Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch Mercy Habernackle has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime She has a brother and not just any brother a dark mysterious and incredibly hot brother Given up for adoption twenty four years ago Rei

  • Title: Son of a Witch
  • Author: M.Z. Andrews
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mercy Habernackle has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime She has a brother and not just any brother, a dark, mysterious, and incredibly hot brother Given up for adoption twenty four years ago, Reign Alexander just wants to get to know his long lost sister, but things take a dangerous turn when on his first night in Aspen Falls, a woman ends up dead, in Reign s bed Mercy Habernackle has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime She has a brother and not just any brother, a dark, mysterious, and incredibly hot brother Given up for adoption twenty four years ago, Reign Alexander just wants to get to know his long lost sister, but things take a dangerous turn when on his first night in Aspen Falls, a woman ends up dead, in Reign s bed Desperate to prove her brother s innocence and save her mother from heartache, Mercy enlists the help of the Witch Squad to find out who really killed Harper Bradshaw But when Mercy discovers that her brother has been lying to her since he got to town, she must ask herself is her brother really as innocent as he begs her to believe When a second victim is discovered dead and Harper s sister, Elena is held at gunpoint, Mercy must rely on her wits and her and the Witch Squad s paranormal abilities to put the puzzle pieces together and save the day Rejoin Mercy, Jax, Holly, Alba, and Sweets, and don t forget Houston and Sneaks on another crazy adventure New secrets will be revealed and new friends are sure to be made This is Book 2 in the Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series Each book in the series is a standalone mystery and can be read without reading the entire series, but the relationships between the characters is a continuation from Book 1.

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    1. M.Z. Andrews Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Son of a Witch book, this is one of the most wanted M.Z. Andrews author readers around the world.

    One thought on “Son of a Witch

    1. More witchy funI am SO enjoying The Witch Squad adventures Action, secrets revealed, and a touch of romance I have the next book on deck

    2. Son of a Witch is Book Two of the Cozy Mystery series This book is not lesfic, but it s about witches and it s narrated by Lisa Cordileone, one of my favorite narrators.Book Two begins immediately after events of Book one, and offers up another mystery for Mercy and her Witch Squad friends to solve As with the first book, and despite the girls being 19 21yo, this is a VERY YA feeling book The girls giggle about boobs and talk about how many dates they should go on with a boy before SSING him ah. [...]

    3. Son of a Witch Witch Squad Cozy Mystery 2 2.5 In A Nutshell Mercy Habernackle has found her feet and friends at the Paranormal Institute for Witches She also finds that she has a half brother, Reign Alexander And the handsome hunk is in the frame for murder More teenage than adult but nevertheless an entertaining light read.The Protagonists Mercy Habernackle is a witch that sees ghosts She has rather quickly overcome personal issues that gave her teenage angst It s only booked two But in this st [...]

    4. The Witch Squad continues to break the rules at the Paranormal Institute, but it s always for the best and results in someone s life being saved Mercy and her pals are back at work when a wayward former resident of the town turns up dead in Mercy s brother s bed What an introduction to a sibling you never knew you had Still, the WS is determined to prove Reign s innocence possibly because they all have a crush on him, mostly due to his devastating good looks The mystery takes several turns, but [...]

    5. Mischief managedI know that s a Harry Potter thing, but it fits All the mysteries were solved, and the end is a shocking conclusion I ll say no about that The Witch Squad girls are as charming and quirky as ever, and bad boy crazy How hot can the brother be I m looking forward to another sequel with the girls, and the resolution of the cliffhanger ending If you liked the first book, you ll love the second.

    6. The girls are involved in another murder case Mercy and the squad take a class on broomstick riding and the instructor is Sorcerer Stone and he gets into it with 2 students One of those boys ends up dead, and he s the main suspect Mercy then finds out that sorcerer stone is her brother s father Strange things are happening to her mom and she thinks Mr Stone is the culprit.

