Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause A thought provoking and courageous new novel by National Book Award winner Han Nolan Nobody gets away with telling Eleanor Crowe what to do But as a pregnant sixteenyear old her options are limited m

  • Title: Pregnant Pause
  • Author: Han Nolan
  • ISBN: 9780152065706
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A thought provoking and courageous new novel by National Book Award winner Han Nolan.Nobody gets away with telling Eleanor Crowe what to do But as a pregnant sixteenyear old, her options are limited move to Kenya with her missionary parents or marry the baby s father and work at his family s summer camp for overweight kids Despite her initial reluctance to help out, EllA thought provoking and courageous new novel by National Book Award winner Han Nolan.Nobody gets away with telling Eleanor Crowe what to do But as a pregnant sixteenyear old, her options are limited move to Kenya with her missionary parents or marry the baby s father and work at his family s summer camp for overweight kids Despite her initial reluctance to help out, Elly is surprised that she actually enjoys working with the campers But a tragedy on the very day her baby is born starts a series of events that overwhelms Elly with unexpected emotions and difficult choices Somehow, she must turn her usual obstinance in a direction that can ensure a future for herself and for the new life she has created.

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    1. Han Nolan is widely acclaimed for her evocative language, her gritty subject matter, and her ability to plumb the psyche of her characters Her books include Dancing on the Edge, which won the National Book Award, Send Me own a Miracle, a finalist for the National Book Award, Born Blue, A Summer of Kings, and several other acclaimed novels She and her husband live on the East Coast.

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    1. Eleanor is 16 and pregnant and just got married to her useless druggie baby daddy Her parents are missionaries whose life work is helping AIDS babies in Kenya and don t seem to be particularly interested in helping raising their own daughter any She s rebelled and found herself in less than excellent circumstances When Eleanor gets pregnant and her parents allow her to get married biting off her nose to spite her face , Eleanor moves into a cabin at the fat camp her new in laws run Also, no one [...]

    2. Wow what a book I didn t expect to love this one Like, maybe, but definitely not love And guess what I do love it Nolan has come along and created a book filled with characters that have been swimming around my head for days, making me think about them as if they were real And when a book does that to me, I know I ve enjoyed it.What comes alive for me the most, in this book, is Elly Elly is one of those characters you kind of want to smack upside the head at the beginning and say grow the hell u [...]

    3. Pregnant Pause opens interestingly, to say the least We have 16 year old, pregnant Eleanor, who has just gotten married To the father of her baby, just to make that clear This isn t The Secret Life of the American Teenager.To be honest, this book was initially veryhard for me to get through The first 75 pages were an absolute slog It took me the majority of the six days I read this book in to just build up the momentum to get through it Anyway, once I pushed through, I was touched and fascinated [...]

    4. Love, love, love the ending of this one It s one of the best endings that I ve read in a long time, and I m a sucker for well done endings 4 1 2 stars because of the ending I do love Elly the main character , too I love stubbornness and sticking up for yourself in the face of everybody in the world disagreeing with you Yay for that Don t want to put spoilers in this review, so that will pretty much have to suffice on what the book is about yes, I realize I ve said next to nothing about that The [...]

    5. This is another example of a book that had a great story characters, but lacked what could habe also been better writing Elly Eleanor is 16 amd pregnant, but not like on MTV She has no money, unsupportive parents and a reluctantly married 18 year old husband The unhappy couple live in a cabin and work at his parents fat camp, grow apart and struggle to figure out what to do with their lives and their impending baby Was an easy read for the tough material Decent novel 3 stars.

    6. One of the great social problems of our time is children having children Of course part of the problem is that we have a larger than ever class of people who are physically mature enough to impregnate bear children but not mature enough in other ways to be economically independent, but that s a thought for another day.Elly got pregnant the first time she ever had sex, even though they were using a condom Her boyfriend is a guy who is a lot of fun, but who got her in trouble in ways than the pre [...]

