How to Make Love to a Negro (Without Getting Tired): A Novel

How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired A Novel Racial and sexual politics collide in this cult classic that launched Laferri re as one of North America s finest literary provocateurs leftBrilliant and tense Dany Laferri re s first novel How to M

  • Title: How to Make Love to a Negro (Without Getting Tired): A Novel
  • Author: Dany Laferrière David Homel
  • ISBN: 9781553655855
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Racial and sexual politics collide in this cult classic that launched Laferri re as one of North America s finest literary provocateurs.leftBrilliant and tense, Dany Laferri re s first novel, How to Make Love to a Negro without Getting Tired , is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in 1985 With raunchy humor and a working class intellectualisRacial and sexual politics collide in this cult classic that launched Laferri re as one of North America s finest literary provocateurs.leftBrilliant and tense, Dany Laferri re s first novel, How to Make Love to a Negro without Getting Tired, is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in 1985 With raunchy humor and a working class intellectualism, Laferri re s narrator wanders the slums of Montreal, has sex with white women, and writes a book to save his life.

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      Dany Laferrière David Homel

    About Author

    1. N Port au Prince en avril 1953, Dany Laferri re a grandi Petit Go ve Il crit pour le journal Le Petit Samedi soir et fait partie de l quipe de Radio Ha ti Il quitte son pays natal la suite de l assassinat de son coll gue et ami, le journaliste Gasner Raymond Il s installe au Qu bec o il occupe plusieurs emplois avant de commencer crire.Son premier roman, Comment faire l amour avec un n gre sans se fatiguer, para t en 1985 VLB Le succ s est imm diat et les r actions nombreuses Laferri re devient alors l un des principaux repr sentants d une nouvelle g n ration d crivains dans le paysage litt raire qu b cois.Dany Laferri re crit ensuite roshima 1987 , puis L Odeur du caf VLB, 1991 , qui est r compens par le prix Carbet des Cara bes En 2000, pr s de vingt cinq ans apr s son arriv e au Qu bec, il signe Le Cri des oiseaux fous Lanct t , roman dans lequel il t moigne des raisons qui l ont pouss quitter Ha ti et qui remporte le prix Carbet des Lyc ens En 2006, le prix du Gouverneur g n ral du Canada est d cern son album jeunesse Je suis fou de Vava.Habitant en alternance Montr al, New York et Miami, l auteur se consid re avant tout comme un citoyen de l Am rique C est dans cet esprit qu il r dige ce qu il appellera son Autobiographie am ricaine, un grand projet regroupant une dizaine de ses titres et qui dresse un portrait de l Am rique, d Ha ti Montr al, en passant par les tats Unis.Dany Laferri re m ne, parall lement ses activit s litt raires, une carri re de journaliste et de chroniqueur, tout en faisant quelques apparitions la t l vision et au cin ma Il a galement sc naris quelques longs m trages, le plus souvent des adaptations cin matographiques de ses romans dit s en France chez Grasset, les livres de Dany Laferri re ont t traduits dans une douzaine de langues, dont le cor en et le polonais.Laferri re a publi cinq romans aux ditions du Bor al Son plus r cent livre, L nigme du retour, est en lice pour le prix France T l vision, le prix Wepler et le prix D cembre En plus, il se trouve d j en deuxi me s lection pour le prix M dicis 2009 ainsi que pour le prix F mina 2009.Biographie tir e du site Internet des ditions Bor al.

    One thought on “How to Make Love to a Negro (Without Getting Tired): A Novel

    1. Making love to a Negro isn t frightening sleeping with him is Sleep is complete surrender It s than nude it s naked Anything can happen during the night, when reason sleeps Do we dream our lover Do we penetrate his dreams Shifting sands, says the Western world Danger Beware Danger of osmosis Danger of true communication What started out as a simple roll in the hay can turn into It is so enjoyable to read the work of an author who is quite obviously brilliant, but tosses off his intellect with a [...]

    2. I laughed from beginning to end Many may find the pages crass, boring or something else For me, it was just an opportunity to get another black man s perspective on interracial dating Given that this has been such a major part of my identity, I felt a near instant connection to the principle characters Obviously, it s dated and it s depending on who you talk to misogynistic interactions with women may strike many as to say the least problematic While some may find something like this forgivable [...]

    3. The taste of rice is greater than the most sublime elevations of the soul It is one of the forms of black happiness Black paradise found This book is earnest and hilarious Witty dialogue, clever insight, and a disturbing exploration of race and sexuality that makes sense even when you don t want it to The plot builds with the protagonist, an immigrant in Montreal, writing a book that will put James Baldwin out to pasture and his couch potato friend, who spends most of his time either sleeping, r [...]

