The Grand Sophy

The Grand Sophy You re in for a treat NORA ROBERTS New York Times bestselling author Heyer s women are spunky daring and outrageousher heroes the stuff of dreams DIANA PALMER New York Times bestselling author Geo

  • Title: The Grand Sophy
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9781492640318
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • You re in for a treat NORA ROBERTS, New York Times bestselling author Heyer s women are spunky, daring, and outrageousher heroes the stuff of dreams DIANA PALMER, New York Times bestselling author Georgette Heyer s bookssparkle MARY BALOGH, New York Times bestselling author Prepare to be charmed LINDA HOWARD, New York Times bestselling authorOne of Georg You re in for a treat NORA ROBERTS, New York Times bestselling author Heyer s women are spunky, daring, and outrageousher heroes the stuff of dreams DIANA PALMER, New York Times bestselling author Georgette Heyer s bookssparkle MARY BALOGH, New York Times bestselling author Prepare to be charmed LINDA HOWARD, New York Times bestselling authorOne of Georgette Heyer s most popular Regency romances What are you waiting for Sophy arrives at her aunt s house just in time to save her mixed up family from itself Everyone is hanging out with the absolute wrong person, and the whole place is in an uproar Luckily, Sophy knows the shocking tricks to straighten things out, and it starts with throwing a really grand party

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    About Author

    1. Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist Her writing career began in 1921, when she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer, and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Regencies were inspired by Jane Austen, but unlike Austen, who wrote about and for the times in which she lived, Heyer was forced to include copious information about the period so that her readers would understand the setting While some critics thought her novels were too detailed, others considered the level of detail to be Heyer s greatest asset.Heyer remains a popular and much loved author, known for essentially establishing the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance.

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    1. The one thing that always puzzles me is people s tendency to compare Georgette Heyer to Jane Austen As well compare Crime and Punishment to a John Grisham novel I am not denying the literary merits of either genre far from it, in fact However, that doesn t change the fact that one is trying to compare chalk and cheese Jane Austen s purpose in writing her novels was not merely to tell a story In fact, the story was merely a vehicle to examine critically the s and customs of the society of her tim [...]

    2. 4.5 stars If you ever wanted to see a Regency era heroine really take charge of her life, you ll probably love The Grand Sophy Sophia Stanton Lacy, better known as Sophy, is dropped on her aunt s family by her globe trotting father, who asks his sister, Lady Ombersley, to watch over his poor little Sophy.Enter Sophy, 5 9 , independent minded and brimming with confidence.Sophy quickly figures out all of the dysfunctions in the Ombersley family, including a father with a gambling addiction, a pass [...]

    3. Buddy Read w the wonderful, Candi Phrynne.Once again, my friends and in groups have gotten me to read a book that I thought I would never like and guess what I loved it Lady Ombersley s brother, Sir Horace decides to leave his daughter, Sophy with them while he is away Sophy usually goes with him when he travels the world, but on this occasion he needs her to stay with her aunt and uncle and all of the cousins What a joy Sophy was to a most droll household The eldest brother, Charles was so tire [...]

    4. I thought the book was delightful witty, bright, deeply hilarious and then we ran into a very stereotypical description of a Jewish Moneylender I do realize that Heyer was reflecting attitudes of the time, but did the moneylender have to be quite so odious On one hand, he is a nasty character and nasty characters often don t have a good personal hygiene On other hand, the description hits point by point a racial stereotype used for many years to fuel persecution of the Jewish race It is quite po [...]

    5. She was by far too tall nose and mouth were both too large, and a pair of expressive gray eyes could scarcely be held to atone entirely for these defects Only you could not forget Sophy, even though you could not recall the shape of her face, or the colour of her eyes I for one will not forget the unstoppable and vivacious Sophy Stanton Lacy anytime soon A truly entertaining Regency Romance with one of the most delightful and dynamic heroines you could ever hope to encounter from this time perio [...]

    6. A Regency Romance What What Ah, but this was nothing very stuffy, indeed Sophy was the model extrovert, a clever and busy and downright machiavellian girl Do you like characters with so much agency that they pop right off the page Sophy is your girl.Of course, that also means that she s pretty much a terror for all the stuffed shirts around her, and between getting in the way and deciding to help her relations find marriage, while all the while being the unwitting subject of the same dastardly p [...]

