Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend What s a girl to do when she s secretly in love with a friend and he s married to someone else She gets over it That s what Amy Parker has done Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an il

  • Title: Her Best Friend
  • Author: Sarah Mayberry
  • ISBN: 9780373716265
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s a girl to do when she s secretly in love with a friend and he s married to someone else She gets over it That s what Amy Parker has done Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill timed, crazy confession of affection, she s taken the smart route She s eased away from him Just enough to get past the unrequited bits And you know, it s working.UntiWhat s a girl to do when she s secretly in love with a friend and he s married to someone else She gets over it That s what Amy Parker has done Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill timed, crazy confession of affection, she s taken the smart route She s eased away from him Just enough to get past the unrequited bits And you know, it s working.Until the day Quinn announces he s now single That s right He s single And he wants to hang out With her Get reconnected the way they used to be.Oh, this is so not good for Amy s equilibrium Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him But if he s freed she s freewell, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions.

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      Sarah Mayberry

    About Author

    1. Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When inspiration didn t strike, she began to wonder if, perhaps, she needed to live some life first before writing about it.This still left the burning question of how to pay the rent She found her way into trade journalism, working off the principle that it was better to write anything for a living than nothing at all Her time there lead to the opportunity to launch a new decorator magazine for one of Australia s major retailers, an invaluable and grueling experience that she found very rewarding.But the opportunity to write fiction for a living soon lured Sarah away She took up a post as storyliner on Australia s longest running soap, Neighbours Over two years she helped plot than 240 hours of television, as well as writing freelance scripts She remembers her time with the show very fondly especially the dirty jokes and laughter around the story table and still writes scripts on a freelance basis.In 2003 she relocated to New Zealand for her partner s work There Sarah served as storyliner and story editor on the country s top rating drama, Shortland Street, before quitting to pursue writing full time.Sarah picked up a love of romance novels from both her grandmothers, and has submitted manuscripts to Harlequin many times over the years She credits the invaluable story structuring experience she learned on Neighbours as the key to her eventual success along with the patience of her fantastic editor, Wanda.Sarah is revoltingly happy with her partner of twelve years, Chris, who is a talented scriptwriter Not only does he offer fantastic advice and solutions to writing problems, but he s also handsome, funny and sexy When she s not gushing over him, she loves to read romance and fantasy novels, go to the movies, sew and cook for her friends She has also become a recent convert to Pilates, which she knows she should do often.

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    1. I try to be stingy with my five stars, but I wavered between a four and a five for a few minutes before I decided that it s perfect for what it is a category contemporary that makes you smile with your whole face.Amy Parker and Quinn Whitfield have been friends so long that there s a photo of them sharing the same teething ring as babies They grew up together, played together and were two peas in a pod, until the double whammy of puberty and a new girl named Lisa went and changed everything Thou [...]

    2. Complete waste of time and money I don t care as much about the money, but I wish I could get the three hours of my life back Maybe I m just weird, but I didn t find anything about the writing extraordinary as so many readers here have indicated I thought the writing was mediocre at best There was no story development other than the constant longing by the heroine for the hero and the constant longing by the hero for his wife I never got how or why the hero decides to stay with the heroine Certa [...]

    3. Very good category romance about two lovely people who grew up next door to each other all their lives This is the first Superromance of SM s that I have read She usually does the Harlequin Blaze line instead I hope that she does Superromances because I liked how the focus was on the story and the characters, versus the rather forced mental lusting in the SM Blaze that I read.My primary beef with Best Friend Romances is that most authors TELL me that the H H are BFs, not SHOW me Not so here The [...]

    4. I learned category romances can be very very good, despite the embarrassing covers that take romance readers back twenty steps in our fight not to appear as the stereotypical simple minded, bon bon eating, non discerning readers of literature.I also learned that Sarah Mayberry rocks I wish I had the ability to quantify the exact qualities that differentiate writing techniques that allow one book to be multi faceted and filled with emotional poignancy and another to be flat Alas, I fail Needless [...]

    5. Uninteresting contrivances keep the couple apart I wanted better relationship interactionsORY BRIEF Amy has loved Quinn since she was 14 She is now 30 She never showed her feelings He has never known her feelings He dated another, married, and is now in process of divorce His wife cheated on him Amy needs legal help and calls Quinn s wife, but Quinn answers the phone He gives her advice and then shows up to help her at a public hearing Amy doesn t know Quinn is getting a divorce She wants to avo [...]

