The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers

The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers In The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers from Smithsonian Books historian Thomas Fleming author of The Perils of Peace offers a fresh look at the critical role of women in the lives of Washing

  • Title: The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
  • Author: Thomas J. Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780061139123
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers from Smithsonian Books, historian Thomas Fleming, author of The Perils of Peace, offers a fresh look at the critical role of women in the lives of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison Fleming nimbly takes readers through a great deal of early American history, as our founding fathers struggle to reconcIn The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers from Smithsonian Books, historian Thomas Fleming, author of The Perils of Peace, offers a fresh look at the critical role of women in the lives of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison Fleming nimbly takes readers through a great deal of early American history, as our founding fathers struggle to reconcile the private and public and often deal with a media every bit as gossip seeking and inflammatory as ours today.

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      Thomas J. Fleming

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    1. Thomas J Fleming is an historian and historical novelist, with a special interest in the American Revolution He was born in 1927 in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of a World War I hero who was a leader in Jersey City politics for three decades Before her marriage, his mother, Katherine Dolan Fleming, was a teacher in the Jersey City Public School System.After graduating from St Peter s Preparatory School in Jersey City, Fleming spent a year in the United States Navy He received a Bachelor s degree, with honors, from Fordham University in 1950 After brief stints as a newspaperman and magazine editor, he became a full time writer in 1960 His first history book, Now We Are Enemies, an account of the Battle of Bunker Hill, was published that same year It was an instant success, reviewed in than 75 newspapers and featured as a main selection of the Literary Guild.Since then, Fleming has published numerous books about events and figures of the Revolutionary era He has also written about other periods of American history, and has published than twenty novels, including several best sellers, set against various historical backgrounds.Fleming lives in New York with his wife Alice, a distinguished writer of books for young people The couple has four children and seven grandchildren.

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    1. In their loves and losses, their hopes and fears, they are like us than we have dared to imagine A worthwhile addition to the histories of our founding Superficially what seems trivial reveals a deep relevance for understanding both the founders and the product of their labors Newspaper ethics in the nineteenth century did not put a high value on accuracy Faking a story was accepted journalistic practice Some things haven t changed The universal themes seem to be of men driven almost to monoman [...]

    2. Rating clarification 4.5 starsThis book marked a very satisfactory conclusion of my 2010 reading challenge, and will certainly have a permanent spot on my bookshelf Thomas Fleming s foray into the lives of America s six founding fathers and the various female influences on their lives might have, in a different writer s hands, been trite, repetitive or uninspiring Not the case here, and if you are a casual to moderate fan of this genre of non fiction American history, I seriously urge you to pic [...]

    3. Founding Fathers and their political histories are embedded in us from our earliest days of learning Through each year of our education, the legendary feats, the leadership, the courage of these men become memorized and recited They did forge our nation, after all However, with all those high school history tests passed, we begin to think of them as monuments, as plaster busts in a marble rotunda Oil portraits in a dusty hallway of an art museum.But here in Fleming s well researched and deftly w [...]

    4. An interesting take on the Founding Fathers and their ladies The only complaint I would have was that, at times, I found the author to be biased in his treatment of his subjects For instance, he seemed to take a harder stance against John Adams while spending an extreme amount of time defending the honor of Thomas Jefferson Towards the end of the book, Fleming devoted, in my estimation, an overwhelmingly large amount of time and pages to discuss the historical dilemna of whether Thomas Jefferson [...]

    5. I highly recommend this book It offers an alternative view of history based on the private lives of the icons we call The Founding Fathers Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, John Adams, Madison and Jefferson I am one of those people who believe that you cannot altogether separate what someone is privately from a public persona Thus, for me, this narrative filled in the outlines of these lives with vivid colorful detail The book is written by a historian who uses primary sources and tells you within [...]

    6. I did learn some new things in this book, and some of the chapters were quite enjoyable However, throughout the whole thing, the author seemed to display judgmental prejudice against some founding fathers while giving a much generous and fair treatment to others on similar topics morality, slavery, debt I learned a few things and enjoyed hearing about the founding father s personal lives and how they shaped their public personas This book has some good content, but is detracted by its lack of [...]

    7. We tend to so revere these men in our school years learning how they forged a nation that we forget they were also sons, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers We don t read so much about how the women in their lives shaped them, whether as a little boy, a young man learning about love, or a husband Well researched and well told I especially appreciated all the information that has come to light regarding Jefferson and Sally Hemingst quite as simple or straightforward as is now assumed.

    8. I m giving this book a few stars for its sections on George Washington and Ben Franklin And the it gets a big thumbs down for its treatment of Thomas Jefferson Mysogynistic, assuming, terribly researchedease I know my Jeffersonian history and this guy is not on our team.

    9. This book has a light and interesting tone that I found very engrossing While this is easy to read approachable it is also heavily researched, which is nice Very accessible for those interested in info on the Founding Fathers that s not about battles and negotiations I found the section on John Adams the most interesting and enlightening I also liked how much information was included about the wives and the parts they played in their husbands successes I found the references used to explain the [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book It felt like it read like a novel than a history book There were things I learned about each founding fathers I did not realize that John Adams may have been manic depressant, that Thomas Jefferson had migraines and that multiple presidents did not have kids I liked the writing style and the research that the author put into the book It kept me interested from the first page right up until the last page It was nice to hear something about the founding fathers that is [...]

