Glidepath The FBI wants him arrested The CIA wants him to disappear And the owner of a Russian mercenary group wants him dead But what is hiding in the CIA s top secret personnel file on Max Fend The one that e

  • Title: Glidepath
  • Author: AndrewWatts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The FBI wants him arrested.The CIA wants him to disappear.And the owner of a Russian mercenary group wants him dead.But what is hiding in the CIA s top secret personnel file on Max Fend The one that even his FBI investigator isn t allowed to see A mysterious cyber attack on Fend Aerospace triggers an investigation into Max Fend, the son of aerospace tycoon Charles Fend FThe FBI wants him arrested.The CIA wants him to disappear.And the owner of a Russian mercenary group wants him dead.But what is hiding in the CIA s top secret personnel file on Max Fend The one that even his FBI investigator isn t allowed to see A mysterious cyber attack on Fend Aerospace triggers an investigation into Max Fend, the son of aerospace tycoon Charles Fend Fend Aerospace is only days away from launching the world s first autonomous commercial airliner, and investigators are struggling to connect the dots.But when Pavel Morozov, a wealthy ex KGB agent, shows up from a past Charles had long forgotten, the pieces begin falling into place Morozov plans to execute a deadly and nefarious plotd it centers on Max Fend.Now, Max must team up with an old flame, Canadian hacker Renee LeFrancois Together, they will attempt to unravel Morozov s plans, before it is too late

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    About Author

    1. Andrew Watts graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2003 and served as a naval officer and helicopter pilot until 2013 During that time, he flew counter narcotic missions in the Eastern Pacific and counter piracy missions off the Horn of Africa He was a flight instructor in Pensacola, FL, and helped to run ship and flight operations while embarked on a nuclear aircraft carrier deployed in the Middle East Today, he lives with his family in Ohio.

    One thought on “Glidepath

    1. Once again Andrew Watts has created a hit filled with action, foreign intrigue, multiple intelligence agencies, cutting edge aviation technology and a little love interest thrown in for good measure Just the idea of pilotless commercial aircraft could make for a great story, but when you add in foreign interests and various intelligence agencies it just get that much better.His new character Max Fend is well developed and quite believable I m looking forward to reading Max Fend books in the fut [...]

    2. No need to look over your shoulder the future is here in front of your eyes This tale is fiction but is so realistic it is almost impossible to set down once you start do not make any plans It is a captivating tale inclusive of todays realities, terrorism, brutal criminal organisations that reach across the globe, domestic and foreign intelligence services, switch back plots with countless possibilities, brutal murders, assassination attempts, edge of the cliff fight for your life action, car an [...]

    3. Fidelity by Andrew WattsWelcome to the 21st century and functional AI integrated into commercial aviation Planes flying without human pilots Sound impossible, meet Max, his father, the engineers and techniques that make this all possible Course, you can t help but include the alphabet soup agencies and all of America s enemies who want this technology at any cost The plot is twisted, action is swift and quick Thanks for a great read.

    4. Excellent I can t wait for the next one I loved the War Planner series and have been hooked on Watts style of seduction and espionage since then Glidepath is a combination of boy next door meets Bruce Wayne and James Bond I am looking forward to several books with the Fend family.

    5. Andrew Watts, finished Glidepath last night Great job, one of those rare books that I could not put down and had to keep reading to the end Favorite summer read I very much enjoyed the Warplanner series, but I believe Glide path is your best, and will lead to future success Thanks for the great read

    6. Suppose one of the largest air craft companies in the world was able to develop a commercial plane that could completely fly itself Suppose some really bad guys, Russian maybe, wanted to steal the technology and blame the theft on the owner s son There are an unlimited number of outcomes that could result and this story takes you through several of them Very well thought out plot line and interesting reading Looking forward to the next one.

    7. Max Fend has potential and maybe he will develop as an action hero, but he is definitely not there yet The young Mitch Rapp was much interesting as was the young John Rain In both these characters, we see mistakes, such as Max makes, but we see Rapp and Rain learning from them Also, it feels like I am learning reading a Flynn Mills, Eisler, Baldacci, or Childs book Watts alludes to AI as a technology but we learn nothing about it, nor about spy craft.

    8. Good book can t wait to see what Max Fend will be up to next The AI controlled plane plot is a sign of the future and a warning, think of Skynet Nice twists and turns, but some are predictable Fun, fast read This was my first book by Andrew Watts, which made me want to read from him I couldn t what for the sequel, so I just got the 3 book set of The War Planners Series , hope they are as good.

