The Hot One

The Hot One Recommended by NPR Elle Cosmopolitan Entertainment Weekly New York Magazine New York Post and Bustle A gripping memoir of friendship with a tragic twist two childhood best friends diverge as you

  • Title: The Hot One
  • Author: Carolyn Murnick
  • ISBN: 9781451625813
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Recommended by NPR, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, New York Post, and Bustle.A gripping memoir of friendship with a tragic twist two childhood best friends diverge as young adults, one woman is brutally murdered and the other is determined to uncover the truth about her wild and seductive friend.As girls growing up in rural New Jersey in the lRecommended by NPR, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, New York Post, and Bustle.A gripping memoir of friendship with a tragic twist two childhood best friends diverge as young adults, one woman is brutally murdered and the other is determined to uncover the truth about her wild and seductive friend.As girls growing up in rural New Jersey in the late 1980s, Ashley and Carolyn had everything in common two outsiders who loved spending afternoons exploring the woods Only when the girls attended different high schools did they begin to grow apart While Carolyn struggled to fit in, Ashley quickly became a hot girl popular, extroverted, and sexually precocious.After high school, Carolyn entered college in New York City and Ashley ended up in Los Angeles, where she quit school to work as a stripper and an escort, dating actors and older men, and experimenting with drugs The last time Ashley visited New York, Carolyn was shocked by how the two friends had grown apart One year later, Ashley was stabbed to death at age twenty two in her Hollywood home.The man who may have murdered Ashley an alleged serial killer now faces trial in Los Angeles Carolyn Murnick traveled across the country to cover the case and learn about her magnetic and tragic friend Part coming of age story, part true crime mystery, The Hot One is a behind the scenes look at the drama of a trial and the poignancy of searching for the truth about a friend s truly horrifying murder.

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      Carolyn Murnick

    About Author

    1. Carolyn Murnick is the author of THE HOT ONE Simon Schuster, August 2017 and an editor at New York magazine She received an Emerging Writer Fellowship from the Aspen Institute in 2014 Her personal essays have appeared in two anthologies Before After Stories from New York and Lost Found Stories from New York She lives in Brooklyn.

    One thought on “The Hot One

    1. I felt like the author spent majority of the book bragging about being a childhood friend of the victim and justifying her value in their friendship While reading this book, I also felt that the author was trying to be apart of something bigger that didn t involve her until she obsessively pushed her way into the witness stand not only was the book repetitive but I found the author to be annoying.

    2. I wanted to love this book gritty memoirs are my absolute favorite Don t get me wrong, I did like it 3 stars liked it , but it was not quite there for me It seems like Murnick might have been better off waiting a bit longer to publish this, so that the trial had concluded A major point of the book is how hard it is to accept things that happen, especially when one endures loss and then is expected forced to move on without receiving closure However, as it stands, it doesn t feel comprehensive I [...]

    3. I bought this book not knowing what to expect, therefore my mind was open to the author s viewpoint I have now finished the book and I found it truly appalling to see how the author s parasitic approach to the death of this seemingly tragic girl found it s anchor in the early childhood friendship as some justification for writing this book The author becomes unknowingly Ripleyesque in her obsession In referring to the victim, Ashley Ellerin, as The Hot One she denigrates her as a person in very [...]

    4. To be truthful, I skimmed most of the second half of the book because I was just done listening to the author whine about herself This book was built on the premise that her best friend from childhood gets murdered and she is just so overcome with sadness and guilt that she has to go out and figure out who killed her In reality, she has basically nothing to do with the case and pushes her way into the case when there s nothing she could offer She has felt inadequate in comparison to her best fri [...]

    5. When reading a memoir, I feel like I have to connect with characters and author without having to try It should be an instant connection just by reading a perfectly written story Not only did I not feel that way, but I was so disoriented and confused throughout this entire read I loved the story, the case, and the reasoning for her to go after the details of what really happened to the person she once had the most dearest relationship with This memoir is about the author and her childhood best f [...]

    6. Sooo if you know me, you know I m obsessed with true crime This book totally sounded up my alley However, it fell a little short for me The story was intriguing enough, especially having the background of the victim s Ashley life as a young adult But it felt like there was some fluff in there 3 5.Many thanks to Simon and Schuster NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review

    7. Sorry but I don t need to hear about every single thought that crossed your mind for 15 or years Call me cruel but this was the most boring book I ve read in a long time, and totally self indulgent on the part of the author.

    8. Meh This will sound harsh, but I m not sure the murder of this woman s childhood friend is that interesting to other people.

    9. This is definitely NOT just a true crime tale, of a memoir about female friendship and grief If you re looking for a gripping whodunit, this isn t exactly it But, if you want to give it a chance, it s worth it I found the perspectives on long stemming from childhood female friendship incredibly accurate she put things into words that I ve felt but never expressed Her grieving process and the way she handles her best friend s murder remind me a little of Joan Didion s The Year of Magical Thinkin [...]

    10. if you are looking for a true crime this is NOT it i would still read it if it wasn t so tedious and repetitive.

    11. This book is written by Ashley Ellerin s childhood friend Ashley is famous for having briefly dated Ashton Kutcher and for being a victim of serial killer Michael Gargiulo I was intrigued by what Carolyn had to offer but it wasn t really anything At first I was intrested in the recounting of her childhood friendship with Ashley I am around the same age and grew up in the same general location so it was a nostalgic trip for me Z Cavaricci, I hadn t thought about those pants in years.After that I [...]

