Hell is the Absence of God

Hell is the Absence of God In a world much like our own the existence of Heaven and Hell are objectively proven Indeed the souls in Hell can be seen and angels occasionally come to Earth typically causing a mixture of mirac

  • Title: Hell is the Absence of God
  • Author: Ted Chiang
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Podcast
  • In a world much like our own, the existence of Heaven and Hell are objectively proven Indeed, the souls in Hell can be seen, and angels occasionally come to Earth, typically causing a mixture of miraculous events and capricious disasters.podcastle 2009 02 06 pc040

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      Ted Chiang

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    1. Ted Chiang is an American speculative fiction writer His Chinese name is Chiang Feng nan He graduated from Brown University with a Computer Science degree He currently works as a technical writer in the software industry and resides in Bellevue, near Seattle, Washington He is a graduate of the noted Clarion Writers Workshop 1989.Although not a prolific author, having published only eleven short stories as of 2009, Chiang has to date won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works a Nebula Award for Tower of Babylon 1990 , the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992, a Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for Story of Your Life 1998 , a Sidewise Award for Seventy Two Letters 2000 , a Nebula Award, Locus Award and Hugo Award for his novelette Hell Is the Absence of God 2002 , a Nebula and Hugo Award for his novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate 2007 , and a British Science Fiction Association Award, a Locus Award, and the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Exhalation 2009.Chiang turned down a Hugo nomination for his short story Liking What You See A Documentary in 2003, on the grounds that the story was rushed due to editorial pressure and did not turn out as he had really wanted.Chiang s first eight stories are collected in Stories of Your Life, and Others 1st US hardcover ed ISBN 0 7653 0418 X 1st US paperback ed ISBN 0 7653 0419 8 His novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate was also published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.As of 2013, his short fiction has won four Nebula Awards, three Hugo Awards, the John W Campbell Award, three Locus Awards, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award He has never written a novel but is one of the most decorated science fiction writers currently working.

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    1. Which would you prefer a judgemental God who causes suffering to sinners, or a reality where there is no justice at all Calvin Do you believe in the Devil dedicated to the temptation corruption, and destruction of man Hobbes I m not sure man needs the help This short story is a rational exploration of supernatural belief As an earnest teen, I remember being told that Hell is the absence of God I think it was meant to be unsettling than fire and brimstone Perhaps it was, but only for as long as [...]

    2. 6.0 stars One of my all time favorite short stories I had not read any of Ted Chiang s work before readign this story and now I am trying to get everything he has ever written This is a powerful, emotional story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Award for Best Novelette HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.

    3. Neil Fisk se pomirio s time da ide u Pakao, Raj mu se inio nedosti nim poput bogatstva ili slave No, jednog dana njegova ena pogine kao usputna rtva jedne an eoske posjete i tako automatski zavr i u Raju Neil sada pod svaku cijenu eli u Raj, a zna da je jedini na in da mu to uspije ako zavoli Boga ubojicu svoje ene svim svojim srcemJanice Reilly je ro ena bez nogu jer je an eo posjetio njezinu majku pred kraj trudno e i deformirao joj nero eno dijete kao dio Velikog bo jeg planaEthan Mead je odu [...]

    4. This is a fantastic, thoughtful exploration of religion, it s purpose and possibilities It s also a message about society, psychology and unconditional love At first, it appeared to be a cynical view, but as I read, I detected neutrality and it actually revealed itself to me as a diplomatic and moving story that motivates people from all beliefs to reexamine the meaning of their practices.

    5. Ted Chiang is great at crafting worlds which function by different fundamental rules This adheres wonderfully to that expectation This is like as if an atheist had written C S Lewis The Great Divorce Religion is objectively and obviously real God is omnipotent, demands love, is not just or merciful, but is benevolent sometimes Hell exists, but is not much different from Earth in most respects The story follows the actions of a non devout man who was married to a devout woman She was spoilers bru [...]

    6. Perhaps, he thought, it would be better to live in a story where the righteous were rewarded and the sinners were punished, even if the criteria for righteousness and sinfulness eluded him, than to live in a reality where there was no justice at all.An interesting story, to say the least It s almost entirely allegorical in nature in that it is a presentation of ideas on the motivations for divine devotion, religious pursuit, and the nature of God It s classified as a science fiction story though [...]

