Vienna Waltz

Vienna Waltz In with Napoleon finally defeated the great and the good of Europe descend on Vienna to plan a lasting peace and to dance Ejected from her home on the death of her father Lizzie Gaunt along wi

  • Title: Vienna Waltz
  • Author: Mary Lancaster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: ebook
  • In 1814, with Napoleon finally defeated, the great and the good of Europe descend on Vienna to plan a lasting peace and to dance.Ejected from her home on the death of her father, Lizzie Gaunt along with her gaggle of siblings and a large, unruly dog finds herself in Vienna with her diplomat uncle But Lizzie is determined not to remain dependent upon her aunt and uncIn 1814, with Napoleon finally defeated, the great and the good of Europe descend on Vienna to plan a lasting peace and to dance.Ejected from her home on the death of her father, Lizzie Gaunt along with her gaggle of siblings and a large, unruly dog finds herself in Vienna with her diplomat uncle But Lizzie is determined not to remain dependent upon her aunt and uncle for long After witnessing a daring theft, she recruits the unusual thief to carry out her plan which should hurt no one except her father s heir, the vile Russian cousin she s dubbed Ivan the Terrible.However, Lizzie s simple scheme is soon complicated by a wounded Austrian spy, a formidable English matron, a masked Russian rakehell from the Emperor s masquerade ball, and a mysterious villain selling information that could ruin the Congress before it properly begins And then there s Cousin Minerva s romantic difficulties, and Cousin James gambling debts to sort out.While Vienna dances, Lizzie tries to solve everyone s problems, and ends by falling disastrously and dangerously in love.

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      Mary Lancaster

    About Author

    1. Mary Lancaster s first love was historical fiction Since then she has grown to love coffee, chocolate, red wine and black and white films simultaneously where possible She hates housework.As a direct consequence of the first love, she studied history at St Andrews University, after which she worked variously as editorial assistant, researcher and librarian Although she has always written stories for her own entertainment, she began to make serious efforts toward publication in order to distract herself from a job she disliked She now writes full time at her seaside home in Scotland, which she shares with her husband and three children.Mary is the author of three historical novels An Endless Exile the story of Hereward, 11th century outlaw heroA World to Win a Scottish governess finds love in revolutionary HungaryA Prince to be Feared the love story of Vlad DraculaMary loves to hear from readers You can email her at Mary MaryLancaster, and connect on Facebook facebook maryncast Find out about Mary and her books at MaryLancaster.

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    1. I think the Congress of Vienna was one of the most decisive and intriguing events in World History Having most of European royalty, nobility and diplomats in Vienna s streets attending those balls and parties must have been very interesting Lizzy and the Colonel s love history blended perfectly in the political scenario.

    2. A Regency romance, as I love them What a beautiful surprise Vienna Waltz is a clean, charming and captivating historical romance set during the Regency period What a beautiful story, filled with adventure, intrigue and romance I could not put it down A real page turner Mary Lancaster is a new author for me, but now, I ll definitely follow her new series, The Imperial Season Vienna Waltz, is the story of Lizzie and a mysterious man named Vanya It all started, upon, the death of her father, Lizzie [...]

    3. This was such an enjoyable book Wonderful heroine and hero, great cast of characters including Dog , mystery, intrigue and a sweet romance Very clever I will definitely be purchasing the next book in the series.

    4. A few years ago a once favorite author of mine, Teresa Grant, released a book entitled VIENNA WALTZ, a novel taking place in the same time and place as this one by Lancaster the Congress of Vienna 1814 1815 , the European conference after Napoleon was banished to Elba which met to settle Europe s territorial disputes and restore European non French power Grant s book focuses on spying, intrigue, political scheming and maneuvering, with many real political figures of the time as characters This b [...]

    5. Vienna WaltzThis book is fabulous This is the first time reading Mary Lancaster, and it won t be the last This book was so entertaining with great characters Lizzie and her siblings are so refreshing I love to read books that make me laugh out loud I didn t want to put this book down I recommend this book of you love comedy, love, and mystery then you will enjoy this book.

    6. I absolutely LOVED this book Not your typical regency romance Theft, deception, spies, murderous plots, traitors this story has it all The relationship that builds between Lizzie and Johnny is very well developed and characterized Such a sweet romance.Content Language, none Violence, minimal and mild Romance, clean fade to black but non descriptive.

