Peppers: A Story of Hot Pursuits

Peppers A Story of Hot Pursuits In this evocative book Wall Street Journal columnist Naj pursues his subject from Bolivia to New Mexico interviewing growers botanists chefs and doctors even chronicling a long and acrimonious l

  • Title: Peppers: A Story of Hot Pursuits
  • Author: Amal Naj
  • ISBN: 9780679744276
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this evocative book, Wall Street Journal columnist Naj pursues his subject from Bolivia to New Mexico, interviewing growers, botanists, chefs, and doctors, even chronicling a long and acrimonious lawsuit that has raged around the use of the term Tabasco Illus.

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      Amal Naj

    About Author

    1. Amal Naj was born in India and was educated there and at Queen s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland He was on the staff of the Wall Street Journal for twelve years, and has reported from Pittsburgh and Detroit on the steel and automotive industries He has since covered manufacturing technology and environmental issues from New York City.

    One thought on “Peppers: A Story of Hot Pursuits

    1. I think the real problem here is that I m not a big fan of chili peppers I don t normally let this bother me when I m picking out books on food I don t drink gin, but I remember reading a book a few years back about gin that was just riveting Likewise, I was once bored by a book about chocolate, the one food that is to me the surest proof that God loves humanity A really good book about food will overcome my personal tastes This one didn t Naj is not a bad writer, though journalistic than I nor [...]

    2. Went through a series of food related books that a former neighbor who I believe was a chief, left out on the street in a box Never one to pass up a free read, I read this This was an enjoyable light read with some nice globetrotting, the author definitely did some legwork to get the story behind peppers in all their glory I wanted a little information about native pepper species particularly the one s that are used in traditional cooking such as the chiltepin but the author documents a fascina [...]

    3. A light read, quite entertaining and interesting I really want to go to Mexico now, or at least New Mexico or Louisiana, and visit the markets and try all those peppers I also want to throw out our McIlhenny s Tabasco Sauce after reading how that company has hounded everyone who s tried to sell a tabasco sauce they ve essentially patented all tabasco sauces But I won t because it s too good But maybe next time we run out I ll look for something different That company did not come out of the book [...]

    4. A re read.This book is a little old, so some of it seems a bit dated.Good history of the chili and how it spread around the globe and how different cultures have used chilis for culinary and other purposes.One old wive s tale from India I think says to rub your penis with a chili raisin paste if you want to impregnate an old lady.I ll stick with peppers on my plate.

    5. This is a wonderful book I learned so much about chiles and how they are used in different cultures It makes me want to sample, eat and grow of this intoxicating fruit I m glad I live in a chile growing region, Nuevo Mexico

    6. An interesting collection of information trivia, but not helpful for someone looking for systematically organized information about how improve their selection of and cooking with chiles.

    7. Good research, some interesting interviews, some nice ish travel writing, but as a whole written in a somewhat cloying, smirky tone Also, fairly dated as far as culinary trends are concerned.

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