    7. The Grand Sophy, my first Georgette Heyer, is a very entertaining book about a complete hoyden who turns people s lives upside down The vivacious, unconventional and head strong Sophy is a delightful heroine She comes to stay at her aunt when her diplomatic father has to sail away to Brazil, of all places She soons detects many problems that the family is struggling with, and decides to intervene For their own good, of course The Grand Sophy is the perfect read when you need a lull from denser, [...]

    8. Having recently reread another of Heyer s books, I found I just had to dig this one out as well, slightly dusty, from the depths of one of my book cases Sophy has always been one of my favourite heroines and again she did not disappoint From the moment the Grand Sophy makes her magnificent entrance you know you are in for a fun ride Heyer wrote many excellent and charming characters in her time but this young lady is one of the best Her enthusiasm for life and her determination that everyone aro [...]

    9. One of Georgette s best loved Regencies it is impossible to read it any other way than as the story is told breakneck the smile never left my face While Sophy stays true to the period, in a lot of ways she is a far modern heroine it simply doesn t occur to her she can t be independent or that she doesn t know what is best for her cousins the Rivenhalls when she is sent to stay with them.The whole family reminds me of the Von Trapps in a Sound of Music, with Charles Rivenhall having Captain Von [...]

    10. I think this has surpassed These Old Shades as my favourite of the Heyers that I ve read The hero isn t as much fun as Avon is, but the heroine, Sophy, far surpasses Leonie Sophy is, admittedly, forward, bold, and out spoken enough that she could have become as irritating to me as Leonie is but I think Heyer handled Sophy with far skill than she did Leonie no great surprise, perhaps, since there s a gap of about three decades between the two books and she s instead a very joyful character, and [...]

    11. My goodness, I will have to review something very dark and depressing to make up for loving this book, won t I This is the romance novel that isn t a romance novel The heroine who isn t a heroine It s fixed in time and place, but with a heroine who seems modern Sophy is fantastic She s so very skillfully drawn Every action and word from her is much carefully considered than in many others of her heroines, and not forced for the sake of the romance At least, it felt that way to me The romance se [...]

    12. I wonder if I ll ever read a Georgette Heyer and not fall madly for it This one is definitely in my top favourites It was funny, witty, engaging and just awesome It was about Sophy s ingenuous plans in rescuing everyone s problems than an actual romance, but it was so engaging and hilarious that I didn t really mind All the characters were so special and unique and just such FUN DThe hero was very different from other Regency romances In fact he acted mostly like an anti hero, what with his tyr [...]

    13. I think The Grand Sophy is an excellent recommendation to fans of Jane Austen and regency romance, especially those who are quite sick of contemporary versions of the genre filled with throbbing members and heaving bosoms This book is very clean, light and reminiscent of Austen s masterpieces in its humor and focus on domestic issues marriage, unwanted engagements, cheating husbands, gambling debts and such The language is sophisticated, the characters are well drawn and likable, and the romance [...]

    14. Okay, I confess to a weakness for Georgette Heyer books While I refuse to read regular romance novels, Ms Heyer s books, which I discovered as a teenager, are well written and FUNNY The Grand Sophy is full of pompous people and Sophy who has a sense of the ridiculous There are some laugh out loud scenes I must admit that I keep a copy stashed for the times that life just gets me down.

    15. I loved this As a Jane Austen fan, it was so nice to read another Regency Period novel, but with a much buck the system female than any of Jane s characters Sophy is one of my favorite characters of all time If I can t be her, I want her as a best friend The last two chapters in particular were so much fun and comical I woke up thinking that I can t wait to read before remembering that I finished this last night Highly recommend

    16. Except for a gratuitously vicious bit of anti Semitism in the middle of this book that could just as well have been left out, it s one of Heyer s best, balanced between strong characters and a smacking good pace There are some genuinely funny bits, and the whole is so cinematic that it surprises me this hasn t been optioned by the BBC Though if they do, I hope they skip that disgusting middle chapter, or take the FAIL out of it.

    17. I m no book snob, but I must admit I was sceptic when one of my good friends suggested Georgette Heyer s novels There is a lot of horse talk and a great deal of drama, but this book was such a fun read I ve added Georgette Heyer to the list of authors to reach for when in need of entertaining and light read Thank you for the gentle nudge my friend, you were right, this was fun D 3.5 starsFavourite quotes A man who would contract the mumps, declared Cecilia, would do anything Lady Ombersley saw n [...]

