Broken Process (The Code, #3)

Broken Process The Code My world is falling apart My bank account drained my home ransacked my best friend taken I must make a choice continue to fight or give my persecutors what they want The men of Pentabyte swear they

  • Title: Broken Process (The Code, #3)
  • Author: Bethany Jadin
  • ISBN: 079542258823599666173
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My world is falling apart.My bank account drained, my home ransacked, my best friend taken I must make a choice continue to fight, or give my persecutors what they want The men of Pentabyte swear they just want to protect me, but with their ties to black ops and the dark underbelly of espionage, I m not so sure One question haunts me Is this a partnership made in parad My world is falling apart.My bank account drained, my home ransacked, my best friend taken I must make a choice continue to fight, or give my persecutors what they want The men of Pentabyte swear they just want to protect me, but with their ties to black ops and the dark underbelly of espionage, I m not so sure One question haunts me Is this a partnership made in paradise or a hostile takeover Broken Process is book three of The Code, a reverse harem continuation series of five full length novels with heart, humor, heat, and an action suspense storyline that gathers in speed and intensity with each book You ll find a strong woman and five intriguing men, each with their own quirks, wounds, and desires but their focus is all on her.Jude, the strong, silent alpha, always calmly in controlHis twin, Jax, the mysterious one with a dark pastTrigg, a sweetheart who carries his battle scars quietlyDaniel, the dashing gentleman with a brilliant mindAnd Gunner, the youngest and the life of the partyTHE CODE SERIES1 Vested Interest dp B079FN3QJT 2 Hidden Agenda dp B079FVVDV5 3 Broken Process dp B079FXCQ54 4 Risky Business dp B079FTTWSF 5 Perfect Design dp B079YB9DGR Each book in the series picks up where the previous one left off and they must be read in order for the story to make sense There are cliffhangers from book to book, but by the end of the series everything comes to a very satisfying conclusion.Love without Limits whychoose

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    1. Bethany Jadin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Broken Process (The Code, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Bethany Jadin author readers around the world.

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    1. Emma s bank account has been drained, her childhood home ransacked, and now her best friend, Zoey has been taken BHC has shown that they will stop at nothing to get access to Emma s code Emma has tried to be strong, to be independent but realizes that she can no longer allow her pride to stand in the way of accepting the guy s help She had wanted to keep a degree of separation between her and the men of Pentabyte until her decision was made but the realization that she and her loved ones are Emm [...]

    2. This is the third middle book in this series It is full of some great scenes, but not quite the steaminess that filled book two Lots of talking like adults and relationship building with a hefty dose of drama and intrigue on the side It was a quick, fun, read and leaves me wanting to see where things go for Emma and her men.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    3. This book blew me away It is the third book in the series and the plot has thickened even further Emma is still facing danger from BHC, and this book picks up right where it left off in book two with her home and best friend being terrorized by this organization The danger only gets larger as Emma fights to make her own decisions and keep those she cares about safe, including the guys that have wormed their way into her heart I felt like this book was the perfect continuation of the series This [...]

    4. This series gets better and better with each book and in the third book of the series the story really starts to intensify This book allows the reader to see what all the MCs are thinking, the multiple POV are fantastic and it really grabs the readers attention I love all the guys in this story and Emma is such a strong character she just gels with them all wonderfully And in this book we not only get the great group time but the connection is also allowed to develop between Emma and the guys Th [...]

    5. The third installment of the Code series was heavy in the feels Emma and the guys dealing with danger, corporate espionage and the rapidly increasing feelings between the six of them The book starts out with a bang, picking up exactly where we left off in book 2 Emma s best friend Zoey has been kidnapped by BHC The authors portray the raw emotion everyone feels terror, sadness, guilt and helplessness While a horrible experience, the experience strengthens the bonds with the guys and leads The th [...]

    6. This third book in the series is such an exciting read It picks right back up where book number two ended and we get right back into the thick of it all Broken Process is the book where Emma and the guys finally come together This is an important book for their relationship and there s some deep soul searching here I love how the authors have built their relationships together as a group and individually and how they re working, and talking through their emotions.I d say that the beginning a Thi [...]

