Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq

Coppola A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq Eric Hoffer Award Finalist and Montaigne Medal Finalist The fierce true life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt Col Dr Chris Coppola this book describes his experiences through

  • Title: Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq
  • Author: Chris Coppola Guy Raz
  • ISBN: 9780984053117
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eric Hoffer Award Finalist and Montaigne Medal Finalist The fierce, true life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt Col Dr Chris Coppola, this book describes his experiences through two deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom inside a military trauma hospital at Balad Air Base, just 49 miles north of Baghdad Novelistic in scope and vision, this memoirEric Hoffer Award Finalist and Montaigne Medal Finalist The fierce, true life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt Col Dr Chris Coppola, this book describes his experiences through two deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom inside a military trauma hospital at Balad Air Base, just 49 miles north of Baghdad Novelistic in scope and vision, this memoir extends beyond objective reportage to give genuine voice to U.S surgeons and soldiers, Iraqi translators, and everyday civilians whose core beliefs have been tested in the turmoil of war Raw and powerfully moving, it reveals how one man s extraordinary courage and commitment to children survived and flourished even as he witnessed some of the most unspeakable horrors of war.

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    1. Chris Coppola Guy Raz Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq book, this is one of the most wanted Chris Coppola Guy Raz author readers around the world.

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    1. This has proven to be a very good book, a medical war memoir Dr Coppola was an Air Force Major when he first deployed to Iraq in 2005 Normally a pediatric surgeon, he spent four months and upon his second deployment taking care of combat wounds, amputations, hernias, and distended abdomens from either hernias or inner infections At the same time, he had to deal with missing his wife and kids, being super aware of his surroundings and ducking under cover, taking 90 second showers, and running so [...]

    2. W O WI don t know that I can adequately convey my feelings about this book in this post Everyone has an opinion about the War in Iraq or whatever terminology you chose to use in regards to this conflict I had one prior to reading this book and I DEFINITELY have one now I was contacted awhile back by the publicist for Dr Coppola to review this book My background in pediatric cardiology nursing drove me to want to read this book I finished it in two sittings, which is rare for me to do There are s [...]

    3. I received this book as a review copy from the publisher Coppola A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq is a medical memoir that gives a unique look at the events in Iraq from the point of view of the medical staff who dealt with the injured in Jan 2005 May 2005 and Sept 2007 Jan 2008.Most of the book was about Coppola s first deployment He recounted a variety of surgeries he performed including those performed on American military, Iraqi policemen and military, terrorists, civilian adults and children But [...]

    4. Coppola accepted a med school scholarship from the military not because he needed it he calculated that paying off traditional loans would take less time than the required military service or because he felt a particular call to the military, but because he was drawn by the idea of service, of giving back His stints in Iraq were not especially long, but they obviously had a lasting impact the resulting book is a thoughtful, compassionate look at some of the cases he saw and the general situatio [...]

    5. This medical memoir tells the true life tale of Dr Chris Coppola s two tours in Balad, Iraq as a pediatric surgeon This book offers a very unique perspective of the war, coming from the medical staff who dealt with the aftermath of the bombings and shootings in Iraq This book will really open your eyes to what happens there on an almost daily basis It is heartbreaking.The book is broken into three parts A good chunk of it details Dr Coppola s first tour in Balad starting in January 2005 and endi [...]

    6. Coppola A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq will have me viewing every bomb blast reported from Iraq in a different light.You see, thanks to Uncle Sam, Chris Coppola was able to graduate from John Hopkins University medical school to become a pediatric surgeon In exchange for this priviledge Dr Coppola was obligated to spend 6 years of his professional life as an Air Force Reserve Much of his time was spent at Wilford Hall, Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas but was interrupted twice for tours of duty a [...]

    7. Dr Chris Coppola writes a memoir describing his experience in two separate deployments to Iraq as a surgeon on Balad Air Base Some of the stories are heart warming, but other accounts are horrific and tragic, involving not only soldiers, but also civilians and children Through it all, he struggles mightily to reconcile his desire to offer his best efforts to patients in need and his desire to be back home in America with his family He writes with a refreshing honesty and is somehow able to refra [...]

    8. An incredible book I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the military memoir medical genres This book will change the way you perceive the current conflict in Iraq.

    9. This is one hell of a good book It s good as a memoir, as a military memoir, as a personal look at an awful war that perhaps never should have happened all of those things and But mostly it s good because of the writing The subtitle calls Coppola a pediatric surgeon Well, he is that certainly, and undoubtedly a very good one too, but as far as this book is concerned, Coppola is, first and foremost, a writer, and a damn good one at that His Catholic school and Ivy League education are probably a [...]

