Trigger Jersey Hatch can t remember if he rammed the car into his parents house He can t remember why his best friend won t speak to him He can t remember the right words to have a real conversation And he ca

  • Title: Trigger
  • Author: Susan Vaught
  • ISBN: 9781582349206
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jersey Hatch can t remember if he rammed the car into his parents house.He can t remember why his best friend won t speak to him.He can t remember the right words to have a real conversation And he can t remember why he tried to shoot his own head off.Broken in both mind and body, Jersey must piece his life back together, step by painful step He must re learn to tie hisJersey Hatch can t remember if he rammed the car into his parents house.He can t remember why his best friend won t speak to him.He can t remember the right words to have a real conversation And he can t remember why he tried to shoot his own head off.Broken in both mind and body, Jersey must piece his life back together, step by painful step He must re learn to tie his own shoelaces He must somehow pass Algebra and graduate high school And he must try to repair old friendships as severed as the connection between his brain and his once athletic body With a compelling and unique literary voice Susan Vaught thrusts readers directly into the bitterly funny head of Jersey Hatch as he navigates his own damaged existence, and as he tries to answer the question not just why he wanted to end his very good life, but whether he can stop himself from trying to end it again An eye opening story that expertly navigates the triumph of family, the depths of despair, and the humor of the most mundane details of life.
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    1. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel youtube channel UCfer3.5 5 StarsJersey Hatch tried to commit suicide by shooting him in the head Now, half his body is left useless and he can t remember a lot of things He doesn t remember why his best friend won t talk to him, he doesn t know why he can t control the things that come out of his mouth and he can t remember why he tried to commit suicide in the first place.I enjoyed this a lot than I originally thought I would The [...]

    2. Suicide victims often times are misunderstood by others Many tends to be judgemental of them, calling them selfish, attention seeker or even mad Suicides account for twice as many deaths as AIDS and over half of suicide deaths are by firearm.Jersey Hatch is the voice of all those vulnerable, troubled teens out there Vaught has crafted him based on her experience of working with young people as a practising neuropsychologist Jersey suffered permanent physical and neurological impairment after a b [...]

    3. Whoa Interesting premise for a book a boy attempts suicide by shooting himself, but survives The books begins as he comes home for the first time after a year of rehab He barely believes he tried to kill himself and spends the whole book figuring out why he pulled the trigger hence the title He also has to reconcile with his extremely upset parents and angry friends On top of all this, he is now severely physically handicapped and can barely think or speak coherently The enire book is narrated i [...]

    4. 5 Moving, Inspirational, and Captivating Stars I haven t written a review in a while Nothing really worth the time recently, until I came across this gem I really step out of my box with this one, not being a fan of young adult From the first chapter your dragged into the damaged mind of Jersey Hatch, and you don t want to leave.Without giving to much away, Jersey is a young man who tried to commit sucide, but fails He now has to live with the reprucions of his actions Going through life with ex [...]

    5. Susan VaughtTriggerNew York Bloomsbury USA, 2008292 pp 8.95978 1 59990 230 2 Suicide can ruin a teenager s life, as well as affect everyone else s around that person In Trigger, the author Susan Vaught, portrays this aspect very clearly She also uses other tactics to put the reader into the mindset of 17 year old Jersey Hatch, who attempted suicide and is now dealing with random outbursts and scars all over his body The last trait of the novel is how much science is lying beneath the story Vaugh [...]

    6. This is about a teenager who shoots himself in the head, but it doesn t kill him The book starts with him being released from the hospital a year later, but he remembers nothing about trying to kill himself or anything about the year before that He s also come through it with a weakened side and brain damage than just the memory It s an interesting mystery as the reader follows Jersey on his quest to find out why he shot himself Many people are angry with him and seem not to like him any This i [...]

    7. Excellent, excellent book It gets better each time I read it I believe this is the third time I ve read it Told from Jersey s pov, it is really an eye opening way to look at how all people suffer a suicide attempt, including the person who attempted suicide This review does contain SPOILERS, so if you don t want to know ahead of time of some events in the book, don t continue reading this review Jersey may have seemed like he lived the perfect life to everyone on the outside, but the pressures t [...]

