The Twilight Zone: The Shadow

The Twilight Zone The Shadow Picture if you will in your own world you re a fearsome crime fighter who stalks the night But you wake up today in another world where the fearsome crime fighter is just a character you play in a r

  • Title: The Twilight Zone: The Shadow
  • Author: David Avallone Dave Acosta Francesco Francavilla
  • ISBN: 9781524101527
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Picture if you will in your own world, you re a fearsome crime fighter who stalks the night But you wake up today in another world, where the fearsome crime fighter is just a character you play in a radio show that bears his name You are no longer a man with a mission, just a 22 year old prodigy with an impressive voice, and a lot of questions an honored guest who haPicture if you will in your own world, you re a fearsome crime fighter who stalks the night But you wake up today in another world, where the fearsome crime fighter is just a character you play in a radio show that bears his name You are no longer a man with a mission, just a 22 year old prodigy with an impressive voice, and a lot of questions an honored guest who has been invited into the Twilight Zone.

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    1. David Avallone Dave Acosta Francesco Francavilla Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Twilight Zone: The Shadow book, this is one of the most wanted David Avallone Dave Acosta Francesco Francavilla author readers around the world.

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    1. I received an ARC of this comic from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I found this compilation to be very interesting The whole concept would be fascinating for anyone really Imagine if Superman were pulled into the Twilight Zone what would happen to him How would his reality melt or alter The artwork was quite noirish and well done Very much to the time period involved The story line was interesting, particularly to someone like me who is familiar of course with [...]

    2. There is the Shadow and then there is the Twilight Zone While I know and have seen parts of the tv series called the Twilight zone and even got the odd series on dvd, bargain basement release, it was a show that for me was mostly hit and miss The Shadow on the other hand has remained a favorite of mine and these Dynamite releases are actually mostly good to very good.We see the Shadow entering the twilight zone after interrupting a festive meeting of the representatives of the bermensch controll [...]

    3. The Twilight Zone The Shadow by David Avallone4 starsAnyone who knows me pretty well knows that I have a secret obsession with the Twilight Zone I love to watch the marathons that play on TV on the Fourth of July and if I get up early enough in the morning I watch a few of the timeless episodes Hell, I even went on the Tower of Terror at Disney just because I love Rod Serling as a narrator and wanted to experience the ride for myself I m never getting on it again Naturally when I saw this was av [...]

    4. I saw this title, and thought, really I used to love the twilight zone, but the Shadow That was from the 1930s and I never understood it But you know what I was pleasantly surprised This version, where The Shadow is thrown into the Twilight Zone, we actually get to get inside his head The story works, and is a quick, enjoyable read.Highly recommend it if you like though old Radio or Pulp version, and especially if you didn t like The Shadow.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for [...]

    5. How many Shadows does a Shadow cast The Twilight Zone The ShadowThe Twilight Zone The Shadow by David Avallone is the graphic novel release of four comic books issues A long time fan of both The Shadow and The Twilight Zone, I was skeptical as to whether or not a combination of the two would be worth reading Putting it bluntly, the idea of this crossover might strike you as bat shi erm, crazy.So is this crazy graphic novel worth your time Absolutely Some background knowledge of The Shadow will h [...]

    6. Not bad I see this as a The Shadow book than The Twilight Zone, though Being a big fan of both those series, I felt it really helped to know The Shadow s history going in Shadow is working a case when Margo makes comments to him about how he s lost compassion and mercy and perhaps he should revisit Kent Allard After a car crash, he enters the Twilight Zone and visits several versions of himself to teach him a lesson in humanity First, he s Kent Allard, the man he was born as and whose death he [...]

    7. I thought this pretty well captured the slightly unearthly, or supernatural quality of the original Twilight Zone TV series This is a great idea A fictional character, particularly a superhero type with an alter ego, gets thrust into a scenario, or in this case multiple scenarios, that make him question his own reality There are so many facets to be explored.Maybe because I m not all that familiar with the character of The Shadow the intertwined stories all seemed to be edgy with a sense of myst [...]

    8. If nothing else, Avallone has done a stunning job on the monologues, each of which could easily have been delivered either by Rod Serling or Orson Welles And around the middle of the story, as the Shadow plunges through the layers of his own fictionality, a certain giddy power accumulates But the closing moral seems too sappy to do either source justice, and one is left with the same disappointment as after introducing two of your best friends, only to find they chat politely enough without real [...]

    9. When I first heard about this crossover, I didn t think it made any sense, but it really works Each issue begins with the Shadow waking up within another aspect of his character Whether it be a voice actor for the radio show, the author of the pulp novels, etc It s all very meta and I dig it.

    10. A wonderful, nostalgic cross over tale that treats both franchises very well The narration absolutely reads in Rod Serling s voice, and The Shadow s killing Nazis in 1939 New York

    11. This comic was amazing.I enjoyed the art and visually was a treat The concept , the plot line and the world building were all amazingThe experience of reading was a lot of fun.

    12. This was a fun read that cleverly evoked Serling s voice If you are familiar with the various media incarnations of The Shadow, there are a host of fun easter eggs scattered throughout the story.

    13. The Twilight Zone The Shadowby David AvallonePages 96Date November 15 2016Publisher Dynamite EntertainmentSeries Twilight Zone The ShadowReview Rating 4.44Read October 8 2016 I received this book from NetGalley, Diamond Book Distributors, and Dynamite Entertainment in return for a fair review The Twilight Zone with The Shadow Right, so, I ve seen episodes of the Twilight Zone, and I ve read a few The Shadow comics here and there Though the only Twilight Zone stories I ve read have been parodies [...]