    4. I HAD TO READ THIS FOR FRENCH CLASS AND THE TITLE IS SATIRICAL I M REALLY NOT A HORRIBLE PERSONNow that that s been cleared up I get it, I really do Laferriere exaggerates stereotypes to make fun of them and hopefully get rid of them But I don t know how effective it is I don t know, the only thing I really felt throughout the entire thing was a thorough hatred for every single character Which, again, is probably part of the point But not really up my alley I feel like there are effective ways [...]

    5. The English translation omitted part of the French title without getting tired In a dptl meeting I proposed it for a lit course and felt myself blushing Maybe we can see this as a Haitian s answer to Philip Roth Very shallow readers have accused him of misogeny, but this is of course a hilarious parody on the classic Bildungsroman Laferriere relentlessly pokes fun at his readers presumably all white, middle class educated, trying so hard NOT to be racists and does not suffer fools lightly.

    6. One stunning moment that this book produced was when I looked into the author Chester Himes Laferriere s protagonist pounds out his work on a Remington22 that purportedly belonged to Chester Himes.When I looked him up, I read this little story that choked me up, A tragedy took place that would profoundly shape Himes s view of race relations He had misbehaved and his mother made him sit out a gunpowder demonstration that he and his brother, Joseph Jr were supposed to conduct during a school assem [...]

    7. Ce roman traine tr ne sur mon tag re depuis un bon moment A c t , ses confr res Odeur du caf , Pays sans chapeau, Je suis un crivain japonais, L nigme du retour J ai lu ce dernier il y a quelques mois, et j en tais tellement ensorcel e que je m tais r solue d enfin prendre entre mes mains ce r cit dont le titre m me risque de me faire rougir.J ai l habitude d viter les bouquins qui servent lib ralement du verbe baiser, alors pour achever cette lecture, j ai d cr eer de nouvelles habitudes Certes [...]

    8. How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired was written by Dany Laferri re originally in French and later translated into English by David Homel It s been called a fiction cult classic and is listed as one of CBC s Top 100 Books that Make you Proud to be Canadian.Based on the book s description and the reviews I d read, I expected it to make me laugh, cringe and really open my eyes I found How to Make Love to be well written, campy and satirical Although I occasionally chuckled, I never di [...]

    9. I was asked to review this book, and I was really thinking it was going to be kind of like instruction or a manual or something like that That is so not the case I agree that it is brilliant These two black men are living in a run down apartment They are visited by various white women They all have names like miz beauty or miz literature I loved the different names they came up with It s better than just saying a normal name The names they give show a better picture of the women they are with.Fi [...]

    10. I liked this book but I feel like I would like it if I had already read the authors he mentions and I knew how he was playing off of them I do like how he uses the taboo of sex to analyze the stereotypes and racism that societies pretend don t exist These two provocative areas play off each other well It s especially interesting since Canada prides itself on it s multiculturalism, but like every nation, still has a subtext of racism beneath the were all enlightened now surface I liked his explo [...]

    11. 4.5I really liked pretty much everything about this book The voice was distinct and unique paired with a fresh and seemingly simple, journalistic style that made the pages turn Despite the short number of pages there was incredible character development For me, the characters were the best part of the story Bouba was almost too fantastic to believe but partnered with the narrator he worked The world of Montreal was also vibrant although a little hazy for someone whose never been From the eye cat [...]

    12. The narrator of this novella is a young Haitian man who is living in a dodgy apartment on the rue Saint Denis in Montreal along with his African roommate Bouba, the Black Buddha of the city He spends his days in his filthy and pest ridden flat working on his first novel, Black Cruiser s Paradise, and his nights are generally spent in the company of his girlfriend Miz Literature, a privileged and attractive white literature student at McGill University, or in a variety of bars and caf s with othe [...]

    13. I m not even sure how to review this book It was short and sweet, cleverly written, amusing, honest, with a great sense of place Months after reading the book, I can still conjure up that cramped, sweaty, apartment on rue St Denis I don t know what the English translation is like, but I highly recommend the French original to those fluent enough to pick up on its nuance and sly humour.

    14. A very hilarious book with a fairly bitter core It makes you laugh and think at the same time Where do all these stereotypes about black men and white women come from Is an encounter of those two specimen really impossible without historical traumata Short, precise, funny, bitter, exagerated I loved it.

    15. not the how to manual you may have been searching for but a sharp and damned shocking post modern answer to another country by baldwin

    16. view spoiler Our narrator is getting it done, writing furiously is this true, is this a review of the writing of this novel, by his narrator Maybe, but we still come to the ENDING I m typing the last chapter at top speed The end of my ordeal is in sight The Remington my partner in crime hasn t lost its touch I ve just got to finish this prologue When you add it up, I wrote this novel in thirty six days and eighteen nights, using three ribbons, four jars of liquid paper, five hundred sheets of bo [...]

