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Be Kind A picture book about the power of kindness When Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress her classmate contemplates how to make her feel better and what it means to be kind From asking the n

  • Title: Be Kind
  • Author: Pat Zietlow Miller Jen Hill
  • ISBN: 9781626723214
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A picture book about the power of kindness.When Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate contemplates how to make her feel better and what it means to be kind From asking the new girl to play to standing up for someone being bullied, this moving and thoughtful story explores what a child can do to be kind, and how each act, big or small, can make aA picture book about the power of kindness.When Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate contemplates how to make her feel better and what it means to be kind From asking the new girl to play to standing up for someone being bullied, this moving and thoughtful story explores what a child can do to be kind, and how each act, big or small, can make a difference or at least help a friend.

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      Pat Zietlow Miller Jen Hill

    About Author

    1. Pat Zietlow Miller knew she wanted to be a writer ever since her seventh grade English teacher read her paper about square dancing skirts out loud in class and said This is the first time anything a student has written has given me chills Thanks, Mrs Mueller You rock Pat started out as a newspaper reporter and wrote about everything from dartball and deer hunting to diets and decoupage Then, she joined an insurance company and edited its newsletter and magazine.Now, she writes insurance information by day and children s books by night Her first picture book, SOPHIE S SQUASH, is illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf and published by Schwartz Wade Her second picture book, WHEREVER YOU GO, is illustrated by Eliza Wheeler and published by Little, Brown SHARING THE BREAD, illustrated by Jill McElmurry, was published by Schwartz Wade THE QUICKEST KID IN CLARKSVILLE, a fiction picture book inspired by Olympic sprinter Wilma Rudolph, will be published Feb 9, 2015 by Chronicle And, SOPHIE S SQUASH GO TO SCHOOL, the sequel to SOPHIE S SQUASH, will be released June 28, 2015.Pat has one wonderful husband, two delightful daughters and two pampered cats She doesn t watch much TV, but she does love Glee and Chopped Pat lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

    One thought on “Be Kind

    1. A thoughtful, introspective look at what it means to be kind and empathetic toward others, from the viewpoint of a child A must share for every classroom ETA I shared with students, and many of their comments related to an appreciation that the book is concrete in sharing specific little things they can do to show kindness The little gestures matter a lot Another 4th grader said, it s inspiring

    2. Two simple words Be Kind Three simple words READ THIS BOOK Three simple words SHARE WITH EVERYONE I received an Advanced Reading Copy in order to give this review This amazing picture book brings to light the importance of small acts of kindness and how small acts of kindness can grow to make a really big impact This will be shared every year with the students I teach Beautiful pictures meet the perfect words to create this fantastic story.

    3. Oh goodness is this a fabulous book Told from the viewpoint of a child, this story tells of ways to be kind and empathetic towards others The little things can make a huge difference It jumps up the list as one of my favorite books I can t wait to read this book to my class

    4. Looks really simple from the outside, but there is nothing simple about this book Fresh take on the be kind theme

    5. Every day when we wake up is an opportunity an opportunity to make a difference We make a difference with a goodbye hug for family members, a smile at a stranger, a wave to a neighbor and words of encouragement to those we teach A single act of kindness can change a day not just for one individual but for many That single act is like the proverbial pebble dropped in water it ripples outward.Cultivating a habit of being kind is one of the single best things we can do for others and for us Be Kind [...]

    6. I randomly found this in a bookstore and was caught by the cover and title Then I actually read it and really loved the story and its message This is not a preachy book, just a good message for kids and humans in general be kind, the many possible ways to do that, and how its effects can spread All said in a way that kids can understand Plus, there s a lot of purple in it, which I love I enjoyed this book so much, I bought a copy for my nieces I don t think I can recommend this book than that.

    7. We don t even know what to say except Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller and Illustrated by Jen Hill should live in every classroom, every home, and every library What a special book Pat Jen have created In a time where there is so much going on, reminding us that being kind can be easy but it also says it can be hard and sometimes scary This book is a great reminder of how we can begin and continue to spread kindness from all different places.When Tanisha gets grape juice spilled on her, all the kid [...]

    8. When a young girl in class spills grape juice on her new dress all the kids laugh at her One classmate wants to make her feel better She wants to be kind This picture book is so sweet and so appropriate in our current climate of negativity It s a lovely story about empathy and kindness that gives children concrete examples of how to be kind I highly recommend this uplifting story as a wonderful conversation starter about being kind and how one simple act can make a difference and inspire others. [...]

