House of Reckoning

House of Reckoning After the untimely death of her mother fourteen year old Sarah Crane is forced to grow up quickly in order to help tend her family s Vermont farm and look after her grieving father who s drowning hi

  • Title: House of Reckoning
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780345514240
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the untimely death of her mother, fourteen year old Sarah Crane is forced to grow up quickly in order to help tend her family s Vermont farm and look after her grieving father, who s drowning his sorrow in alcohol But their quiet life together is shattered when her father is jailed for killing another man in a barroom brawl and injuring Sarah in a drunken car crash.After the untimely death of her mother, fourteen year old Sarah Crane is forced to grow up quickly in order to help tend her family s Vermont farm and look after her grieving father, who s drowning his sorrow in alcohol But their quiet life together is shattered when her father is jailed for killing another man in a barroom brawl and injuring Sarah in a drunken car crash Left in the cold care of a loveless foster family and alienated at school, Sarah finds a kindred spirit in classmate Nick Dunnigan, a former mental patient still plagued by voices and visions And in eccentric art instructor Bettina Phillips, Sarah finds a mentor eager to nurture her talent for painting.But within the walls of Bettina s ancestral home, the mansion called Shutters, Sarah finds something altogether different and disturbing Monstrous images from the house s dark history seem to flow unbidden from Sarah s paintbrush images echoed by Nick s chilling hallucinations Trapped for ages in the shadowy rooms of Shutters, the violence and fury of long dead generations have finally found a gateway from the grave into the world of the living And Sarah and Nick have found a power they never had to take control, and take revenge.

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      John Saul

    About Author

    1. John Saul was born in Pasadena, California on February 25, 1942, and grew up in Whittier where he graduated from Whittier High School in 1959 He attended several colleges Antioch, in Ohio, Cerritos, in Norwalk, California, Montana State University and San Francisco State College, variously majoring in anthropology, liberal arts, and theater, but never obtaining a degree After leaving college, he decided the best thing for a college dropout to do was become a writer, and spent the next fifteen years working in various jobs while attempting to write a book someone would want to publish Should anyone ever want to write a novel concerning the car rental industry or the travails of temporary typists, John can provide excellent background material Those years garnered him a nice collection of unpublished manuscripts, but not a lot of money Eventually he found an agent in New York, who spent several years sending his manuscripts around, and trying to make the rejection slips sound hopeful Then, in 1976, one of his manuscripts reached Dell, who didn t want to buy it, but asked if he d be interested in writing a psychological thriller He put together an outline, and crossed his fingers At that point, things started getting bizarre His agent decided the outline had all the makings of a best seller, and so did Dell Gambling on a first novel by an unknown author, they backed the book with television advertising one of the first times a paperback original was promoted on television and the gamble paid off Within a month Suffer the Children appeared on all the best seller lists in the country and made the 1 spot in Canada Subsequently all 32 of his books, have made all the best seller lists and have been published world wide Though many of his books were published by Bantam Doubleday Dell his last fourteen books have been published by Ballantine Fawcett Columbine In addition to his work as novelist, John is also interested in the theater He has acted, and as a playwright has had several one act plays produced in Los Angeles and Seattle, and two optioned in New York One of his novels was produced by Gerber Productions Company and M.G.M as a C.B.S movie and currently one of his novels is in development John served on the Expansion Arts Panel of the National Endowment for the Arts He is actively involved with the development of other writers, and is a lecturer at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and the Maui Writers Conference and received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Northwest Writers Conference John is also a trustee and Vice President of The Chester Woodruff Foundation New York , a philanthropic organization John lives part time in the Pacific Northwest, both in Seattle and in the San Juan Islands He also maintains a residence on the Big Island of Hawaii He currently enjoys motor homing, travel and golf He is an avid reader, bridge player, golfer and loves to cook.

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    1. Sarah is saddled with a friendly but mess of a father who soon lands himself in a pot of hot water She has to depend on the grace of an unfriendly foster family who takes her in for money while meeting up with a strange boy in class who has bizarre visions Soon the two are landed in a mystery where their deaths are a likely turnout Sarah gathers help from an outcast teacher and eventually some from a decent social worker, but ultimately it s the kids against the adults.John Saul isn t the strong [...]

