Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife

Firmin Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife Firmin is a rat born in a book a shredded copy of Finneggans Wake who finds the books he consumes also consume his soul He becomes a vagabond and philosopher struggling with mortality and meaning I

  • Title: Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife
  • Author: Sam Savage Michael Mikolowski
  • ISBN: 9781566891813
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Firmin is a rat born in a book a shredded copy of Finneggans Wake , who finds the books he consumes also consume his soul He becomes a vagabond and philosopher, struggling with mortality and meaning.In the basement of a Boston bookstore, Firmin is born in a shredded copy Finnegans Wake, nurtured on a diet of Zane Grey, Lady Chatterley s Lover, and Jane Eyre which tastesFirmin is a rat born in a book a shredded copy of Finneggans Wake , who finds the books he consumes also consume his soul He becomes a vagabond and philosopher, struggling with mortality and meaning.In the basement of a Boston bookstore, Firmin is born in a shredded copy Finnegans Wake, nurtured on a diet of Zane Grey, Lady Chatterley s Lover, and Jane Eyre which tastes a lot like lettuce While his twelve siblings gnaw these books obliviously, for Firmin the words, thoughts, deeds, and hopes all the literature he consumes soon consume him Emboldened by reading, intoxicated by curiosity, foraging for food, Firmin ventures out of his bookstore sanctuary, carrying with him all the yearnings and failings of humanity itself It s a lot to ask of a rat especially when his home is on the verge of annihilation.A novel that is by turns hilarious, tragic, and hopeful, Firmin is a masterpiece of literary imagination For here, a tender soul, a vagabond and philosopher, struggles with mortality and meaning in a tale for anyone who has ever feasted on a book and then had to turn the final page First published by Coffee House Press in 2006 Republished by Delta, a division of Random House, in 2009.

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      Sam Savage Michael Mikolowski

    About Author

    1. Sam Savage is a native of South Carolina now living in Madison, Wisconsin He received his bachelor and doctoral degree from Yale University where he taught briefly, and has also worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, commercial fisherman, and letterpress printer.

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    1. Onvan Firmin Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife Nevisande Sam Savage ISBN 1566891817 ISBN13 9781566891813 Dar 162 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

    2. so i bought this years ago and hadnt read it and then the new, even cuter edition came out so i had to get it again, but actually read it this time because i am a sucker for cool book design and im glad, because its not a cute book, despite its illustrations and little ratbite its sad than cute, and it is definitely not for kids and i am a grown up she says, eating all the candy from the basket daddy sent for easter

    3. Caso internazionale nella neo editoria Il libro fu pubblicato da una piccola casa editrice in mille copie arrivando a conquistare i pi importanti premi letterari per esordienti per poi toccare i principali mercati A distanza di un decennio che ne resta Parto da un aspettativa molto alta il libro spesso antologizzato ad uso dei ragazzi della scuola media e implicitamente parrebbe veicolare l a per la lettura mi ritrovo a conti fatti con un topolino disilluso dalla vita e dalla visione di essa , c [...]

    4. I adored this intelligent, quirky book Yes, it s told from the POV of a rat but this is no Secret of Nimh The rat in question, Firmin, is the runt of a litter of 13 and, because this mother only has 12 nipples he has to play musical teats with little success Instead he has to sustain himself by nibbling classic books Birthed by an alcoholic mother in the basement of a bookshop in Boston s Scolloy Square there are, thankfully, enough volumes to keep him full But, in allowing the words to gestate [...]

    5. Again, I must be a voice of dissent here I loved this novella It is written from the perspective of a rat who was born in a bookstore to an alcoholic mother in a litter of other rat like rats Firmin is of course different from his brothers and sisters he possesses a yearning for knowledge and a loneliness that he obliquely recognizes as the loneliness of the human condition particularly among those humans whose lives he vicariously observes This makes him a liminal figure at home neither in the [...]

    6. La f bula de una rata que aprende a leer y vive en una tienda de libros en una zona de Boston en decadencia nos habla de la experiencia de ser lector y del poder de la lectura como llave para abrir nuestra imaginaci n y nuestro mundo, pero tambi n de su lado negativo de hacernos ver c mo de grande puede ser dicho mundo y lo peque os que somos en l Es el mejor libro sobre la Literatura que he le do Bueno, no, pero he tomado cari o a Firmin, el protagonista su humor me ha sacado una sonrisa m s de [...]

