The Agony of Bun O'Keefe

The Agony of Bun O Keefe Set in s Newfoundland The Agony of Bun O Keefe is the story of a year old girl who runs away to the city and is taken in by a street musician who lives with an eclectic cast of characters a po

  • Title: The Agony of Bun O'Keefe
  • Author: Heather Smith
  • ISBN: 9780143198659
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in 1980s Newfoundland, The Agony of Bun O Keefe is the story of a 14 year old girl who runs away to the city and is taken in by a street musician who lives with an eclectic cast of characters a pot smoking dishwasher with culinary dreams a drag queen with a tragic past a Catholic school girl desperately trying to reinvent herself and a man who Bun is told to avoidSet in 1980s Newfoundland, The Agony of Bun O Keefe is the story of a 14 year old girl who runs away to the city and is taken in by a street musician who lives with an eclectic cast of characters a pot smoking dishwasher with culinary dreams a drag queen with a tragic past a Catholic school girl desperately trying to reinvent herself and a man who Bun is told to avoid at all cost.

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      Heather Smith

    About Author

    1. Originally from Newfoundland, Heather Smith now lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with her husband and three children Her Newfoundland roots inspire much of her writing.

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    1. Review also found at theparanormalpaladin.wordpresOMG guys, I read a book that didn t have monsters, vampires, or any supernatural themes Just regular old fiction I would never have heard of this little gem if it weren t for reading my friend, Schizanthus s review I just had to request it from Netgalley This short book is just so unique and addictive Bun O Keefe is a 14 year old this is NOT a young adult book with a 300 pound hoarder mother who tells her one day, Get out Just get out And so she [...]

    2. Both cute and quirky and dark and dismal Upsetting at times, uplifting at others This story is about a unique girl named Bun O Keefe When her mother demands she leave their home one day, she goes She leaves behind a mother with a lot of issues and a large house they could barely move around in thanks to her mother s excessive hoarding Fourteen year old Bun hasn t been in school since kindergarten When her father left, her mother told everyone he took their daughter with him But there she remaine [...]

    3. When her 300 pound hoarder mother tells this smart as a whip yet extraordinarily literal 14 year old daughter to get out, Bun does and leaves the remote place she has always resided I refuse to call it a home or living She finds her home in the city with a group of strangers, the names of almost all we never learn Bun s father left when she was five, at which point her mother made her invisible Telling everyone Bun had gone with her father, her mother withdrew her from school after she d only at [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsI just inhaled this and my emotions are not okay This book is almost like Annie but in a very rough, raw setting that feels real RTC Look who s actually reading ARCs again So what if it came out two months ago, it counts

    5. I received this book for free through LibraryThing s Early Reviewers.This book was utterly amazing It simultaneously broke my heart and gave me warm fuzzy feelings that filled my heart with joy The characters were hands down the best part Bun was a precious cinnamon roll no pun intended Busker Boy was the sweetest The way he took care of Bun was so heartwarming I really liked how his Innu culture was incorporated in the story Chef, Big Eyes, and Chris Cher complete their family of misfits and I [...]

    6. This review is also on my blog illbefinealonereadsThe Agony of Bun O Keefe is one of my favorite reads from this summer, it left me wishing for The story touches on serious subjects, but the writing itself is really airy which makes it impossible to put it down Mrs Smith does an amazing job of bringing the story to the reader, I found it easy to relate to the events, the emotion just jumps off the page I found the characters well developed, their relationships were fun to witness I can t wait t [...]

    7. When Bun s mother a hoarder tells her to get out, she does Bun, who hadn t been to school since kindergarten and had an absent father, could no longer live with her mother and walked And walked And walked By luck, she met a 20 something busker who took her in, along with a crew of ragtag roommates This experience helps Bun come into her own, but it s through another traumatic experience view spoiler she s sexually assaulted by the landlord hide spoiler that the relationships Bun has in her lives [...]

    8. 5 5So much love I really did not expect to love this book as much as I did, but it really was amazing The exploration of childhood trauma was eerily accurate, I adored all of the characters and wish I could have spent time with them, the writing was punchy and clever, and it was well paced I ll write up my full review when I get home from work.

    9. This book is gut wrenching I m hesitant to tell anyone to read it because it s about such awful things Certainly there are moments of love in it that come from the awful things but that only makes the emotion of it harder to take Heather Smith has done what few writers can do to me She s written a story that is about tragic circumstances and instead of making me annoyed, that she was tugging on heart strings, I was completely enthralled and absolutely crushed by the sadness of it all The Agony o [...]

    10. General rating Diversity rating POC, LGBT gay, drag queen does that count , minority native American, disability disorder OCD The Agony of Bun O Keefe by Heather Smith is, I believe, a middle grade contemporary It tells the story of fourteen year old Bun, who is one of the most interesting characters I ve ever read about The book is not only really good, it s also very diverse.Although this book is marketed as middle grade or isn t it , the topics that this book covers are way heavier than the a [...]

    11. 4.25 Stars Upon first finding The Agony of Bun O Keefe on Netgalley, I knew I was in for a quirky, fun read I love reading about the 1980 s and finding out how it was like to live back then, and plus, I love celebrating my country by reading Canadian books Put the two together, and here is the awesome book you get This book totally met those expectations of a vibrant, quirky read I LOVED the protagonist, and even though this book had a lacklustre plot, I still felt gripped to it.The Agony of Bun [...]

