Juliet, Naked

Juliet Naked Annie s put fifteen years into safe slightly obsessive Duncan and now she d like her money back please It s time to move on But she lives in Gooleness the North s answer to a question nobody asked

  • Title: Juliet, Naked
  • Author: Nick Hornby
  • ISBN: 9780141020648
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Annie s put fifteen years into safe, slightly obsessive Duncan, and now she d like her money back, please It s time to move on But she lives in Gooleness, the North s answer to a question nobody asked Is she really going to find a real, proper, fee it deep down in your boots love on a damp and windy seafront Or perhaps she should follow her heart and pursue Tucker, theAnnie s put fifteen years into safe, slightly obsessive Duncan, and now she d like her money back, please It s time to move on But she lives in Gooleness, the North s answer to a question nobody asked Is she really going to find a real, proper, fee it deep down in your boots love on a damp and windy seafront Or perhaps she should follow her heart and pursue Tucker, the reclusive American rock star, who keeps emailing her his smart advice.But between Annie and her second chance lie a few obstacles There s Malcolm, the world s most judgemental therapist, and Barnesy, the North s most extrovert dancer There s what men and women will do and won t do for love.And of course, there s Tucker

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      Nick Hornby

    About Author

    1. Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch He is also the author of Songbook, a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and The Polysyllabic Spree, as well as the editor of the short story collection Speaking with the Angel He is a recipient of the American Academy of Arts and Letters E M Forster Award and the winner of the 2003 Orange Word International Writers London Award Among his many other honors and awards, four of his titles have been named New York Times Notable Books A film written by Hornby, An Education shown at the Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim was the lead movie at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival and distributed by Sony that fall That same September, the author published his latest novel, Juliet, Naked to wide acclaim Hornby lives in North London.

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    1. Why do we read No, it s not a rhetorical question It s something that I ve been thinking about a lot the last few days I mean, yeah the obvious reasons to access information, to brush up on our morality, because we ve been assigned to So we can have uh passionate discussions, hook up, impress, escape, retreat and regroup So we don t feel as alone as As what That s for you to answer not me So, Nick Hornby is one of my revered authors He s a downright O M G in my little realm of escapism Others wh [...]

    2. If you re familiar with Nick Hornby, or better still, if you ve read this book, then the following quiz will test how well your impressions correlate with mine If you re not familiar with Hornby, but are clued in to my own predilections a puerile sense of humor among them , this will measure your powers of observation If you could hardly care less about me or ol Nick, but can t pass up a chance to test your quiz taking abilities, you might still enjoy having a go Eliminating the barmiest choices [...]

    3. The first half of this book is Hornby at his best creating interesting, believable characters and exploring the dynamics of relationships with his usual ear for dialogue and understanding of people s often highly personal obsessions and motivations Surprisingly however, once all the characters are properly introduced and the scenario established, the author seems to lose his way When the story should be gearing towards a climax with the central characters finally coming together its as if Hornby [...]

    4. It s funny, writing a review of this book, because in many ways, I m Duncan, the obsessed fan who puts the book s plot into motion Nick Hornby is something of a hero of mine I read a lot as a kid, but sort of got away from it as I got older, as it seems so many people do these days But then I read High Fidelity and it s like something lit up inside me I immediately devoured everything I could by Hornby which, at the time, wasn t much About a Boy and Fever Pitch , and then moved onto authors that [...]

    5. All night I was going back and forth in my head as to whether to give this 4 or 5 stars, and as I couldn t think of why not to give it 5, I decided to do so I really enjoyed this character driven book Hornby has a warm and generous talent for creating honest, flawed, likable characters And for those who might think Hornby can only create male characters, he s created a female protagonist here Annie that is as good as the main character Katie in How to be Good Along with Hornby s fun, witty and s [...]

    6. I went into this book thinking Who would Hugh Grant play in the movie adaptation and who would play all the other characters I ve settled on Emily Blunt for Annie, Hugh Grant as Duncan and Tucker Crowe to be played by Jeff Bridges Needless to say, I had a lot of fun reading this book it just fitted so well as an English Rom Com and I enjoyed every minute of this book There is no great depth to this book but it was a pleasure to read.

    7. Nick Hornby has written a number of very good novels focusing on music and the sometimes geeky males who become obsessed with it to the point where they never really escape their adolescence In consequence, their romantic lives are usually a mess as well.Enter Duncan, an undistinguished British college professor is a small, backwater seaside town Duncan, who teaches his students how to properly understand the significance of American television programs like The Wire, has devoted much of his lif [...]

    8. Wie ich schon mehrmals in einigen Rezensionen erw hnt habe, halte ich Nick Hornby f r einen gro artigen Starter von Romanen, die wenigsten Autoren k nnen so gut unvermittelt und auch mit ein bisschen bei ender Ironie eine Geschichte beginnen, aber auch f r einen der schlechtesten Finisher im Literaturbetrieb Entweder er l t gleich quasi die Tastatur fallen, oder er vergeigt den urspr nglichen Plot derart nachhaltig, dass es ein Graus ist So wie es mein Freund Armin formuliert hat, agiert Hornby [...]

