother still wants to get rid of her or at least doesn t kick up much of a fuss when Fer [...]

    21. There is beautiful imagery and adventure in this 2nd story of the Winterling series The land here had once been wild, and not even that long ago Just over a hundred years before, it had been prairies full of wildflowers and grasses and buzzing insects, with patches of oak woodlands, and streams winding their way to the river Lightning lit wildfires would race through the dry prairie, leaving it blackened, and in the spring new green would sprout up.We spend time with some characters from the fi [...]

    22. This was a great sequel to Winterling We meet Fer as she is finishing spending her last days with Grand Jane and as she accepts the role of being the Lady of the Summerlands But there is unexpected resistance to her presence when she goes back, and the story takes us through to new places and adventures that culminate in Fer realizing what it truly means to be the Lady of the Summerlands I loved the juxtapositions between the wild lands and the strict ideas of rule And while the story is very bl [...]

    23. I loved this While there were a couple things in Winterling that got in the way of my absolute adoration of the story, there was nothing like that for me here I love Fer s determination, and her sense of what s right and what s wrong even if that means helping her enemies , and her devotion to her people And I especially love her insistence on calling Rook her best friend and standing up for him, even when he continuously pushes her away and seems to only just barely be beginning to realize that [...]

    24. Since learning that her mother was the Lady of the Summerlands, Fer has discovered that she feels right when she is in Faerie, and not so right at her grandmother s house in the human world She feels a bone deep connection to every being in the Summerlands, and she knows that she is truly home where she belongs The magical creatures and ancient beings that surround her know that they should take an oath for her, swear fealty to their Lady, but Fer doesn t feel right about this She doesn t want a [...]

    25. I am in love with this series It s fantastic I love the characters, the plot is exciting, the world is fascinating all in all I love everything about it.The I read the faerie folklore I see Prineas has woven traditional faerie folklore throughout the series, but it s so unique that unless you were familiar with the folklore you d probably never realize it was a part of the story It was unique and fascinating, and it really brought her world to life.There s a possible romance as well that I m d [...]

    26. From an Interview with Sarah Prineas on the blog The Enchanted Inkpott There are two big plot character arcs in SUMMERKIN One is that Fer has to prove herself as the true Lady of her land, which involves some rigorous testing and some revolutionary moves on her part The other big arc is that of Fer and Rook s friendship view spoiler Rook is a much bigger character in this book of a co protagonist and he s pulled one way by his loyalty to his brother pucks, and the other by his ties to Fer His c [...]

    27. Fer short for Jennifer in the human world and Gwyneffar in the faerie world has defeated the evil Mor and is the accepted Lady of the Summerlands Or is she She receives a note from the Old Ones who demand her presence in their stronghold in order to compete in a competition which will determine who will rule over the Summerlands One small hitch Fer has a problem with ruling in the traditional way, with the land s inhabitants all swearing oaths of fealty to the Lady of the land It s wrong, she in [...]

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