The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS AGAIN Three terrible things happen in a single day Essun masquerading as an ordinary schoolteacher in a quiet small town comes home to find that her husband has brutal

  • Title: The Fifth Season
  • Author: N.K. Jemisin
  • ISBN: 9780356508191
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS AGAIN.Three terrible things happen in a single day.Essun, masquerading as an ordinary schoolteacher in a quiet small town, comes home to find that her husband has brutally murdered their son and kidnapped their daughter Mighty Sanze, the empire whose innovations have been civilization s bedrock for a thousand years, collapses as its greatesTHIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS AGAIN.Three terrible things happen in a single day.Essun, masquerading as an ordinary schoolteacher in a quiet small town, comes home to find that her husband has brutally murdered their son and kidnapped their daughter Mighty Sanze, the empire whose innovations have been civilization s bedrock for a thousand years, collapses as its greatest city is destroyed by a madman s vengeance And worst of all, across the heartland of the world s sole continent, a great red rift has been been torn which spews ash enough to darken the sky for years Or centuries.But this is the Stillness, a land long familiar with struggle, and where orogenes those who wield the power of the earth as a weapon are feared far than the long cold night Essun has remembered herself, and she will have her daughter back.She does not care if the world falls apart around her Essun will break it herself, if she must, to save her daughter.

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    1. I picked this one up because I greatly enjoyed Jemisin s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but this novel was even better Jemisin blew me away with her world building and beautiful writing It s the tale of an alternate earth called the Stillness, which is plagued by constant seismic activity This leads to frequent near extinction events called Fifth Seasons that keep humans on their toes The evidence of past civilizations litters the planet ruined cities, incomplete stonelore handed down from earlier g [...]

    2. Yes, 5 full stars for this one because it s everything I want in a fantasy book I will explain.I don t read fantasy and sci fi because I like magic or space ships or laser swords or what have you I read fantasy and sci fi because I want to see something new, and there s no other genre that allows this much freedom of imagination, this much flexibility and bending of reality and this much room for what ifs The genres are ripe with tropes and cliches even so, and I m at that point where it pains m [...]

    3. This book is beautiful, this book is smart, this book is oh so heartbreaking, and this book is a masterpiece This is one of those books that make you feel absolutely guilty for giving out five stars to other books This book is unlike anything I ve ever read, but it felt so seamlessly woven This book mirrors the society we live in today and makes you think about all those uncomfortable topics you d rather ignore and pretend do not exist This book has the best representation I ve ever read in a SF [...]

    4. UPDATE 2.99 on Kindle US today 7 20 17 I mean wow This book is totally out there There were a few things I didnt like but overall it was pretty amaze balls This world Jemisin created is like nothing I have read before I love there are groups of people with powers The book is dark with sparks of hope here and there And I still can t get over what happened to Essun s son That has stuck with me through the whole book At first I was afraid I wasn t going to understand anything in the book but to my [...]

    5. 4.5 5 StarsI will not start my review for this book with some praises Don t get me wrong, this is an amazing book oh shit I just did , but I d like to start this review instead by saying patience is virtue is apt here For all those that have to fight for the respect that everyone else is given without question This book and my review will be dedicated to all of you.The Fifth Season, the first book in the Broken Earth trilogy is, in my opinion, a book that will truly require some patience for you [...]

    6. Edit, 10 52 pm, tonight N.K Jemisin is the WINNER Was there any doubt Old Review from a few hours ago Re Read 8 20 16, the day the Hugo Awards Ceremony is to take place for the novel I voted for Coincidentally, I ll be reading the sequel tomorrow So was it as good as I remember Actually, better But that s mostly because I m in on the trick and the secret of the MC is is laid bare and the whole novel then becomes a character exploration for me as well as a jaw dropping mountain load of quakeworth [...]

    7. 4.5 stars What you know for sure is that you re not a child You don t want to know what would happen if you were this world is nasty But you walk Restlessly, you walk At this point you re not sure it means something You go on, though, because you re intrigued Orogene, guardian, pirate, commless, you re part of the humanity anyway they don t think you are You re no stranger to rules death awaits if you are yet life destroys them at times this is the way the world ends, again Sometimes you wish in [...]

    8. OK, I m going to have to shell out for my WorldCon membership just so I can nominate this book for a Hugo ____I recently noticed that Nora Jemisin s profile lists her influences as Tanith Lee Ursula K Le Guin I m not sure if she put that in there or someone else did but those just happen to be two of my most favorite authors and yes, I can see the influence on this book.Previously, I ve only read Jemisin s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms her first book It was good enough that I bought the sequels but [...]

    9. Really good.N K Jemison s 2016 Hugo Award winner s world building is as good as Frank Herbert or Ursula LeGuin and with magic rules as well thought out as Brandon Sanderson and with an intimate talent for complex characterization as good as Octavia Butler.All comparisons aside, Jemisin s work is wildly original and she has created a far future fantasy that provokes thought and entertains Evoking Jack Vance s The Dying Earth, this is far, far in the future if it is even Earth where some people, O [...]

    10. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 07 20 bThis book had the distinction of being on both my most anticipated SFF lists for 2014 and 2015, due to the publisher s decision to push its release date back a year in order to give N.K Jemisin time to work on the sequels So it was with no small amount of excitement when an advance copy finally made it into my hands Proof that it was really happening.And oh boy, was it TOTALLY worth the wait.Initially though, my feelings were mixed a [...]

    11. From its ominous opening, This is the way the world ends Again , N.K Jemisin s The Fifth Season offers an original and amazingly immersive experience Jemisin s world building exists side by side with a world teetering on the brink of destruction But this has happened before Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes have wreaked havoc on the Stillness, the super continent and only land mass of this world Previous generations civilizations have been unable to avoid the destruction The po [...]