    7. Another short story included in the book Stories of Your Life and Others, this one is one of my favorite stories in this collection Another thought provoker, which many of the stories in this book seem to be, it explores a world where God is proven to be real, angels do exist and appear to the general public frequently, causing both miracles and mayhem at each appearance, and hell is also real and can often be seen by those still living Souls also visably go to heaven or go to hell when someone [...]

    8. 4 5 This is the story of a man named Neil Fisk, and how he came to love God The pivotal event in Neil s life was an occurrence both terrible and ordinary the death of his wife SarahIn another masterpiece, Ted Chiang wonderfully balances religion and science, their amalgamation leading to questions that enshrine everyone s curiosity In the universe of Hell is the Absence of God , religious elements manifest physically in the world Heaven s light, Angel sightings, visions of Hell and Heaven when H [...]

    9. Wow It s certainly a new literary experience for me If all those religious magic realism stuff in Garcia Marquez s Hundred Years were to be compiled into one story universe and its logic followed to their conclusion, it would be the setting of this story I liked the very personal tone You feel the conflicts and motivations of the characters immediately In the face of assured eternity, where there s no longer doubt that heaven and hell exists, all that matters is the attitude one has This is what [...]

    10. An amazing short story set in a world where God, heaven and hell are provable, and angels move through the world causing miracles as they pass The plight of Neil, whose wife is killed by exploding glass when an angel appears, is both moving and realistic.

    11. The five stories in this collection where my first job as a translator for a professional publisher I am very pleased and honoured about the opportunity to work with such fine material.

    12. This satire on Theodicy is far weaker than Chiang s narrations covering e.g linguistics or computer science.My full review is at my blog

    13. Short story inStories of your life and othersThis story is about a man who loses his wife in a world where heaven, angels, god and all that other stuff is objectively proven She goes to heaven, but since he doesn t love god, he s destined to go to hell and never see her again The resulting story centres around his journey to rectify that situation.I really liked this short story I was debating between four and five stars for it due to how much it made me think However, the twist at the end didn [...]

    14. Sehr sch ne, fesselnde und eingehende Kurzgeschichten, die um existentialistische Fragen kreisen Besonders fasziniert haben mich die Heptapoden Story Geschichte deines Lebens und die titelgebende Die H lle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes Der Turmbau zu Babel , der den Band er ffnet, war f r mich die schw chste Geschichte und bleibt hinter den anderen zur ck.Ted Chiang war mir vorher nur vom Namen her bekannt und ich wusste nicht so recht, was auf mich zukommt Es stellte sich dann jedoch heraus, dass [...]

    15. My first reaction, what the hell did I just read Angels visiting from heaven is described in science fiction manner Reminded me of a saucer descending from above causing havoc for many and smiles for few I just didn t get the whole stuff of angels and Gods and stuff like that It s not for me and at to top it all, the guy seemed to have fallen in love for the god What s the metaphor here I couldn t figure it out One good thing is that the story doesn t drag and move quite fast.

    16. Instead Neil became actively resentful of God Sarah had been the greatest blessing of his life, and God had taken her away Now he was expected to love Him for it For Neil, it was like having a kidnapper demand love as ransom for his wife s return Obedience he might have managed, but sincere, heartfelt love That was a ransom he couldn t pay Hell is the Absence of God adalah novela yang ditulis oleh Ted Chiang yang dipublikasikan pada 2001 dan memenangkan penghargaan Hugo dan Nebula di tahun 2002 [...]

    17. Read this story in Stories of Your Life and Others, a collection of Ted Chiang s short stories, in which most stories I enjoyed and even fascinated However, this one I regret reading it and even decided to rate it one star in this separate book I gave 5 star for the collection I cannot even tell whether the story is a sci fi or like a religious essay I hate it when authors mix religious beliefs with science Who the hell are they to try to talk people into something they believe Reading the stor [...]