    18. No es una novela rom ntica pese a que el amor est presente Me lo he pasado muy bien leyendo esta novela, a pesar de que al principio me ha costado entrar un poco Es una novela escrita en el sXIX y eso se nota Pero la mordacidad y la iron a esas frases de doble sentido que se gasta Sophia me han arrancado m s de una carcajada.Bueno reflejo de social, sobre todo, en relaci n a los matrimonios.Una lectura muy recomendable si sois amantes de Jane Austen

    19. OKAY Get ready for an onslaught of book reviews because I just got back from vacation and literally read like 20 books, maybe RST, this book was on my Kindle for a while because I guess this author is considered the mother of historical romance novels It was written in 1950, and actually, due to the historical nature of the subject matter, doesn t feel THAT dated caveat, see one of the things I hated about the book, lol , and is very witty and engaging The main character reminded me of Katherine [...]

    20. I really hate giving this 2 stars, because going down the list of my GR friends who have read it, I see that almost all of them with the exception of Carol gave it 4 or 5 stars I know we all have different tastes for books, but when I veer off so decidedly from everybody else in a book that is an almost universal fan favorite among Georgette Heyer readers, I does make me question my own reading tastes Oh well, it s not the first time this has happened, and it won t be the last.The character of S [...]

    21. A lovely book The plot was a bit laboured towards the end, still in keeping with Sophy s unpredictable nature The dialogues between the characters were first rate Flirtation at its best

    22. Good God, I LOVE reading about tall heroines who have fashionably expensive taste and a disregard for delicacy The Too Tall Grand Sophy is an excellent rider who owns a silver pistol, is so mischievously intelligent that she runs circles around those trying to foil her plans, and while not beautiful is so charismatic that everyone loves her Is this wish fulfillment I DON T CARE SHORT PEOPLE GET WISH FULFILLMENT ALL THE TIME When the Honorable Eugenia Wraxton who considers herself tall and elegan [...]

    23. Loved So fun I have a hundreds of books on my to read shelf and yet I came back to this one and read it again I adore these characters who make me laugh and smile Source AudibleContent Clean some mild language my god good god used as exclamations Originally read November 2015 Reread in March 2016 finished a 3rd time in July 2016

    24. This is a Regency era romantic comedy with the eponymous Sophy entering the lives of her aunt, uncle and cousins, the Ombersleys, and basically doing a non magical Mary Poppins on the poor unsuspecting family.Lord Ombersley is a useless gambler who has long since abdicated his role in the family and Lady Ombersley is of delicate and nervous constitution and frets over everything That leaves it all on their eldest son Charles who is desperately trying to navigate his family out of financial ruin [...]

    25. I find it a marvellous circumstance, cousin, that no one has yet strangled you A few years back, I discovered Heyer and read a few of her regency novels The Grand Sophy is one of her best, less of a romance and a comedy Sophy is a vivid protagonist, full of intelligence, world experience and energy Really, she has the makings of a monster and yet remains likeable She comes into the lives of her aunt and cousins like a whirlwind and it is hilarious to witness how she manipulates them, often with [...]

    26. 4.5I had a bad start with Georgette Heyer The first two books I d read didn t impress me and I didn t think much of those characters Then I stumbled upon Frederica and really wished that it wasn t just good luck Well, I can say now that it wasn t an accident because The Grand Sophy is just as entertaining, lovely, humorous and occasionally over the top as Frederica, maybe even .From the start, when her father asks his sister to take care of her while he is in Brazil, you know you are in for a tr [...]

    27. How are you supposed to review a book this fantastic It s hilarious and witty and I adore the characters Sophy for being Sophy Rivenhall because he s rough and blunt and boxes I know some people don t like him because of his temper, but I m contrary and do Charlbury for catching mumps and being chivalrous I would, however, like to beat Miss Wraxton over the head with a cricket bat or marry her off to Fawnhope, which would be a still worse fate.

    28. Sophy is a force to be reckoned with.I enjoyed this a great deal Sophy was a charming, good natured, and manipulative heroine It was impressive to watch her straighten out the Ombersley s household, almost like watching a magician pull the cloth off a fully laden table Her feats are rather bold and daring, and in some ways unrealistic Charles, the sourpuss cousin with the weight of the family on his shoulders, was rather a prig and his betrothed, Eugenia even so Ugh While I enjoyed Sophy s anti [...]

    29. I consider myself a pretty learn d historian, particularly of women and gender in Britain post 1792, and, yet, before I started to read romance, I d never heard of Georgette Heyer She s a founding member not consciously, obviously of the most popular fiction market in the world romance And she undoubtedly launched a thousand writing careers I think pretty much all of my favourite historical romance writers cite her as a major influence I understand, intellectually, why she s not as well known as [...]

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