    2. Though I thought the ending was not believable way too many questions remain I did enjoy this book It s definitely a book about the choices that some make that lead them down a path that they may not be willing to follow in the end.The book jumps back and forth between characters here and there But one of the main protagonists is 14 year old Sarah Crane Sarah is still reeling from the loss of her mother and trying to make ends meet while her father steadily drinks himself to death When his night [...]

    3. It s rare that I find a story that is such a bewildering mix of themes, loose ends, illogic, and cardboard characters, and yet holds my interest long enough to actually get to the end of the book without DNF ing I can t even think of any way to explain myself without spoiling the entire I can t say plot, because I m not sure that there was one Okay, without spoiling what happens at the end of the book Nor am I willing to spend time or brain cells on it So I ll just leave that there I read this [...]

    4. I ve decided to start reading some my TBR from some ofbooks on my long time favorite authors This selection was one I had never read before, and had just recently found at a local thrift shopThis story is about a couple of teenagers, who are very confused by what s happening to them She is a talented artist who draws things she can t understand He hears voices in his head, telling him to do bad things Do these two children have any connection to the old house at the end of town, formerly the hom [...]

    5. I originally read this in the fall of 2009, soon after it was published I read it right after reading Carrie and Duma Key by Stephen King so some similarities bothered me I re read this in January 2011 when it was chosen as a group read in the John Saul Lit Group and the similarities to King story elements didn t bother me as much since considerable time had passed The first half of the story bothered me because of the extreme attitudes of the characters and all the father figures seemed to be b [...]

    6. While I do like John Saul s work, this book just isn t the best thing he s put out The book promises a lot of stuff, some of which is typical Saul fare children in peril, human supernatural evils run amok, twisty plot turns Unfortunately the book just couldn t live up to those promises, at least not entirely.The plotline follows the character of Sarah, a young girl whose mother died when she was about 14 When her father is incarcerated for a barroom brawl gone murderous, not to mention accidenta [...]

    7. I listened to the audiobook of this, the performance itself was very good, no complaints here.This story was quite good I wouldn t say it s anything fantastic, but it s was enjoyable.It had its brutal parts which I enjoyed and I also love a good dose of karma so the ending pleased me as well.

    8. I have read so many books over the last handful of years that I see a three star rating and still think the novel it is awarded to is still a worthwhile read HOUSE OF RECKONING is like this The story of Sarah Crane is at once uplifting, heart breaking, and surprisingly poignant New readers to the works of John Saul are in for a treat if they don t take this book as serious literature A supernatural themed coming of age love story, it packs a serious punch with the ultimate revelation as to who i [...]

    9. Right from the start I liked the main character, Sarah My heart went out to her as one tragedy after another was placed in her life Secondary characters were also well developed and portrayed I liked the story itself as well The setting was superb and I would love to find novels set in or about old insane asylums or hospitals for the criminally insane.It s not too often I finish a book in just over 24 hours On a whim I had put this on hold a couple of months ago with my online library It became [...]

    10. This is a good ghost story, even if John Saul has been following the same formula for thirty some years a young person, usually female, with a heart of gold, tossed into terrible circumstances and surrounded by incredibly mean, often sadistic people who torture the protagonist until the reader feels like she wants to toss the book out the nearest window One thing has changed, though and for the better , and that s how Saul ends a novel I have not read a book by John Saul in a long, long time and [...]

    11. Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews House of Reckoning starts out with fourteen year old Sarah Crane, who s mother died a few months ago, and who gets hit by her Dad s car when he returns from a night in town, completely wasted She gets injured badly and will limp for the rest of her life Her dad gets sent to jail for killing a man earlier that night Sarah is forced to go live with a foster family, who only accepted the outsiders presence for the money it brought them The [...]

    12. Billed as vintage John Saul and a novel that recaptures the energy and power of Suffer the Children, the author s first and best novel, House of Reckoning doesn t succeed at living up to all of the hype That being said, it is an absorbing and very good read I don t think Saul will ever get the respect he truly deserves in the horror community, but this man knows how to tell a story and excels at building the most sympathetic of characters House of Reckoning isn t a novel that s going to sit arou [...]

