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Play Me Chef equal parts sexy and carefree Pianist equal parts uptight and endearing inch of drywall between their apartments opinions on everything Combine all ingredients mix vigorously and be p

  • Title: Play Me
  • Author: Katie McCoy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 Chef equal parts sexy and carefree 1 Pianist equal parts uptight and endearing 1 8 inch of drywall between their apartments 2 opinions on everything Combine all ingredients, mix vigorously, and be prepared for an explosion of heat Pianist Ella Thomas is training for the competition of her life Finally in an apartment of her own, she can practice from dawn till dusk1 Chef equal parts sexy and carefree 1 Pianist equal parts uptight and endearing 1 8 inch of drywall between their apartments 2 opinions on everything Combine all ingredients, mix vigorously, and be prepared for an explosion of heat Pianist Ella Thomas is training for the competition of her life Finally in an apartment of her own, she can practice from dawn till dusk But she didn t bet on the sexy and frustrating neighbor keeping her up all night even if he does cook like a maestro and kiss like it s his job Jake Matson is living his dream as Head Chef at one of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco He s easy going, flirtatious and not looking for love He didn t expect to be completely distracted by the girl next door, whose buttoned up appearance hides the seductive firecracker underneath What happens when opposites attract As their tension fires up, can they create a new kind of music together or will everything boil over

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      Katie McCoy

    About Author

    1. Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical A St.Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.

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    1. After having finished Play Me by Katie McCoy, I realised three things One, I will never take canned soup for granted again in this lifetime or the next Two, I wish I had kept up my piano lessons even after having mastered the Twilight theme tune and three, Katie McCoy is the reigning queen of the subtle heart wrench and by that, I simply mean that she lures you in slowly, garnering your focus to the big things that are right in front of your eyes, it s all smooth, light and the characters are in [...]

    2. Read my full review of the book at seriesousbookreviews Spoiler Free I received a copy of this book from the author All opinions are my own and not influenced by my source This book was everything I thought it was going to be fun, lots of sexual tension and great characters I loved Jake and Ella s story I thought they complimented each other so well which made it a blast to read Jake is completely swoon worthy for the fact that he can cook but also for the way he treats Ella I liked that he enco [...]

    3. This book was just what I needed 4.5 Brownies and Black Lingerie Stars Guys If Jake were a real person, I would question some life choices Seriously I m not proud of that statement, but Katie McCoy should be This book is funny and sexy and amazing I loved it I didn t get bored I didn t skim I just enjoyed it It was a quick cute, swoony read My only struggle was with how quick the book ended, but if that s my only struggle then we re in good shape Take a chance on this book No, go get this book I [...]

    4. Katie has the recipe for success with Play Me a dash of humor, a cup full of drama and a whole lotta delicious romance with one tattooed, mouthwatering chef who loves to make brownies Yes, please Ella lacks color in her world She is focused on being a professional pianist and has followed her jerk ex boyfriend teacher s instructions on how to live for far too long when the scrumptious chef neighbor, Jake Matson shows up and brings color to her world I laughed, I drooled, I wanted to punch a cert [...]

    5. Two neighbors attracted to each other and annoyed with each other at the same time It s that fun push and pull I love in a romance Like I can t stand him but I want to screw his brains out As Jake and Ella s lives intersect, their attraction crescendos to a boiling point She s a classical pianist and he s a brownie cooking chef god Jake sees Ella for who she is, not what his expectations are for a woman unlike her last boyfriend He s the perfect guy for her both body and soul Katie wrote a book [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsAs a classical pianist trying to compete in a competition and catch a break, Ella Thomas, 25, is focused on her music or at least she s supposed to be it s what her music teacher slash ex tells her And not only does he remind her, he s kind of tried to brainwash it into her, bringing her confidence down a few notes Stupid fucking Mark Anyways, since music is key, Ella isn t too worried about having bare kitchen cupboards in her new apartment Having hot tattooed 27 year old neighbor, che [...]