    12. I fully recognize that I am in the minority here, but I did not like The Agony of Bun O Keefe at all The main character bothered me, even though she was supposed to be one I felt sympathetic toward There were good issues brought up, but there were way too many and it made the whole thing seem crowded and rushed The only things I liked about it was the character of Busker Boy and the diversity.This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

    13. Set in 1980 s St John s Newfoundland, this story follows the life of Bun, an endearing and quirky character who quickly wheedled her way into my heart After living with a mother who ignored and berated her her entire life, 14 year old Bun leaves home and is found by a young street busker who brings her to his home and the gaggle of people he lives with These misfits are a bunch of lost souls themselves, each with their own issues that readers will learn about But together they become her family [...]

    14. I was not expecting to finish this book so quickly For a book about such heavy topics, it sure flies by quickly Essentially the story begins with a 14 year old girl, Bun, who left home after her hoarder mother told her to leave She was taken in by Busker Boy, who took her to the sort of run down share house he lived in Bun begins to understand what it means to be loved through this community of people struggling to love themselves who she in turn does the same for them This short book has such a [...]

    15. This is one of those books it is best to just start reading, and not know a lot about, so I won t spoil too much The basic premise is that Bun is very literal, so when her horder of a mother tells her to leave, she does, and doesn t stop until she finds herself in the nearest town, in St Johns Newfoundland, and meets a busker, and that is how the whole thing started.Oh, and there is a drag queen, an Inuit, an evil landlord, an amazing chef, and a young woman who didn t want to be a nun I love, t [...]

    16. 3.5 stars I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a great read I couldn t put it down Bun is a very lovable character, and the time period was fun to visit The writing is so good that you become immersed in the story, hence it s un put down able quality It did deal with some really hard circumstances, which was tough going at parts However, there was enough lightheartedness that it didn t weigh you down.

    17. My 2017 s best read so far Both heartwrenching and heartwarming, honest and relatable The setting is unique but it felt somewhat near Plus, it s Canada, not US nor UK, but not that pretty Canada we all are used to Bun O Keefe is a sweetheart, and so are her friends Maybe all of us are, if we care enough to listen to each other Just like what Busker Boy said, Every cloud I read its review copy Gotta get my hands on its hardback soon.Almost five.

    18. This book broke me down and then put me back together again A lot like Buns true family ie not her bio family did to her he didn t walk like an old man any and his face looked less pained, but at night, when he took off his shirt, I was sure I could see footprints I wondered if hed ever borrowed my dream, smelled a rainbow

    19. If hoarders are a trigger for you warned it s touched upon without in depth detail in this book It is a bit heart rending in parts but overall is an uplifting book I d rate it at 14 yrs because there are some disturbing topics touched upon that might be too much for sensitive readers.

    20. Wow I ll be thinking about this one for a long time What does family really mean Unusual story that pulls you in Sometimes he sparse writing style didn t totally work for me, though I get it in a literary sense.

    21. I loved this story Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, The Agony of Bun O Keefe is unlike any book I ve ever read I borrowed this book but now I have to buy it Bun, Busker Boy, Big Eyes, Chris Cher, and Chef need to live on my shelf forever.

    22. Oh my goodness The Agony of Bun O Keefe was incredible It s been a while since I read a book in a day, and I flew through this one Another heartbreaking but heartwarming Canadian book 5 stars

    23. I received this eARC from NetGalley in return for an honest review.Summary For a fourteen year old like Bun O Keefe, get out literally means just that GET OUT After Bun s hoarder mother yells these very words to her, Bun sets out on her own With her luck, she encounters a friend in Busker Boy who, essentially, adopts her into the home that he shares with Chef, Big Eyes, and Chris Cher With the help of these newfound friends, Bun learns a thing or two about life and that not everything can be tak [...]

    24. As a fourteen year old with a blunt way of speaking, Bun O Keefe is often misunderstood Kicked out of an overstuffed house by her hoarder mother, Bun is fortunate to run into Busker Boy, a kind hearted young man who takes her under his wing Busker Boy s housemates, Chef, Chris Cher, and Big Eyes, welcome Bun into their home, giving her a place to belong and flourish Just as Bun begins to feel that empty place inside of her start to fill up though, devastation strikes, leaving her reeling from gr [...]

    25. literary lion.tumblr Disclaimer A free copy of this book was received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It s 1986, Bun is fourteen and has lived almost her entire life in a house filled with junk When her hoarder mother tells her to Go on, get out, she does With no money and nowhere to go Bun is taken in by a ragtag group of twenty somethings Maybe she can finally learn how to be a real person.As a Canadian blogger I cherish any book set in Canada, and I have plenty of trouble f [...]

    26. I think I m entering a reading slump Objectively, I don t think this book is bad at all But, I just really did not enjoyed it Maybe I was in the wrong mood but it s that as I was reading it I felt almost uncomfortable I don t think it was what I was expecting to be fair I didn t reread the synopsis before I started I liked all the characters but not the plot itself So it s not that this is a bad book, which is what my rating seems to suggest, just that I wasn t in the right mood for it and didn [...]

    27. The Agony of Bun O Keefe brought back fond memories of my favorite childhood book When I was about 9 years old, I read The Sand Ponies by Shirley Rousseau Murphy It was about two orphaned children who run away from the drunk, abusive uncle with whom they ve been sent to live and head toward the their former home, a ranch near the coast They end up living in a converted barn with a group of honest, kind and mismatched friends, to quote the book s overleaf whom they meet along the way Now, this wa [...]

    28. The Agony of Bun O Keefe is so much than I thought it would be And don t get me wrong, I hoped that it would be pretty good from the moment I picked it up but what I didn t expect was the vast amount of issues that this book tackles From the get go I realised that it would be quite a diverse read because I knew that it involved a 14 year old runaway in 1980s Canada who moves in with a busker and a drag queen, amongst others However, I was quite weary of the portrayal that these characters would [...]

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