    7. For the first three quarters of the book, this was going to be four stars, and I was going to write this review about how this is Han Nolan s second best book Crazy being the best Nolan really did make me feel sorry for Elly it s been a long time since I ve gotten this attached to a fictional character Nolan s big success with this book was that she really got me to cheer for Elly I wanted so bad for her to have her character growth, for her to have some hope in her life.But that fucking ending. [...]

    8. Pregnant Pause will take you on an emotional roller coaster and a journey of discovery and growth for the main character Ely.This is a different spin on teen pregnancy, and I like the other themes that are woven in like friendship, forgiveness, self esteem and taking or not responsibility under high pressure situations.The characters are rich and really make this book, from Banner the whiny camper, to Lam the teeter totter husband, to Ziggy the one who confuses us even , the in laws with their q [...]

    9. I ve had enough of whiny whyt b tches not to be racist, but I am very angered right now who complain about getting pregnant even though it s clearly their fault The main character is undoubtedly insensitive A nine month pregnant teenager smoking a joint at the morning she s supposed to give birth unheard of Then suddenly her daughter has Down Syndrome, and suddenly her sister doesn t want the baby any because of her defect Like, how mean is that I m very angered towards this book because it cont [...]

    10. Actual rating 3.5Elly really annoyed me at the start of this, and although she still had annoying moments later on in the book, I couldn t help but warm to her She was treated so awfully by her family, and it seemed that everyone she thought she could count on walked away I just wanted to give the poor girl a hug There was a few parts that bored me, and as I said before, there was a few parts where Elly annoyed me, but the majority of it was pretty good.

    11. This is a hard one for me and I really did enjoy it but due to having lived some of this I think I was a little critical and emotional Teen pregnancy is such a hard subject and Han Nolan not only does good job with it but also touches many other hard subjects while she is at it The book was well written and doesn t waste a minute Right from the start you are thrown into what is basically every parents fear and every teens worst nightmare Finding out that the one moment you never expected is rig [...]

    12. Review also posted on Readers In Wonderland Rating is 4 1 2 stars.I was roaming Goodread s lists when I came across a best YA pregnancy books and for whatever reason I ve always enjoyed books that deal with teen pregnancy It s weird I know When I opened the list, I was pretty disappointed in the books that were on there, because they were just the same old books everyone reads But then I saw this one, and it caught my interest right away, because of the cute little beaded baby bracelet on the co [...]

    13. Is it wrong of me to have a morbid fascination with teenage pregnancies I think they are terrible, and I understand how tolling both psychologically and physically they are on young teen girls, but for some reason I ve always enjoyed reading about them My current theory is that I enjoy really emotional books, and books about teen pregnancies usually kick it up a notch They have a depth that other stories sometimes lack.Eleanor, to be frank, is a brat She rejects the guidance of her family and st [...]

    14. Halfway through, I thought this would be a four star book, but as I got further in I slowly changed my mind.For a pregnant teenager book, I thought this was extremely well done Not that other pregnant teenager books that I ve read were bad just that this offered something of a different spin The story starts when Elly s already seven months pregnant, so although she gives us backstory when it s relevant, it s just that backstory and it doesn t get in the way of the meat of the story She s also r [...]

    15. Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan, is a young adult fiction novel about Eleanor Crowe, a sixteen year old girl with a stubborn mind She becomes pregnant by her high school love, eighteen year old irresponsible senior, Lam From here, she was given two options move to Kenya with her parents or marry her baby s father and work at his family s summer camp in Maine Eleanor aka Elly, chose the only one she thought was right since she was masked by her love for Lam So, they got married and moved into a cabin [...]

    16. Sixteen year old Eleanor Crowe has given her parents grief all her life As if doing drugs and smoking weed isn t enough she turns up pregnant by her delinquent boyfriend, Lam Fed up of Eleanor s ongoing problems, her parents give in and let her marry Lam Eleanor s parents migrate to Africa, and she moves in with Lam at his parent s summer fat camp At the camp Eleanor tries to adjust to married life and try show a better side of herself, but she can t seem to stop messing up In another picture, E [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this book Really, really A pregnant sixteen year old, missionary parents, a drugged up boyfriend she s forced to marry, living at a fat camp It has all the elements of an amazing story But then you add the FIL and MIL who resent her, the uptight older sister, the camper with issues, the flirty older guy, the dorky older guy, the bratty camper, the bitchy campers, dance class, a baby with Down syndrome it s just too much story shoved into one book Too many mini plots that [...]

