Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Dynamic and inspirational FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY is filled with concrete techniques to turn passivity into assertiveness Dr Susan Jeffers teaches you how to stop negative thinking patterns a

  • Title: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Author: SusanJeffers
  • ISBN: 9780449902929
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dynamic and inspirational, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY is filled with concrete techniques to turn passivity into assertiveness Dr Susan Jeffers, teaches you how to stop negative thinking patterns and reeducate your mind to think positively You will learn the vital 10 Step Positive Thinking Process how to risk a little every day how to turn every decision intoDynamic and inspirational, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY is filled with concrete techniques to turn passivity into assertiveness Dr Susan Jeffers, teaches you how to stop negative thinking patterns and reeducate your mind to think positively You will learn the vital 10 Step Positive Thinking Process how to risk a little every day how to turn every decision into a No Lose situation, and much .

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    About Author

    1. There is than one author with this nameSusan Jeffers, Ph.D has helped millions of people throughout the world overcome their fears, heal their relationships, and move forward in life with confidence and love.She is the author of many internationally renowned books including Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Feel the Fear d Beyond, Feel the Fear Power Planner, End the Struggle and Dance With Life, Dare to Connect, Opening Our Hearts to Men, Losing a LoveFinding a Life, Thoughts Of Power and Love, The Little Book of Confidence, Embracing Uncertainty, Life is Huge plus her Fear less Series of affirmation books and tapes Inner Talk for Peace of Mind, Inner Talk for a Confident Day, and Inner Talk For a Love That Works Her latest book is The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love, which was published in the UK in May 2005 and in the US and Canada by her own publishing company, Jeffers Press, in October 2005.As well as being a best selling author, Susan is a sought after public speaker and has been a guest on many radio and television shows internationally She lives with her husband, Mark Shelmerdine, in Los Angeles.

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    1. I was afraid to leave this review, but I did it anyway Kidding.Really, though, this book is probably really important for some people Women, especially Women leaving relationships, I d imagine The first two chapters are pretty neat They highlight an important truth that you can t wait for the fear to go away before you do something.I know that this book influenced a lot of other books I ve liked.The 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is partially because of sentences like these This Higher Self is capabl [...]

    2. A girlfriend in grad school gave me this book, shortly before we parted ways, in fact It was a real eye opener to me that I lived much of my life hovering around the perimeter of the pool rather than jumping in with both feet Most eye opening for me, though, was it was the first time I had been taught that fear was fine embrace it, don t dodge it Then, walk through the fire anyway.I m not saying I turned into Russell Crowe from Gladiator because of it I m still Woody Allen from Annie Hall , but [...]

    3. The book starts off with a pretty decent premise which is entirely summed up in the title.Things will always be scary until you master them, then there will be something new to be afraid of so instead of eliminating your fear you should be working on pushing through There are some decent ideas and suggestions in the first couple chapters, but it goes downhill for the rest of the book.Between the constant ads for her other products Inspirational Audios, books of affirmations, etc and the unabashe [...]

    4. Man How do you rate a book that steadily devolves from five stars down to one star This starts out as a five star book The first few chapters of this book have probably altered my world view permanently Here s the gist of what really hit home for me At the heart of every fear we have is one single fear I can t handle it This is an absolute revelation, at least to me, because it means that there is one reliable though still not easy formula to be used for overcoming fear convince yourself that yo [...]

    5. Having lived most of my life with debilitating Panic Disorder google it if you re curious this book has done to put me in charge of my life than all the years of medications, therapy, and all the other self help books I ve read combined.I encountered this book at the worst point in my mental health struggle being nearly housebound by agoraphobia again, google if needed and truly found it to be a sanity saver If it has helped me pull myself back from the brink of desolation too deep and dark to [...]

    6. Should be required reading for every person who can read, says Jack Canfield author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and I concur Jeffers has a PhD in Psychology, and her book is full of inspiring calls to action and powerful, accessible techniques to help one take charge of one s life There are many practical, simple although not necessarily easy things one can do to confront fear Jeffers suggests ways to take small steps, and then what was scary isn t as much, as you gain experience.

    7. I finished reading this book 2 weeks ago, and feel compelled to review it.A few short months ago i took the steps needed to change my life for the better I was not happy living how i was, i hated my body, i hated myself, all because i was scared of the truth That truth is that i am transgender.I admitted to myself that i needed to seek medical help, to rectify my situation, which includes taking hormones and having gender reassignment surgery in the future I went to the doctor in december 2011, [...]

    8. The only way to conquer fear is to face it In life, we encounter many trials and tribulations these may be internal or literal realities yet the only way to overcome our struggles is to be a tryer and try until you overcome the obstacle There is never a perfect time than when you re broken and hit rock bottom, than to give it a crack uncertain and expectant of failure is the only way Whilst reading this illuminating, informative book I thought about how everyone seems to judge things on the lit [...]

    9. A friend of mine recommended this book to me and at first I was a bit skeptical but fell in love after the first 10 pages It seems to cover every issue you come across without actually pinpointing one certain issue.It s a good book to fall back on as a quick picker upper if you re having a bad day or just feel discouraged It s helped with my personal life alot and it s something I m sure to have memorized within the next 10 years.

