Terra em Chamas (Crônicas Saxônicas, #5)

Terra em Chamas Cr nicas Sax nicas O gosto da vit ria inglesa que Uhtred infligiu aos vikings ofuscado por uma trag dia que o leva a jurar jamais servir o reino sax o Ent o ele se une a Ragnar e ao antigo inimigo Haesten para tomar W

  • Title: Terra em Chamas (Crônicas Saxônicas, #5)
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • O gosto da vit ria inglesa, que Uhtred infligiu aos vikings, ofuscado por uma trag dia que o leva a jurar jamais servir o reino sax o Ent o ele se une a Ragnar e ao antigo inimigo Haesten para tomar Wessex Com o pai debilitado pela sa de fr gil, a filha de Alfredo implora pela ajuda do guerreiro para combater os inimigos que investem na Inglaterra E ele, incapaz de di O gosto da vit ria inglesa, que Uhtred infligiu aos vikings, ofuscado por uma trag dia que o leva a jurar jamais servir o reino sax o Ent o ele se une a Ragnar e ao antigo inimigo Haesten para tomar Wessex Com o pai debilitado pela sa de fr gil, a filha de Alfredo implora pela ajuda do guerreiro para combater os inimigos que investem na Inglaterra E ele, incapaz de dizer n o, toma a frente do ex rcito derrotado da M rcia, rumo a uma batalha inesquec vel num campo encharcado de sangue junto ao T misa

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    1. Bernard Cornwell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Terra em Chamas (Crônicas Saxônicas, #5) book, this is one of the most wanted Bernard Cornwell author readers around the world.

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    1. There is nothing I d like to see than Uhtred completely re joining the Danes I d like to see him join forces with Ragnar Ragnarson I d like to see the two stood side by side in the shield wall I d like to see them smash Alfred s forces and Uhtred plunge Serpents Breath into the heart of Wessex But, alas, Alfred has Uhtred s oath of loyalty and obedience He may leave his side for a time, but it would never, and could never, be permanent A strong test of loyaltyHowever, when he accident There is n [...]

    2. The gods are capricious, and I was about to amuse them And Alfred was right I was a fool The Mighty ThorUhtred, Lord of Bebbanburg, is an enigma He is a man without a country, not only because England doesn t yet exist in the 9th century, but he is also a man without a home His uncle took his position as rightful heir to Bebbanburg when Uhtred s father died He does still call himself Lord of Bebbanburg, but it is from exile in the South Uhtred is a Saxon, but he was raised by Vikings The gods ar [...]

    3. If reading this series doesn t make you wanna scream like this then I just don t know what will The Burning Land continues Bernard Cornwell s bloodthirsty, battle heavy and viciously violent viking saga England is still broken up into pieces The Danes are threatening to overrun the land Saxon King Alfred later known as Alfred the Great was holding on to Wessex and holding out hope of one day uniting the entire country under his banner But need If reading this series doesn t make you wanna [...]

    4. Fast paced and engaging, this series is still keeping its charm Wyrd bi ful r d Fate is inexorable I had a super long review written for this series but I deleted the document accidentally so let me share with you at least some major points to explain my reasons for loving this series so much Astonishing storytelling skills Bernard Cornwell brought 9th century England alive for me Unforgettable narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg is unapologetic and ruthless yet lovable and admiration Fast pa [...]

    5. How satisfying it was for me when Uthred killed that priest how disappointing that he didn t turn on Alfred and call the Danes to his banner the success is almost guaranteed, but if there is a weakness in Uthred it s him keeping his oaths even when the other parties break theirs.

    6. My favorite of the first five books I did hope Uthred might finally free himself of Alfred for good but his children seem to be much to his liking.

    7. We are Danes, and we are Saxon, and we are warriors who love to fight In our halls at night we chant the tales of men we have killed, of the women we have widowed, and of the children we have orphaned So make your choice Either give me a new song to sing or else lay down your weapons Oh Uhtred, chaos and mayhem follows you where ever you go This far in the series and I m starting to question the decisions that Uhtred makes and the people he makes promises to Will he ever be happy, ever [...]

    8. 5 stars It has to be 5 stars for Uhtred of Bebbanburg, and 5 stars for his creator, Bernard Cornwell It has been far too long between books in this Saxon series for me I have had an Uhtred drought So I hungered for this read when I came to it And I am pleased to admit that it gave me everything I wanted and missed If there are flaws in The Burning Land then I do not see them That s not saying that there are none, but if there were, I failed to notice I ll leave the flaws for others to p 5 stars [...]