    6. This might be a misleading score I didn t like the book not because it was poorly written or anything I just couldn t get past the subject matter I found the whole they liked each other as teens but a different girl came on to him so he went with her thing just too sad Even getting together now didn t save it for me I couldn t help thinking about John Greenleaf Whittier s words of all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, It might have been.

    7. Her Best Friend is a wonderful book It combines my favorite theme friends to lovers but also my least favorite one unrequited love Amy has loved her best friend Quinn since she was fourteen But then Lisa moved to town and became a part of their trio and it was Lisa, Quinn dated and subsequently married Amy kept quiet through out, sad as well as happy for her friends She learnt to hide her feelings around Quinn She dated and even moved on but that love never really went away So, for the past 18 m [...]

    8. I m not sure what I didn t like about this story but I had to push myself to finish it Maybe I m just not a fan of the best friends turn to lovers I always end up rolling my eyes through most of these type of stories This story had pretty good reviews so I gave it a shot I can see why people liked this story, the author has a talent with characterization, but the plot just didn t work for me.

    9. 4.5 stars.Yet another gem from Sarah Mayberry This is exactly the type of contemporary I love It isn t flashy or dazzly It doesn t have Navy SEALs jumping out of planes and stalkers behind every door It is a good relationship drama that hits on a lot of themes unrequited love, the value of friendship, and betrayal and trust.The set up of the story is very well done Amy and Quinn grew up together practically from the crib They were always the best of friends Then Lisa came along and the three of [...]

    10. 4 Stars Quinn was literally the boy next door and Amy has always loved him They were best buds, and then when they were 14, Lisa moved up the street and then they became the three musketeers Amy had always dreamed that Quinn would be her first real kiss but it was Lisa that Quinn kissed and then as they got older dated, went off to university with and then married All through those 16 years, Amy has always been their friend But for her own sake, Amy had been pulling away from them, trying to bui [...]

    11. Overall impression Well written HQ with believable characters and fairly realistic plot development Her Best Friend is a surprisingly grounded look at three way triangle of friends turned lovers.Stop reading here if you haven t read the book It s definitely worth reading and I don t want my personal feeling to influence another readers first impressions Caveats and Spoilers While the portrayal of the three main players was refreshing in many ways, the realism actually ended up detracting from th [...]

    12. I m a sucker for the friends to lovers theme I can t help it This one had a pretty exceptional premise Amy, our heroine, has been in love with her best friend Quinn since she was 14 But, when her good friend, Lisa, starts dating Quinn, she has no choice but to be supportive 10 years later, the couple is married and Amy is still alone Another 6 years later, Quinn returns, this time as a divorced man to the still single Amy, hoping to return to the one solid thing, their friendship But Amy has bee [...]

    13. Amy Parker is about to fulfil her childhood dream of owning Daylesford s Grand Picture Theatre, that her grandfather built before she was born There s just one big bureaucratic hurdle she needs to jump through, and unfortunately her two best friends are just the lawyers to help her.Lisa and Quinn Whitfield moved to Sydney after they got married, joining a big law firm and living the high life in the city Quinn and Amy grew up together, and Lisa joined their trio as a teenager, but eventually Lis [...]

    14. Why I Read this Book I love reading romance everything from contemporary to paranormal to romantic suspense From time to time I enjoy reading realistic romance novels As much as I love my vampires and werewolves, sometimes I need a taste of reality And a love story about two people who go from friends to lovers fits the bill just nicely.What I Liked Amy and Quinn s story is tangible Her Best Friend is a novel from Harlequin s Superromance line, a line in which they describe If you want to read a [...]

    15. Oh my God I just wanted to hit a few heads together And smack my forehead a couple of times Another reviewer mentioned that some of the contrivances keeping Quinn and Amy apart were annoying I m inclined to agree It just got in the way of their union It was however, really realistic, as one would expect from a Sarah Mayberry book.Amy s desires and strong pull of attraction to Quinn was incredibly believable Who hasn t ever felt that irresistible attraction when you re falling for a friend or any [...]

    16. The whole time I was reading it, I really, really liked it Unrequited love stories can be so painful and heartbreaking, but when it works out it s always extra cherry on top happiness I liked both Amy and Quinn, totally understood their fears and behaviour and I really, really rooted for them I love Mayberry s writing 2 books in, and a huge fan already , she really writes marvelous category However, the resolution, it just was a bit too short After all the anguish and longing I needed a bit pos [...]