    10. I d call it a bag of pebbles and pearls Some stuff a bit overly simplistic and unrealistic, but some real pearls of wisdom as well It goes beyond the subject of fear and encourages a positive attitude and lifestyle in general As I mentioned in an earlier review, I m not a fan of affirmations, and I believe that the underlying problem should be addressed, not masked And I think her expectations for people to choose to feel positive even under the most dire circumstances e.g bereavement or cancer [...]

    11. Sir Ken Thompson recommended this book in his, The Element I picked it up with some trepidation, because the whole idea sounded so simple But it s a top notch self help book, about a whole lot than just fear Jeffers covers the whole waterfront of ineffectual behavior and patiently tells you how to stop it and replace it with better behavior If you re stuck at any point with fears, resentments, bottled up anger, and so on, this book will help if you let it.

    12. Originally published in 1987, this self help classic was reissued in a 25th anniversary edition in 2012 I looked over it for a proposed comparison article with How to Win Friends and Influence People later cancelled, alas and found this one to be relevant and readable Jeffers says that at the base of every fear is a belief that I can t handle it Our fears are either of things that can happen to us ageing and natural disasters or of actions we might take going back to school or changing jobs The [...]

    13. A great book for everyone even if you don t think the title applies to you Sometimes the only way to overcome the fear and feel better about yourself is to just go out and do it But it also talks about taking control of your life instead of indecision ruling because of being afraid of making mistakes Tells you how to move from a position of pain It s not my fault, I m never satisfied, It s terrible to one of power I m totally responsible, I want to learn and grow, It s a learning experience Mak [...]

    14. A self help book addict, I ve read a ton of them and was pleasantly surprised and fearless by the time I finished Feel the Fear.Hoping for solutions or a how to to let go of or conquer a fear, I realized this book was much bigger than a fear You will be relieved to know that Jeffers does not believe that our fears are psychological phew Rather she believes our fears are, in most cases, an educational problem, and her book is loaded with ways to help us reeducate our mind.Not heavy, but practical [...]

    15. Susan Jeffers has a lot of sound, practical advice for taking the step to overcome the nagging fears that are standing in the way of getting to the places you want to be in your life and career The first year I was teaching at a university I was really nervous and anxious whenever I stepped into the classroom I loved what I was doing, but hated not being an expert with years of experience yet What if a student asked me a question I didn t know the answer to I used to read a little bit of this bo [...]

    16. Great book, it was an easy, quick read I actually read it a few times The author brings up some good points on how we see fear How even as children we are told to be careful and we see an optimist as a Pollyana and their positive view as unrealistic even though most of our fears of negative things never actually happens The author gives you a few strategies to try to keep out of the negative fearful mindset and gives great examples of how she overcame her fears.

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    18. Take your life in your own hands, and what happens A terrible thing no one to blame Erica JongOne of my favourite quotes of all time sums up what this book is trying to say basically we cannot blame situations around us for the state of our own lives This book brings up some very interesting thoughts we are in control of our own attitudes and decisions We may not be able to control the hand that life has dealt us, but we certainly are in control with what decisions we make in order to be success [...]

    19. How many times you wanted to do sth but you stopped yourself because you were afraid The book has started with this sentence I can say that I learned a lot from this book one and the most important thing that I learned is that to feel fear and do it anyway When I read the subject of the book at the first time I excepted it be good and good it was We used to think that feeling fear is a good reason to not do sth BUT it hasn t to be this way Suzan is is speaking about fear and it s kinds She also [...]

    20. It was a good book that reinforced a lot of the ideas I ve been given in both individual and group therapy, and I d recommend it to anyone with anxiety The one complaint I have is that the author has some very irritating attitudes towards disability and chronic illness In than one anecdote, she implies that a patient was faking or making up an illness and once they adopted a positive attitude, all their symptoms disappeared For people with chronic illness, we already face doctors and peers tell [...]

    21. It took me a while to get into it but once i d gotten through half and i started taking on the advice, I felt so much positive as well as calm I definitely underestimated how this book could simply explain basic instructions that drastically reduced my day to day anxiety and depression Its helped me to learn how to maintain good mental health I feel optimistic, grounded and overall I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful this book was for me I would certainly recommend this to anybody with [...]

    22. This is one of the most popular and often recommended self development books on the market and it is easy to see why Author Susan Jeffers offers up a very easy read that makes a lot of sense, helping the reader to understand why many of the common fears that hold us back from living our lives are, in reality, irrational and that we can re program our minds to overcome this irrationality and live full, productive and rewarding lives.I found this book an easy read with every chapter hitting home w [...]

    23. Stumbled up on this book some years ago and was glad I picked it up It helped me get past the fear of sitting down and talking about business with individuals I didn t know This book is a real eye opener, deserves a re read.

    24. The book is practical and offers good advice, however crosses over with many other self help motivational literature out there The whole book could have been condensed into a brochure and summarised in a few words You can handle ANYTHING Considered as one of the classics in the field first published in the 80 s it seems to have fallen behind the advanced and contextualised books of recent times It has a similar language as Dale Carnegie s How to Win Friends and Influence People however lacks th [...]

    25. I did really enjoy this but I feel I kinda want to read the full edition before I decide how much I like this book.

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