    12. 8 36pm, Sunday, August 21st, 2016 Noosa Heads The Fifth Season won the Hugo for best novel.And I m like Aye, anyway I guess if I say it s an utter load of wank, nobody will notice I honestly tried, without prejudice, and go figure failed DNF.Not only is this book written in present tense which bugs the ever loving fuck out of me , it s also written in second person which is possibly even worse, it just kicks my feeble, tiny, weak brain in I gave it a go a few months ago because of the hype and t [...]

    13. A beautiful haunting tale told in the way that I love, with little regard for the linear illusion of time And the voices, oh the three voices.

    14. Updated 8 23 16 Even better second time around I think it deserves a bump up to 5 stars It took me a few chapters to get into the story, but once I did, it was a smooth, fun ride Awesome mythology The polyamory scenario wasn t bad either.

    15. So clever.I ve been on a reading binge of mostly sci fi fantasy fusion and let me tell you, this book will rock your world Hats off to Ms Jemisin In all honesty I can t fathom how the idea and execution for this series could have originated from someone s brain.A must read for lovers of sci fi fantasy

    16. I picked this book up forever ago on a Kindle daily deal for 1.99 I started it a month or so later About 5 pages in I thought wow I m really not feeling this I ll come back to it later A few months pass and I try again, 5 pages and same result After a few months I setup a group read to get myself to commit to than 5 pages So I start the book and after chapter one I m thinking Holy Crap how is this getting such a great rating I then read chapter two and it was so awesome Chapter two was a differ [...]

    17. DNF at 38% Please someone give me a medal.The gif is strong is this one Consider your little barnacled selves warned.This was such a delightful read.Just kidding Bloody stinking fish, this was painful as shrimp 99,99999% of you People of Despicable Book Taste PoDBT thought this was deliriously mind blowing and scrumptiously original and fantabuliciously well written and all that crap, which can mean only one thing you I read the book terribly wrong Strange That has rarely ever happened in the pa [...]

    18. Sale Alert Daily Deal 14Feb18 2.994.5 Dystopianesk Fantasy Stars When we say the world has ended, it s usually a lie, because the planet is just fine But this is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends For the last time This was pretty different It there is such a thing as dystopian fantasy then this is that Not only are you on a world where there are the regular humans and lands and society But there are also people whose magic actually moves the ear [...]

    19. That was amazing I read a lot of fantasy and obviously love that genre immensely still, I don t usually give fantasy books five stars but this one definitely deserves every single one of those stars because it is pretty stinking fantastic.The world N K Jemisin created is mesmerizing in its casual cruely, both in regards to the planet that is pretty much out to kill everyone and in regards to the social structure of the people living on this hostile planet There are near extinction events happeni [...]

    20. 4.5ish stars.Wow This book was unlike anything I ve read in a long time I know that distinction gets thrown out a lot but not by me I love the fantasy genre but not because every book I read within it is innovative and unique There s really a lot of the same thing, which I m fine with because I like most of the tried and true tropes and reliable modus operandi But this I don t even know how to classify it It s not so much fantasy as it is whatever it is But I like it I took a few pages for me to [...]

    21. From time to time we do stumble upon a book that shakes us like a magnitude 10 earthquake A book that requires a 6 star rating Books that are as beautiful as they are scary, as haunting as they are prophetic happen once in a while to remind me that reading is much than entertainment or a pleasant pastime reading is necessity The Fifth Season is one of these books How to explain pure genius condensed in the usual triangle of narrative characters worldbuilding Jemisin begins Imagine a land It is [...]

    22. Noble Kreator JemisinGoddess of Broken Earth and Fallen MoonYou have made us a homeA planet of potential You have gifted us with historyFull of strife and wisdomWe are surrounded with beautyShrouded in mystery Talents were bestowed on usAnd the earth shakes as we discover themAngrily, it shakesBreathing fire, rock and poisonWe are strong but stand uncertainIn the face of our Father s wrathWe loveWe learnWe liveWe fightWe fleeWe fearPlease have mercy on what you have created.But the Goddess does [...]

    23. Actual Rating 4.5 StarsThis book was weird in the best way possible.I don t know that I ve ever read such a perfect blend of science fiction and high fantasy It was a little jolting at first to reconcile my normal expectations of fantasy a medieval inspired setting with what Jemisin presents here This is a world with electricity and asphalt, but also with horse drawn carriages and primitive housing in certain locations There are academic discussions about scientific matters while characters are [...]

    24. IT SUCCEEDED MY MIND IS BLOWN Audio booking Cause my girl got my back again I m ready for this fantasy scifi hybrid to blow my mind

    25. I know I m a little late with this one, but holy crap this was an incredible book It is definitely my favorite Jemisin so far I have a list in my head of the people dead or alive that I would like to have at my dream dinner party other guests include Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany and N.K Jemisin is for sure on the list now The Fifth Season is an incredibly unique, inventive fantasy with a cast of complex, fascinating characters human and sort of human Also, surprise Significant characters inc [...]

    26. And then he reaches forth with all the fine control that the world has brainwashed and backstabbed and brutalized out of him, and all the sensitivity that his masters have bred into him through generations of rape and coercion and highly unnatural selection His fingers spread and twitch as he feels several reverberating points on the map of his awareness his fellow slaves He cannot free them, not in the practical sense He s tried before and failed He can, however, make their suffering serve a ca [...]

    27. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Death is the fifth, and master of all The Stillness is a fascinating world, but one that I am not in a hurry to book for my next vacation I believe the locals have a peculiar sense of humour for calling Stillness a land that trembles and shakes constantly with tectonic unrest Not satisfied with regular earthquakes, this Stillnes literally blows up every few hundred years in a cataclysmic event that brings about the end of the world time and time again The locals have [...]

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