    9. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Cont m spoilers dos livros anteriores Depois de livrar Londres do dom nio dinamarqu s utilizando uma estrat gia muito arriscada e tendo que fazer um novo juramento, dessa vez Aethelflaed, filha do rei Alfredo cada vez mais doente e pr ximo da morte , nosso her i precisa novamente defender Wessex, pois os vikings est o reunindo uma horda gigantesca, liderada desta vez por Harald Cabelo de Sangue, guerreiro poderoso que mata um cavalo a cada vez que Rev [...]

    10. Executive Summary Another enjoyable read in this series These books are always quick reads that seem so packed with story Full Review It feels a bit contradictory to say this book had a slow start, while still being a quick enjoyable read I d be hard pressed to say exactly what happened for most of the first part of this book of importance, but the rest of the book than made up for that Not to mention he does it in a way where it never feels rushed.Mr Cornwell just seems to be an expe Executive [...]

    11. rating 4 5Uhtred is a little older, a little wiser, a little less degrading to priests, and a little less prone to violence Okay, I lied I ll hang him with his son s intestines, I said, and piss on his corpse Ah, that s better He s just as bloody, foul mouthed, and quick to temper while routinely shutting his brain down and acting before thinking but he is a little older Yup, exactly what I have come to expect from the series With one drawback The middle was a bit dry on the action, a ra [...]

    12. Alfred the Great, in Bernard Cornwell s Saxon Stories, has a love for order, peace, and Christianity He has always been dismayed by his reliance on Uhtred, a pagan warrior who represents everything Alfred hates, but a reluctant bond of need held them loyal to each other That bond snaps in The Burning Land, when Alfred s punishing zeal is finally too much and Uhtred abandons his cause Grieving for the death of his beloved wife, he flees north with thoughts of re taking the fortress of his bi Alfr [...]

    13. I am sad to report I can only give this one 3 StarsI really had high hopes for my return to the world of Uhtred of Bebbanburg and England of the late 9th Century The good points 1 no one does a better battle scene than Cornwell and the battles here are pretty good 2 Cornwell really paints a grim picture of life and it always seems accurate 3 Cornwell skewers treacherous royalty and Christian priests with such skill yet also portrays some as brave and likeable.The bad 1 Uhtred is pi I am sad to r [...]

    14. A great entry in the Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell This is the fifth book and a return to the quality of the initial three after the slightly sub standard SWORD SONG This one s so great because it sees Uhtred finally breaking away from Alfred hurrah and setting up power on his own.Once again, the story is dominated with powerful descriptions of England s lands and peoples Cornwell has great fun with a fictional villain Harald Bloodhair, a man who lives up to his name before each batt A great [...]

    15. I love this series I m not sure what else I can gush over that I haven t already gushed over My main complaint is that these books are too short I mourn a little when I m finished.I noticed the dialogue a little in this one I love the dialogue Uhtred says things that if anyone else had said it, I d have to roll my eyes, but because it s Uhtred, I find myself cheering The audios have a great narrator that brings all the characters to life After listening to this one, I m feeling like I love this [...]

    16. This is my favorite after Lords of the North Bernard Cornwell is much than a master of battles, this book showed me he s also an expert of characterization Mix that up with amazing story telling ability and you ve got a gem The main reason I love this series Uhtred is Amazing And book after book Cornwell keeps fleshing him out and adding layers of complexity to him Every experience he has adds or takes something from him And the author has applied this rule to the minor characters as This is my [...]

    17. King Alfred of Wessex is gravely ill, Uhtred s loyalty wavers yet again and goes where his fate leads him, the Danes are ever planning to thwart Alfred s vision of England, theling Edward is gradually proving himself to be a worthy successor, and the king s daughter thelfl d, whose life is suddenly in peril, has found a formidable champion in Uhtred Meanwhile, lands get burned, towns are sacked and its populace cut down or mutilated, battlefields are awash in gore, and Father Pyrlig, my f [...]

