Pursuit of Honor


  • Title: Pursuit of Honor
  • Author: Vince Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781416595168
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR VINCE FLYNN RETURNS WITH HIS MOST EXHILARATING POLITICAL THRILLER TO DATE, A PULSE POUNDING TALE OF ESPIONAGE, COVERT INTELLIGENCE, AND COUNTERTERRORISM.The action begins six days after a series of explosions devastated Washington, D.C targeting the National Counterterrorism Center and killing 185 people, including public officials an 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR VINCE FLYNN RETURNS WITH HIS MOST EXHILARATING POLITICAL THRILLER TO DATE, A PULSE POUNDING TALE OF ESPIONAGE, COVERT INTELLIGENCE, AND COUNTERTERRORISM.The action begins six days after a series of explosions devastated Washington, D.C targeting the National Counterterrorism Center and killing 185 people, including public officials and CIA employees It was a bizarre act of extreme violence that called for extreme measures on the part of elite counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp and his trusted team member, Mike Nash Now that the initial shock of the catastrophe is over, key Washington officials are up in arms over whether to make friends or foes of the agents who stepped between the enemy s bullets and countless American lives regardless of the legal consequences Not for the first time, Rapp finds himself in the frustrating position of having to illustrate the realities of national security to politicians whose view from the sidelines is inevitably obstructed.Meanwhile, three of the al Qaeda terrorists are still at large, and Rapp has been unofficially ordered to find them by any means necessary No one knows the personal, physical, and emotional sacrifices required of the job better than Rapp When he sees Nash cracking under the pressure of the mission and the memories of the horrors he witnessed during the terrorist attack, he makes a call he hopes will save his friend, assuage the naysayers on Capitol Hill, and get him one step closer to the enemy before it s too late Once again, Rapp proves himself to be a hero unafraid to walk the fine line between the moral high ground and violence The Salt Lake Tribune for our country s safety, for the sake of freedom, for the pursuit of honor.

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      Vince Flynn

    About Author

    1. The fifth of seven children, Vince Flynn was born in St Paul, Minnesota, in 1966 He graduated from the St Thomas Academy in 1984, and the University of St Thomas with a degree in economics in 1988.After college he went to work for Kraft General Foods where he was an account and sales marketing specialist In 1990 he left Kraft to accept an aviation candidate slot with the United States Marine Corps One week before leaving for Officers Candidate School, he was medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program, due to several concussions and convulsive seizures he suffered growing up While trying to obtain a medical waiver for his condition, he started thinking about writing a book This was a very unusual choice for Flynn since he had been diagnosed with dyslexia in grade school and had struggled with reading and writing all his life.Having been stymied by the Marine Corps, Flynn returned to the nine to five grind and took a job with United Properties, a commercial real estate company in the Twin Cities During his spare time he worked on an idea he had for a book After two years with United Properties he decided to take a big gamble He quit his job, moved to Colorado, and began working full time on what would eventually become Term Limits.Like many struggling artists before him, he bartended at night and wrote during the day Five years and than sixty rejection letters later he took the unusual step of self publishing his first novel The book went to number one in the Twin Cities, and within a week had a new agent and two book deal with Pocket Books, a Simon Schuster imprint Vince Flynn passed away on June 19, 2013 after a three year battle with prostate cancer.

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    1. Vince Flynn is a GOP loving, Glenn Beck ball licking, Fox News hounding, ULTRA Conservative asshole of the highest degree yet, I love his thrillers Flynn s character, CIA counter terrorist agent, Mitch Rapp, makes Jack Bauer look like a girl scout He makes Brad Thor s counter terrorist agent, Scot Harvath, look like a cub scout Rapp s method is brute force politics red tape be damned kill em all because anything un American deserves to be taking a dirt nap It s so laughable it makes you want to [...]

    2. Another great dose of testosterone And I wanted to clap many times at the tongue lashing Mitch Rapp gave to a clueless member of congress fictional, but pretty obvious who she is meant to correspond with in real life He also borrowed that wonderful QA from real life when Barbara Boxer, sorry I better say Senator Barbara Boxer, was questioning Brigadier General Michael WalshI ll just cut and paste from the transcript source NPR Senator BARBARA BOXER Democrat, California Well, why has it been dela [...]

    3. Vince Flynn used to write interesting, exciting novels That time has passed If you ve read the first several interesting ones, you ve read them allminus the Interest 1 of 10 stars

    4. Another fantastic Vince Flynn book This is the 10th book in the Mitch Rapp series In this one, Rapp is focused on finding the terrorists that planned and executed the attacks from book 9 At the same time, has has to deal with a few lose strings on the home front as well.One of the things that I love about Vince Flynn is how he will jump from Mitch s perspective to the perspective of the terrorists It s interesting to see how he believes their minds work There wasn t as much action in this book a [...]

