The Year Before the Flood: A Story of New Orleans

The Year Before the Flood A Story of New Orleans With a style the Los Angeles Times calls as vivid and fast moving as the music he loves Ned Sublette s powerful new book drives the reader through the potholed sinking streets of the United States s

  • Title: The Year Before the Flood: A Story of New Orleans
  • Author: Ned Sublette
  • ISBN: 9781556528248
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With a style the Los Angeles Times calls as vivid and fast moving as the music he loves, Ned Sublette s powerful new book drives the reader through the potholed, sinking streets of the United States s least typical city In this eagerly awaited follow up to The World That Made New Orleans, Sublette s award winning history of the Crescent City s colonial years, he tracesWith a style the Los Angeles Times calls as vivid and fast moving as the music he loves, Ned Sublette s powerful new book drives the reader through the potholed, sinking streets of the United States s least typical city In this eagerly awaited follow up to The World That Made New Orleans, Sublette s award winning history of the Crescent City s colonial years, he traces an arc of his own experience, from the white supremacy of segregated 1950s Louisiana through the funky year of 2004 2005 the last year New Orleans was whole By turns irreverent, joyous, darkly comic, passionate, and polemical, The Year Before the Flood juxtaposes the city s crowded calendar of parties, festivals, and parades with the murderousness of its poverty and its legacy of racism Along the way, Sublette opens up windows of American history that illuminate the present the trajectory of Mardi Gras from pre Civil War days, the falsification of Southern history in movies, the city s importance to early rock and roll, the complicated story of its housing projects, the uniqueness of its hip hop scene, and the celebratory magnificence of the participatory parades known as second lines With a grand, unforgettable cast of musicians and barkeeps, scholars and thugs, vibrating with the sheer excitement of New Orleans, The Year Before the Flood is an affirmation of the power of the city s culture and a heartbreaking tale of loss that definitively establishes Ned Sublette as a great American writer for the 21st century.
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      Ned Sublette

    About Author

    1. Ned Sublette is a critically acclaimed writer, historian, musician, and photographer Born in Lubbock, Texas, and raised in Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico, he lives in New York City with his wife, writer Constance Ash He was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow in 20052006, and was previously a fellow at the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library In 20042005 he was a Tulane Rockefeller Humanities Fellow in New Orleans.

    One thought on “The Year Before the Flood: A Story of New Orleans

    1. New Orleans is like no other city in the US I thought very highly of Sublette s other books CUBA AND IT S MUSIC and THE WORLD THAT MADE NEW ORLEANS so therefore looked forward to reading his next work, THE YEAR BEFORE THE FLOOD Like TWTMNO, it provides a hip and erudite insight into the city and consequently the entire county This work is a personal accounting of his first hand experience during a fellowship in the city, describing crime, housing projects, music, second lines and everyday life [...]

    2. THis book has some small sections that I liked, like the history of WWOZ, NOLA s radio station However, on the whole, I hated it The guy moves to NOLA at the same time I did, and lives on the same block I did, and manages to earn my loathing I don t know if it was just an age thing, since I moved there in my mid 20s and he was middle aged, but we were both New Yorkers and you d think I d appreciate his perspective Instead, he said things like I found myself calling my wife Boo and I wanted to vo [...]

    3. I ve read some other books about New Orleans, which I should have reviewed before I reviewed this to give perspective, because they were better, or at least, I could relate to them personally.I ve never even been to New Orleans, but know people online from there, so this review is basically just my opinion.While the author knows a LOT about New Orleans music and traditions, I never really felt like he connected that much with the city,despite living in Louisiana as a child not the New Orleans [...]

    4. I have to admit I skipped ahead to the chapter on New Orleans rap No Limit Cash Money, and just read that Good stuff One of the best takes on bounce music and the history of New Orleans rap that I ve seen Nice to see someone writing seriously about this topic.Baby raised all his talent in house for the Hot Boys he was their legal guardian AND the head of their label Craze I don t know if it s skeezy or evil or brilliant or all three at once.The baby faced Hot Boys were the same age as their audi [...]

    5. I was blown away by the exceptional candor, voice, and righteousness of Ned Sublette I haven t gotten over the political and governmental response, or lack there of, to Hurricane Katrina My opinion of my own government had never been so low I love New Orleans it s a place with so much soul, and the variety of music and culture has always captured my imagination It seemed the Bush admins were less than interested in saving drowning citizens After the false pretenses that the former presidential a [...]