    7. Title Play MeAuthor Katie McCoyPublisher NAME OF PUBLISHER OR SELF PUBLISHEDRelease Date January 27, 2016Genre s RomanceHeat Level 5 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb She was a mess of contradictions I was than eager to explore What do you get when you put a sexy chef and classical pianists Brownies Pianist Ella Thomas is a beautiful amazing woman, but has been hiding her whole life She grew up in a family of free spirited Jazz musicians, and hates being in the spot light But she has [...]

    8. This book was funny and angst free for the most part I liked that the hero was a chef and the heroine was a pianist There were also some great steamy moments What keeps it from being a 5 star for me is all the comments thought by the H about his busy past with women He was big into ONS, but then we also learn he dated women too Some of them met his best friend, he had purchased lingerie for some He was an expert on removing garters and bras He cooked for women to seduce them often he said that w [...]

    9. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was a really cute and light read It has very little angst, and is a perfect one to lighten you up if you have just read a particularly angsty book It was SO refreshing to have a h and H that both recognized their mistakes and worked to fix them I had some issues with the pacing and ending, and I wouldn t say that we get in really deep with the characterizations but it was enjoyable Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Ella and Jake s story Ella finally has moved out [...]

    10. This was a super sweet read I loved Jake, he was a sweet and sexy chef covered in tatsmmy I was worried at first that I wouldn t like Ella, for a short bit at the beginning she came across a bit prissy and cold, but that changed quickly and I ended up liking her.The plot flowed nicely and there were some laugh out loud moments the veggie pun discussion was HILARIOUS I am not sure I would go so far as to say this was a slow burn but you don t get any sexy times until slightly over halfway through [...]

    11. self note heroine still works with her ex that she lived with before she has no feelings for him any.but I don t like it and also the hero is jealous of it which he has every right too hero past is mentioned a little ke what he likes what he did before i don t like that either makes me think things he does with heroine isn t to special because he done it all but after talking with some gr friends I m hearing it s not too much of an issue so I decided to put this back on my maybe shelf

    12. Dual POVs There was no substance Too much inner dialogue about useless information that could have been said in 2 paragraphs instead of 2 pages The heroine talking about her libido and all the other explanations is too hard to like the heroine or get into the story loc 92 Sometimes less is .

    13. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed Katie s first book Game On, so I jumped at the chance to read her new book And when I saw that cover.WOW Ella is a professional pianist She has just moved out of her teacher ex boyfriend s apartment and is living on her own for for the first time in her life She is preparing for a very important competition and needs to focus She feels that living on her own will help with that Jake is the head chef at a success [...]

    14. 3.75 totally enjoyed this one StarsThis was cute, entertaining and super low on the dumb angst for angst sake scale I must also give kudos for the hot smut I got from it It wasn t kinky or anything extraordinary that I haven t already read before But for some reason the simplicity and descriptions felt much hotter than some other dirtier descriptions that I have previously read I woulda shoulda coulda rated this a solid 4 stars, but I had to shave a minor 0.25 stars for my lack of epic HEA Yes, [...]

    15. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksElla is a classical pianist who is in the midst of an important competition when she moves into her own apartment and meets her upstairs neighbor, hot chef Jake Their initial reaction to each other is adversarial laced with attraction, but that quickly changed Soon, Jake was wooing Ella with food and Ella was shedding her sexy nun look But the insecurities come knocking on their door and they both quickly retreat to the people they were bef [...]

    16. This book was okay There were some aspects of the H that didn t do it for me it kind of felt like we were constantly being reminded that he d been there and done that so often that he was an expert at seduction sex I have no issue with him being experienced I have no issue with man whores in general but I don t want to have to keep being reminded about it over and over again It kind of leaves me not liking him as much.Overall, it was a sweet story The predictable miscommunication happens 3 4 thr [...]

    17. A recipe for an adorable, sexy book one enticing blurb, one hot as hell chef, one sweet pianist, mix in some quirky family members, a few paper thin walls, and a smile inducing ending and there you have it It being Play Me, of course The cute and fun second book from Katie McCoy The premise is pretty simple Ella and Jake share an apartment building, where noise carries When her piano playing and his late night antics stop the other from sleeping, they clash and then, they get it on And whew, it [...]

