The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking: Decorating, Dining, and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency--on a Budget!

The Hip Girl s Guide to Homemaking Decorating Dining and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self Sufficiency on a Budget I am a hugefan Kate Payne has nailed it in this humorous and creative guide for fabulous chic and easy on the wallet ideas for your home another must have for mygirlfriends Kim Barnouin co author of t

  • Title: The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking: Decorating, Dining, and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency--on a Budget!
  • Author: Kate Payne
  • ISBN: 9780062014702
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • I am a hugefan Kate Payne has nailed it in this humorous and creative guide for fabulous,chic and easy on the wallet ideas for your home another must have for mygirlfriends Kim Barnouin,co author of the 1 New York Times bestseller, Skinny Bitch Anencouraging, non perfectionist, step by step guide for creating a pleasurablehome without killing yourself or the I am a hugefan Kate Payne has nailed it in this humorous and creative guide for fabulous,chic and easy on the wallet ideas for your home another must have for mygirlfriends Kim Barnouin,co author of the 1 New York Times bestseller, Skinny Bitch Anencouraging, non perfectionist, step by step guide for creating a pleasurablehome without killing yourself or the planet Sally Schneider, Founder of TheImprovisedLife,and author of The Improvisational CookArtist, creator,and self described half assed domestic goddess KatePayne delivers a savvy and resourceful guide to creative home living With aknowledgeable, encouraging, and no nonsense tone, the Brooklyn bred, Austin baseddomestic guru dispenses her need to know advice on thrift stores, flea markets,Craigslist, interior design, decorating, cooking, crafting, and the best waysto embrace an artistic lifestyle.

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      Kate Payne

    About Author

    1. Kate Payne is the blogger and author behind forthcoming book, The Hip Girl s Guide to Homemaking HarperCollins, Spring 2011 She lives in Austin, TX and hosts food jar swaps and invites friends over often to watch and participate in canning adventures She posts small batch canning recipes, gluten free baking projects, DIY cleaning ideas and other creative home improvisations to her blog.

    One thought on “The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking: Decorating, Dining, and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency--on a Budget!

    1. This book is breezy, fun, and incredibly reassuring to someone like me who wants to have a clean and cheerful home but isn t great at cleaning decorating home stuff besides cooking Payne provides a nice overview of all the basics I especially like that she highlights strategies that are both green and inexpensive This is no pressure homemaking ways to keep your apartment clean and make it homey but without crazy injunctions like move the refrigerator o clean behind it once a week The downside of [...]

    2. Cute idea but I felt like it didn t live up to its potential There was one section that was obviously an earlier draft of a page that came just a couple of pages later which was odd and sloppy I felt like some points and topics were glossed over rather quickly, I would have rather some in depth info than page after page of bulletpoints Maybe someone like a young teenager who was totally new to cleaning and cooking would get out of it It seemed geared at adults though but I can t imagine someon [...]

    3. This book made me want to reorganize my kitchen and try making my own pickles So yay for that.The book definitely takes a green approach, but all the chemicals and plastic are evil stuff got preachy after a while I like the environment as much as anyone, but you don t need to tell me 35 times that storing food in plastic containers is bad for me I did appreciate that the author told you how you can make your own green cleaning products on the cheap rather than buying pricey environmentally frien [...]

    4. This book was alright I like Payne s blog better There were a few good tips about cleaning but otherwise, nothing new for this lady in her prime At first, I thought it might be good for someone in their 20s I have 3 sisters in their 20 s and I think it s too hip pieish for them The big irksome tip was about using milk crates for shelving Ack That should only be allowed in college and then you move on to something creative even salvaging wood off the street would be better than milk crates.

    5. This one was a dud I guess I should qualify that statement I am a BIG fan of shelter and homemaking magazines and books I read them all of them Ok, maybe not all, but tons And I have for twenty years I think the hip part was just a marketing ploy of course it was But, I thought I d read it anyway Then, it was a bunch of recycled, old ideas I really didn t get anything new or different from it Well, except that it included websites HmmmmYup Still a dud.

