Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life As a Fabulous Ronette

Be My Baby How I Survived Mascara Miniskirts and Madness or My Life As a Fabulous Ronette Ronnie and Phil Spector made music history with the Ronettes but as Phil s creative powers began to wane their marriage soured He became increasingly reclusive and violent and Ronnie s life became

  • Title: Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life As a Fabulous Ronette
  • Author: Ronnie Spector Vince Waldron Cher Billy Joel
  • ISBN: 9780517574997
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ronnie and Phil Spector made music history with the Ronettes, but as Phil s creative powers began to wane, their marriage soured He became increasingly reclusive and violent, and Ronnie s life became a constant battle to fend off madness both his and her own.
    The Ronettes Be My Baby live HQ YouTube Apr , The Ronettes recorded Be My Baby in July , Los Angeles at the Gold Star Studios famous for its echo chamber and was released in August at Philles Records Producer the infamous Phill Be My Baby Nov , Directed by Bryce Olson With Julia Duffy, Ren Ashton, Casey Strand, Tara Mercurio Hunky divorce lawyer Jason Maxwell Davenport is frowned upon by colleagues because he often advices clients to reconsider filing and seek therapy or just patch up their marriage He s puzzled when becoming the latest victim of Rylee, a bitter bachelor he picked up but was dumped by on their first night after Be My Baby The Ronettes Last Be My Baby is a single written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, and Ellie Greenwich, performed by the Ronettes and produced by Spector When released as a single, the song reached on the U.S Billboard Pop Singles Chart and Ariana Grande Be My Baby Audio Only feat Cashmere Cat Aug , videos Play all Mix Ariana Grande Be My Baby Audio Only feat Cashmere Cat YouTube Ariana Grande Break Your Heart Right Back feat Childish Gambino Audio Duration Ronettes Be My baby YouTube Sep , music video from Ronettes Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination Listen to official albums . Leslie Grace Be My Baby Official Video YouTube Sep , The Princess of Bachata, Leslie Grace with her new video Be My Baby a s hit song by The Ronettes This song is a Hot Latin Bachata Track Be My Baby YouTube Jul , Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Be My Baby Ariana Grande Cashmere Cat My Everything A Republic Records Release UMG Recordings, Inc.

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      Ronnie Spector Vince Waldron Cher Billy Joel

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    1. Ronnie Spector Vince Waldron Cher Billy Joel Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life As a Fabulous Ronette book, this is one of the most wanted Ronnie Spector Vince Waldron Cher Billy Joel author readers around the world.

    One thought on “Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life As a Fabulous Ronette

    1. This was a very fast, compulsive read A real page turner I m one of the biggest Ronnie Spector fans, but I didn t know what to expect She has some crazy stories about Phil and about her alcoholism, but she presents everything as matter of fact Her writing does not dwell on self pity or her constant passivity even when she, as a character, is mired in them What I find refreshing is that she never bashes Phil Spector, even though it would be so easy The way she described their early professional r [...]

    2. Just kill me This book I had to force myself to finish it I thought I was going to be reading a fun, wacky memoir of a rock singer from the sixties but what I read was the memoir of a severely emotionally abused woman who became an alcoholic in order to cope with the hell of her life I needed a stiff drink just reading about it I can certainly see why she drank Honestly, I was surprised she didn t start sooner It reminded me of a memoir I read a few years ago about the teenage abused wife of a M [...]

    3. This caption, from one of the photos in the book, is just one example of the insane things she recounts in this great autobiography A family snapshot taken a few years after my divorce from Phil That s Donte, standing with Gary and Louis, the twin brothers that Phil adopted as a surprise for me when I got out of the sanitarium.

    4. She s really obsessed with being loved and adored.She s always talking about her sex appeal, her hair, mascara or how EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WANTS HER for crying out loud I never knew she was so arrogant It s an exhausting read Delusions of grandeur for sure.

    5. Fun, quick read Phil Spector is cray Just seeing the title of this book gets the song stuck in my head so I m glad I m done reading it.

    6. Be My Baby is a fast paced account of Ronnie s life, from her upbringing in the Spanish Harlem, the breakthrough of the Ronettes, through to her marriage and breakdown to mentor and producer, Phil Spector What immediately struck me about Ronnie is that as much as she was enamoured with music, she was equally and probably so with fame She isn t shy in coming forward about her ambitions, and once hitting the proverbial big time , she relishes in it, regaling in stories of riot inducing performanc [...]

    7. I feel like you have to have an appreciation for The Ronettes to enjoy the first little bit of this book the group s rise to fame and their work with Phil Spector However, I was surprised that this wasn t the focus of the book, nor was it the most interesting aspect of Ronnie s story What s really fascinating and tragic is Phil Spector s imprisonment of Ronnie, which prematurely ends a career that could have had some real longevity, and her subsequent struggle to get her life back on track.I kne [...]

    8. What a read A wild, gossipy ride through the sixties music scene with the heavy hitters Phil Spector, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc Ronnie is not a writer of great finesse, but her storytelling voice is true to the time and place I was sorry to not hear about her sister, Estelle, and sometimes Ronnie does come off as wrapped up in herself, but she is honest about her shortcomings and the na vet of a teenager entering the burgeoning business of rock and roll With Spector s lush Wall of So [...]

    9. As an avid reader supporter of all music related biographies, this one was just okay It is not that Ronnie Spector had an uninteresting life, I just did not appreciate her voice as a storyteller To be fair, I cannot pin all the blame on her, as her ghostwriter should take some heat But when I think about the autobiographies I love that have been ghostwritten, Life by Keith Richards, It s So Easy and Other Lies by Duff McKagan, or Slash by, well, Slash , it just does not hold up Though, I had a h [...]