    18. A veces el no leer las sinopsis no es tan bueno, pero a veces es la mejor decisi n por la sorpresa que me llevo Ver una porta como la de este libro con ese nombre y lo primero que piensas no es nada como lo que encontrar s La verdad es que me encant.Ella estaba tan acostumbrada a que le dijeran c mo vivir, ese ex novio profesor era un idiota eso es seguro Est tratando de independizarse y prepararse para una competencia, aparte de dar clases cuando se topa con un super sexi vecino que adem s coci [...]

    19. Una historia sencilla pero interesante, con ligero drama, con protagonistas que enamoran y se dejan querer Ideal para relajarse en una tarde con un chocolate caliente.

    20. With this being my first read from Katie McCoy, I wasn t sure what to expect I LOVE the cover and the blurb had me craving It started off at a great pace with lovely banter that had me grinning from ear to ear It kind of took off from there at an extremely fast pace and things seemed to hit fast forward, which was okay with me for the most part It seemed like the parts that I needed to savor went by way to fast and the parts that needed to hit fast forward dragged on a bit Either way it still g [...]

    21. Ella and Jake are both driven, both passionate and both dedicated to succeeding The only difference is for one its all about classical piano and for the other it s about food For Ella, Jake is a distraction she says she doesn t want but maybe he is what she needs and for Jake Ella is the beautiful girl he had no idea her happiness would end up meaning so much Music, food, drama, laughter and love collide to create a brilliant contemporary romance Have I ever told you about my fantasy about f ing [...]

    22. After reading Katie McCoy s debut novel, Game On, I was really excited to get from her and she did not disappoint The cover and the blurb will draw you in and once you start reading you won t want to stop She excels at twisting a whole lot of sexy and sweet into a story that will pull you in and make you fall in love with each and every person you encounter Play Me was completely different from her first novel but still oh so good Ella and Jake are both driven to succeed, but take different pat [...]

    23. 3 Stars Such a cute little romance However, definitely than 1 8 inch of drywall separates the two Aside from a few schematics for dramatic flair I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed it A couple of schematics for dramatic effects to prove my point Point 1 He looks out his window and watches her play in her sexy panties So I ask, how does 1 8 inch of drywall separate the two Point 2 When she screams rushes down the stairs to her Again, I ask how the 1 8 drywall separating the two I just could [...]

    24. I received a copy of Play Me by Katie McCoy in exchange for an honest review Play with me is a fantastic contemporary romance It has the perfect blend of Romance,Comedy and Drama Ella our heroine has the most sensational transformation throughout the book and I love how she became confident in her music and herself However, what was wonderful to read was how our amazing Hero the hot chef next door, Jake, liked her and found her attractive regardless of what she wore Play Me focusses on Loving y [...]

    25. I really liked this little book Good writing, sizzling hot chemistry and lots of food talk A somewhat reserved, classical pianist is training for a big competition that will hopefully further her career She moves from her family home after previously living with her stick up his ass piano teacher and boyfriend to the first apartment of her own Unfortunately, her playing hours interfere with the sleep patterns of her upstairs neighbor, a famous chef at a world renowned San Francisco restaurant wh [...]

    26. I enjoyed this one It was light and easy to read Not angsty or filled with heaps of misunderstandings view spoiler well, maybe only a couple but not too much where you say really hide spoiler Filled with humour, this one is great for those who want a quick read and smile on their face while doing it.

    27. 2.5 STARS Picked this one as a freebie a couple of days ago still FREE CLICK HERE Heroine is a pianist who prepares for a competition and just moved into a new apartment.Hero is a chef at a restaurant and works late night hours, he lives the apartment upstairs of hers.Needless to say, a pianist rehearsing in the morning isn t going to please a man who needs his sleep in the morning.This one starts a bit as an enemies to lovers, which I love, but both characters end up dating and lusting after ea [...]

    28. CuteCute simple romantic read 3.5 starsSexy chef upstairs and uptight new neighbor below He works late, she practices her piano early disturbing each other HEA

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