101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

  • Title: 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die
  • Author: Steven Jay Schneider
  • ISBN: 9780764141249
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

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      Steven Jay Schneider

    About Author

    1. Steven Jay Schneider is a film critic, scholar, and producer with M.A degrees in Philosophy from Harvard University and in Cinema Studies from New York University He is the author and editor of numerous books on world cinema, most notably in the horror genre They include Eurohorror, The Cinema of Wes Craven An Auteur on Elm Street, Designing Fear An Aesthetics of Cinematic Horror, Killing in Style Artistic Murder in the Movies, Understanding Film Genres, and Traditions in World Cinema He is also a consultant for film, television, and home video DVD production companies, a curator for world horror film programs, and a staff member in development for Paramount Pictures Among his recent titles are 501 Movie Stars and 501 Movie Directors, both available in North America from Barron s Two additional titles from Barron s are scheduled for publication in Spring 09 They are 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die and 101 Sci Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die.

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    1. I love lists, I love horror movies, so when this little baby crossed my path I snatched it up without even thinking about it As a handy reference guide for the uninitiated, it s almost perfection For the discriminating horror veteran, it s laced with lots of glossy extras Even though the accompanying essays are short, most are meaty, with tidbits and trivia and a little film canon context, enough to help you win your next bar bet anyways However, spoiler phobes beware a few of the essays do rev [...]

    2. I ve already read the 1001 versions of books and movies and slowly going through them , so as a big horror fan I thought I should check this cute little pocket sized volume I knew there wouldn t be much left to watch eleven, turns out , so I was mostly just curious to see which films had been included.I was pleasantly surprised about the mixture of mainstream and lesser known stuff, but of course there were, once again, the same films from the 20s and 30s that are always included in every single [...]

    3. A fun little book that I perused a while back and am just now getting around to reviewing Considering that yesterday was Halloween, the timing seems appropriate.There are several of the usual suspects here, such as the version of Dracula directed by Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi Also White Zombie, The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney, the silent movie version of Nosferatu, etc What surprised me was seeing Suspiria, The Descent, Re Animator, Carnival of Souls and I just do not understand why it s [...]

    4. Those who know me know that I enjoy a good horror film But, apparently, I have a very different idea of what constitutes good than Mr Schneider Of the whole 101, I think I found maybe 10 that I would be willing to watch If it weren t for the inclusion of films like Dracula, The Wolf Man, and Frankenstein, you could have renamed this 101 Slasher Films to See Before You Die and it would have worked.It is abundantly clear that Schneider s idea of a good horror film involves lots and lots of blood, [...]

    5. Readers beware The author has included spoilers for The Vanishing and Sixth Sense It doesn t matter how long a movie has been out, it s still not a good idea to spoil a movie for those who haven t seen it There may be spoilers or places where too much plot is revealed, but I just haven t read that far OK Finished And, yes, there were a couple of spoilers, but I can t recall the titles Although there are 101 entries in this fat, little book, each entry is only about two pages long, so it takes [...]

    6. There is probably no one definitive horror movie list that all gorehounds and ghoulies should gravitate to uh, at least not one that doesn t even mention The Babadook in passing anyway , but this is a hell of a place to start I find it sad that I saw so many of these when I was 12 13 and forgot everything about them

    7. This is a cool little book of horror movies with nice, glossy pictures It s not a comprehensive list, as in it doesn t have a lot written about each film, just little tidbits.

    8. As a gander at my most recently read list can attest, I m on a horror bender of late This book is a great resource if you are looking to separate the art from the crap which is always a considerable challenge for fans of this genre, as anyone who has sat through Lost Souls, Legion, The Beast Must Die, Motel Hell or Blackenstein can attest Yep, I ve witnessed them all This is a good reference written with the film buff in mind each entry includes the names of the cast, director and cinematographe [...]

    9. If you love lists and love movies the 101 movies to see before you die is the series to turn to.This one reviews 101 horror films between 1919 and 2007 in chronological order What struck me was the wonderfully broad selection of films it really is an excellent introduction to horror we have werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein, serial killers, demons, zombies, psychological horror, slashers, cannibals, Asian, witches, nightmares The reviews themselves are short but comprehensive though do include [...]

    10. A small book that provides two pages of discussion and some production credits for each film, as well as a color photo of the poster and an image from the movie Films are arranged chronologically The low rating comes from the fact that a lot of the chapters give away major plot points such as the ending of NotLD and the major twist in High Tension Since this book is a survey of films that one is supposed to see, it should be assumed that readers have not seen many of them There s no excuse for t [...]

    11. As a true horror and cinema fan, reading 101 Horror Films You Must See Before You Die was a must It s not so much a book you sit down and read as one you own as a guide to the some of the greatest films in cinema history There are a few odd inclusions Evil Dead 2, Blackula but overall it reads like a history of great horror films, covering the entire 20th century and just beyond Every page has an eyecatching quote, poster artwork and a photo from each film.I m definitely interested in the 1001 F [...]

    12. I think an appropriate subtitle for this book would be 101 horror movies many of which you have probably seen and many still you have at least heard of I m glad that Ingmar Bergmann s Hour of the Wolf was included, but am disappointed that Brian De Palma s Sisters was not I was expecially disappointed that Wes Craven s They was excluded How about a film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa instead of the usual obvious J horror picks The book seemed to run out of steam after the 1980s Still I got a few recommend [...]

    13. Although this looked like a lame ass coffee table book that would spew the usual generic horror movie info, it was surprisingly fascinating to read through It has a lot of interesting movies on the list that I d never even heard of, and it actual offers up a bit of feminist theory perspective on some of the movies they actually mention Clover s Men, Women, and Chainsaws, for example An interesting book to bump around in for sure.

    14. There are some minor mistakes and because it s an edited volume every other films seems to be one of the most important horror films in history , but otherwise this is a good and intelligent guide to horror films that combines films studies attention to cinematic technique with in my view interesting analysis of the social and psychological aspects Recommended.

    15. An interesting read, I have found than a few horror films to look up The editors appear to know their stuff, even though they were wrong as far as the plot and or details of the movie go on several occasions, the one that comes to mind would be The Orphanage Worth a read, but not worth owning.

    16. A cute little book of horror movies and their descriptions I m surprised that i actually saw 29 out of the 101 Some of the movies where classics that I had definitely heard of and most likely seen but couldn t remember Definitely the older black and white classics It was a satisfying mixture of U.S and foreign films on the list So happy that I found this little gem.

    17. This was a good solid list of films but I m afraid I ve seen all of them except a handful of the foreign films that made the list Overall a well compiled book but I wish there d been some obscure titles that made the cut.

    18. A very comprehensive list that includes classic horror movies from the 20s to today A nice compilation that wisely avoids ranking them because of inevitable disagreements.

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