Politician Political prisonerHe awoke in a tiny lightless cell groping for memory memory that had been erased Hope Hubris Jupiter governor progressive populist warrior hero and presidential candidate a mem

  • Title: Politician
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780380896851
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Political prisonerHe awoke in a tiny lightless cell, groping for memory memory that had been erased Hope Hubris, Jupiter governor, progressive populist, warrior hero, and presidential candidate a mem washed tool of the enemy And if his captors plan worked, Hope would destroy his own political career, leaving the fate of his planet in the hands of its corrupt presidentPolitical prisonerHe awoke in a tiny lightless cell, groping for memory memory that had been erased Hope Hubris, Jupiter governor, progressive populist, warrior hero, and presidential candidate a mem washed tool of the enemy And if his captors plan worked, Hope would destroy his own political career, leaving the fate of his planet in the hands of its corrupt presidential incumbent Tocsin.But Hope Hubris had a destiny to fulfill He had the cunning to discover code words that could reactivate his mind the strength to resist addiction to their drugs the power to win the support of his countrymen, and finally the courage to make an agonizing sacrifice that would ensure his planet s future and his own destiny Tyrant of Jupiter

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      Piers Anthony

    About Author

    1. Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six After graduating with a B.A from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full time.Piers is a self proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife They have two grown daughterscmillan author piersa

    One thought on “Politician

    1. Good start to this one, a narrative technique to keep the story coming that worked well, although not half confusing when you re falling asleep probably the best of the whole lot apart from the first one.

    2. The set up of the book is strong The main character loses memories and chapters alternate between him trying to recover those memories, and chapters detailing the events memories he does recall But this book was a bit of a drag as I found myself skimming Politics very finely veiled as they echo political events of the 80 s Also the story became repititious in nature Perhaps also the reality of politicians being unable to survive without special interest money and bald faced promisies is a downer [...]

    3. Weak, hackneyed and disappointing.A painfully formulaic and uninspiring allegorical cliche paralleling the American political structure and process of any decade since 1960 , Volume 3 trots out all of the worst novice writer parlor tricks that make reading painful future technology that mirrors ancient i.e steam locomotives but with a futuristic power source , a geo political structure so cloned from the US that the author uses current US State nicknames for Jovian state names, and convenient pl [...]

    4. I absolutely love this series of books I began reading them when they were first published but only made it through 3 With 4, I will be entering into new territory in the story of Hope Hubris

    5. Calligula of the stars 3 May 2012 First thing I have to mention is the idea that Hope Hubris is the Calligula of the Stars Personally I am actually beginning to wonder what Anthony actually knows about Ancient History and the early Roman Emperors Calligua was little than an insane monster that was interested in indulging in sensuality than actually running an empire That is probably the main reason the Praetorian Guard ended up sticking a knife into him in the same way the senate stuck a knife [...]

    6. The third in the series sees Hope Hubris go from the navy to become the leader of the United States of Jupiter, fending off various attempts to undermine him, kill him, and brainwash him The essence of the book is a satire on the Cold War and, particularly on the USA s political process Jupiter is a thinly veiled USA, Saturn a thinly veiled USSR The narrative structure is different in this book to the two previous, in that it shifts back and forth between Hope captured by some, initially unknown [...]

    7. Read this book and remember it was written in 1983 86 No, it wasn t written in this century, but a generation before Does that make Piers Anthony someone able to see the future Or are we simply fated to repeat history over and over with each generation, never learning from it Sure some things have changed and changed drastically, but so much has not The battles over balancing the budget made me laugh and cry Talk of the recesion, the disappearing middle class, drugs, unemployment and resonanted [...]

    8. This whole series was interesting because it followed a character through several stages of his life With the blindfold off, you read about the character s shortcomings and how he feels about them himself It humanizes the hero to the point that you understand and accept what he s done, but do not always like him Basically, he s one of us with all our foibles He s just a somewhat ordinary man raised himself to achievements in extraordinary circumstances.

    9. The Space Tyrant series gets better and better Brilliantly written with Hope telling us his latest story through the use of flashbacks and memory recall mixed in with his real time situation.ough this wasn t immediately clear after the first chapter I wondered if I had missed something Yep, there s a lot of politics in here and not too much action there is some but the main theme of the story is Hope s current predicament and how he deals with it And a jolly good story it is

    10. The second book in the series surpasses the first book in my opinion The protagonist was a little easier to relate to though he was still somewhat silly in nature considering his environment and not wise to the situation he was in by any means I find it difficult to believe that he rose to the level he did considering he just doesn t seem all that bright.Overall a decent book that made me look forward to the next installment.

    11. In the beginning it was very confusing, switching in the chapters between views Once you settle in and realise why the views are changing that becomes less disconcerting I still felt that this book lacked something compared to the first two from the series The politician side of Hope s life is rather humdrum, punctuated by the intriguing chapters detailing his imprisonment.

    12. Another good book in this series It is different in style and format than the previous two books, but it was still a very good read.It was interesting to read the paralells in the political climate of the 60s 80s that he was writing about with what is happening today Just goes to show that nothing really changes, and it makes no difference who s in office, we ll all bitch about something

    13. BIO of a Space Tyrant series was one of the best, hard core sci fi reads when I was in school, and has always remained one of my favorite stories Loved the arc of the character from book one to book five amazing to develop a character so much over a series like this It was really brave in retrospect, but so glad he did it this way Was a brilliant, thoughtful, well written series.

    14. I liked this as a teen, but re reading it some decades later I found myself unable to finish it Liked the initial set up and the shout out to some basic cryptography, even like the very thinly veiled analogies to 80s geopolitics, but I felt the way the characters acted and talked was too unbelievable for me.

    15. Hope Hubris has now been a refugee, a high ranking officer in the Navy, and this book has him in the political realm There are lots of parallels to current day issues, and Hope is, as always, a fascinating character The book is made interesting as you flash between current time and him being held captive brainwashed and tortured.A good read.

    16. After two wonderful books, this one is much harder to get into it s downfall for me is that its a summary of 2 decades of thinly disguised US politics But, the story is saved by it all being wrapped up in Hope Hubris trying to remember who he is while in captivity and after a memory wipe that part is good fun.

    17. I loved this entire series and reread it several times, though not in the last decade My next reread, I will provide a detailed review The evolution of the character and of the political changes he accomplishes are so beautifully modeled after the very problems we wrestle with on Earth each day.

    18. Hope wakes up in a prison cell, and is being brainwashed and sexually compromised He triggers a series of flashbacks that bring back his memories of his political career culminating in his run for president.Warning, a lot of sex in this book.

    19. Compared to the 2 first books of the series it s very disappointing The ending gave me some hope to look over the next book of the series but other then that this book should have not existed.

    20. I have not read this book because I am trying to find the first in the series, and once I do I will beging reading through the books.

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