    7. This is the third installment of The Code series and starts where the previous book left off Emma s best friend was taken by BHC in order to pressure Emma into handing over her code I really like how rational the main characters are, they all make great choices Emma turns to her guys for help instead of trying to do it herself Her best friend gives amazing advice and is just so kind and lovable The guys are understanding and allow Emma and Zoey to make their own choices I find it very anno This [...]

    8. When I was approached by this author to read and review her new series, I wasn t sure what to expect, but so far the series is pretty good Broken Process is book three in this new series called The Code As the offers from other software companies begin to come in and , only one other stands out, but not for a good reason Another company, BHC, has been basically stalking Emma, and as she hasn t made a decision who to sign a deal with yet, they up their tactics by trying to make Emma g When I was [...]

    9. Another great read from Elaina Beth a.k.a Bethany Jadin as she continues Emma s story After having lost her job and her home in previous books of the series , Broken Process follows along as the boys provide a sense of safety for Emma Zoey following Zoey s kidnapping We also finally see the start of the Reverse Harem aspect of this story, as Emma talks with her five men about the feelings that are developing between herself and all of them With another issue cropping up at the Another great read [...]

    10. Emma has had such a chance to grow as a character She starts to realize that she doesn t have to just rely on herself and Zoey to get through what is happening to her BHC keeps going after Emma and her guys know how to make her life easier I like the connection that the guys all have with each other and how they react to the growing relationship with Emma They are all such interesting and different guys that it makes one jealous of Emma I think my favorite part was the tub scene with Gunner Emma [...]

    11. I have been eagerly awaiting this after reading the first two books in the series The excitement is hotting up, as Emma s relationships develop and grow between Emma and the guys, the danger ramps up in the fight for her software I love Emma s relationships with each of the guys and how different they all are I also love Emma s relationship with her bestie Zoey.The writer really draws you into the story, I am pulled completely in and I love the mix of emotions in the story, from Gunners easy I h [...]

    12. This series keep getting better and better Wow I did not want it to end The tension is rising, stakes are getting high, how are they going to save the day This book was left on a cliffhanger with the next book to be released in May I adore the characters in this RH and how they are making this unconventional relationship work Five guys and one girl along with her trusty BF in a modern world, fighting through corporate espionage, hard ball recruitment tactics, and the desperate lengths an This se [...]

    13. Amount of sex 2 5How explicit 3 5Story 5 5Overall 5 5Broken Process is the third book in a five book series called, the Code It is necessary to read the books in order to fully understand and follow along The characters are engaging and well developed, and the storyline is gripping and simply delicious Broken Process begins where we were left off in the second book, Hidden Agenda It has a bit action and drama than the other books and pivotal for Emma emotionally She is trying t Amount of sex 2 5 [...]

    14. Omg I can t even I love this series and it just keeps getting better I LOVE the turn this series has taken I was dying after the last cliffhanger and loved to see how they all responded I feel like I got to know the 5 boys and Emma so much better this book The characters are so amazing and I totally feel like I ve been sucked into their lives I can t believe the turn that was taken at the end and of course am now dying to know what s going to happen next Just when you feel so warm and hop Omg I [...]

    15. So good What I love about this series It s realistic relationships in a contemporary setting and the fact that the characters are not perfect These characters have to grow with one another in a non traditional romantic relationship We, as the reader, get to witness personal character growth and relationship growth in a suspension setting In this book, what stands out is the personal growth from the heroine and the realization of her feelings It made me feel closer to than previous books Ea So go [...]

    16. Another amazing book from Bethany Jadin This story picks up right where the previous book left off I love reading about the guys POV and their feelings while finding their ways into this RH relationship It was great to here how they are all progressing into the new reality as well as becoming a unit within itself With the men having such protective instincts and Emma realizes she needs them for than steamy times, this story unfolds with some bumps, insecurities, hot moments, love, and Another am [...]

    17. I m literally sitting here digesting what I just read Emma got me really irritated with some of her actions but I came to realize that those actions were needed to move forward Emma and the Pentabyte men have finally gotten to a good place I was in heaven along with her and then the bottom drops out I never saw that ending coming and now I can t wait for the next book I can t wait to see how everything gets put back I need the fourth book now please If you haven t started this series than I m li [...]