    8. After reading the last perfectly imperfect page of this novel, I took a deep breath, tears lining the edges of my eyes I felt as if I had suddenly realized I had been holding my breath in a completely different space than shared reality, maybe like diving underwater, into a space where nothing existed except the world of this book And it was amazing.I don t typically like books dealing with the theme of suicide too depressing , but this one was different It flowed With honesty Hope With a beauti [...]

    9. 4 of 5 starsTRIGGER is told from the POV of high school senior Jersey, who has just been released from a rehabilitation facility, recovering from severe brain injuries from a self inflicted gunshot wound He doesn t remember the incident, or know why he would attempt suicide What he does know is that his parents are walking on eggshells, his ex best friend hates him, he s bullied at school, and the harder he tries to speak and make sense of things, the jumbled his thoughts and speech With the he [...]

    10. We first meet Jersey Hatch on the day he comes home after a year in the hospital Jersey tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head Not only does he not remember pulling the trigger, but he has also forgotten the year leading up to the event Jersey, who had once been a star athlete and honor student, now struggles with physical and mental difficulties His old friends shun him and his parents don t want to talk about anything important With the help of the outspoken, no nonsense Mama [...]

    11. Personal Response At first this book was very confusing and dull.l, but towards the end it got really good I really liked it, because I didn t imagine the climax to have such an impact on the book Plot Summary At the start of the book, Jersey woke up in a mental center He eventually got to leave the center and return home For weeks he has been trying to figure out why he was different than most people and why he had a massive scar on his head He figures out that he attempted suicide in his room [...]

    12. ybe the way I break people, they can t ever be fixed Volcanoes Hot inside Way, way down inside, flying up, trying to get outMore hot, flying up, about to blow out, about to cover everything in red Fast like a finger snap, everything went away Snap Poof No insides, no outsides No hurts or happy or tears or anything Just nothing Empty and cold and ice and nothing I m a ruiner I am oddly always amazed at the emotional effects a book has on me simply because of how I was feeling already when I read [...]

    13. This book was very interesting compared to anything that I ve ever read before I found it really interesting how I almost lived in the mind of a brain damaged genius and experienced everything he went through It was just at some points I found myself easily lost in what was going on and the book spent too much time on some little topics that I found very boring I felt like it did this briefly for every chapter and it really slowed down the pace of the book If u disregard that though I really enj [...]

    14. The use of language in this book is intriguing I m game for a good downer of a read, but this is perhaps my limit Not bad, but depressing YA In the end, I was oddly hoping the kid would kill himself and put everyone out of his misery.

    15. This book was about a teen who attempts to commit suicide and fails The book had a lot of promise but just didn t deliver I started skipping paragraphs and was losing nothing important.

    16. Fantastic Book I d definitely read titles by this author She has such a compassionate take on what it must be like to be a troubled teen Why do so many teenagers feel that they want to end their lives This book is about a boy who is unsuccessful in his attempt to kill himself Throughout the book he is trying to find answers to what happened the year before because his memory of everything surrounding the incident is not clear Many of the chapters start with a recurring dream about what happened [...]

    17. Vaught, Susan Trigger 290 p Language PG Sexual Content G, Violence G This book is about a kid who shot himself but did not succeed in his attempted suicide He has major brain damage, and most of the kids at school see him as the new freak The book is about his struggle and journey to go back to school for his senior year and trying to figure out why he did it I enjoyed reading this book It was really well written considering it is in first person It might be a little harder for seventh grade stu [...]

    18. I thought that this was a good book and that it offered an interesting and unique perspective for a really specific type of person It was cool to go through and figure out what the character found out and that was the whole purpose of the book It is a little boring and the end was kind of a let down but otherwise an interesting read.