    5. Wow Vince Flynn really brings it in this high octane thriller Pursuit of Honor is a direct sequel to Flynn s last book, Extreme Measures, which in my opinion didn t live up to the standard he set for himself with his previous offerings If Extreme Measures was his low point, Vince Flynn proves he s back on top with Pursuit of Honor My biggest grip with Extreme Measures is that Flynn introduced a new character, Mike Nash, who seemed to overshadow Mitch Rapp Rapp, Flynn s longtime main protagonist [...]

    6. Just finished my first thriller and you know what I didn t hate it In fact, I kinda liked it I think I could read a couple Jack Bauer Mitch Rapp books.

    7. I like Vince Flynn and this is a good read It starts out with an American traitor who s position and actions make him an extreme liability So, Mitch Rapp needs to take, certain action Interesting spring board from which to start a story.Flynn has a record for telling good, well constructed, fast moving even breakneck speed novels If you ve followed Mitch Rapp s career and the book that follows this one is actually a prequel giving us Mitch s start in the CIA you know this This is still fast movi [...]

    8. It s been years since I have read a Vince Flynn novel I decided to try it out again And, I do not like Mitch Rapp any His solution to every conflict, every disagreement, is to simply threaten to kill the person or actually kill him Including his best friend, Mike Nash and the Inspector General of the CIA, to name just a few Rapp is a loose cannon that is portrayed as some glorified American hero He s not He s a cold blooded killer that should be locked up in the brig Now, I digress My politics h [...]

    9. This would be one of Flynn s best, exceptI first began this one in the mistaken belief that it preceded Extreme Measures , and I was rather impressed at the leap in Flynn s jump in narrative maturity Coming to it cold, you feel like you dropped right in the middle of a complicated story, and have to piece some things together as you go along, which was fun.Then I looked again at the copyright date, set this one aside, and read the preceding book first before continuing.Still, while this book fol [...]

    10. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK DECEMBER 1, 2015Narrator George GuidallI want this installment made into a movie Heck, I want all the Rapp books made into movies TV movies, 2 part ones, 2 movies a month Kyle Mills saw Colin Farrell as Rapp I ve not been, or am, a Farrell fan but I guess he ll do.I enjoyed this book, surprisingly, because of the terrorists The interaction between Hakim and Karim was funny and it was a refreshing change to see a different side to the bad guys Rapp, as usual, sees things black [...]

    11. An epic kick ass follow up to the less exciting Extreme Measures With Mitch Rapp back in the action kicking ass for the US, and back fighting the War on Terrorism, doing what he does best, an American James Bond Pursuit of Honor takes place right after the events that took place in the end of Extreme Measures, when a small band of Muslim Terrorists blew up a Restaurant in Washington DC, killing many Congress Members and Staffers, afterwards attacking the National Counter Terrorist Center, killin [...]

    12. I m going to have to stop reading Vince Flynn books, as compelling as they are Flynn s hero, Mitch Rapp, is an assassin for the United States, constantly at war with the FBI, who insists that there be no torture, no murder, nothing done unless it s by the books But Mitch is all about torture and murder and doing it all clandestinely As I read, half of me is wanting Mitch to waterboard, electrocute, beat up and do whatever is necessary to get the bad guy, but the other half of me sides with the F [...]

    13. Vince Flynn used to write interesting, exciting novels That time has passed If you ve read the first several interesting ones, you ve read them allminus the Interest 1 of 10 stars

    14. This is book 12 of the Mitch Rapp spy series It s 3rd to the last of the last Rapp books VInce Flynn wrote before he died in 2013 It s another spy thriller and the story is excellent The characters are very similar to other books The big difference in this book is that Vince really goes polarized politically than he s ever done in previous books, which I didn t like For example, he had Mitch Rapp condemn a Liberal senator for supporting 3rd term abortions but condemning torture I read these to [...]

    15. 12 There are only 2 books in his series, that Vince Flynn actually wrote This book picks up after a Counterterrorism Center is blown up, killing 185 people Mike Nash, struggles to justify the terrorist s interrogations and Mitch Rapp comes up with the perfect solution In the meantime, the chase is on for Hakim, Karim Lion of al Qaeda and Ahmed to find them before they do damage.As with all the books, very enjoyable to read all the way until the end.

