12 Days of Christmas

Days of Christmas Set in Africa this beautiful rendition of the classic Christmas carol has a unique twist colorful icons illustrate the various gifts repeated in each verse of this cumulative song creating a rebus s

  • Title: 12 Days of Christmas
  • Author: Rachel Isadora
  • ISBN: 9780399250736
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in Africa, this beautiful rendition of the classic Christmas carol has a unique twist colorful icons illustrate the various gifts repeated in each verse of this cumulative song, creating a rebus style text that gives young children a fun way to follow along and chime in with the lyrics The gorgeous, wonderfully detailed collage illustrations, comprised of colorful ke Set in Africa, this beautiful rendition of the classic Christmas carol has a unique twist colorful icons illustrate the various gifts repeated in each verse of this cumulative song, creating a rebus style text that gives young children a fun way to follow along and chime in with the lyrics The gorgeous, wonderfully detailed collage illustrations, comprised of colorful kente cloth and cut paper, feature tribal drummers and dancers, traditional clothing and native wildlife, making every scene as visually striking as the last

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    1. Rachel Isadora Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 12 Days of Christmas book, this is one of the most wanted Rachel Isadora author readers around the world.

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    1. Eager me I ve had this 2010 Christmas book on the holds list for weeks and got to be one of the first to check it out, all shiny and new, from the library Wish I liked it than I did, especially since I tend to love African books and African themed art and I also like Rachel Isadora, both her ballet books and her African art such as her version of Rapunzel But, in this case, I am sorry to say, I wasn t wowed The art is still very nice, but the overall package seemed, dare I say it, unn Eager me I [...]

    2. the EXTREME familiarity of the song I saw some reviews complain that the whole thing was not written out seriously, we can t figure them out can make for a dull book but the new slant the maids a milking their goats, the lords a leaping their african costumes makes it interesting again It is also made me stop think that while we might hear the same words, they don t always connect with the same image.

    3. Unique version of the old standard, with African setting and clever rebus boxes to relay the song s verses Love the bright rhythm of the pictures, the bright greens and yellows, the ray like sprays of sunshine, plant leaves, hair and costumes, and the native patterns in the costumes.

    4. Strangely effective transfer of an old English carol to an African setting Isadora attempts something similar with Princess and a Pea, but in that case, the questions raised for me by the traditional tale are compounded by the African setting Especially smart was Isadora s choice to show the lyrics countdown through small numbered images on each successive page, so that pre readers don t get lost in the song s repetition Fun

    5. I have been a fan of Isadora s retellings of classic European fairy tales with an African flair and this is no exception Isadora takes the Christmas carol and turns it into a celebration of both the holiday and Africa While the words remain the same as the traditional carol, Isadora interprets them in a new way The five gold rings are around a woman s neck like women in South Africa Eight maids a milking are milking goats rather than cows 9 ladies dancing was inspired by women from Swazilan I ha [...]

    6. This is very bare bones I had no idea who Rachel Isadora was before picking this up I still don t to be truthful and I can see that this was featured in December s Book Page because of her past works, and not on the strength of this one The only good that came from this was the fact that my daughter found it quite funny how I spoke the song instead of singing it That s it In a nutshell as my father would say Besides the Christmas song this has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject Th [...]

    7. How do I keep picking up book with white authors Though I suppose I do appreciate that at least she lived in Africa for ten years I liked the illustrations, and if your kids are already familiar with the song, it can be an interesting twist on it I wouldn t recommend using it to teach kids the song, since it uses a rebus key for the repeated lines , but it felt a little like it was just importing illustrations from African life onto a White European song I appreciated the note at the end ex How [...]

    8. 12 Days of Christmas was an interesting book to read This book had a different feel and grip to it than other versions of this song tale This book would be great to read to all levels of elementary school and do not have too many hard words that would give a student difficulty This book has pictures that give a student pictures to base the words off of if tey are just beginning on how to read The book brings different elements from the setting which could help teachers discuss new animals an 12 [...]

    9. Rachel Isadora s illustrations are kinda fascinating Every fairy tale retelling of hers I ve read I have enjoyed Her papercuts breathe a different kind of life into the stories for me This book is no exception The text is exactly the same as the Christmas song we all grow up singing, but the African setting forces you to look at the gifts differently 5 gold rings do not show up on a young lady s finger The maids a milking are working with goats, not cows, and the dancing ladies are weari [...]

    10. This is a new take on the well known version of 12 days of Christmas The illustrations are based on the people and land in Africa The song story is exactly the same as the original one but they represent things and people of Africa This would definitely be cool to have in the classroom library as it shows different illustrations I would recommend this for pretty much any elementary grade level Teachers can also use this book for counting and sequencing with the younger grades Teachers ca This is [...]

    11. The twelve days of Christmas is a favorite song book in our household Of the five versions our toddlers have collected thus far, Rachel Isadora s is the most original Similar to many of her picture books, Isadora takes this traditional carol and translates it into an African setting Her illustrations are full of bright colors, energetic motion, and bursting with light We particularly enjoy her incorporation of rebus style text that helps my toddlers read and follow along with the song A vis The [...]

    12. Rachel Isadora takes the lyrics of this classic Christmas song and illustrates each of the gifts in an African setting Each page includes icons identifying the lyrics that came before, so readers can sing the cumulating song as they go Isadora adds to the richness of her artwork with a thoughtful and respectful author s note in the back, explaining the different locations and people who inspired various images.

    13. My 4 year old son picked this up at the library in October and I was thrilled to see the beautiful African illustrations on each page It s not easy to find children s books that include non white faces I m looking forward to checking into other children s books by this author illustrator.

    14. This book is great for cultural diversity It goes through the all familiar story of the 12 Days of Christmas but it interprets it in an African Style I enjoyed the artwork that the illustrator used and think that it would be a great book for the holiday or as a way to show how as readers we can have misconceptions of ideas ex Christmas is cold and snowy

    15. Amazingly vivid illustrations A fun sing along book at storytime with K 2 The numbers are easy but matching the numbers with the animals was trickier to sing if you ve never heard the song before.

    16. This book has beautiful illustrations The author gives some information about Africa and includes a map in the back Could use this book to teach kids about Africa and their culture Could also help kids with counting and number recognition.

    17. This song gets so boring year after year, and I really liked having some new images to go with each verse Which is, of course, what I like about all Rachel Isadora s books the reminder that there are different perspectives on things you might have only ever thought of one way.

    18. The 12 Days of Christmas is my LEAST favorite Christmas carol I only looked at the illustrations, because reading the words would have sent me over the edge Beautifully illustrated.

    19. Summary Sets the traditional Christmas carol in Africa, using a combination of text and rebuses Includes author s note about some of the African traditions depicted.

    20. One of my favorite Christmas songs and I love singing reading it to my students They enjoy the repeating pattern and their favorite part is and 5 gold rings You can never go wrong with this book

    21. Nicely illustrated Set in Africa which I found a bit odd Couldn t the author use African images, ones that didn t need to be explained

    22. I especially like the maids a milking with their GOATS This is one of Isadora s best resetting of a classic American European favorite in Africa.

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