    10. This was a great book but a hard one to finish I could find so many other books that I read quickly Just look at my list However, despite that I kept saying it is M A S H with out the humor and gin it was worth reading.I read of review of this book and bought it for the library I then promoted it to a few people to read as a non fiction book group but discovered that very few libraries owned it and we couldn t bring in enough copies for the discussion group No having finally finished reading it [...]

    11. Very good book His writing puts you right there with him It s a harsh reality as to what happens to these people, especially the children Our soldiers deserve the utmost respect for putting their lives on the line each and every day.

    12. The parents of Jeff Link, the editor of this book, are friends of mine and I ve had the fun of seeing the progress of the book and making comments on it This December, right before the Holidays, I was given a copy of the book I finally got to picking it up this week and just finished it today and I was very moved by the stories that Chris told What I really appreciated is that Chris resists the temptation to preach about anything Instead he simply tells what happens and his feelings about it The [...]

    13. I can t even remember where I heard about this book.This is an eye opening, shocking book that makes so much sense than the sterile reports that so many U.S Military and so many Iraqi citizens were killed today Many, many emotional parts to this book which also includes a lot of the detail about wounds from IED s and gunshot wounds.This book doesn t have the feel of anti or pro war It looks at the positives and negatives while wishing war didn t exist Don t we all wish it didn t It s not politi [...]

    14. Well, I just plain changed my mind on reading this one I still think it would be a good book subject wise, but somehow the way it is written is just gorry to me It s very surgical, with lots of medical terms that I m sure must mean to someone in a medical field, but just made me think of blood and yuck much than anything else Maybe someone else can read this book and get my brain past that, and then I d be willing to give it another shot I didn t get past the trauma in the military ER, but may [...]

    15. When I began reading Dr Coppola s narrative of his tours of Iraq, I hoped that I would be able to read about the medical aspects of his experiences without regard to my personal beliefs regarding the war in Iraq I was immediately impressed with the author s candid discussion of his own beliefs and how they were set aside for the sake of the children and mothers who are still collateral damage in a war that will be difficult to win I am proud to have read this very interesting and informative boo [...]

    16. My daughter recommended this book to me and I m glad she did It s the first time I ve ever read a first person account of someone from our military s experience in Iraq Not only did I gain insight into what our troops experience the conditions, the range of feelings, and oftentimes the internal conflict I also feel like I now have a better sense of the war itself whether I agree with it or not , and what the Iraqi people experience Particularly for people like me, who rarely come into contact wi [...]

    17. Title says it all, really He writes about his two tours there, doing general surgery on injured troops and pediatric surgery on whatever kids happen to come in to the hospital some injured by the war, some with problems that the Iraqi parents want the American doctors to treat This was not easy to read he goes into a fair amount of detail, both medical and personal but I stayed up late to finish it, and it was worth it Good inside look at the war.

    18. My sister did the desktop publishing on this book and highly recommended it It s not something I would have picked out for myself, but that s one of the reasons I joined a book discussion group I will read this with an open mind.I thought it was very interesting I could have lived without the detailed descriptions of the surgeries, but overall, I liked it I wouldn t describe it as a page turner as it was easy to put down, but it was an easy to read book.

    19. Dr Chris Coppola is a true American hero His book is difficult to read, but it is an important account of an unpopular war The author leaves his family a wife and three young sons not once, but twice, to fulfill his duty to the US military His experiences in Iraq, treating wounded soldiers both US and Iraqi and children alike, speaks to the power of an individual to overcome his personal beliefs for the greater good.

    20. An intense look at a pediatric surgeon s two tours of duty during the Iraq War Dr Chris Coppola knew he d have to serve his country once he decided to accept the Air Force s medical school scholarships, but the two tours he served in Iraq reveals a dedicated doctor who goes to the limits and beyond for his patients both army and civilian, and mostly Iraqi children Touching and well written.

    21. Hmmm I love the topic but I was looking for especially about the children Yes, of course he missed his family and his children but his tour of four months was relatively brief compared to others

    22. This was a fantastic booka first hand account of 2 tours of duty in Iraq by Dr Coppola, a pediatric surgeon I saw the war that is not on CNNe humanity of our medical troops and those they care for, be they soldiers, civilians or children Inspiring

    23. This was a non fiction look at a pediatric surgeon stationed in Iraq Well it was non fiction, it was readable and I sped through it It had limited politics and focused on the patients, the fellow doctors, and the base area I highly recommend it.

    24. Interesting, but there are other books by military docs regarding the war that I d recommend before this one.

    25. Please stop your Whining, Dr Coppola The government paid for your MD and now you must serve your time Please be a man and so so

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