    18. 5 books into this series and I m still not feeling any burnout, which is somewhat rare for me with a relatively long series like this one All the stuff that I assume that Cornwell fans like is still here in spades thorough research, vivid painting of the British landscape, memorable characters, and insane battle sequences Seriously, I can t believe those poor people had to live through such brutal fighting I ve never been in any kind of combat situation, but I have to imagine that fighting 5 boo [...]

    19. Blood and gore aplenty in a great addition to the Uthred saga There is nothing new here just first rate story telling, well drawn characters and lots of action Loved it.

    20. Well, a slightly different pattern see my review for Sword Song but not different enough for a 5 stars rating Plus, I found that Uhtred choices in women were not very wise and this annoyed me a bit view spoiler After Gisela s death, Skade first but lust, I can understand even if the girl is a monster , and then Aethelflaed Aethelflaed Seriously Mr Cornwell She was like a daughter to him his own words and what future can these two have anyway He should have sent her away when she Well, a slightly [...]

    21. Za moj ukus, do sada najslabiji deo Nije bilo ni mnogo veli anstvenih bitaka, ni mnogo krvavih sekira, na ta nas je Cornwell navikao Ve i deo romana je oti ao na pregovore, taktiziranje i biroktratiju Ali, daleko od toga da je bilo ta od toga mu no i dosadno Budu i da je ovaj deo medijana, i da ima jo 4 dela u okviru sage, verujem da e se u narednim romanima jo to ta zanimljivog dogoditi, jer je Uthred tek na polovini puta da uradi ono to je jo davno zacrtao.

    22. Maybe it s just me, but this didn t have quite the edge of previous volumes of Cornwell s Wessex series On the other hand, the history moved forward as opposed to sideways.A good story well told and, while I normally dislike series which run on forever, I understand that historical fiction recounting the rise of Wessex must necessarily involve several decades and some rousing battles and reverses.

    23. I never have complaints about Cornwell To me his books are a synonym of quality Whenver good or bad things happen in his stories, it s well done.Some remarks on the book Uhtred finally got away from Lundene Too bad Giselle had to die for that to happen By the way, the blind saint scene was great I liked Edward than I thought I would He could be a promissing character Ragnar, who I liked so much, became a boring character Like he grew too old for it Uhtred walking on the rows in I never have comp [...]

    24. Bernard Cornwell at the top of his game The Warlord and the Saxon Chronicles are my favorites Uhthred of Bebbanbburg shares a lot of character traits with the Arthurian warlord.The story can only be described by a word that has been overused lately epic a gripping saga or edda of a brutal epoch, the birth of a nation on the ruins of a monumental Roman civilisation, the tide of Christianity pushing out the Norse and Celtic mythology Uhthred is a badass character, by necessity and by incl Bernard [...]

    25. Yet another great instalment for this series It was a little slow in some areas, but the ending sure made up for this Bernard Cornwell misdirected us a little here Uthred leaves Wessex and heads north There is talk of taking back his home, and for that he needs men Yes, we may see the start of this but no, Cornwell takes the action in a different direction I think we will have to deal with Edward for a while, before we see Uthred heading North again.Secondary characters are coming along Yet anot [...]

    26. Mais um cap tulo banhado em sangue das aventuras do guerreiro sax o Uhtred de Bebbanburg Bernard Cornwell manda muito bem, em mais um romance repleto de ac o e que continua a saga da guerra pela supremacia na Gr Bretanha.Achei esse melhor do que o livro anterior Sword Song Can o da Espada s por ser mais longo, pois a prosa e a manha que o Cornwell tem para contar hist rias continua top The Burning Land Terra em Chamas tem uma trama bem variada, com pirataria viking, em meio a mais um Mais um cap [...]

    27. I struggled with this one so much The description beforehands seemed so promising and I completely indulged in the first 100 pages One thing that keeps repeating itself as a broken record in the series is the pattern Don t get me wrong series consists of patterns for the reader to recognise their fave characters and so on In this case though, it s been almost the same plot since book 2 I adore uhtreds character development thorough the books, yet it s always 1 your boy is in trouble w I struggle [...]

    28. foi dif cil me acostumar com a troca do voice actor, principalmente porque ele pronncia os nomes todos de um jeito diferente especulando, pois n o pesquisei ser que adaptaram as pron ncias para o ingl s moderno maaaas depois da metade do livro consegui e agora acho que a voz do Uhtred a voz do Stephen Perring mas ainda prefiro o Jonathan Keeble obviamente 5stars o

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