    18. What would you do if you were an unmarried teenage girl that is pregnant Before you found out you were pregnant you were doing drugs, breaking into houses, and getting in trouble with the law In the novel Pregnant Pause, by Han Nolan A pregnant sixteen year old, Elly, has to pick between moving to Kenya with her missionary parents Or she can Marry the baby s father, Lam, plus work at his family s summer camp What will she pick to encounter the obstacles ahead of her I did like the book One thing [...]

    19. Pregnant Pause deals with a whole bunch of issues, not just teenage pregnancy There is mention of drugs, smoking, sex, self esteem issues and suicide.I ll be honest, whilst I was reading this book, I went back and forth between cheering Elly on and wanting to smack a little bit of sense into her It s written from her point of view so in the end that enables us to fully understand how she s feeling as her pregnancy progresses.There s humour mixed in with the serious subjects too, Elly has some sa [...]

    20. Someone I respect hated this book, so I was prepared to hate it too, but I really loved it Why not five stars I had trouble suspending disbelief about her really bad horrible no good very bad day And a couple of the adults the rabbi were mouthpieces, not people But otherwise, yes, it s great The heroine is a terrific pain in the ass, but she s so strong and funny, you can t help rooting for her And she knows she s a pain in the ass maybe a bit too much of that, actually You know how you see stub [...]

    21. Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan is a book about this girl, Eleanor and how she is pregnant at 16 Due to this situation, she is forced to marry her boyfriend and move to this weight loss camp that her in laws run so she can work their alongside her now to be, husband Eleanor is not pleased about this however, she has no other choice At first, I did not enjoy the book a lot as I thought the pace was slow, but as the book progressed, I really enjoyed it The ending was sad as Eleanor had to decide wheth [...]

    22. I have always loved Han Nolan s writing, so I don t know why I was so surprised by how much I liked, and was even moved, by this book I CRIED ON THE BEACH I didn t see any of the plot twists coming, but yet they were all so organic that I never felt manipulated I loved the characters, even the bad ones Again, they all felt so human And I really really really loved Eleanor.

    23. Actual Rating 3.5 I thought this was a great read I thought Elly was a great character However, I did find her annoy at times I thought her family treated her poorly, and it was very sad to see There also points where I got bored and had to put the book down Overall, an enjoyable read.

    24. Han Nolan is a brilliant writer and her talent is vividly on display in this completely engrossing, emotional story The ending comes together a bit too neatly, but that s easy to overlook because the rest of the story is so beautifully told.

    25. I got to page 51 i couldnt finish the book I couldn t finish because it got boring It got boring because the plot wasn t moving fast enough and getting into any details.

    26. Unfortunately, this wasn t quite as good as other Han Nolan books that I ve read Parts of the plot seemed forced Upon learning that she was pregnant, the main character, Eleanor Crowe, had only a few options available According to the blurb, they were to move to Kenya with her missionary parents or marry the baby s father and work at his family s summer camp for overweight kids The only option that sounds remotely realistic is the one where she has to marry the father another teenager of course. [...]

    27. SPOILER ALERT This is for a book report, and it spoils the ending, so don t read this if you don t wanna know the details about the book The reason I chose this book was because I was in the library during passing period and I picked up the book and checked out and left hoping it would be good, and luckily it was otherwise I wouldn t be writing this right now Basically the book takes place at a camp for fat kids and the only reason why Elly is there is because when her parents find out that Elly [...]

    28. I did not expect to love this book, but it hooked me about halfway through and held me until the end There were two big twists that I was definitely not expecting, and the intense desire to find out how they ended kept me turning pages A fantastic, and surprisingly realistic, YA novel.

    29. A little predictable, but the story is sweet The narrator s voice is grating at times, but I may feel that way because I just finished up a school year with teenagers This story is probably of a 3.5 3.75 for me.

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