Beauty and the Scarred Hero

Beauty and the Scarred Hero The scars of major Reynolds Major Nicholas Reynolds returns from the Battle of Waterloo a hero Once his rakish good looks ensured he had his pick of beauties but now his battle scarred face exiles h

  • Title: Beauty and the Scarred Hero
  • Author: Emily May
  • ISBN: 9780373305865
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The scars of major Reynolds Major Nicholas Reynolds returns from the Battle of Waterloo a hero Once, his rakish good looks ensured he had his pick of beauties, but now his battle scarred face exiles him from high society Lady Isabella Knox is horrified by the cruel gossip surrounding Nicholas, but intrigued by the man whose steely glance makes her blush on the outsideThe scars of major Reynolds Major Nicholas Reynolds returns from the Battle of Waterloo a hero Once, his rakish good looks ensured he had his pick of beauties, but now his battle scarred face exiles him from high society Lady Isabella Knox is horrified by the cruel gossip surrounding Nicholas, but intrigued by the man whose steely glance makes her blush on the outsided burn deep onthe inside A few stolen kisses later this beauty knows she s lost her head and her heart to the most notorious gentleman of the ton

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    1. 2011Quite good for a category regency I always like it when the hero and heroine are a bit older and people with experience I ve also got a thing for military men in historical romances, so that was an extra positive.Both Nicholas and Isabella were very good people I loved seeing them become friends and slowly fall in love I liked that when the final obstacle came into play by which I was totally miffed and a bit pissy , they both did what was right their duty Oh how I love those typical regency [...]

    2. Oh man, Major Nicholas is definitely hero material I instantly fell in love with the character Lady Isabella is perfect for him She is a strong heroine who won t take nothing from him or anyone else Their romance kept me up late into the night The story is obviously about a man wounded in battle, in this case Waterloo, and a woman brave enough to face him and the cruel gossip of the Ton Passions of all sorts run high in this tale, all very sigh worthy.

    3. How do you rate a book that was at least 3.5 stars read and then 85% into the story the hero did such a stupid, dishonorable, completely out of character thing that left you in total disbelieve And the way the heroine reacted to it you lost some respect for her as well Oh why, why the author did this It ruined the whole story for me.

    4. This started out so promising.Isabella the H, a mature heroine at 29 yeah, yeah I know, rescues a blithering 17 year old idiot at an inn Blithering idiot is running away from an arranged marriage gruff, heart of stone grandfather has arranged with a scarred high born soldier aka The Ogre The idjit is running from an arranged marriage with the H Isabella takes her home until she can find her aunt or someone to take her.Isabella makes the mistake about using the term ogre in front of a gossip and [...]

    5. First, let me say, I hate Emily May for making me feel so utterly inadequate I suck and she deserves to be far widely read and enjoyed That said through gritted teeth with spittle flying, I must also admit, I LOVE her fluent writing, her crisp and very convincing character portrayals and the interesting jeopardy her heroines face I wish it wasn t the same plot again, with a hero, here Major Nicholas Reynolds, seeking to unmask the identity of the heroine, a female who has crossed him somehow Bu [...]

    6. I was disappointed with The Earl s Dilemma, but I had already bought this during a sale, so I thought I d give it a try This was a much better book by Emily May There s less repetition and exclamation points Characters are fully realized There were some plot points that I thought could have been expanded, didn t detract too much from the story.I love a good beauty and the beast story, and this one delivered for me Nicholas comes back from the war scarred and just wants to marry a young bride who [...]

    7. Wonderful story and the problems they had to overcome were realistic This one made me cry Loved both the hero and the heroine, and it was lovely that they were both mature adults.

    8. I found this book because it was on a Beauty and the Beast list I LOOOVE that trope, but sometimes I think it will be the reason my Nook meets with an untimely end.Plot Weak.Story BORING.Conflict Ridiculous.Characters Immature.Tone Preachy.Romance Tepid.Hero Bland.Heroine JFC Can you be a bigger Sue I could do an in depth dissertation on why this story didn t work for me, but I think I d end up sounding like a rage monster on steroids Really, I can take the Hulk on.I think my biggest problem is [...]

    9. This was a very good read I adored Nicholas and Isabella They were both grown ups, with real feelings, misunderstanding, but most importantly a kindness and honour to them that made their growing love worth reading about I adored how Isabella took on the insulting ton in defence of Nicholas, but in such a way as to not seem as though she were doing anything at all And I admired the way he took on the ton by asking them to laugh with him, instead of at him Clever.

    10. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsBeauty and the Scarred Hero by Emily May was, for the most part, another good read I m a sucker for scarred hero, no wonder I wanted to check this one out I enjoyed this story mostly and had not been for some frustrating moments, I think I would ve loved this one even better.This book, again, featured another wonderful h, Lady Isabella Knox spinster, a little whimsical, a daughter and a si [...]

    11. love this book Cerita di mulai dgn kaburnya seorg gadis berumur 17 tahun krn mau dinikahkan dgn seorg eks pejuang perang, Nicholas Reynold, 30thn, org yg diisukan sgt mengerikan krn selain berbadan tinggi besar tegap , dia jg mempunyai bekas luka di wajah akibat perang.Dan gadis tersebut Henrieta akhirnya ditemukan dan sementara tinggal bersama lady isabela, umur 27 thn, spinter, yg memutuskan tdk mau menikah sejak tunangannya meninggal 10 thn yg lalu Isabela berjanji membantu Henrietta utk meng [...]