    13. This was a bit of a stretch but then if you re a fan of John Saul s, that s not a determent.I love the characters Sarah and also Bettina Totally believable that they are mom and daughter, since both of them have that never give up attitude and bit of rebellion in them.Sarah s dad ticked me off at the beginning I understand his total devastation at the death of his wife, but it was very, very selfish to not realize he had a daughter who needed so desperately right then, but couldn t help but feel [...]

    14. Not to say other titles haven t fit a book well, but never has a better title been penned This book was fascinating the twists and turns the story took kept me turning, page after page Although seeing this on the big screen would intrigue me and unquestionably countless others I m sure this book is the perfect example of why movies aren t always as good as their literary namesakes Sarah Crane is a strong, determined, brave young lady who faces countless obstacles in overcoming the raw deal she r [...]

    15. While I always find John Saul s work to be delightfully chilling, creepy and eerie House of Reckoning had something extra This book tells of a young girl whose life is shattered by the death of her mother, followed by the demise of her father She is placed in a foster home in, what appears to be a quaint little town.She quickly realizes that not only is the town not what it seems but she also discovers that some of her dreams and visions are actually memories As she tries to untangle reality and [...]

    16. This was a fantastic supernatural haunty book in which to end my 34th Annual Summer of Spooky reads I may continue to the actual summer s end on 22nd September, but we ll see I was pleasantly surprised by this book and shall be looking into his other works The characters were clearly defined and easy for me to either root or jeer Sometimes I really just love a straightforward book Some good twists and satisfying ending plus an extra satisfying epilogue More than a few times I read this on the tr [...]

    17. As strange as it may seem for the genre I write and read, I ve never read John Saul s work A friend and colleague sent me a copy of Saul s the House of Reckoning while I was recovering from surgery Okay to the point here Saul is an excellent horror writer His characters in this novel YA , are well developed and his antagonists are deserving of their horrific fates The story is filled with the typical teenage cruelty Think Carrie , but it moves along with solid pacing and the chapters are short, [...]

    18. The story is good Strange but good Then John Saul seems to forget that consistency is important In the first few chapters when Bettina Phillips gets home from work it says that it s no surprise her animals aren t there to greet her They will come out eventually Further on in the book Saul is describing Bettina s feeling that something is weird in her house He says maybe it was only because her animals weren t there to greet her like they always were when she got home There are other inconsistenc [...]

    19. I love John Saul and have always compared him to Dean Koontz I have actually preferred him to Dean Koontz because he was a little less detail oriented than Koontz,which I liked ,but in the case of this book I wish he was a bit like Koontz This could have been a much richer,scarier,story if there was background details The history of the house was so interesting that I wanted This is not one of his best but I still enjoyed it

    20. I love John Sauls other books this one was right up there an old creaky house Teen agers in trouble and the owner of said old scary house is awesome tale.This is a real page turner I just had to find out what happened to Nick and Sarah I wont add any spoilers, but the ending was crazy and payback is unexpected.if you liked Stephen King s Christine,, you are gonna love this one.

    21. It has been a while since I read a John Saul book This one did not disappoint I really like the main character Sarah and felt bad for all the things she went through in her young life What is really disheartening is to realize there are foster homes out there that are just like the one depicted in the book Overall it is a good book Not as scary as some of his others but still good.

    22. Interesting There are no ratings for this audio version I ll be the first I feel so empowered right now.Finally finished A good solid three stars Story good enough Narrator good Listening ease really good Good enough to recommend listening to, or reading, at least once So much for a good review.

    23. This was a very easy read It was almost like reading a Goosebumps book for adults This has some great horror, enough strange happenings to shove it well into the supernatural sub genre and buckets of action If you re into supernatural horror and want a quick and easy fix, this is the one.

    24. This is a scary book from John Saul like he used to write It s excellent but if you are prone to nightmares don t read it before going to bed.

    25. A great psychological suspense Sarah and Nick stole my heart I kept hoping for something good for those two A true page turner.

    26. House of Reckoning started slow, but finished fast It s not your typical haunted house story Tis the season for haunted houses.

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