    7. Another really entertaining read I am so loving getting to know the Witch Squad They solved another mystery and I had a great romp with them Really interesting characters, the plot was good I didn t guess the ending I m looking forward to book 3

    8. Again another fun mysterious witchy story I have to say I love the mystery in this book rather than the first book I love a mystery that really gets you thinking and keeps you wondering if you re right Definitely would recommend reading this

    9. The witch squad is turning to a series I really love I have been reading them as something easy and kind of a break from the harder to follow stories and plots The girls are back at it again solving a murder mystery and Mercy, of course, comes along the ghost This particular murder is a little personal to Mercy than the last one The girls work their magic and the school is non the wiser this time, but I m curious if that will continue as the series goes on I will definitely be reading

    10. Great BookI loved the first book in the Witch Squad series The second was is even better I will continue to read and I m sure enjoy the rest of the series.

    11. OMG Again with the twists and turns I m going to need to have my hair straightened and see a chiropractor after all of them This book is fantastic.

    12. Solid secondGood character development continues, though Reign feels a little forced into the story so early on Decent writing as well.

    13. Great seriesIf you like witchy tales, then you will like this series The stories are fun to read, with an interesting group of characters.

    14. Son of a witchQuirky and delightfully different At times, a little redundant bordering on YA It is a joy to see the characters grow I must say u am hooked

    15. Great funEngaging characters with charming eccentricity make this series a real pleasure to read I heartily recommend the series to anyone who likes a little magic in life.

    16. Good storyThe story was a fun read I enjoy quirky characters However the dialog was a bit stilted Another pass at editing would have helped.

    17. Son of a WitchJust another fun and funny read about the Witch Squad and their antics The young ladies are at it again.

    18. The second book about 5 girls who have just started witch school starts right where the first book left off No rest for the witches I guess Mercy discovers she has a half brother and he comes to town to get to know her Unfortunately, he stays at a BB and manages to get into trouble Trouble as he wakes up with a dead woman in his bed and he can t remember anything The Witch Squad Mercy, room mate Jax, friends Holly, Sweets, and Alba investigate to clear Mercy s brother Reign from murder charges T [...]

    19. At the very end of the last book, Mercy finds out her mother had another baby before her but was taken away from her right after he was born and given up for adoption Right after Mercy s mother returns to Illinois from dropping her daughter off at school, she finds her son, Reign, waiting for her wanting to meet her and talk with her Mercy s mother gets in touch with her daughter to tell her that he brother is on his way to Aspen Falls to meet her.The book begins with Mercy getting ready to go o [...]

    20. Oh my God I m your fanI just devoured this book This witch squad is great I had lots of laughs with the girls I m pretty sure young teens will enjoy it It is easy to read and you wants to get to the end Please Mrs Anderson Lee writing this series

    21. Great new series The first book, Witch Squad, reeled me in and this book was an excellent follow up The squad, Mercy, Jax, Alba, Holly and Sweets, meet at witches college on the girls side It s a zany tale that includes paranormal classes, murder, a familiar Mom cat, a cowboy wizard, a new puppy and a long lost brother added in this book Up next, an old flame and father.n t wait Both books are page turning charming and keep you guessing until the big reveal I can t wait to see what Ms Andrews co [...]

    22. I really like these stories but please, for the love of all that is good in this world, learn the difference between your and you re Please It s killing me.

    23. The series is well under wayWell, what a surprise This story is really starting to fill out as the background of the characters is explored The main character is becoming likable and some new characters have been introduced In addition, this mystery was a bit complex though in hindsight, I should have seen it coming.I read this book on kindle unlimited, and am looking forward to book three That was quite a revelation at the end

    24. great read for a sleepy afternoonit was a good book that kept me on my toes all the way through the only downside i found was that the characters individual stories play out very slow

    25. A good mysteryThis is the second book in the series and the writing is just as good Mercy is a solid character along with her friends, Hugh and her cat The mystery was well written and thought out There wasn t anything cheesy and some parts were quite funny

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