    17. All you need is a good Remington, no cash an no publisher to believe that the book you re composing with your gut feelings is the masterpiece that will get you out of your hole Unfortunately, it never works out that way It takes as much guts to do a good book as a bad one When you have nothing you can always hope for genius But genius has refined tastes It doesn t like dispossessed And nothing is all I ve got Not a novel for all, but for me, it was near perfection I ve always wanted to write a s [...]

    18. A Classic Making love to a Negro isn t frightening sleeping with him is Sleep is complete surrender It s than nude it s naked This novel is full of satire Did he just write about himself and his roommate I almost believed he did This is a quick read one to two days Anything and you may just stop reading I liked the references to jazz and literature Mostly this book deals with race relations myths about the black man and white woman.

    19. Hmmmm what can I say about this book Smutty, as might be expected An obsession with McGill University girls References to the Scarsdale diet This book is about the supposedly mutual sexual fascination between black men and white women, and as I am neither of those people, I read this simply as an observer I guess what I enjoyed about it were things that had nothing to do with the real substance of the work, namely its Montreal setting Neither here nor there for me, I guess.

    20. A superb satire on sex and race Highly recommend.One glaring error, however, which raised this Canadian s ire, from the chapter Miz Mystic Flying back from Tibet The urban mafia of crazies instinctively turns to 3670 rue St Denis, off the Carr St Louis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, America, Earth.Most Canadians and indigenous people will spot it Most others will not.

    21. J ai ador ce livre, surtout pour sa particularit de me faire clater de rire tandis qu il trait des th matiques tr s s rieuses Il mentionne souvent des classiques de jazz, et j ai d cid de les faire jouer en lisant, ce que je conseillerais d autres, car il a enrichi la lecture pour moi.

    22. Thanks Spike Lee and She s Gotta Have It A Enjoyed it thoroughly, and I appreciate learning about it from She s Gotta Have It on the Flix Have a good one

    23. 4.5Didn t think I d ever find a book harder to read on the subway than I Love Dick, but here I am This is a good one Unsubtle, but also, very subtle.

    24. Picked this one for the title, obviously, and was not disappointed This is a fast and clever little book about a writer and his hermit roommate and their interactions with jazz and women and life Three discreet little knocks McGill code, it would seem Miz Literature opens the door and a magnificent girl walks in The kind of girl who leaves you breathless Her smile is warm Not that she needed it to set this room on fire Bouba remains impassive Miz Literature does the introductions Bouba looks out [...]

    25. Making love to a Negro isn t frightening sleeping with him is Sleep is complete surrender It s than nude it s naked Anything can happen during the night, when reason sleeps Dany Laferriere, How To Make Love To A Negrothe complete title of this book is how to make love to a negro without getting tired apparently the combination of black men and white women bonking is fairly combustible subject matter the world over even canada s montreal, a place that constantly reassures us is free of racial te [...]

    26. Version fran aise Comment faire l amour avec un N gre sans se fatiguerPremier roman de Dany Laferri re membre de l Acad mie Fran aise , paru en 1985 Succ s imm diat La critique parlera de litt rature n gre d Am rique et d un classique de la litt rature qu b coise d j.Le livre aura une carri re internationale fracassante notamment dans le monde anglophone Le bagou de l auteur aidant, un grand crivain tait n.R sum C est l histoire de deux jeunes Noirs qui passent un t chaud draguer les filles Le p [...]

    27. Jak se milovat s ernochem a neunavit se je teda dost blbej n zev H jsem se snad v metru s kn kou je t nec til Na t st na dal ch stanic ch nikdy nep istoupil Ray Koranteng.Kniha od Danyho Laferri re je zcela o ividn m, voln m pokra ov n m Obratn ku raka A samoz ejm to nen v bec na kodu Laferriere sice trochu ztr c v p edstavivosti a lyri nosti, tak e v jeho knize se d je jen naprosto oby ejn sex se zletil mi enami boooring , ale p ich z s n m, m d v Millerovsk mu opusu naprosto jin hel pohledu Da [...]

    28. Faute de pouvoir donner cinq etrons,jelui donne une etoile.La legende veut que le premier emploi qu a eu Dany Laferri re quand il est arrive au Canada de son Haiti natal a t comme m t o A sa toute premi re emission il a proc d comme suit commencant par le cote Atlantique du Canada et se dirigeant vers l ouest Aujourd hui, c est plus dix Halifax Plus cinq Rimouski Zero Montr al Moins cinq Ottawa Moins vingt Winnipeg Moins ving cinq Calgary Et je REFUSE CATEGORIQUMENT vous announcer la temp rature [...]

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