    6. I loved the history of the music and the way the author weaves that history with the race relationship of the city and its history The author and I are close in age and share the same political views which he isn t shy about expressing, so that is one of the reasons I found this book so interesting This isn t really about the year before the flood in New Orleans, it s really an autobiography as well as a history of the music of New Orleans.

    7. I absolutely LOVE Ned Sublette He is such an incredibly smooth historical writer The Year Before the Flood is a personal tale of his which is great, along with a wonderful history of New Orleans and its amazing culture.

    8. This book is very unique in that it combines memoir, ethnomusicology, philosophy, political perspective, and travelogue I enjoyed Mr Sublette s relaxed style of storytelling and critique of historical and present racial tensions in the Southern states of America From his tales of childhood radio listening and a troubling statue of The Good Darkie up until his year in New Orleans, Mr Sublette paints a picture of a life that has thus far been well lived and takes the reader with him on his journey [...]

    9. I d give it stars for the content, but it remains at three for rating as a whole It s been slow going with this one, a long read, and I was finally able to finish it on my way back home on a plane Great reading about New Orleans history and music and this guy really knows his music I also really enjoyed reading about the history of Mardi Gras, and there are a few detailed chapters It was fun to read about the author s personal experiences most of the time , but I didn t really identify with him [...]

    10. I d give this a 3 star rating for personal enjoyment of the topic but a 5 star rating for being an essential historical document of the early 21st century So a 4 star compromise it is Ned Sublette s dramatic crescendo of a book is the culmination of pre flood NOLA history His 10 month fellowship at Tulane was during the pregnant pause before Katrina, just prior to the murdery summer that gave birth to the fall of a city If you re not into musicology and serious southern history, this book just i [...]

    11. This book details a great deal of American history in order to explain the origins of the city of New Orleans and it s many distinctive musical styles The purpose of all this is, of course, to celebrate and appreciate this world that was, but also to show what was lost and most shockingly why this didn t matter to the Bush Administration when Hurricane Katrina rolled by in fact, not even hitting New Orleans directly As colourful as a Mardi Gras parade itself, this book is a cacophony of sound wh [...]

    12. I thought this book was interesting given the history of New Orleans and the author s perspective but the editor needed to help him condense his information and histories of music to a streamlined outline Way too much detail on things like the entire history of rap music which has very little to do with New Orleans, etc, in my opinion Found myself skipping a lot to find the interesting parts I m waffling between a 2 star and a 3.

    13. Well researched and with some briefly interesting nuggets, but I wasn t that impressed with his writing and the book didn t feel cohesive at all As he explains, he wrote the first sections pre Katrina and then tacked on the last bit after Katrina, because he couldn t write about New Orleans without addressing it An interesting time for him, certainly, but it just didn t feel like he had anything profound to say.

    14. Very interesting If you want a real sense of what New Orleans is like culturally, historically, and , this book is for you I found the sections on the music particularly fascinating There is also a good history of Mardi Gras The author minces no words about the former administration s mishandling of the flodd.

    15. I liked this much better than the author s previous work about NOLA maybe it s because I identified with his love hate relationship with NOLA I really loved the way he weaved his personal story with what was going on with the music scene in NOLA at the time and then was able to bring it all together in reference to the aftermath of Katrina.

    16. This book is a stone cold knockout Not finished, but Sublette s aces on everything from music to economics to history to politics, with a serious edge on him His chapters on New Orleans rap are REQUIRED READING for any serious hip hop fan.

    17. I liked this historical viewpoint But I couldn t abide the constant jabs at Republicans as though they are the cause of every problem There was way too much music history analysis for my taste as well Did not get very far Maybe it gets better.

    18. This is the 2d New Orleans book by Sublette that I ve read Fascinating he went everywhere we ve been, heard all the musicians we ve heard.

    19. learned a lot about race relations in new Orleans in this book keep youtube ready to look up various songs and cultural practices the author describes.

    20. This was a good read Authur seems angry Rightfully so Erin you and Devin and Billy would like this Your Dad too.

    21. i must have slept through the 50 60, not everyone lived in a white bread world Very painful to read on so many levels, yet something everyone should read it.

    22. Loved the history and musicians I knew A bit too heavy on music trivia at times, but couldn t skip much because all of a sudden you d read a real gem.

    23. enjoyed it a lot visits racially segregated New orleans with a great focus on the music and people, well worth time

    24. Enjoyed the comparison between New York living and New Orleans living As well as the cultural differences between the south and the north.

    25. I loved this book and it broke my heart It describes the dysfunction and magic of Nola with a hefty dose of history and musical knowledge.

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