    16. Its Vince Flynn again and Mitch Rapp I have a love hate relationship with this author and his books, on the one hand the books are really fast read, highly entertaining and the US usually triumphs over nasty terrorists.On the other hand, Flynn fills his novels with right wing diatribes, allows the torture of not only, terrorists but anyone be they American civilians or officers of the government who are dirty and uses anyone who gets in his way Instead of arresting people and turning them over t [...]

    17. Prior to Pursuit of Honor, I read another Vince Flynn book a couple of years ago and was looking forward to reading this one Alas, I was very disappointed Flynn is an excellent writer, but I don t enjoy being hit over the head with his political views I ll not say much about the plot Washington D.C has been hit by a terror attack, many dead, hundreds injured And so of course, supreme counter terrorism operative Mitch Rapp must come to the rescue The three al Qaeda terrorists who executed the att [...]

    18. Vince Flynn does not disappoint This author has a way of making even congressional hearings seem life threatening This book was a bit different from other Mitch Rapp adventures in that we see a lot of time spent dealing with people other than terrorists.I did find myself questioning Mitch s actions this time Typically I have supported how he deals with situations, but this time I think some things were borderline Maybe it is because he kidnaps a couple US citizens on US soil Or maybe it is his [...]

    19. 10 in the Mitch Rapp series now lists this as 12, but that counts prequels 11 American Assassin 2010 and 12 Kill Shot 2011 as s 1 2 respectively 10 Mitch Rapp follows up on the terrorist team that attacked Washington, D.C in Extreme Measures A secondary theme is investigating US officials selling secret information Senator Lonsdale has become a CIA ally Mike Nash questions some of Rapp s tactics he is removed from tactical operations by promoting him to be Rapp s boss.

    20. Pursuit of Honor picks up six days after the conclusion of Extreme Measures Mitch Rapp and his buddy Mike Nash are tasked with running down leads regarding a terrorist attack which took place in the previous novel Along the way some relationships get bruised, some souls are searched and a handful of very bad and some very good people get some bullet holes in them Mitch Rapp is Mitch Rapp and that seems to keep working out well for this series.I gotta say, I liked Pursuit of Honor but I felt it w [...]

    21. Disappointing entry in Mitch Rapp series Continuation of story that began in Extreme Measures with Mitch and Mike Nash hunting down the third cell, standing up to a confessional committee and trying to get along Short on action and Rapp has to share time with two other plot threads Highlight of the book is Rapp taking on a group of Russian bodyguards at a club Hopefully, next installment will be better.

    22. I really enjoy Vince Flynn novels Mitch Rapp is a no nonsense CIA operative He believes, like I do, that when you catch a known terrorist they should have no rights Rights are for American citizens only, or should be Again a good ending Book is very realistic The terrorist have succeeded in their plot to kill Americans and the hunt is on I enjoy learning about how we get information Now onto The Last Man.

    23. In Pursuit of a Great ReadAnother outstanding thriller I think this was Flynn s final novel and it was one of his best The book had a believable plot and great action Thanks Vince for the many hours of enjoyment reading your books.

    24. Continuation of Extreme Measures the two should be read as close together as possible unless you have a really great memory Time lapse between plots is only 6 days and there is definite continuity in characters and plot Some situations left me wanting to return to the previous book and do a little fact checking, but it wasn t in my collection The much mentioned ch 50 is one reason I continue reading Flynn s books through the fictional character of Rapp he does make you think about your own moral [...]

    25. Book 10 in the Mitch Rapp seriesStrap yourself in the story moves rapidly, lots of thrilling action, no dull or sluggish moments This latest installment puts Mr Flynn at the top of his game, making him one of the kings in this genre of writing Pursuit of Honor follows Extreme Measures in it a series of cataclysmic events occurred and Rapp and Nash managed to thwart the terrorist attack with grave consequences to the first responders In the aftermath, Rapp s priorities are to deal with the laps i [...]

    26. Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn pp 432 Flynn delivers his 10th installment of political thriller series based on CIA covert ops bad ass, Mitch Rapp Taking place on US soil, Rapp and his band of black ops team chase after a group the terrorists who attack multiple high profile government counter terrorism targets and high profile politico hot spots all while being vilified on Capitol Hill for some of his questionable methods by some of the left leaning members of the Senate There are layers of [...]

    27. Mitch Rapp does it again Can a terrorist cell enter the country Yes, they did it before In the book Mitch is investigationg a leak on information made by the Inspector General of the CIA Naturaly he has to kidnap the guy and make it appear that he has left the country to Venezuela Meanwhile he is investigating the assault of terrorist on the CTU counter terrorism unit and on a several reataurants in DC by a terrorist cell In the attack there were terrorist captured by they were released because [...]

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