    7. This book really surprised me When I saw it at Powell s Books, I knew right away I was the target audience See that white chunk on the right side of the cover It s a literal chunk taken out of the book As though a rat had nibbled it On the back, it said it was a book about Firmin, a rat who begins by consuming literature, but soon finds it consumes him It s about a rat who loves books Perfect for me So I bought it, guessing it would be a fun, cute summer read, with little substance.It isn t cute [...]

    8. Profunda decepci n Despu s de todo lo bueno le do sobre esta novela, de saber que Seix Barral ha apostado fuerte por ella al comprar los derechos mundiales, lo nico que puedo decir es que me ha aburrido profundamente Todos los que hemos le do convulsivamente a lo largo de vida estamos predispuestos a sentirnos identificados con esta rata devoradora, en el sentido literal primero y en el sentido lector despu s, de libros Lo peor que me ha pasado a m durante la lectura es que tambi n me he sentido [...]

    9. review in English below Um livro que nos vai conquistando medida que avan amos na sua leitura.A hist ria de Firmin, contada pelo pr prio, mistura a realidade com a fantasia, ou n o fosse o protagonista uma ratazana letrada, que trata os cl ssicos por tu.S n o gostei que, por vezes, o narrador se dirigisse directamente aos leitores, nunca gostei disso.A tradu o e a revis o s o boas, s achei que faltavam algumas notas de rodap n o h uma nica que ajudariam a enquadrar as in meras refer ncias hist r [...]

    10. Firmin is a story of a rat who lives in a bookstore, eats books words and understands the text of the stories he reads When the bookstore is torn down to make way for urban renewal he goes in search of a new home.Firmin is, at it s core, an outsider story about someone who never really fits into the world in which he finds himself I have a theory about helping people find books I think all of us are ultimately searching for our story recreated and retold in many different ways, so my personal go [...]

    11. This amazing book, written by first time novelist Sam Savage, blew me away with its intelligent writing and perceptive looks into the human condition Yes, it s from a rat s perspective Don t let that deter you from reading one of the best books of the past two years.Firmin discovers that he lives in a bookshop basement in a run down part of a city He nibbles on the pages of the books, but also learns to read voraciously He closely observes the world of the bookshop and ventures out to nearby bui [...]

    12. Ich vergebe gute 3,5 Sterne Es ist ein besonderes Buch Schlie lich wird es aus der Sicht einer Ratte erz hlt, welche ber einer Bostoner Buchhandlung lebt und selbst liebend gerne liest Mit der Hauptstory aus den 60ern, welche auch damalige Probleme der StadtPolitik aufgreift konnte ich zum Teil wenig anfangen und das h tte so seine L ngen Trotzdem w chst einem Firmin ans Herz und einige Passagen sind einfach merkenswert und ich werde sie notieren Es wird auf viele B cher der Weltliteratur eingeg [...]

    13. Bir kitab n tad ile edebi de eri aras nda sanki nceden belirlenmi bir benzerlik var Yemesi g zelse, okumas da g zeldir D nyada iki e it hayvan vard r, dil bilenler ve bilmeyenler dil bilenler de konu anlar ve dinleyenler olarak ikiye ayr l r dinleyenlerin o u k peklerdir a r derecede aptal olan k pekler afazilerini kuyruklar n sallayarak g sterdikleri k lelere zg bir ne eyle ta rlar benim i in b yle bir durum s z konusu bile de ildir, t m hayat m sessizlik i inde ge irece im duygusuna katlanam y [...]

    14. La puntuaci n objetiva puede que fueran 3 estrellas, pero se merece mis 4 por la ternura que me ha despertado este personajillo Por su humor, su pasi n, por ser divertido e ingenioso y por resultar una lectura gil y agradable a n tratando temas tristes como la soledad o lo dif cil de ser diferente.

    15. Firmin mi a placut Mult de tot.E, aparent, conceput ca un roman simplu, si inca de la primele randuri, pare a te tine in transa, pentru ca povestea personajului principal e realmente captivanta Firmin nu e un individ ca oricare altul, e un sobolan imaginat, insa, de mine, ca un soricel, deoarece am refuzat vehement sa mi l schitez in minte ca fiind gri inchis negricios, cu o coada de o lungime dezgustatoare, cu niste falci neiertatoare, si cu niste ochi rosii, alaturi de o privire nebuna Nu, el [...]