    6. Apparently I m not hip any I probably would have loved these ideas when I was 22 But now I m 32 and have a rambunctious baby, so I m probably not going to be repurposing milk crates and window panes from the side of the road.

    7. Kate Payne has written a fun book about homemaking on a budget I found lots of tips, new blogs websites to view, and new books to read I liked Kate s voice throughout the book.

    8. Well compiled book for those interested in improving their domestic prowess Lots of great advice this would be a good reference book to have on hand.

    9. I received this book for free from the publisher All content and opinions are my own.I ve been on a bit of a homemaking kick lately I ve been trying to organize my household, plan meals and shopping trips better, and decorate my home to my taste So, I thought this book would be a fun read And I was right This is one of my favorite passages I m not an interior designer, nor a home decor specialist I just like pretty things I like to surround myself with things that make me happy That s it As our [...]

    10. Upon seeing this book in my local library I was thrilled A book about homemaking with a lean towards sustainability and self reliance Right up my ally Once I got into the book, I was a little less thrilled It read easily enough and the author definitely put her own personality into her writing, but the information is just way too basic It may be useful to a privileged upper middle class kid just starting or fresh out of college, but for those of us who had to grow up improvising, or who have eve [...]

    11. I was really wanting to like this book after reading Adulting different author but some type of book , like I would continue to learn I was hoping this could help with decorating, gardening and general homemaking, but it just seemed preachy to me Now I will say some of the advice was good but it is mainly for people in bigger cities, living in apartments not people like me who are in a small town with lots of yard and space between neighbors living in a house When I was in college living with my [...]

    12. What a great book and resource I HIGHLY recommendThe Hip Girl s Guideespecially to my fellow friends living in a small space This book is a fantastic resource It s basically a guide to all things related to home Kate Payne covers decorating, organizing, gardening, cleaning, canning, fabric care, hosting, and I especially loved her chapters on organizing and decorating She is a big advocate of keeping things low cost and utilizing garage sales, Craigslist and thrift stores I have always hated th [...]

    13. I owe a debt of gratitude to Kate Payne for the Hip Girl s Guide to Homemaking Before I had a chance to read the book, we had friends over for dinner As I cleared the dishes I was horrified to find a red wine stain in the middle of the hand embroidered tablecloth that had belonged to my parents for many years I went to Kate s book seeking a solution to keep the wine from staining and her advice worked.The book is easy to read and well organized It is also eco friendly It is chock full of helpful [...]

    14. If you don t know anything about keeping house, then not a bad way to get started, though she does have some fairly pseudoscientific opinions I.e there is really no reason to be terrified of having a microwave And a catch all don t expose yourself to toxins kind of stuff Do your research on each individual component and decide whether or not it s appropriate to use that For instance, I will use boric acid, but won t use chlorine bleach In any event, I was raised learning how to clean, garden, me [...]

    15. I refer to this book than I do to the Bible I should probably step up my Bible reading a bit.I think this book is cute and fun It s given me tons of ideas I m surprised at all the commenters whose homes are evidently so well put together that they learned nothing My home is not well put together, so I learn something each time I open the book It s great for learning about green cleaning and simple living I m also thrilled to see a home management book geared towards low income apartment dweller [...]

    16. This is the guide I needed when I moved into my first apartment It is simple, breaks things down into can do tasks, and is not intimidating For those reviewers who were expecting something , I don t think this book was meant to be chunky or too all encompassing It is a beginner s guide to homemaking, but has tips and tricks that anyone can use I found the chapters on furnishing and cleaning to be quite helpful Each chapter ends with a list of resources, both print and online, if you want further [...]

    17. This was a fun read that I breezed through in a day This book isn t for all audiences, but I could relate to the obstacles of city living Everyone in NY is always looking at ways to take advantage of space and save costs while trying to create a cozy home Some of the chapters didn t capture me and I skimmed over them Maybe at some point I ll reference them Other chapters inspired me to try new things like planting an urban garden, canning or becoming a member of a CSA I am always up for a book t [...]