    19. It s been a while since I ve read a YA novel I m glad I picked this one up While not a YA full of romance relationship angst, it was full of real emotional depth dealt with the subject of suicide in a thoughtful poignant manner Jersey was a great character I felt quite a lot of empathy for him as he tried to figure out what led him to the fateful moment when he attempted suicide I was on pins needles with him as he made lists, asked people about himself before he and his parents tiptoed around e [...]

    20. This book was about a teen who tried to commit suicide and survived with resulting brain damage I thought the brain damage part was well done It was so interesting being able to read from the perspective of someone with a head injury The main character, Jersey Hatch, felt like a realistic character My only criticism about this aspect of the story is that some of Hatch s rambling thoughts could have been edited out There were times where I was tempted to skip ahead as the story stalled.I mainly d [...]

    21. How I Came To Read This Book A member of the LiveJournal community readplease said she d never cried as much as she did when reading this book I decided to test that theory.The Plot Jersey Hatch is being released from a hospital he s spent the past year at One of his eyes is partially blind, one side of his body is pretty decrepit, and his brain feels like an uncontrollable mush of words and ideas Now that he s out, Jersey is faced with some tough questions, most notablywhy did he try to kill hi [...]

    22. WOW I COULD NOT put this book down Jersey is coming home 1 year and five hospitals after an event that gives him a traumatic brain injuring While he s trying to focus enough to not yell out random words and complete simple tasks like pulling up his zipper, he s also trying to put the pieces together of what led up to the event, and why everyone seems so angry with him You will be shocked as the story unfolds, and the true delicacy of life is revealed.

    23. Jersey Hatch is just getting out of Carter a rehabilitation center for the brain injured when we meet him He shot himself in the head a year ago and has been hospitalized ever since Now he s going back to his old life and he s haunted by the question Why The only people from his old life who will speak to him aside from his parents are Mama Rush a grandmotherly figure from next door and Leeza Mama Rush s granddaughter They are determined to help Jersey understand why he tried to commit suicide a [...]

    24. Reviewed by Mechele R Dillard for TeensReadTooSeventeen year old Jersey Hatch cannot remember that day in his bedroom with his father s gun, and no amount of questioning from family, friends, or therapists can change that Why did he do it He wishes he could answer that question, but if he cannot even remember the actual act of shooting himself in the head, how can he be expected to remember why he decided to do it in the first place Only through a painful search for answers can Jersey discover e [...]

    25. I read Trigger in one night, from start to finish Started and couldn t stop It resonated, it hurt, at times I put the book down in my lap because I couldn t read through my tears, couldn t breathe past the lump in my throat It showed me the tragic consequences of untreated depression in a way I ve never allowed myself to consider Where I wanted to experience pity and regret for Jersey, the characters around him demonstrated contempt It hurt, but that s the lesson.Jersey Hatch is no hero He screw [...]

    26. I liked it and would recommend it I appreciated that the whole story is told from Jersey s perspective and not the other characters, since it seems that people with disabilities rarely get to narrate their own lives That being said, FYI the author does not have a brain injury.

    27. I will definitely continue reading this book So far in the book Trigger , some interesting things have happened The main character is named Jersey He lost almost all of his memory due to a failed suicide attempt It was a miracle that he survived Jersey is now crippled, He only has one eye that he can see through, and a limp arm Him and his parents _______ and ______ move back to their home town after Jersey s recovery even though Jersey still had some difficulties When he tries to contact friend [...]

    28. Trigger is a powerfully emotional read of a high school boy, Jersey, who committed suicide and survived He doesn t remember anything from the year prior or the event itself, and is struggling to pick up the pieces His best friend Todd hates him, but Todd s younger sister is being helpful His mom appears to be cracking at the seams, but his dad seems to have his back In all of this, one question is invading every relationship he had and has what caused him to do it At first, I thought this book w [...]

    29. A good, good, book Very involved with Jersey s thoughts Jersey is the main character and protagonist I know what depression feels like, you feel alone, and like no one gets you, and your friends if you have any left just seem like trivial people.Jersey from before the suicide attempt felt like this, but even thought after the attempt Jersey doesn t remember actually attempting suicide he dreams about it according to what he sees and observes now The author does a good job of telling what happene [...]

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