    14. I thought this story looked promising, which is strange considering I ve never read or seen much from either series In addition, the cover art is awesome First of all it sets the stage right away Now In contrast to my other review for The Shadow Blood Judgement where I thought the scenes felt choppy and somewhat unnecessary Here I knew exactly what was happening and I felt that I got information from this version of The Shadow aka Kent Allard compared to that book The backstory was interesting [...]

    15. This might completely date me but I was so excited to see this book existed I loved the Twilight Zone as a kid And then to pair it with The Shadow awesome My dad had old recording of the radio show and, of course, I loved the movie.True to Twilight Zone fashion, this story was one roller coaster ride I loved the themes and the art There was nothing I could find to complain about However, I m not sure someone younger would love this book as much as I did There s a lot of history here that most ma [...]

    16. Mild spoilers This is a bit of a curiosity among comic book crossovers whereas most will throw Batman Captain Kirk the Power Rangers the cast of the Planet of the Apes against each other to have a big scrap and then get on with defeating some shared enemy, The Twilight Zone The Shadow is a bit thematic in its execution Knocked out by sleeping gas, the Shadow finds his mind leapfrogging between bodies and dimensions Quantum Leap style, back along his fictional and factual history.I m a big fan o [...]

    17. When I was a kid I remember a comic book that had Batman enter the House of Mystery At the time I thought that it was a pretty goofy concept to have an established character enter into an anthology series, so I passed on it Now fast forward to today, I find this graphic novel that has two well established entities colliding into each other Same goofy concept but because I am a big fan of both properties I checked it out this time.The Shadow enters The Twilight Zone, how does that play out Actual [...]

    18. Well done Even I, who am somewhat visually illiterate, was able to follow the complex story adequately Enjoyable read with a good point Very good Twilight Zone This book seems timely to me, as I try to understand the attraction of D Trump Over and over what I hear from supporters of his when I listen to them is fear They seem afraid of loss and destruction of everything they know I don t hate them I know it must be scary So the recognition in this book that the American Nazis therein were motiva [...]

    19. I was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed this graphic novel since my initial impression of it was that it sounded like a slightly corny mash up of two things I enjoy separately.The Shadow is one of my favorite superheroes pulp detectives and I ve seen every episode of the original The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling, but I was skeptical of how these two ingredients would mix when thrown in the pot together I m happy to say writer David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta did an outstanding job wi [...]

    20. The Novel opens with a scene of the Nazis propaganda rally in 1937 New York Things quickly turn violent and The Shadow fires into the crowd His companion Margo Lane complains about him possibly harming innocents as they go home He disagrees She says he has lost the human part of himself On their drive home their car is attacked and they become unconscious He awakes in the twilight zone as he finds himself conflicted with who he really is Is he Kent Allard, aviator or Lamont Cranston, wealthy pla [...]

    21. I m a major fan of The Shadow so I had my doubts at first about this book from the brief description I found Still, I ended up reading it and was quite pleased with the result It s basically a soul searching by The Shadow.It starts out with Margo being upset with how violent the Shadow has become and one incident in particular where his actions threatened children Suddenly the Shadow ends up traveling between times and becoming different people This includes his Kent Allard persona, Lamont Crans [...]

    22. The Twilight Zone The Shadow is a fast paced, entertaining crossover work that provides the best of both worlds from these television and radio classics The artwork was spot on for a forties noir and shifted well between the different stages of the story And you know that someone has taken the time to study both of these entities because when readers get to the monologues, you instantly hear Rod Serling s voice in your head I would love to read of these stories because they are fun and stick th [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.Fans of both Twilight Zone and The Shadow will absolutely adore this story I know I did I am a HUGE Twilight Zone fan and I thought this story fit perfectly with the tv series I had never read anything from The Shadow before this, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and it makes me want to look into that series as well The plot was amazing and the art was fantastic as well.

    24. Kent Allard, due to the kind ministrations of David Avallone, got a free trip into the Twilight Zone On that trip, The Shadow found out what it was like to be someone else, his alter ego, an actor, a writer, and even himself When he returned from the trip, he had regained some strained quality of mercy to temper his blind justice An interesting, but very different, Shadow adventure

    25. Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Have always been a fan of The Shadow and this was very fun to read The graphs are wonderful, the lines are clear, the dialogue is fast paced and the story flows in a logical manner Well worth the read.

    26. Who Is The Shadow A merciless vigilante The Face he wears in public Or the actor who plays him in a radio drama Only by stepping through to the Twilight Zonecan he learn the answer

    27. The Twilight Zone The Shadow by David Avallone with art by Dave Acosta had me a little worried at first I wasn t sure how these two properties could combine I needn t have worried We meet The Shadow as he is breaking up a group of American nazis His zeal for justice overrides the personal bystanders He feels they are guilty by association, but Margo sees it differently, since the bystanders are women and children This event sets The Shadow tumbling into The Twilight Zone.He is suddenly, Lamont C [...]

    28. More for fans of The Shadow than for fans of the twilight zone Until picking up this comic I never heard of the Shadow much before so it was kinda confusing in the beginning Maybe if I went into it knowing about The shadow I would ve enjoyed it better.

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