    7. Vienna Waltz is Regency romance set in the city where the dance began.Read full review in the 2016 December issue of InD tale Magazine.

    8. Thumbs upI enjoyed this very much The characters, you could walk into a room and know them, were believable I liked the different setting I believe this was available at no cost Definitely going to be looking at Mary Lancaster works.

    9. Excellent, captivating, fun I absolutely love this romantic novel Wonderful hero and heroine keeping me enthralled the whole book Most highly recommend this sweet, funny, interesting tale of a wonderful list of characters

    10. RomanceThank you for these wonderful romance novels Please keep writing these books Would read them all day long Thank you

    11. EnjoyablePeace treaty in Vienna sets the stage Really liked both main characters,all the children and Dog, humor,warmth , great secondary characters.

    12. Perfact romance storyLoved the enchanting story and the characters Its not one of the best i read but still worth the time if you are regency fan like me

    13. Book 1Loved, loved this first of a series Interesting characters and plot that keeps you turning pages Can t wait to move to book 2.

    14. Fun readThis was a fun, interesting and intriguing read Some confusion, misunderstandings and deception lead Lizzy on a fast paced ride that we get to enjoy with her.

    15. A wonderful change from EnglandA nice change from England, a change in culture and lots of intrigue, and mystery, a clean romance and very romantic.

    16. Lacking depthThe love story is good The spy thriller less so.I have read three other historical books by Mary Lancaster and they were great They had such depth that each left me bereft at the end of the book And the characters stayed with me for a few days after That what makes a book great Not with this one.The love story is sweet enough though given his womanizing and her managing character I m not convinced theirs is going to be the Happy ever after life I honestly think Johnnie Ivan Vania wo [...]

    17. Take a turn on the dance floor you ll never know who you ll meet What an appealing read Mary Lancaster lays the foundation of a complex story at a time in history where allies and ex enemies are jostling for a superior position in the political arena Her characters, not all terribly likeable, have personal agendas they are determined to carry out As she weaves new characters into the mix, you feel the chaos, and excitement of life in Vienna, immediately after the war.Lizzie is caught up in this [...]

    18. I really didn t know what to expect when reading this book especially from Ms Mary Lancaster an author I have never heard of or even read I know I was a little apprehensive to read it because it seems I only seem to read a certain few historical regency authors and dare to venture away from my comfort zone when it comes to new regency authors I do regret doing this and am glad to say that I have found a new regency author that I really do like even though this is the first reading of her work th [...]

    19. This novel was a refreshing surprise Lizzie Gaunt has lost her home and father Lizzie and her siblings have been sent to live with an aunt and uncle a diplomat traveling in Vienna She has a plan to change her poor circumstances when she happens upon the thief Vanya, but this plan could alter the future of many lives and even countries This debut novel was set in beautiful Vienna with rich details of the era with lavish parties and cosmopolitan people of the world The plot was full of intrigue an [...]

    20. Enjoyable BookCongratulations to MARY Lancaster on writing a book that was a joy to read, I loved the intrigue, the different countries that made up the the Congress after the war with Bonaparte The characters in the book were special, especially Dog Looking forward to reading Book 2

    21. A lovely romance with excitement and intrigueThe story takes place in Vienna during the Congress in 1814 following Napoleon s exile to Elba The city is bustling with visitors and Elizabeth Gaunt is there with her siblings, her aunt and uncle and cousins.Colonel Ivan Saverin, called Vanya, is part of the tsar s retinue He meets Lizzie under unusual circumstances, and their continuing acquaintance is equally unusual.There is much in their story to keep the pages turning I enjoyed every bit of it f [...]

    22. Lizzie in ViennaA delightful novel about Vienna after the Napolionic War Intrigue, misdirection, espionage, and dances abound during the time of decision making about the future of Europe As the Russians, English, French, and other countries vie for position romance finds a way For those enjoying historical romance.

    23. I loved it.The intrigue griped me from the start I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and it certainly is a page Turner I didn t want to put it down I liked the happy ending too.

    24. Excellent readThe story was light hearted, funny, and suspenseful I found I could not put it down The author did a great job of pulling it all together I very highly recommend her books.

    25. Sophisticated and wonderfully written, Vienna Waltz is one of those stories that leaves you wanting once you finish reading it Mary Lancaster has a bright future in Regency romance.

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