Sin and Scandal in England

Sin and Scandal in England Succumbing to sin Bethany Munro was once madly in love with the dashing Ian Rockwell Then Ian left on a mission for the Crown and Bethany was forced to put her heart aside until one glittering night

  • Title: Sin and Scandal in England
  • Author: Melody Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780061129605
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Succumbing to sin .Bethany Munro was once madly in love with the dashing Ian Rockwell Then Ian left on a mission for the Crown, and Bethany was forced to put her heart aside until one glittering night when she spies him across a crowded ballroom, and the feelings she once felt come rushing back But she has her secrets and so does he Sir Ian Rockwell hSuccumbing to sin .Bethany Munro was once madly in love with the dashing Ian Rockwell Then Ian left on a mission for the Crown, and Bethany was forced to put her heart aside until one glittering night when she spies him across a crowded ballroom, and the feelings she once felt come rushing back But she has her secrets and so does he Sir Ian Rockwell has led a dangerous life and is now a suspect in a crime he did not commit He never imagined the na ve girl he knew so long ago could be the beauty standing before him now, or that she would be the one who could help him prove his innocence But in a world of glamour and intrigue, where nothing is as it seems, their perilous game of seduction soon turns into a night of sin, a night where they both discover the only thing dangerous than passion is falling in love.

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      Melody Thomas

    About Author

    1. Years after receiving my Criminal Justice degree from the University of Oklahoma , I discovered the historical romance genre True legends like M.M Kaye, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Judith McNaught, and Penelope Williamson, sparked my love for writing and convinced me I wanted only to do one thing in my life and that was to create great stories alive with grit and passion.In the past, I ve written westerns for Leisure under Lori Morgan and Pirate adventure books for Berkley under Laura Renken My books have been five times reviewer nominated by Romantic Times Bookclub for Best Adventure and Best Historical Suspense and Gothic categories They have won the Holt Medallion twice, the WISRWA Writer s Choice Award, the Affaire de Couer reader s Choice award and will be published in five foreign languages worldwide My Lord Pirate, was a 1999 Golden Heart Finalist, which launched my publishing career with Berkley.I live in the Chicago area where I am also the former president for the Windy City RWA chapter Currently, I pen stories for AVON HarperCollins under my name, Melody Thomas Wild and Wicked in Scotland, the first book in my new Charmed and Dangerous series appeared on shelves January 2007 The second book, Sin and Scandal in England, was an Avon October 2007 release Passion and Pleasure in London came out August 26, 2008 For information on my books check out my Author pages on this site Happy Reading.Have you ever wanted to be a romance writer Consider joining Romance Writers of AmericaIf you live near Chicago, check out windycityrwa

    One thought on “Sin and Scandal in England

    1. Melody Thomas seems to be a constant 3 stars writer for me I like her characters and their chemistry But the stories themselves are always disappointing Spoiler alertThis is the 2nd book in a series but I did not really feel that I was missing any information while reading this book Bethany was a 20 year old virgin who fancied herself in love with Ian 3 years ago Ian, 31 at this beginning of the story, turned Bethany down 3 years ago for reasons unknown Later we learned that Ian turned Bethany d [...]

    2. I really liked this book It was very fast paced and you just never got bored with it There s always something going on something new introduced none of that mindless fluff you sometimes get in historical romance you know the kind where sometimes days go by and nothing important happens Great love story couldn t put it down read it in a day.

    3. A must read.Dangerous secrets and passion add a lot of spice to this amazing tale of intrique and romance.Bethany looks out across the ballroom floor spotting a face she never dreamed to see againhandsome Ian He had left her years ago without a goodbye and she has never stopped loving him Ian is on a mission and her presence could jeopardize everything Trying to get her to leave is impossible when all he wants to do is kiss her He is harboring many secrets that leave her guessing and hurt.By try [...]

    4. I picked this book up, after judging it by its cover, when I was looking for some mindless romantic fluff But it is not a romantic novel of manners and witty banter that I prefer It is a modernized historical, romantic, suspense, and murder mystery I probably should have known that it wasn t what I was looking for by how far that dress is undone down her back on the cover.Miss Bethany Munro, a forward thinking science teaching assistant at a girl s boarding school, attends a house party to disco [...]

    5. I can t bring myself to finish this Already 100 pages in, and the only only words I can use to describe the hero and heroine are supposedly protective and supposedly intelligent, respectively Surely at this point, I should have a strong grasp of who these people are and what matters to them.And judging by the cryptic, melodramatic conversations they keep having, I can only assume that they, and the author, believe I already understand them quite well But I don t I have no bloody clue what they r [...]

    6. I love this book I ve had the paperback for years and recently bought it for my kindle I ve read it too many times to count at this point The story is dark and sinister at times and has a really great twist for the ending If you are looking for a hearts and flowers romance this is not the book for you But if you want a great mystery, murder, spy s and their secrets, some scandal with a dash of OMG I didn t see that coming then you are good to go The heat level is actually very low but still ther [...]

    7. Very fast paced at times Victorian spy romance Bethany is a rather odd combination of the unique scientist and conventional has all sorts of conventional plucky talents like picking locks with hairpins and handling firearms Ian is, well, tall, blond, gorgeous, conflicted, a spy, you name it Makes the crawling around in tunnels on England s north coast much better The plot is a bit frenetic new elements are almost continually introduced and it gets hard to keep straight after a bit The conversati [...]

    8. Ik heb de Nederlandstalige versie gelezen Liefde in gevaar Candlelight Historische roman 907.De held uit dit deel heeft een bijrol in deel 1 Ook dit verhaal is weer meer een detective dan een romantisch verhaal en wat een serie voor mij zo leuk maakt nl een update van de held en heldin uit voorgaande delen blijft hier geheel achterwege Ik ga hierna deel 3 uit de serie lezen en hoop dat die update daar dan in zit.

    9. I enjoyed the intrigue danger combined with the romance The story had a nice pace and never got predictable However, I would note to the editor that there was one glaring instance where continuity was lost Also, so many a s and the s were missing that sentences were stilted I would still read this author again.

    10. Could have been better I didn t feel much connection between the h h Rather the bitterness from the heroine towards the hero was often palpable, and I end up feeling annoyed that she doesn t put up too much of a fight Sometimes I just feel a little sorry for Bethany and wished she was a lil feisty.

    11. It was okay I liked the twist on the usual historical romance novel with the intrigue, anarchist rebels and secret agent stuff I feel compelled to read the first book in this series, but mostly because it s a series, not because I m thrilled with the writing Maybe I ll feel differently I m waiting to be swept away.

    12. Where I loved the first book in this series, I found this one was a bit lacking Something in the way it was written seemed a bit choppy to me Because of that I didn t continue to read the entire book, so on to the next

    13. One question was Mary murdered I hate reading books that do not tie everything up at the end.

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