The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies Charles Darwin

The Darwin Myth The Life and Lies Charles Darwin Instructive and illuminating The Darwin Myth casts aside Darwinism s politically correct veneer and offers a critical scientific analysis of Darwin s life and his history changing theory

  • Title: The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies Charles Darwin
  • Author: Benjamin Wiker
  • ISBN: 9781596980976
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Instructive and illuminating, The Darwin Myth casts aside Darwinism s politically correct veneer and offers a critical, scientific analysis of Darwin s life and his history changing theory.

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      Benjamin Wiker

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    1. Benjamin Wiker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies Charles Darwin book, this is one of the most wanted Benjamin Wiker author readers around the world.

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    1. Darwin was a third generation evolutionist His grandfather had written a popular book on evolution before Charles was born The book had actually been translated into several languages There had been many other people who proposed variations on the theory from the time before the Romans To say that Charles Darwin was the first, or major, proponent of evolution is disingenuous at best His desired claim to prominence was to exclude God from any type of biological or geological development theory Th [...]

    2. Despite the title, I thought the book really balanced It is written by an evolutionist whose goal is to not discredit Darwin s theory, but just to give an accurate biography of the man Because Darwin is the secular saint, Wiker did not really feel there was much out there that was objective So he attempts to show Darwin s strengths and weaknesses and complexities What was most interesting to me was how Charles Darwin s grandfather enthusiastically believed in evolution and Charles came from a fa [...]

    3. okay, once again my mind has been turned upside down by a book that I thought I knew what it was about, but ended up really making me think about how I think about things Supersense was the other.The Darwin Myth takes a step beyond Darwin s attempt to explain evolution by natural selection, but discusses the moral implications of Darwinian evolution It explains the man Charles Darwin, this Culture and scientific climate.Definitely worth a read, you will be surprised by what is said as opposed to [...]

    4. A standard creationist look at the life of Charles Darwin and the perceived pernicious effects his ideas A slim volume with scant biographical information and a hard to miss point of view While the world has certainly become secular since The Origin of Species was published, it s a stretch to put most of the blame on Darwin s shoulders while at the same time faulting him for stealing his ideas from others.

    5. An interesting take on Darwin by a clearly Christian author who takes Darwin to task for omitting any mention of God in his theory of evolution How Darwin was meant to interject God into his theory is not explained However, the limitations and implications of Darwinism evolution as explained by Darwin are well reviewed Social Darwinism was certainly the driving force behind the enthusiasm for eugenics in the first half of the twentieth century and it continues to be a force now that eugenics has [...]

    6. This is a mostly even handed biography of Darwin that somewhat devolves into a long winded argument againt the godless part of his theory Overall, though, it s good I came out of it with a much better understanding of Darwin, which increased both my respect for and revulsion to him.

    7. The myth is something like this that a religious and Christian Darwin, a scientist and a scholar, made a voyage of discovery in the south and especially to the complex ecological systems of the Galapagos islands, was forced by scientific discovery to rethink his theological positions and discover that all life is in the end chance and gradually evolves from basic life forms as a result of the endless challenges presented by a constantly turning world Hence the constant theme of liberal politics [...]

    8. THE DARWIN MYTH The Life and Lies of Charles Darwin, is a book on factual and relevant information about the famous naturalist s life and times his real and honest biography Although his theory on Natural Selection was considered a threat to the civilized world, Darwin is still known to be one of the key personalities to have strongly made much esteemed contributions to our modern science Benjamin Wiker states that the famous scientist s real life highlights have all truly manifested in him as p [...]

    9. This is a balanced review of the life and work of Charles Darwin I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and found it provided much insight than other attempts Often Darwin is either idolized or demonized, depending on where you stand on your own personal beliefs about evolution This book strives to be neither, but to evaluate the truth of his life regardless of which position you hold It respects the man while the core problems of the theory are presented.For example, similar works include co credit to [...]

    10. This is a relatively short book but it offers an excellent analysis of teh debate over evolution So often the argument is narrowyou must either believe in literal creationism God made the earth in six, 24 hour days or in Darwinism a reductionist theory that started from the premise that there is no God and then tried to make the facts fit that theoryis failed miserably These two arguments left those of us that believe in macroevolution but not microevolution out in the cold Wiker points out in v [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Although clearly written with a bias towards religion it does so with respect and dignity of both the subject of what has come to be known as Darwinism and its namesake I only wish the time and energy of such works would be courageous and independent enough to realize the interconnected reality of religion with science and philosophy and not a forced choice of commitment in opposition to the other s It was however not intended for this type of argument and did a sp [...]

    12. One can heartily accept evolution on scientific grounds and roundly reject Darwinism on scientific, philosophical, moral, and theological grounds This was John Paul II s view I think In this book you find out than Darwinism s flaws, its ideological predecessors, and later ramifications Wiker exposes the self delusions of its author to serve his ambition, the made to fit theory to exclude a Creator, and today s lie that Darwinism is the only respectable scientific position.

    13. Excellent research backing facts that have been long hidden in the telling of who Darwin really was This book has well documented information, much to the embarrassment of many scientists Not the least of which is the fact of Darwin s proof that there are races of people who are inferior, the darker races he says are inferior, closer to the apesd his theory of evolutions rests upon this fact Sad truths uncovered in this book.

    14. it reinforced my point that the darwing s theory looks and feels like a religion s doctrine instead of a cientific proven fact as most people take it shame he tried to advanced cience and it was stoped by his own views of the world and science at stand still because nobody even wants to listen to anything that varies from this point of view.

    15. A very balanced biography Not the evil genius that can be promoted by the one side and not the put upon saint of the other but a nice guy with VERY bad ideas and agenda who didn t think his theory all the way through I enjoyed it.

    16. Not impressed The author argues both anti science ad anti religion in an attempt to discredit Darwin, then makes ridiculously broad and unsubstantiated claims of modern culture s abuses of Darwinism All without any new evidence A painful read.

    17. Good short bio, not afraid to knock Darwin off his pedestal and recognize and show that his intent was to destroy Christianity.

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