    11. Enjoyable to read about the lives of the Founding Fathers Maybe not always the liveliest book, but interesting.The life of Thomas Jefferson was really much tragic than I was aware as was Martha Custis Washington s.I was aware that Benjamin Franklin didn t always treat his wife Deborah welle author notes by her picture that it does not take much effort to imagine her brow furrowing and angry words exploding from her lips Frankly if my husband never legally married me they were actually only comm [...]

    12. The Inti mate Lives of the Found ing Fathers by Thomas Flem ing is a his tory book which tells about the lives of six famous men from the per spec tive of their rela tion ship with the women in their lives I do love books which tells us his tory from the trenches , after all, there are very few big events which aren t made of small, per sonal moments.The Inti mate Lives of the Found ing Fathers by Thomas Flem ing is what one might call his tory light While there was no new infor ma tion reveale [...]

    13. Well worth the time I ve read biographies of all of men covered by this book except for Alexander Hamilton but still felt I learned a great deal about each of them The word intimate in the title is, however, somewhat misleading as for for the most part, Jefferson being the exception, the book addresses the personal connections these men had with their parents, siblings, wives and children rather than their love interests or mistresses Fleming does a good job of explaining how those relations sh [...]

    14. This was a nice change of pace and angle Fleming studies our founding fathers from the perspective of the women they loved The book covers the Washingtons, Franklins, Adamses, Hamiltons, Jeffersons, and the Madisons I found some of the family situations disappointing, but all were intriguing Fleming does enter into the controversy of whether there was a long standing affair with Sally Hemming and takes a conservative view that he did not The last chapter regarding the Madisons is especially int [...]

    15. I do enjoy the not so known history of events For me it s this underside of well known history that that is interesting This book is full of the woman is the neck that turns the head , to quote My Big Fat Greek Wedding This book got pretty personal, I did feel like I was a spying on these people So many little known tragedy s and problems that are not commonly known I do have to say.I m not so fond of Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson any Will be reading of Dolly and Abagail And I agree with an [...]

    16. This is a great book, covering Washington, Franklin, John Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison and importantly, covering them from the perspective of the women in their lives.Each biographical sketch is complete, interesting, and often presents new information such as the Jefferson Hemings DNA studies and restudies , yet each is admirably brief and beautifully written Fleming made me revise my Founders Supper, those whom I d want to have dinner with were that possible Jefferson had been on t [...]

    17. I genuinely enjoyed this look into the women and men who helped shape the lives of such influential 18th century figures George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson all have their personal relationships analyzed, with particular attention paid to their love lives marital and otherwise I particularly loved the story of James and Dolley Madison I always thought that theirs was a sweet relationship, and Dolley a very vibrant personality the account [...]

    18. I can t say enough about this book I think it is insightful, interesting, and offers a different viewpoint than regular founding father s bios I also love that it is like six bio s in one I will surley re read this book in 10 years.

    19. One of my retiree friends in Venice, FL highly recommends this said she felt like she had spent a month in their homes

    20. The founding wives had to deal with a lot of loneliness The founding fathers took off sometimes for years to lead armies, broker peace treaties in Europe, and plan revolutions in other cities.

    21. I wish I liked it I found it too gossipy and loaded with innuendo without supporting source material.

    22. Very interesting and filled with historical tidbitsI loved the attention to detail in this book Although each section is dedicated to a particular Founding Father, Fleming draws on the shared familial connections and friendships to tell one contiguous story, which is the founding of our nation.

    23. It took awhile to read it But I was able to read it in sections Six sections each one about a founding father It is their personal lives Politics plays a part in this book There were strong women who helped there husbands in their careers.

    24. Some of the imtimate lives were very interesting and others dragged and dragged on I did finish and was shocked by some of our founding fathers Just very glad the book is done

    25. Interesting information and insights into lives from another perspective, although at times I felt myself bracing at the male characterizations and depictions of the women in the book I thought quite a bit about how the characterizations would be slightly palatable from a non male perspective It will be a priority for me to find a book about the women, by a woman, for additional interpretation and insights.

    26. The Intimate Lives of the Founding FathersAmerican history iconoclasts throughout the twentieth century and beyond have altered Americans perceptions of our Founding Fathers by investigating their private lives Though many might label any attempt to delve into the private and most intimate aspects of our Founders lives as uncouth, vulgar, unnecessary and wrong so many from the opposite side of the spectrum seek to raze the memorializing statuary commemorating the Founding Fathers and the paterna [...]

    27. This book is taking a closer look at the personal lives of the six most famous founding fathers, in particular their relationships to their wives and other important women in their lives I m not sure why the order of the sections is as it is I think it should have started with Franklin as the oldest rather than Washington.1 George Washington it addresses the rumors of an affair with his friend s wife Sally Fairfax but concludes that GW was very happy with Martha It was interesting to see how the [...]

    28. Well, this would have been three stars, if not for Fleming s borderline obsession with the Jefferson paternity issue That could be its own book entirely, among the quite problematic reasons that it is included I ll get to those later.Overall, this book on the Founding Fathers is fairly by the numbers, but at least I got a good Cliff s Notes version of their personal lives My favorite section was easily Benjamin Franklin, only because I didn t know the finer details of his personal life, which wa [...]

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