    18. This series just keeps maintaining the suspense level up there What s going to happen next and to whom Is all the fuss about the code still worth it Does Emma want to move closer toward the guys So many questions And the bad guys just keep morphing and refocusing their target Great storyline that remains strong and engaging from start to finish Highly encourage to start from book one if you haven t already Highly recommend this book Note I was provided an Advanced Review Copy of this bo This ser [...]

    19. I love the concept of the story and the intrigue that has been brought in, but the story is getting a little stale Emma needs to decide who she is giving the code to.My main criticism of the story is that all the main male characters are indistinguishable There is really nothing to tell them apart I have to keep going back to the start of the chapter to know who is narrating.That said, I will still be reading books 4 and 5 and I am really interested to see where the story goes.I received an A I [...]

    20. Loving this series I wasn t sure initially when I started this series how I d feel about it, I m not a techie by any means But this story, which has gripped me from the very beginning, somehow keeps getting better I love the MC and each of the guys distinct personalities that still all blend together perfectly to make their cohesive unit I find myself anxiously awaiting the next page turn to see what happens next the entire time I read this series I need Absolutely recommend

    21. Very enjoyable.This book propels the storyline ahead in a smooth, consistent manner The relationships between Emma and her men continue to grow, and we find out backstory on each of them I also like the developing friendships between Zoey and the guys I think it will be interesting to see where that ultimately goes.Book Four will be out soon, and I look forward to that event with great glee I recommend this entire series without hesitation.

    22. Holy moly First, this is book 3 of the series and this book HAS to be read in order Trust me it is worth it The book two enfed on one heck of a cliffanger and we pick right back up in the danger There is so much going on with Emma and her men and I can t turn the pages fast enough Be ready for a wild ride and one hell of a clifhanger in this one I think its the biggest yet Loved it and cannot wait for book 4 I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

    23. Addicted I am seriously addicted to the series Emma is so bad ass and I m so glad it s picking up and they are about to come all together and all the Corp backstabbing is coming to head look forward to seeing how the guys handle this next event Best thing about these books this series is they always leave you basically craving the next book waiting the cliffhangers are brutal but still make you wanna pick up the next book mag needs to come fast

    24. WoW Awesome book series It keeps getting better and better but I m getting sad that it will soon end I m in love with all the characters in this series I can t believe only two books in the series to go and I m not ready to let go lol Ok this may not seem like a review but you have to read this series I promise you ll not regret it It s been like getting to know your best friends all over again and the love is compounded by five

    25. Emma realises that being independent isn t the way forward when the pressure to sell the code to the bad guys escalates, putting those she loves in danger Broken Process by Bethany Jadin is book 3 in the Code series, it s fantastic and just keeps getting better Five hot guys and one sexy lady, makes for an exciting read And the cliff hanger is brilliant I can t wait for the next thrilling part I received an advanced review copy.

    26. Had me at the edge of my seat right from the beginning continues from the last book as if you have never left Full of action craziness and attraction Espionage at its highest This is a reverse harem andyou see how the relationship between Emma and the boys grow while having to face the threat of BHC Can t wait for the next book to come out to find out what will happen next.

    27. Holy Fu.Well, the manure has hit the fan in this book Still exceptionally well written, the amount of emotion and devastation crammed into this book is nearly overwhelming, in a good way I m glad the next book is available, as I don t think I could handle having to wait to see what happens next.

    28. What can I say other than this series just gets better and better and we are right in the middle of the five book series I can t wait to see what happens next for Emma and the guys This well written book has well developed characters and the unique storyline had me hooked from book one I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    29. This series just keeps getting better and better This book has everyone getting serious in the mysterious attacks and in the growing relationship It s the first contemporary RH book that really addresses having feelings for multiple people and how that affects everyone with love and jealousy Can t wait to see how this develops further

    30. This was a great book three in the series The Code.Love the characters in the story but really heat the cliffhangers at the end of each one but having said that can t wait for the next book to come along Well written great storyline, lots of fun and tears along the way.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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