    18. What a GREAT RESOURCE Payne makes a great point when she says I m surmising here the difference between owing the books and pinning it is that you are likely to put it to action immediately than let it sit on a board waiting for a rainy day My favorite sections are the room by room guides to practical placement storage cleaning maintenance and finally decorating Of course it is a great resource a z for all things home related for those who are seeking to make the most of what they have

    19. EhI couldn t really get into this book I think it would be good for people 10 years younger than I am, headed to college or perhaps just having graduated, but at this stage of my life I am interested in saving up for relatively quality pieces of furniture, etc that will last me for a long time, and less interested in repairing broken pieces that I pick up off a street corner Where by relatively quality I mean things like from IKEA, but real wood, not particle board I have a pretty low threshold [...]

    20. This book had a few issues Overall, I wasn t impressed In the bread section the author accidentally I assume repeated several sentences 202 and 204 had repeats There were some clear opinions that the author had the for someone with my taste found to be cluttering than productive The author is obviously very green which I wish I had realized before I picked this book up Pretending that it is cheap and easy to eat organic and clean organic is not a reality I feel like nobody ever told this author [...]

    21. This wasn t really helpful for me This book worked mostly in vague, read another book terms I have to question the on a budget aspects of it as well For example, she talks about buying 7th generation products to clean her laundry For me, that is expensive than leading detergents, and certainly expensive than the one I make myself I feel like she s trying to cover too many topics, even perhaps for an overview like this book is.

    22. This book was pretty good, but it was not really for me at this point in my life I wish I would have read it 5 years ago when we bought our house or even 10 years ago in our apartment life It is pretty clear the author does not live with kids Many of the decorating tips are not wise for small child households But, this book is worth keeping handy for the resources and quick tips for cleaning and such I will have to try the lavender in muslin in the dryer tip

    23. There was nothing really wrong with this book, it was probably just intended for a younger audience It might be perfect for someone just graduating from college, moving to the big city, and figuring out how to run an apartment on their own, not a thirty something woman with some life experience looking to improve the running of a household In the several hundred pages I read, I only came away with two helpful hints from her margin notes that I didn t know about before.

    24. Sometimes Pinterest and blog posts aren t enough to push you to learn a little I m not a cook, baker, or domestic diva, and learning these skills doesn t come easy This book covers all topics from decorating on a budget, cooking, baking, gardening and a few If you want something detailed, this isn t the book for you, this is just to cover all the general topics I didn t learn how to be a homemaker in one read but it s a good start.

    25. A good beginning guide Payne even says whole books could be written on each chapter Her positive attitude and I ll give it a try attitude are contagious The book is easy and quick to read and worthwhile for the few tips that can be picked up.She gets a bit holier than thou on her efforts to be green It might be better to win people to the benefit of green living than to condemn with suspicious scientific claims.

    26. started out really liking this book but the I read it the less I loved it The Hipster talk was getting to be a little much And seriously, do you have to cuss to write a Homemaking book I don t hate the book but I don t love it either I would consider buying it for reference but I don t know that I could manageading it all the way through again I had super expectations for this book but honestly it left me saying Meh.

    27. Great quick transit read Amazing tips, old and new, that will save you both money and time After reading this book, I will never spend money on laundry and cleaning supplies that I have in the past Refreshing practical advice for home and apartment dwellers on a budget A must read for the eco obssessed, or those looking to change their home operations Pick it up

    28. I finished this book a month ago and I can t remember a lot about it I hate when that happens I know it was next to another book I was taking out so I grabbed it because the title looked interesting I also recall it would be a little better for a younger person just starting out with a first apartment or house.

    29. Maybe it s my devotion to HGTV Pinterest, but most of this book seemed obvious, and gave in depth explanations and tips on things that I never knew someone would need to have explained Overall, I don t think it s very helpful unless you are really truly clueless on how to do basic things and how to pick furniture for yourself

    30. There really wasn t anything new in the way of information presented in this book Much of what I wanted to know about was quickly glossed over The one redeeming aspect of this book is the author s writing style Use this book if you haven t read other books in this genre, if you have skip it.

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