Moonshadow: The Wrath of Silver Wolf

Moonshadow The Wrath of Silver Wolf In the land of the samurai the defenders of peace are now targets Power hungry warlord Silver Wolf plots against Moonshadow and the Grey Light Order His schemes could tear Japan apart and the legenda

  • Title: Moonshadow: The Wrath of Silver Wolf
  • Author: Simon Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781741664058
  • Page: 319
  • Format: None
  • In the land of the samurai, the defenders of peace are now targets Power hungry warlord Silver Wolf plots against Moonshadow and the Grey Light Order.His schemes could tear Japan apart and the legendary mystic, the White Nun, is caught in the middle To reach the White Nun s haunted mountain home, Moon and Snowhawk must survive Silver Wolf s living weapons bounty hunters,In the land of the samurai, the defenders of peace are now targets Power hungry warlord Silver Wolf plots against Moonshadow and the Grey Light Order.His schemes could tear Japan apart and the legendary mystic, the White Nun, is caught in the middle To reach the White Nun s haunted mountain home, Moon and Snowhawk must survive Silver Wolf s living weapons bounty hunters, a vengeful gangster and powerful Clan Fuma agents.Among them is Chikuma, an assassin who uses no force, weapons or poisons but may prove the most lethal enemy they ve encountered yet.Will Silver Wolf s wrath destroy Japan s guardians of peace Moonshadow The Wrath of Silver Wolf will be titled Moonshadow The Nightmare Ninja in the US publication 2011.

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      Simon Higgins

    About Author

    1. Simon Higgins has tried a lot of jobs, having worked as a disc jockey, laboratory assistant, marketing manager and even monster in a side show ghost train which he still calls the zenith of his employment history He also spent a decade in law enforcement As a police officer in the South Australian Police Department, Simon served in several different postings over almost nine years, including two and a half years spent as a prosecutor During his career he rose to the rank of Senior Constable and earned two commendations, one for initiative in the field, one for quality of prosecution service Leaving the police force, he became a licensed private investigator, with cases ranging from murders to alleged UFO incidents Later in life, Simon returned to his first love writing and found that his earlier occupations provided inspiration He spent much of his youth in various martial arts clubs in South Australia, studying initially Ju Jitsu, then later Shotokan Karate and Kodakan Judo as well as Kendo and Iaido both traditional sword arts under Japanese instruction.Perhaps as a result of his long term interest in traditional combat arts, Simon has developed an abiding respect for Asian cultures and has visited Japan, China and the Philippines as well as Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia He believes that the legitimate Asian martial arts, as taught by those who created them, are not intended to exemplify aggression the way Hollywood action movies often do but rather they are meant to be a process of skill building and self development a physical form of meditation in which the only real competition is against one s self.Simon lives in the mountains of northern New South Wales and is proudly a student of Eishin Ryu Iaido, taught on the Gold Coast in Queensland by Sensei Yasu Watanabe Eishin Ryu is a 470 year old style of swordsmanship which prizes not only traditional techniques, but also medieval samurai etiquette and courtesy Its members periodically compete in Iaido s world titles in Kyoto, Japan, before His Imperial Highness, Prince Munenori Kaya.In 2007 Simon returned to Japan to train under Kancho Glenn Stockwell, Seishinkan Iaido Dojo s highest ranking instructor, who resides in Japan, and to participate in his first Kyoto Taikai contest The event is held annually on a mountain top overlooking Kyoto, in a 1200 year old shrine surrounded by a forest of giant bamboo At the age of 48, competing in the Dangai beginners class after less than a year s training in Seishinkan Iaido Dojo, Simon placed in the top ten, a result he attributes to having brilliant, patient teachers.On returning home he also competed in the National Taikai held during the annual Australian Iaido Seminar in Queensland, as the most junior member of a three man Gold Coast team coached by Watanabe Sensei Judging this contest were three important dignitaries from Japan 10th Dan Hanshi Master Ashosai Fukushima Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi and Souke Headmaster and Style Guardian of Eishin Ryu Iaido, Ayosai Seimiya Sensei, and 8th Dan Iaido Federation CAO, Kenichiro Ikeda Sensei In the presence of Stockwell Kancho and these high ranking Japanese visitors, Simon was both honoured and delighted when the Gold Coast team, led by Nathan Nilsen, won the coveted Team Event gold medals In 2008 Simon again competed in the Iaido world titles in Japan, this time placing 5th At an Iaido grading held in 2009 he was awarded the rank of Shodan Black Belt, First Degree by masters representing the All Japan Iaido Federation.Experiencing the Tea Ceremony for the first time in Momoyama Castle, Fushimi, Japan, in 1982 The gentlemen to Simon s left was from New York, the man to his right from Paris On the far left, wearing the winged mantle of a high retainer, sits Okada Sensei, a performance swordsman who also hosted the event He s shown briefing the trio of foreigners on the ritual Oppo