    9. This pick was a no brainer for us a story celebrating kindness in all its forms, sensitively portrayed by the talented Pat Zietlow Miller, with lovely art from Jen Hill otherwise known as the illustrator of The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters The emotions in the story are pitch perfect for young readers, who will be happy to learn how anyone at any age can make the world better It s a wonderful read aloud and of course, we need engaging stories about kindness and empathy now than [...]

    10. A much needed, charming approach to a much needed and too often preachy topic The point of view is from a child who observes someone feeling distressed, attempting to help, but feeling that the effort failed This launches an observant, realistic, and reflective school story that blends questioning, curiosity, and an open hearted interest in the happiness of others It s no surprise that first printings sold out and I can see a place for this book on every classroom library, and home bookshelf.

    11. What does it mean to be kind This beautiful picture book centers around this thought provoking question.Thank you to Pat Zietlow Miller for providing our bookjaunt an ARC of this book All opinions are my own.This book is a MUST for classrooms I cannot wait to use it with my students as we begin to think about what it means to be kind and how we can choose kindness in our classroom My own children loved reading this book along with me and loved the beautiful illustrations.

    12. Oh, I wish this book could have been read on the first day of grammar school When I think of how mean some of the kids could be in school I went to a Catholic school, my father said they were the worst schools for getting bullied Do any of those bullies feel bad about how they treated some of their fellow classmates Hopefully, the book will make kids think Every teacher should have a copy in their classroom

    13. BE KIND has been a mantra in schools for several years now, but what does that mean for a child What specific actions can make a difference for others This book explores that concept in a very tangible and accessible way I think this book is perfect for young children, but middle grade readers could also read it and contemplate what kindness looks like for themselves and their peers A GREAT book to stimulate conversation and action.

    14. This book is ripe with extension activity and discussion possibilities Depicting a host of diverse characters engaging in small acts of kindness, the narrator explores how kindness affects others on both a micro and macro scale The lack of a clear resolution and slightly non linear narrative may be difficult for the youngest readers, but Miller s ability to depict the importance of kindness without becoming preachy makes this an excellent choice for libraries and classrooms.

    15. Super cute Really enjoyed the diverse characters, lots of examples of being kind, and the honesty behind when it s hard to be kind Although the characters seem to be elementary age, I will purchase for my MS library s picture book collection middle schoolers need to be reminded of what kindness is, too.

    16. Pat Zietlow Miller shows readers what kindness is and how a simple act of thoughtfulness can spread like ripples in a pond With simple but powerful text, this book demonstrates empathy and understanding for others It s a wonderful resource for discussions of what it means to be kind and is a must have book for children, parents, and educators.

    17. Age Preschool 1st gradeA girl observes her classmate experience humiliation and wonders what she can do to be kind The story lists different types of kindness Do we express kindness through giving Helping Paying attention These questions and open ended text provides a great platform for discussion in a classroom or at home.

    18. What does it mean to be kind A young girl explores the meaning of what it means to be kind and shares examples throughout the story.This book would make a great addition to any library collection and will be a go to for anyone wishing to explores what kindness means.

    19. Timely book that everyone should be required to read I like how the ways to be kind are in purple so that they stand out Also, the message that all the small kindnesses can come together to make big ones, and that sometimes the best and often hardest kindness is just to be there and available.

    20. A friend s mishap launches a young girl s thoughts on what it means to be kind Wonderful explanation of the many ways someone can be kind even when it s scary.Terrific for a read aloud and discussion on kindness, friendship and community.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and the simple message that how to be kind isn t always clear But what s important is that we make an effort I loved the illustrations and introspective way the author addresses the topic of kindness I m looking forward to sharing this book with students.

    22. What a lovely book Wonderful message and gorgeous illustrations Checked this out of the library for my 4 yr old, but will have my kids ages 9 12 read it as well This needs to be circulated far and wide

    23. Beautiful book to help teach children ways to be kind to each other and the people in their world Definitely needed during these times I like that it shows explains specific ways to be kind to each other Easy for a child to grasp.

    24. Beyond the simple exhortation to be kind, the book asks what kindness looks like in various situations Good for thoughtful reflection and possible discussion Highly recommended for lower and middle grades.

    25. Read this arc at NCTE and anxiously awaited its arrival A must have for all ages Two words can change the world BeKind LiteracyAndLifeLessons

    26. This is a great reminder for both kids and grown ups about what it means to be kind and the power doing so can have.

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