School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry Determined to become a wizard twelve year old Randal is delighted to be accepted into the famed School of Wizardry but his apprenticeship is marred when he realizes that one of the master wizards is

  • Title: School of Wizardry
  • Author: Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald Judith Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9780816718276
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Determined to become a wizard, twelve year old Randal is delighted to be accepted into the famed School of Wizardry, but his apprenticeship is marred when he realizes that one of the master wizards is using evil spells to destroy the school and gain supreme power.

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      Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald Judith Mitchell

    About Author

    1. aka Nicholas Adams with James D Macdonald , Martin Delrio, Robyn Tallis with James D Macdonald Debra Doyle has a doctorate in English literature Together, she and James Macdonald have written numerous sf f books They live in Colebrook, New Hampshire Series Mageworlds Circle of Magic Bad BloodSeries contributed to Tom Swift IV Robert Silverberg s Time Tours Daniel M Pinkwater s Melvinge of the Megaverse Gene Roddenberry s Earth Final Conflict

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    1. A short, straight forward children s book The first of six.Randal is training to be a knight in his uncle s household when the wizard Madoc arrives He performs magic, repulses Randal s notion of being a wizard, and leaves again So Randal runs off to follow him.Madoc brings him through the countryside past nasty signs of raids to a school And what happens there involves a promise to never use a sword, a rich man s son, a singer of folksongs, a little fire elemental, illusions, and rather .

    2. C rculo m gico es una saga de fantas a y aventura compuesta por ocho libros donde Randal, un joven escudero de 12 a os que aspira a ser un gran caballero en el castillo de Doun, es el protagonista.Pero todo cambia cuando aparece el mago Madoc ya que, con su presencia, Randal se da cuenta que tiene el don para hacer magia y tras una revelaci n en sus sue os decide dejar su vida para entrar en la Schola Sorceriae Escuela de Magia Tras un largo viaje Randal y Madoc llegan a Tarnsberg, una ciudad bu [...]

    3. No, this is not Harry Potter, don t expect it to be, and don t compare the two Yes, it was written before Harry Potter Please give the book a chance on it s own merits We ve gotten that out of the way, let s move on.School of Wizardry started out a bit slow for me I didn t like the court scenes in the beginning because I felt like the author was just skimming over that section to get to the good stuff I m glad Randal was able to enter the school so quickly or I would have lost a bit of interest [...]

    4. Oh the nostalgia I read this back in the 5th grade and it opened the door to fantasy novels for me I think I picked this up since there wasn t a new Harry Potter coming out for another year So we see young Randal, a squire with hopes of knighthood A mysterious visitor with a few magic tricks changes Randal s destiny and he travels to a faraway school to become a wizard The teachers all agree that Randal has great potential although he can t complete the most basic of spells He begins to regret h [...]

    5. I can t decide if I liked or I just found it ok I find rating books stressful at times p I did not think the reason they can t carry use knightly weapons makes any sense how can not carrying weapons prevent someone from having ambition and coveting power I knew that evil wizard was the villain from the beginning the authors could not have made it obvious such a clich e weapon thing was really aggravating though, how can a wizard defend themselves relaying only on magic seems boring this is of [...]

    6. An amazing series, this tale of a struggling young wizard to be contains many of the elements that made other similar stories such as Harry Potter increadable yet predates them by about 10 years Even if they were a series that was released today they would be a must read, and the fact that they were released by Troll publishing and made available at Elementary School book fairs only increases my appreciation for them I would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of spell weaving and noble [...]

    7. Adorei Passado no tempo medieval, num outro mundo, as aventuras s o fant sticas quando um mi do descobre que pode fazer magia e ingressa numa escola de feiticeiros Um Harry Potter um pouco menos adulto, com uma hist ria diferente e que deixa o leitor a querer mais e mais.

    8. Oh Another book about a young boy learning magic With the popularity of Harry Potter series, this trope somehow gather attention and that is actually the reason why I read this I hope that this would give me a similar experience that Harry Potter provides SoThe story is quite simple and very predictable but manages to be a bit interesting Its concept of magic is interesting and we will meet many characters that are interesting and Randal s study of magic is also interesting.The story is about t [...]

    9. School of Wizardry, the first in the Circle of Magic series by Debra Doyle and James MacDonald, often proved a tedious read Although the book is written adeptly, it is far too serious for a fantasy book Fantasy magic should be fun Well, not in this book, where few people in Randal s world want to be a wizard.As a young squire, Randal is training to become a knight Then a mysterious wizard named Madoc enters the castle gates Madoc is called upon by the royal family to lighten up a grim and gloomy [...]

    10. At age twelve Randal s future as a squire in training to be a knight at Castle Doun changes forever when he meets Madoc the Wayfarer Madoc turns out to be a master wizard and exhibited his powers in return for a few days of lodging at Castle Doun After seeing a vision in a bowl of water, twelve year old Randal believes he can become a wizard When Madoc left, Randal follows him to become a student at the Schola Soceriae or the School of Wizardry But he proves to be inept as an apprentice will his [...]

    11. When I read this in elementary school, I must have thought it was alright or I wouldn t have asked for the rest for Christmas My parents, when faced with Circle of Magic book scrawled on my list, instead bought Tamora Pierce s quartet with the same series title Thank goodness they did.What made me give this only two stars The fact that I never sought out the sequels After reading the books I got for Christmas, I never said to my parents you bought the wrong books They re good, but could you get [...]

    12. The first serious fantasy novel I ve ever read It is about a boy who initially trains as a squire, but later decides to learn magic, and follows a wizard into a distant city to enroll into Schola Sorceriae, a school of wizardry, as a magician apprentice There he studies several subjects, makes friends and enemies, takes part in all kinds of adventures, and finally manages to save the school by defeating an evil sorcerer Yes, it s quite like HP, but it was written earlier.Loved it, though it is q [...]

    13. Once upon a time, a loooooong time ago before the WWW , there was a magical place called GEnie, and the Roundtables therein The specialest of the RTs was the SFRT, where all hailed Yog the Mighty Tribute was paid in cases of toilet paper If I knew Yog s real name back then, I had long forgotten it But thanks to the magic of teh intarwebs, I now know it to be James D MacDonald.So onto my to read list this goes D

    14. I liked this book because the main character had to work really hard to succeed He didn t just discover that he was great, he struggled with his studies, and he had to make some hard decisions I wish I could explain this better The main point is that I really liked this book and will continue the series.

    15. Quite a small book Good reading for youngsters Not as much razzmatazz as the Harry Potter series but not as complex as the Artemis Fowl series A very decent feel good read It caught me by surprise that i completed the book within an hour or so Gotten addicted to high fantasy I guess

    16. I remember I read it when I was about twelve, I thought it was a very eerie and abstract book.Right now, having matured, I am willing to give it another go and see if my opinion changed at all.

    17. Very good book Even adults would like the heart beating mystery and non stop action Plus at some points I felt like I was learning philosophy with some of the quotes and concepts.

    18. One of my first fantasy novels ever probably before I read Tolkien, Brooks, Eddings got me really interested in the genre.

    19. Middle of the road short wizard school book with a medieval setting More of a grows up to be powerful wizard story than a school story, but readable nonetheless.

    20. Simple and short, a good youth novel with an quick but interesting plot Written before Harry Potter, it s got some similarities but is quite different.

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