    9. Twelve on scale of tenbI enjoy a thriller but I love a mystery I figured out the villain but not their ties Having lived in jax area, it was almost like old home week Very good story, good references, good read We are 114 years since two bicycle repairmen flew for the first time and with all our interventions, this book is very believable, when you look at the google cars

    10. LandingDeveloping new aircraft instruments is especially interesting when they fly a plane from take off roll to taxiing to the terminal Many twists and turns along the way, with an interesting sub plot involving a foreign agent or two Holds your attention and moves at a good pace.

    11. This is the first time I have read anything but this author the characters were well defined and the plot was a good one.After a few pages, i could not put this book down The plot revolves around a big leap forward in AI for aeroplanes making the pilots redundant but things go wrong on its maiden flight can Max and Renee try and stop the plane being high jacked read on

    12. This is a decent thriller, but Max Fend doesn t live up to the hype of being as good as Jason Bourne He s certainly brave enough, but he s careless and unskilled compared to Bourne either the one by Ludlum, or the movie character I ll read books by the author if they are available on Kindle Unlimited, but I wouldn t want to pay for them.

    13. P ease hire an editorParts of the story were exciting and compelling however, the continual editorial errors and punctuation errors became so annoying, I almost didn t finish the book I won t look for titles by this author who boasts he churns out a new novel every few months Slow down a bit and spend time with a professional editor The story itself is fine.

    14. Fast action, with a great plot Max Fend is on the run when someone sets him up for a crime he didn t commit Max must find the parties responsible before time runs out.I liked the pace of this book Supersonic Sorry for the pun since this book has to do with aircraft.Interesting topic and believable plot.

    15. Shallow watersI feel like I ve just read a comic book Unfortunately, there were no images to help me decipher some of the people, places, and things used in this story A fantasy with a lack of development Casual reading at best.

    16. If it has planes, I m in Fast paced and informed And anyone even vaguely up on aeronautics knows this is not farfetched, but something way passed the drawing board A great way to spend a day

    17. Great story teller I have read all four of Andrews books and I have enjoyed them very much A good mix of potential real life situations and action Looking forward to his next book

    18. Yet another great example of this authors writing skills Fantastic gripping intrigue yarn, very difficult to put down and a great finale I look forward with bated beeath for the next product of this writers brilliant writing skill.

    19. Good espionage readSpies, treachery, technology, espionage, Andrew Watts takes the reader on a wild ride with Max Fend You are never sure who to trust There are multiple plotlines woven together at a break neck pace.

    20. Decent ReadNormally not a reader of this genre but I did enjoy the book Loved the flying details because I am a GA Pilot They were realistic and made it believable Will be reading of this author.

    21. SoSoImplausible plot Not that well written, could have been better The potential is there for the author All in all disappointing but it might keep you occupied on a cross country trip on a pilotless airplane.

    22. For a helicopter pilot you write an excellent story Are you sure you didn t take journalism in college Seriously this is a great read I can not wait for the next Max Fend book And please don t let anything happen to that French Canadian woman

    23. Watts has found a way to pivot and create a brand new set of characters and a realistic scenario that could be two years into the future Well paced, good non predictable twists, and a couple of great switchbacks Looking forward to the next book.

    24. Andrew has written another great book He does a fantastic job of developing the characters and keeping the flow of the story moving One of my new favorite authors now Looking forward to reading from Andrew.

    25. IntriguingI found this book to be a little too technical in places Convoluted in others.It was a good story about the different spy agencies working together to prevent a tragedy.The ending was fast paced.

    26. Love the new bookI loved this book better in my opinion than the War Planner series Well paced and easy to read Characters that are easy to relate to and well rounded, can t wait to read the next book in this series.

    27. Decent story but wordyI felt the book was filled with useless information For example the coffee drinking preference of a character who was in one chapter was pointless The author did ramble quite often The story was good and kept me reading.

    28. My first time reading a novel by Andrew WattsI really enjoyed Glidpath I had a very hard time laying the book down so I could go to bed I wanted Max and Renee to solve Max s problem which they were able to in an exciting manner It makes me want .

    29. Fast paced page turnerExcellent The story plot read like a real time headline with so many twists the reader wasn t sure who were the good guys Couldn t put it down Looking forward to stories with Max and Renee.

    30. Great StoryThis is an interesting story with a lot of twists making it fun and interesting to read Looking forward to the next one.

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