    10. Loved this book I recently found a vinyl re issue of The Ronettes album that was produced by wacko genius Phil Spector After listening, I wanted to know her story This book is told in a frank, non sugar coated way Ronnie doesn t try to make herself look saintly, she talks warts and all This book is one of the better bio s I ever read If you re a classic Rock or oldies fan, look this one up

    11. Having recently finished Phil Spector s bio, I was curious to hear Ronnie s side of the story I guess, predictably, it mirrors Phil s A sensation in her early 20 s, she spent many years looking to replicate that success With the failure of her career, marriage and motherhood, she turned to alcohol which could easily have cost her her life This book was written than 20 years ago, but, at that time, she seemed to have faced down her demons To me she ll always be one of the great voices of rock an [...]

    12. As a huge fan of Phil Spector s wall of sound, I had to read this memoir by his ex wife, lead singer of The Ronettes Ronnie Spector Be My Baby relates not only Ronnie s rise from rags to riches, and her days as a huge pop star, but her long and sad marriage to Phil Spector, during which she was held as a virtual prisoner in his mansion Those reading this probably wouldn t be surprised at Spector s arrest years later for murder He was a genius at producing records, but not a very good human being [...]

    13. Ronnie Spector segir s gu s na afdr ttarlausan en d l ti sl urkenndan h tt Hennar st rsta m ment var Be My Baby sem h n s ng sem forystusau ur The Ronettes og svo var h n gift ge sj klingnum Phil Spector 7 r a allt saman er fr b rlega skemmtilegt a lesa um L f hennar var mun minna spennandi eftir skilna inn og v eru s ustu kaflarnir fremur boring og ma ur f r yfir hundava i B kin kom fyrst t kringum 1990 en var endur tgefin me ppdeiti eftir a Phil drap leikkonuna.

    14. I really enjoyed this book The edition I read had the updated info from when Phil Spector had been charged with murder Ronnie Spector lived with this madman for 10 years and told it like he was She also told the dirt on herself and her life I feel very sorry for her son, Donte and the twins she and Phil adopted If only things had worked differently perhaps Donte would have had a different life.I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about rock n roll history.

    15. I m so glad Esme made me remember I d read this book This was a really weird read Case in point the way both all 3 I forget of her sons were born I won t spoil it for you you ll just have to read it I read this book about 12 years ago, on the plane going from one place to another I remember being completely unconscious of the passage of time I was engrossed in the weird, sad world of Ronnie Ronette.

    16. Phil Spector is a murderous douche Ronnie s great, of course A lot of your reviews say she sounds self centeredbut it s an autobiography of a successful woman, so duh, I bet you wouldn t say that if she were a man Get out of here with that nonsense There s some really interesting stuff about how different the music industry used to be Don t forget to read the introduction by Billy Joel

    17. Without a doubt Phil Spector was is a madman And Ronnie Spector left abandoned sentenced three innocent children to live with him She should have made it her life s work to get those children out of that environment instead of making shitty records with washed up musicians Book sucked anti climatic, self important, self absorbed The I think about this book, the I dislike it.

    18. ronnie gave me everything i wanted trashy behind the scenes gossip about the ronettes detailed accounts of her near sexual liaisons with other rock stars lennon, bowie intimate musings on her failed relationship with phil spector i was in pure heaven ronnie spector is a true diva, and this book lives up to it s title.

    19. Ronnie is an amazing singer but her writing is not so great That is completley forgiveable because I loved her stories Very juicy easy read about growing up with stars in your eyes, into a Ronette and Phil Spector s wife and finally into a sad nightmare Easy read full of really awesome peaks into the music scene with unbelievable tales.

    20. I love Ronnie s voice and classic work of the early sixties Reading about her miserable marriage with genius but crazy Phil Spector reminded me of Tina escaping Ike Turner Ronnie s voice and struggles were quite compelling and I enjoyed this book a lot.

    21. Ronnie has had quite a life Very glad I read this, especially before seeing her live this past weekend she is still amazing at 70 It s an easy read and although it s not great writing, the story of her rise to fame and her relationship with Phil Spector is super interesting.

    22. All in all Be My Baby is a decent autobiography though it s clear that writing isn t exactly Ronnie s calling, she gets the point across.Anyone unsure about Phil Spector s innocence regarding the death of Lana Clarkson should read this book He s a hint crazy and Ronnie knows first hand.

    23. My mom blasted Ronnie s music through my yearly years It was a treat to find this book, but even if you don t like Phillies Records, or the music of the 50 s, I suggest you read this book A beautiful story of pain and anguish ending with self discovery and love.

    24. Ronnie Spector is as much of a character as her husband Phil, and this account of her rise and fall as a pop singer in the 1960 s is full of fantastic stories It tends towards the trashy side, but it s a fun read for anyone who loves the girl group music of the time.

    25. Very interesting book, a real page turner Loved the whole read,and was glad to read she broke free of Phil and found a kinder love I never heard of a child being born as she described whoa she sure is an attractive woman with a great voice and a very honest way with words in book

    26. Much like the beloved I, Tina this book tries to capture the bad old days with the 60s male impressarios who in addition to making great music, had good backhands and loved to slap their women around Ronnie s voice thank god is still the sweetest thing and I really loved this book.

    27. i don t own this but i read jonE betsy someone s copy of it thanks whoever you are i wouldn t mind reading it again though, cause i don t remember it too well i do remember the part where john lennon tried to get freaky with her, and got turned down do you think he wrote a song about that

    28. Some great stories, especially regarding Lennon and the Stones, but kinda left me depressed I didn t realize her life turned out to be such a mess Her writing style is much like you expect so it s an easy read.

    29. Oh the drama The soapiness The name dropping The way that Ronnie totally skirts her substance abuse The fact that I read this for work Good times, readers Good times.

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