    12. The jacket copy for this makes it sound like a true crime account, but it ended up being of a musing on childhood friendships and the ways they can fall apart and not get put back together The thing is, given the circumstances it ends up feeling creepily voyeuristic despite the author reaching out to them, the murdered girl s parents never respond, and I spent a lot of the book wondering how they must feel about this account It has a few touching moments, but I m baffled at the love it s gotten [...]

    13. I try my best not to leave negative reviews because I worry about tearing down someone s work I know, I could never be a critic But I have to agree with so many of the reviews This memoir made me uncomfortable from middle to end The beginning was great, and I wish she had focused on her memoir of female friendship even if it meant the memoir were shorter and her critique of the concept of the male gaze without trying so hard to turn this into a true crime book It is not a true crime book and she [...]

    14. Susannah Cahalan describes Carolyn Murnick s The Hot One as riveting on the cover copy, and I can t think of a apt description A memoir than anything conventional True Crime, The Hot One spans the years from Carolyn s childhood friendship with victim Ashley Ellerin to her untimely, violent death and beyond.What happens when best friends drift apart When you can t take back whatever caused the rift When you wonder who someone you were once inseparable from became in the year before she died How [...]

    15. This is so in my wheelhouse, but The author and Ashley Ellerin were best friends back in their school days, but eventually drifted apart Murnick moved to New York City, successfully moving into a writing career Ellerin moved to Los Angeles, where the party girl who spent weekends as a stripper in Vegas, settled into the fringe of celebrity culture Most famously, she dated Ashton Kutcher After Ellerin is murdered by a serial killer, Murdick immerses herself in the case and considers how she and h [...]

    16. The Hot One wasn t that HOT While it is a page turner you are basically just exploring what happens to many childhood friendships People grow up and change often to the point where they have little in common but the past That was the case with Carolyn and Ashley when Ashley was murdered in her LA apartment This isn t a whodunit We know whodunit The book sort of fools you into thinking that Carolyn is going to find out things about the murder and shocking things about her childhood friend that co [...]

    17. This is a memoir about a friendship cut short, the surviving woman embroiled in conflicting feelings about the dead Carolyn and Ashley were childhood friends in New Jersey, but drifted apart In 2001 at age 22 Ashley was murdered gruesomely in Los Angeles, stabbed 47 times, while Carolyn was living and working in New York Several years after the murder when a suspect is arrested Carolyn starts researching Ashley s life and death It s an interesting book about female friendship, Carolyn considerin [...]

    18. I ll be honest partway through this book, I googled the murder victim s name and it turned out I knew all about the case Ashton Kutcher s ex girlfriend is the victim So I skimmished the rest of the book Before I googled, I was slightly put off by Murnick s voice as the surviving friend She comes off as a self involved narcissist and I usually love broken people Anywho, not a bad book I was really enjoying it before I spoiled it for myself, but once I knew what I knew, the wind in my sails died L [...]

    19. I truly loved this book And it turned out to be much of a coming of age memoir based on the relationship dynamic of two childhood friends Delving deep into Murnick s personal experience surrounding the tragic murder of her childhood friend, I was engrossed in her captivating descriptions of her emotional growth over the years Murnick is a beautiful writer, willing to bare all for her readers, and I resonated with her in so many ways.

    20. This was pretty bad I remembered this crime, the girl who was murdered in the Hollywood Hills the night she was suppose to have had a date with Ashton Kutcher I thought that he either was the murderer or he was an idiothe said he went to pick up her and she did not answer the door although her car was in the driveway, the lights were on and there was red liquid stain in the hallway he could see through the window Way to put two and two together, Ashton But this was written by the victim s childh [...]

    21. Thank You to Simon Schuster for providing me with an advance copy of Carolyn Murnick s book, The Hot One A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder, in exchange for an honest reviewOT Carolyn Murnick and Ashley Ellerin were childhood best friends growing up in New Jersey during the 1980 s They were inseparable as children, but when they became adults, their lives went drastically different directions Murnick moved to New York City and lived in a tiny railroad apartment, while starting a career in j [...]

    22. This book is far nuanced than a straight True Crime whodunit at its core, it s a study of female friendships, and how childhood girlfriends fundamentally affect each other as they become adults What happens when your best friend disappears Who are you when the person you re always measured against gone Murnick deftly explores the details of a brutal murder case, which definitely satisfies the book s True Crime element But her honest exploration of what it means to be the other half of a twosome [...]

    23. I received this book as a Giveaway for an honest review.This book is of a memoir to friendship and loss than a crime story, but I enjoyed this book I had never heard of this murder, but it was interesting to get the personal perspective and not the just the legal judicial story This book demonstrates how murders have a very profound effect on families and friends and changes peoples lives forever It also demonstrates how there are always two sides to every story and how social media can change [...]

    24. Don t bother It became frustratingly apparent early in the book that while the author and Ashley had been close as children, they had grown apart Ashley moved away in high school The author learns of Ashley s death in a newspaper article They hadn t seen each other in at least than a year the chronology is fuzzy and imprecise She acknowledges they d grown apart It s clear that the author isn t even close enough to Ashley s family to talk to them.With that as a backdrop, I found it hard to relat [...]

    25. The Hot One started out as a good novel type read It got bogged down with superfluous details as the book progressed It is admirable to write a memoir about such a tragic event in one s life I m not sure however, if this was the right one for MurnickC courtesy of NetGalley and Simon Schuster August 1st 2017.

    26. Though the author says up front that this is a work of memoir, I found it far too shallow and self absorbed to be a good memoir, and far too jumbled to be a good true crime read.It fails as a work of true crime because the author has trouble staying anchored to one time and place Though the story unfolds in or less one direction across 15 years or so, within one scene she occasionally wanders backward or forward along the timeline of her pseudo investigation She also employs the magazine style [...]

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