    12. When I purchased the book I didn t realise that the author was the same as one I ve read before I ve read her fantasy books written under pen name Emily Gee and really enjoyed them Once I d realised that I was really looking forward to reading one of her historical romances.I didn t find this one as engaging as the fantasy books, but that could be because I don t usually find the historical romance genre as engaging as the fantasy genre in general.However, I didn t find the major plot device in [...]

    13. This book was a nice reading Quite clean, but not bad Nicholas is to marry Harriet but she jilts him an Isabella rescues and shelters her without knowing him Unintentionally, she starts the rumour that he s an ogre, and when she gets to meet him, she soon regrets it and feels guilty about it so she decides, to stop London from their ogre gossiping, for about to weeks they ll pretend he s her beau It s very nice to read how they slowly fall in love, even if she doesn t want to marry and he s got [...]

    14. On the beginning, i quite like the story The settings are nice and it s an enjoyable reading There are some things that.n be but it wasn t something really bad.I think every one in this story are so nice too nice until I wish they would have human weakness DIt seems that all annoying trait is given to Ms H She is the only one who is very annoying and nobody have enough time scold that girl properly I know that she is innocent and everybody is verrryyy nice but those silly attitudes of her are s [...]

    15. Beauty attempts to redeem the beastA very young, immature, frightened girl runs away from a marriage arraigned by her Grandfather to a terrible old scary and scarred military man Lady Isabella rescues her and is shocked to find at a ball that her sister in law is related to this terrible Ogre In fact she s introduced to him a few minutes later He s her age, commanding, very fit, and would be handsome except for a scar on his face In the meantime the ton is laughing at the Ogre abandoned by his b [...]

    16. Oh, Emily May, I just love your books Sometimes category historicals can feel the same, but this is not the case here Love sneaks up on the hero and heroine of this story, neither of whom are seeking it, and the hero, who originally comes across as one sided, keeps surprising the reader and the heroine in believeable ways until he s a multi layered, desirable man There s also an unexpected plot twist towards the end, which keeps us on our toes a little longer.I read this in one sitting and can o [...]

    17. Isabella rescues Harriet who is running away from an engagement to a man she fears, Nicholas Harriet describes Nicholas as an ogre and Isabella inadvertently causes Nicholas to be called Ogre by society In order to make amends, she offers to take him as her beau for a flirtation aimed at rehabilitating him One thing leads to another and Harriet is still hiding on the third floor of her house.I enjoyed this story very much, but am knocking off one star for all the twists at the end, which became [...]

    18. My first read with a TSTL Hero Seriously, he felt it was his duty to view spoiler marry the stupid Harriet even though he loved the heroine, had sex with her big no no in regency time do deflower a girl, and then not marry her , and last but not least he was jilted by the kid hide spoiler Aaargh I read in few reviews that the writing here is oh, sooo good English is not my native language, so I can t quite put my finger on it, but for me it felt flowery and repetitive Overall, I enjoyed it if no [...]

    19. My first book by Emily May, and won t be the last A wonderfully written, rich Regency romance with great characters The heroine is wonderfully advanced for her time, the hero of course scarred, both physically and mentally Their growing romance was lovely to read and felt real My only beef was at the end, where a third party meant it looked like they were unable to be together after all they d been through and all the love they d expressed But it all turned out well

    20. The thing that bothered me the most was the pace of the story All of it getting to know each other, falling in love and asking to become one s wife happened in only a couple of weeks But hey, it s a Harlequin novel, what can I expect DOtherwise I liked the story quite a bit I liked that they didn t have the instalove moment, but a somewhat gradually evolving love for each other There are way too many books with instalove and I m happy that this one is not one them.

    21. My grade B I enjoyed this book immensely until the very end, when something illogical happened Of course it was all resolved Overall I enjoyed it a lot I must say that by the end I was as tired of the weepy Harriet as Isabel and Nicholas were D Possibly so And I m quite disappointed there wasn t an epilogue I missed not getting a last look at Nicholas and Isabel.

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed Emily May s beauty and the beast story I will read her again Nicholas is a delight of a hero brooding, a military man with a hard surface and a hard past I fell for him very easily Isabella, described by herself as an eccentric, is equally hard not to like The whispers of the Ton angle of this story is fabulous A very enjoyable historical read.

    23. 3.5 stars.It s a fun and a light read with interesting enough story and characters The story telling was very easy to enjoy It could ve been a 4 stars if only Isabella would just bitchslap Harriet.

    24. Awwwhh I liked this is was pleasant easy bedtime reading Loved both characters I just wanted an epilogue at the end Harriet needed a good old fashioned Harlequin slap to stop all the moaning and crying jeez grow a pair woman

    25. I really enjoyed this story The author created believable people, even the secondary characters were well rounded personalities The plotting was good, and not always predictable, which I found a refreshing change Will definitely read by this author.

    26. This one disappointed me, because it started out so great, but then the author adds this scene of immorality that was totally inconsistent, and it really ruined it for me.

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