    16. Merhaba,Firminle olan yolculu umuz bitti Firmin, b y k bir ailenin en k k faresidir Bir kitap da do an Firmin, k k ve karde leri kadar uyan k ol a mad i in annesini ememez Fakat,ya amaya devam etmek i in karn n doyurmal ve kendi ba n n aresine de bakmal d r Do du u ve ya ad kitap y ke fetmeye,kitaplar kemirerek karn n doyurmaya karar vermi tir Tad g zelse okumas da g zeldir felsefesini benimseyen minik Firmin bir s re sonra kitap kurdu olur Karn n ve deyim yerimdeyse ruhunu da kitaplarla doyurma [...]

    17. Un libro para amantes de la lectura Te va conquistando a medida que avanzas Es imposible no cogerle cari o al peque o roedor, me ha parecido entra able.De lectura gil, pero aun as , conserva toques ir nicos y profundas reflexiones.

    18. Confesso que se n o fosse um conselho de uma boa amiga, Firmin ter me ia passado ao lado e seria uma enorme perda.Gostei muito de ler este pequeno livro e de conhecer Firmin uma ratazana, de pelo negro e aparentemente como tantas outras que vivem em buracos escuros, frios e h midos e comem restos de comida.No entanto Firmin n o uma ratazana vulgar, o mais novo de uma ninhada de treze filhos de uma m e que vai bebendo os restos das bebedeiras humanas e que invariavelmente chega a casa b bada Send [...]

    19. Todos n s, que gostamos de ler, sabemos bem o respeito que este objecto, o livro, inspira Tamb m o sabe o pequeno Firmin, uma ratazana que vive numa livraria de livros em segunda m o Nos seus primeiros tempos de vida Firmin recorre aos livros como alimento f sico mas, mais tarde, quando aprende a ler, estes servem lhe tamb m de alimento intelectual, escapat ria, fonte de conhecimento, consolo e at companhia.No entanto, esta genialidade de Firmin apenas partilhada com o leitor a sua paix o pelos [...]

    20. Quando ci si rapporta ad un bestseller, in genere lo si fa con un atteggiamento scettico e un po snobistico, nonch preparati a rimanere delusi, almeno nella maggior parte dei casi Firmino per me non stato una delusione, in quanto non ha la pretesa di essere un capolavoro, tuttavia possiede una sua innegabile dignit e suscita molta simpatia Questo bizzarro topo, sprovvisto di ogni avvenenza fisica perfino in base ai canoni estetici dei ratti, si nutre di parole ma condannato al silenzio Sfortunat [...]

    21. There is some genius behind this story, but unfortunately, it is a genius I do not fully appreciate What started out as a desire to read a grown up version of Ratatouille, turned into a much contemplative Kafka Metamorphosis esque narrative about literally being a low life a rodent surrounded by humans occupying the same social status Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy parts of it The author can comment a lot on the true nature of humans by disguising it as natural animal rat instinct that is the [...]

    22. Beautiful, tragic, and wildly creative Firmin is a rat who is born on a shredded copy of Finnigan s Wake in the basement of a bookshop, and consequently falls in love with literature Stuck in a sea of rats too simpleminded to understand his intellectual depths and humans he cannot communicate with, he struggles to find happiness.This book made me laugh, cry, and think But mostly, it spoke to my soul I would recommend it to anyone who has ever found solace within the pages of a book.

    23. Firmin es un libro conmovedor y divertido Recomendable si necesitamos recordar 1 por qu amamos a los libros y 2 que el conocimiento es abismalmente distinto a la felicidad, o en todo caso de trata de una felicidad distinta, llena de nostalgias Muy bueno para leer una tarde lluviosa con un caf.

    24. Da quando ho scoperto questo meraviglioso mondo che sono i social letterari , non appena concludo un libro, desiderosa di scrivere la mia opinone, gi mi prefiguro mentalmente le frasi e le parole che utilizzer per convogliare al meglio le emozioni, positive o negative, provate al momento della lettura E una cosa che generalmente mi viene naturale E devo dire che in questo caso, le parole, ho faticato a trovarle Forse perch di travolgente, nel bene o nel male, questo libro mi ha lasciato ben poco [...]

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