    17. Hands down the best Superromance you ll find.This wonderful, nuanced story of two Australian thirty year olds getting through their muddled lives the best they can doesn t feature anything grand or exciting it s all about the details in life.I loved the conflict between Amy and Quinn By not wanting to ruin their friendship they waited sixteen years before acting on feelings that began when they were schoolkids Amy s pain at watching Quinn marry another woman, and the ways she coped were heartbre [...]

    18. 3 starsPOV 3rd person Amy, QuinnSensuality Warm HotAmy Parker has been in love with her best friend for 16 years Quinn Whitfield married Amy s friend Lisa, so he has been off limits all this time Now they are getting divorced and he s single She still loves him, but he is her friend She s been avoiding him for 2 years, but now he is in town helping her out and being in such close proximity is driving her crazy.Hmme story was well written, the characters were done fairly well, the story developed [...]

    19. Cute best friends turn to lovers read It took forever for them to get together though I almost wanted to give up but it was angsty they should make that a real word enough to make me keep turning the pages No love scenes until the very end in this one, and it was frustrating to say the least This was a rec that I asked for where the OW loved the hero and had realistic feelings in losing him to the heroine in the end It was nicely done SM knows how to bring her characters to life That s what I li [...]

    20. A good friends to lovers story with a heaping dose of unrequited love by the h for the H tossed into the mix I liked it, but I also thought the characters were kind ofbland 3 3.5 for the quality writing and the realistic storyline.

    21. Of course, after my almost a week long break because of finals, the first book that I am going to review was romance Truth be told, I was reading this while I had my breaks while studying, and within two nights, I finished this I must say, I had been dying to write something about this book Once again, I found a friends to lovers book, and Her Best Friend is one of those who willingly reciprocated and fulfilled my guilty pleasure What I loved the most about this book was how Sarah Mayberry had e [...]

    22. 2.5 starWhile this book is in no way a bad read, it was also not a memorable oneA typical unrequited lovers,combined with friends turned lovers book which could have been much better but only ended up being an okay storyFor me this was a 2.5 star read s to the reasons whyt, the pros It s actually quite well written The major focus of the story was on the MCs The characters felt pretty real and it was quite angst riddenCons Though i could see how much Amy loved Quinn,not for once did i feel that [...]

    23. First of all let me say that I love that Sarah Mayberry writes stories that take place in Australia While reading, I always imagine the dialogue in my head with an Aussie accent at least for the hero and there is just something so hot and sexy about a guy with an accent.Her Best Friend raises a very interesting question What do you do when you find out your BFF is getting divorced and you ve been in love with him since you were fourteen That s the dilemma facing Amy Parker when she discovers her [...]

    24. This contemporary romance got a lot of good press on the romance review sites and I can see why It is a very good take on the good friends who could be lovers trope Our hero and heroine are nice people and surprise, surprise, the third person in the triangle turns out to be okay too Well written, with a good deal of humor, just enough emotion.Alas now to the downside This story supposedly takes place in small town Victoria, Australia For all the atmosphere this story could be set in Ames, Iowa O [...]

    25. Five Loved It stars This was my first book by Sarah Mayberry, and I can t wait to read If you love best friends to lovers books, especially when they re done well, Her Best Friend won t disappoint The process of Quinn falling in love as well as reconnecting with himself played so well alongside Amy s secret love and her strong self awareness.It didn t feel like a Mills Boon, and I wished it was longer, taking the time to explore the dynamics between Lisa, Amy and Quinn a little I loved the gli [...]

    26. 4.5 stars Great friends to lovers book Amy and Quinn were both likable characters Iliked that they had an honest friendship aside from Amy secretly loving him for years But I also liked that after she told him, he thought it through, coming to the conclusion that he couldn t lose his friendship with her, but then coming to the conclusion that he wanted her They were honest about his marriage and life with Lisa And they had a wonderful banter together I loved when he showed her the proof that hi [...]

    27. I seem to be the only romance reader in the world who doesn t much care for friends to lovers stories, and Her Best Friend has all the elements that I usually don t like in them It s a credit to the intelligent writing that I still enjoyed it Yeah, there s a lot of unrequited longing and anguishing over whether they ll ruin their friendship if they give in to their feelings, but it s not driven into the ground, making me want to slap people silly The main characters are likable and believable an [...]

    28. I cannot believe how much I loved Her Best Friend Even before I finished the first 30 pages I just knew that this one will be part of my all time favorites My heart ached for Ames and her desperation The love, the devotion, the way she kept silent in order not to hurt Quinn or Lisa Definitely a than one time read Can t wait to dive into something else by Sarah Mayberry

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