    9. Nick Hornby is at his best when he writes about music He has that inexplicable ability to convey what music means in a way that seems incredibly personal to him and yet universal at the same time He s so good when he writes about music that it often seems like he s the first one to express that thought in such a wonderful way He s not so good at writing about relationships, which is why Juliet, Naked is about 50% great, 50% total crap, and 100% frustrating.First of all, if this book were written [...]

    10. Es gibt B cher, die unterhalten einen m ig Andere findet man einfach nicht gut Und einige wenige machen einen richtig w tend, da sie von unterirdischer Qualit t sind oder man einfach ma los entt uscht wurde Juliet, nacked geh rte definitiv zur letzten Kategorie bei mir Ich sch tze Nick Hornby sehr als Autor, der liebevoll ber seine Obsessionen schreiben kann Das meiner Ansicht nach beste Buch ber Fu ball stammt aus seiner Feder Fever Pitch Und auch seine Musikbesessenheit hat er hervorragend in [...]

    11. Pop culture references, check Rock music obsession, check A cast of adult males who act like stunted children, check Yup, this is a Nick Hornby novel, all right It s also his most entertaining book in quite a while, even if it is a retread of his most successful books that would be High Fidelity and About a Boy But then, I was no fan of How to Be Good or A Long Way Down, two books in which he tried to do something different It s not that I love the original formula that much it just doesn t work [...]

    12. Annie, Duncan and Tucker find themselves in a strange love triangle Annie and Duncan have been a couple for 15 years, but Duncan s obsession with former rock star Tucker Crowe has always been an issue Now after years of being a recluse, an acoustic version of Tucker s famous album Juliet has been released, fanning the flames of Duncan s fanboy web postings and making Annie question their relationship than ever Add in Tucker emailing Annie and this threesome just got a little complicated.Oh Nic [...]

    13. I am not much of a reviewer My reviews tend to entail saying That was awesome or That was ok I m pretty good at rating things, x out of 5 stars or whatever Unless there s some ambivalence or caveat, which there often is I guess I m not so good at rating things.When I do come across something I loved and want to share, I tend to cite quotes and passages as a way to tell people why they need to read watch the intended work Because I prize comedy above all else, funny, stand alone, microcosmic pass [...]

    14. You can really tell that it s been 15 years since Nick Hornby wrote High Fidelity, and I mean that in the best possible way Though I ve always liked Hornby s writing he s funny, he creates rich characters and never caricatures, and he s one of the few writers I can think of who tackles the topics of fannishness and obsession High Fidelity, his first novel and, according to many of my male friends, his best has always bugged me a bit The attitudes, especially toward women, of Rob and his friends [...]

    15. When I started this book, I didn t really didn t care for it, but it wasn t so bad that I couldn t finish it Then, somewhere close to the middle, I suddenly realized I really liked Juliet, Naked I don t know how it happened, but there you go The three main characters are Annie, a young woman closing in on forty who gave up 15 and her most fertile years to Duncan whom she never was really all that in love with anyway Duncan is a rather boring, nerdy professor and an obsessive devotee to Tucker Cr [...]

    16. Only Nick Hornby could make me want to listen to a musician who doesn t exist Hornby s descriptions of his fabled character and his genius albums made me want to download all his music on to my IPod, but I had to keep reminding myself that there is no Tucker Crowe, there is no Juliet I became so invested in the characters and their music obsessions that I wanted to hear it too, I wanted to be able to make my own decision on Crowe s legacy.Outside the music Hornby makes great points about what th [...]

    17. My personal Nick Hornby career was literally A Long Way Down 5 stars for High Fidelity , 4 stars for About a Boy , 3 for Fever Pitch ok, the book was better but I don t like Arsenal , 2 for A Long Way Down and one for Slam So why did I buy and read Naked First because I was curious what would come next after one star Second because someone from my NY community told me that Neil Young had a short appearance in Naked as he had in High Fidelity If only with Farmer John from the Ragged Glory album, [...]

    18. Un libro divertente e, a tratti, commovente Niente di straordinario, se conoscete Alta fedelt indubbiamente questo non raggiunge quelle vette, ma il terreno, quello della commedia romantica musicale, quello su cui Hornby si trova pi a suo agio, e si vede Alcune pagine sono meno brillanti di altre, ma l esperienza dell autore lo aiuta a evitare la noia Mi sono piaciuti tantissimo i personaggi, in particolare Tucker Crowe, ex cantante in piena crisi personale e professionale, e Annie, che a un cer [...]

