You Can't Eat Mount Rainier

You Can t Eat Mount Rainier Great descriptions of s Seattle restaurants their food and owners with great recipes for each

  • Title: You Can't Eat Mount Rainier
  • Author: William Speidel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Great descriptions of 50 s Seattle restaurants, their food and owners with great recipes for each.
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    1. Bill Speidel, founder of the Underground Tour, is remembered as one of the last of a few genuine old time Seattle characters.Although Speidel started the world famous Underground Tour, spearheaded the campaign to preserve Pioneer Square, wrote a best selling Seattle history Sons of the Profits , and rediscovered one of Seattle s early heroes Doc Maynard , he is remembered most for his wit an irreverent sense of humor and an unflagging enthusiasm for promoting Seattle s lusty past.Speidel graduated from the University of Washington in 1936, during the throws of the depression, with a degree in literature Out of school, he landed a job as a reporter for The Seattle Times and also wrote a column for the defunct Seattle Star.In 1946, he quit newspapering and opened his own public relations business, eventually located in Pioneer Square, the city s birthplace.Speidel became an ardent preservationist as the bandwagon gained traction in the 1950s and 1960s He is one of a group of visionaries who saved Pioneer Square by mounting a citizen campaign to convince the city to designate downtown s oldest neighborhood an historic district, thus sparing from the wrecking ball the largest collection of Victorian Romanesque buildings in the United States The Underground Tour, which Speidel founded in 1965, is a by product of that campaign.In 1988, Speidel succumbed to a stroke and died at 76 He was a man of courtliness, grace and good manners, recalled Emmett Watson, a onetime colleague and eminent columnist Writing about Speidel in The Seattle Times, Watson himself now deceased said, He was many things in this city preservationist, promoter, writer, historian, entrepreneur, press agent, political operator, adman, lecturer and publisher Few if any of the Seattle Pioneers, the movers and shakers that he wrote about in a half dozen historical books, gave as much to this city as the author.

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    1. I m a sucker for local lore and as well as a window into the restaurant world this book provided both Very sweet book complete with recipes from each now mostly distinct place A list of great drink recipes at the end too from local bars.

    2. The Seattle Guide to Restaurants, Recipes and Food from the 1950 s Written by William Spiedel founder of Seattle s Underground Tour s and started urban re newal of Pioneer Square.

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