    One thought on “Moonshadow: The Wrath of Silver Wolf

    1. The second in a series, Higgins brings Moonshadow and Snowhawk back together for an exciting adventure as they battle the forces of the Fuma clan Ln a mission to help the mysterious White Nun, Moonshadow and Snowhawk must battle a disgruntled gangster, a human battering ram, and a gifted dandy who can attack within the victim s dreams Higgin s passion for medieval Japan comes across in his writing a helpful glossary provides advice for readers, and Higgins skillfully works the terms into the cou [...]

    2. Silver Wolf has not forgotten the young shinobi who humiliated him previously He s got a plan to usurp the Shogun and take over Japan, but first he schemes vengeance for his own honor.Moonshadow and Snowhawk are called away on a rescue mission Some unknown force is threatening the White Nun, and she s specifically asked for their help An extended solo mission comes with plenty of dangers, but Moonshadow also struggles with his own role as the leader Is he going to have to choose between Snowhawk [...]

    3. This was an interesting story about the further adventures of the young ninja Moonshadow.Likes LOVE the flip cartoon in the margin Great Asian culture lesson Author placed 5th in 2008 Iaido World Titles swordsmanship tournament Glossary at the end of the book Honor and discipline of Grey Light Order of Shinobi view spoiler Japanese dream monsters kappa, rokurokubi, yamamba Moonshadow s loyalty Temple cat Seeing via cat Moonshadow having to make some tough decisions as a team leader Fighting with [...]

    4. Moonshadow Rise of the Ninja and Moonshadow The Nightmare Ninja are the first two installments in a series of children s books by Simon Higgins about, well, ninjas The first book is mostly entertaining if a bit slight, but the second, unfortunately, is disappointing due to an overreliance on fight scenes While the Moonshadow series has potential, it took a step backward in book two.Moonshadow is the title character, a young member of the Grey Light Order of ninjas In Rise of the Ninja, we meet h [...]

    5. Moonshadow is a ninja who works for the Grey Light Order He and his companion, Snowhawk, are sent on a quest to defend the white nun, an ally of the Grey Light Order, from her enemies But Lord Silver Wolf wants to kill them both and the white nun for defeating him in an earlier battle and with the aid of the Fuma clan he traps Moonshadow and Snowhawk They have to get away or risk being killed I picked this book up because the first book was pretty good so I wanted to know what would happend to t [...]

    6. I think that the wording was never misplaced on me It kept me hooked in from start to finish I m glad i ve finally got the change to have read such an amazing work of writing If the star rating went up to 10, would ve rated it 10 10 Moonshadow The Wrath of Silver Wolf

    7. I liked the story line and all the information, but the anachronisms and stilted, cliched writing really got to me It s not that hard to substitute the word guy for something time appropriate, and it would do A LOT for the story The characters also are a bit juvenile the anger piece seems a bit overplayed, especially as a plot device.

    8. With a blurb from john Flanagan I had high hopes for this book about an unlikely pair of ninjas set a secret mission together What I got was an ok story line with solid but not great writing I enjoyed the bad guys and the blending of physical and mental skills My favorite part was actually the flipping of pages to create a ninja throwing a shrunken

    9. I think that this book is even better than the first The characters are great, and I think that they are better than they were in the first book I like the feel of the story, and I also just like this series.

    10. Fast paced book within the stelth, secrets to be reveald diffrent tequiniques arise from this book, but in stealth

    11. This book was a great book just like the first one a followed on really well for what in the the first book.

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