    19. Mitleidsdreier f r einen klinischen Fall von Selbstsabotage,von mir auch aus Kompromiss zwischen 60% in denen das Buch auf dem Weg zu vier Sternen war, ehe der Autor, geradezu reflexartig alles ruinieren musste Nick Hornby kann einfach nicht anders, dabei versprach der Anfang Fortschritte in allen Bereichen, auch wegen der gelungenen Integration des Internets und seiner M glichkeiten in die Gesamtkonstellation.Der rechthaberische Experte auf einem vollkommen marginalen Gebiet und Langweiler in a [...]

    20. There seems to be a school of thought that unless Nick Hornby conjures up another fever pitch or high fidelity what s the point Seems rather unfair to the writer and in this particular case would mean missing out on a fine funny novel Everyone knows an obsessive like Duncan and everyone has felt like Ann wondering where their life went and is it to late I like that the book comes up with a resounding no it isn t It probably is but that s the great thing about fiction.Umm reading the above I need [...]

    21. In Juliet, Naked, Nick Hornby returns to his favorite stock character the emotionally stunted fanboy He s considerably older, though, and somehow distasteful in his petty obsessiveness, perhaps because we are finally allowed to see him through the eyes of the long suffering woman who wasted the best years of her life hanging around him Duncan s obsession with Tucker Crowe, an obscure singer songwriter who has not released any new material after his seminal 1986 album, Juliet, is not just a week [...]

    22. Loved, loved, loved this book I couldn t put it down I read About a Boy back when I was a junior in high school gosh, about 8 years ago and I loved it I can t believe that I hadn t picked up another Nick Hornby novel until now I got this book at the Book Expo in NYC back at the end of May It was the last uncorrected proof or whatever that the publisher had I feel so lucky that I was able to snag it Anyway, Juliet, Naked is hilarious, straightforward, and original I love Hornby s style he is comp [...]

    23. You may wonder what the point is in reviewing books one doesn t like In this particular case the point is saving you the precious moments you might have spent reading this tedious composition of utter dross.I understand that Nick Hornby is one of the most popular writers in the UK, which shows I probably don t understand much I ve never read any of his other books, and after reading this, never will.To the point which is, I hasten to mention, something this book does not find itself in possessio [...]

    24. I ve grown weary of Nick Hornby s archetypal obsessive, emotionally stunted fan boy It was funny the first few times The big change up here is that we see the fan boy Duncan mostly through the eyes of the woman he annoys Annie And Duncan is obsessed with a washed up, reclusive American songwriter named Tucker Crowe who s likened to Bob Dylan, Springsteen, and or Leonard Cohen approximately 42 times throughout the book Annie is a compelling character, and Nick Hornby is still a good storyteller, [...]

    25. There was a book that also came out last year called The Song Is You , which touched on similar themes of music and obsession I strongly disliked it The themes fare much better in Nick Hornby s hands Even his fanatics have their sympathetic sides I feel for his characters because they feel like real people It s to his credit that the one scene that I dreaded as inevitable never happened, and much better scenes happened instead.As always, his prose seems effortless If the goal of makeup is to m [...]

    26. Libro discreto che si legge facilmente ma che purtroppo non mi ha entusiasmato, mi veniva voglia di essere l a scuotere le spalle dei protagonisti come per dire ma che c stai facendo Nonostante questo primo incontro non esaltante ed a tratti anche noioso, Hornby mi ha incuriosito, prover sicuramente a leggere qualcos altro.Mi sembrato di leggere un invito a godersi la vita e a non sprecarne neanche un attimo Ho settantasette anni e non mi sono mai messa nei guai E adesso cosa mi rimane Ha una me [...]

    27. Reading Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby, I could help think of the lyrics to Superfan Cracker written by Johnny Hickman I heard the words, now here I am You were talking to me, I m your super fan I loved you then, I love you still But if I can t have you, no one will Rock stars and their fans Is there any way to describe the special bond When you love a band, you think they hold the key to the universe and that they speak to your soul It s magic Yes, I m speaking from experience There s no explaini [...]

    28. Nick Hornby has been one of my favorite British writers, since I discovered High Fidelity first as a movie, I admit 10 years ago Until now, of the three books I ve read by him, I d say they rank 1 High Fidelity, 2 How to Be Good and 3 About a Boy in terms of my liking of them the story s staying power I struggle with where to add this one to that ranking, but it s not 1 or 2 I really wanted to delight in this book, and it gave me several good hours of enjoyment, even some gleeful laughs in the l [...]

    29. Juliet, Naked is the seventh novel by British author, Nick Hornby Thirty nine year old former teacher, Annie Platt is curator of the museum in Gooleness, a dead end seaside town in the north of England Duncan, her partner of some fifteen years, is a teacher and the moderator of a website dedicated to a reclusive American singer songwriter from the nineteen eighties, Tucker Crowe Annie has been telling her rather too judgemental therapist, Malcolm every Saturday morning that she feels dissatisfie [...]

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