    18. Parte de la antolog a La historia de tu vida ste no es sobre ciencia sino sobre religi n Descansamos de la ling stica tambi n.Es un mundo donde los ngeles se hacen presentes habitualmente y cada aparici n acarrea tanto milagros como destrucci n El que cree en Dios se gana el cielo, el que no ir al infierno, que no es un lugar de castigo sino uno donde no hay influencia divina.Los protagonistas son tres personas con diferentes niveles de fe y toda la historia girar en torno a c mo la fe crece o s [...]

    19. Hell is the Absence of God is, in my opinion, Ted Chiang s best work and one of the best science fiction stories I have ever read On second thought, calling it science fiction is wrong on two counts, not only is it not quite science fiction, it is also one of the best stories I have read without qualification.In short, he creates a world in which God exists, and then thoroughly takes it apart In some sense an attack on God in both raising questions about why God doesn t show up and what might ha [...]

    20. For some reason Ted Chiang s Hell is the absence of reminded me of Stanislaf Lem s Non Serviam Why They are totally different stories which raise the same point if God actually existed would it really make any difference at all, or would the same people believe and the same people get along without him Would the same questions about the meaning of the universe still be raised Chiang does that here in a particularly vivid way by letting angels visit earth in violent events causing much collateral [...]

    21. God in this story is like small kid having fly humankind in captivity and tearing its legs and wings apart and putting them back by miracle to tear them again only for one reason to make fly love him unconditionally But he is also able to make fly love him with special holy light, nevertheless it wouldn t be fun would it

    22. Read as part of Stories of Your Life and Others.Going with an average rating as I m not quite sure how this books make me feel.It is always a bit uncomfortable when religion and fiction gets very mixed up.It is definitely thought provoking Which is probably where you start getting uncomfortable.Very well written novella nonetheless.

    23. Durch die Bank weg gute Ideen, anspruchsvolle Sprache, und genau meine Themen.aber in meinen Augen v llig langweilig geschrieben.Verstehe den Hype nicht.Aber das muss ja nichts hei en D

    24. I listened to the podcast I am still mystified by all sides of the argument I have no idea what Ted Chiang feels based on this story.

    25. One of the most thought provoking stories I have ever read Certainly worth putting the time and effort into reading While I do agree that the absence of God in the sense of genuine devotion from one s life can be compared to what Hell would feel like, I do believe that some theological aspects were twisted for the purposes of storytelling this is fiction after all It s impossible to imagine a being of higher consciousness showing less compassion than a mere mortal human A God that s indifferent [...]

    26. Definitely one of my favourites if not the most favourite short story from the entire Chiang s collection Hell is the Absence of God it s a statement I have been often told in order to behave exemplary so that I avoid eternal struggle in Hell That title was the first thing that intrigued me and kept to have that effect on me throughout the entire story.I admire Ted tremendously for his ability to craft different worlds that operate on fundamentally different basis that the one of our own In this [...]

    27. The best review of this book can be a dialogue from My traitor s heart I felt utterly betrayed by loving All the things I had ever been told about love just weren t true It was all full of false promises I understood that love was a safety and a protection, and that if you loved you would be rewarded by someone loving you back, or at least not wanting to damage you But it wasn t true, any of it I knew that if I stayed, this was how it was going to be It would never get any better it would stay t [...]

    28. I have no expectation to how a novella genius s story about religion most importantly about GOD would be, because I don t have that brilliant mind to expect anything from his story It s absolutely mind blowing I was thinking while reading that the set up was great with three characters interwoven in a short story and still made each characters as vividly individual as possible is definitely a showcase of a skilled writer s talent But then none of these matters, for the story itself is impeccable [...]

    29. This story seemingly tells about believing God, but for me it is rather the story about human and how to live.How human could have belief for God Moreover, how human could believe in anything Our world looks like having so many dilemmas as well as contradictions.I personally am an atheist and have thought it is impossible to make a rational claim that God exists and we should believe God But reading this story, I cannot help thinking there is a point to theology.

    30. On a surface of this fiction novel you have this In a world much like our own, the existence of Heaven and Hell are objectively proven Indeed, the souls in Hell can be seen, and angels occasionally come to Earth, typically causing a mixture of miraculous events and capricious disasters Under the hood you will find deep novel on ethic, morale, faith and eternal Menschliches, Allzumenschliches.

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