The Halfmen of O

The Halfmen of O When Nick Quinn goes to spend a couple of weeks on his uncle s farm at Lodestone Creek he expects it to be like every other summer holiday His dopey cousin Susan is remote than ever but swimming and

  • Title: The Halfmen of O
  • Author: Maurice Gee
  • ISBN: 9780140317121
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Nick Quinn goes to spend a couple of weeks on his uncle s farm at Lodestone Creek, he expects it to be like every other summer holiday His dopey cousin Susan is remote than ever, but swimming and exploring will make up for the lack of companionship.But Susan is spirited off down a disused mineshaft into the world of O, and is taken prisoner bu Odo Cling and theWhen Nick Quinn goes to spend a couple of weeks on his uncle s farm at Lodestone Creek, he expects it to be like every other summer holiday His dopey cousin Susan is remote than ever, but swimming and exploring will make up for the lack of companionship.But Susan is spirited off down a disused mineshaft into the world of O, and is taken prisoner bu Odo Cling and the Deathguard Nick follows to rescue her and the Woodlanders of O come to his aid They know that Susan is the only one who can save their world, and perhaps her own.

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      Maurice Gee

    About Author

    1. One of New Zealand s most distinguished novelists, born in Whakatane, passed much of his childhood in the country town of Henderson now contained by Auckland s urban sprawl , and this background plays a major role in his fiction Again and again his plots are set in Henderson, usually under another name, or other small towns Even in the most recent, where Wellington and Auckland play a major part, it is their subdivisions Wadestown, Karori or present day Henderson which dominate.He completed BA and MA degrees at the University of Auckland, which subsequently recognised him with a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1998, and an honorary Doctor of Literature in 2004 He is currently married and has three children, one of whom is also a writer, Emily Gee He is an Honorary Associate of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists.

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    1. During a current effort to read books by NZ authors, I managed to sneak a copy of this off my flatmate s shelves during a recon mission through his old house I have vague memories of it from middle school still the strongest of which feature a school play reference to Hamilton being the huge, dark hole in the center of the story much laughter ensued Memories aside, there are some wonderful aspects to this tale The pace and tone is dull and rhythmic, but this begins to suit the story and soon be [...]

    2. Read this in year 9 for English class Remember it having some scenes that really hooked me in but mostly being difficult to pull through though in fairness I have that feeling about the majority of assigned reading.

    3. I liked it because it was the characters went on a big adventure Some of the bits were really interesting and other bits would make you sit on the each of your seat until it was over.

    4. Just like every other year, Nick goes to spend his summer holiday at his uncle s farm While he always enjoys his summer time there, he was never quite sure how he felt about his dreamy cousin Susan This time, Susan seems even distant and strange than usual But Nick soon discovers that she is not the only thing that is acting odd An old man, Jimmy Jaspers, threatens them and leads Susan into an abandoned mine shaft When Nick follows to come to Susan s rescue he finds himself in a world that is q [...]

    5. I think it is an amazing book, it is full of great sentences and it is a must read book, it is family friendly and a great read

    6. Fantastic series for Young Adults aged 10 14 Really enjoyable Unfortunately not the sort of book you can come back to after age 16 and still enjoy, but great while it lasts Rated based on my opinion when I was 13, which was that it rocked.

    7. I remember the whole class reading this at primary school and everyone just loved this book I always look for it in a library and my friends and I clearly remember everything that happened in this book It s a fantastic book and I highly recommend it D

    8. I remember everyone raving about this book when I was in form 1 and 2, and thinking, I should read that Well, I finally made it, 16 years later Aged 27, I can now say I have read another of New Zealand s classic children s novels, and I can see why everyone liked it so much It was published in 1982, so it was old even when my peers were reading in the mid 90s, but despite a few details that date it, it is a timeless story as most fantasy should be.The balance of good and evil is at stake when Su [...]

    9. Read on the recommendation of a friend, Maurice Gee writes a strong and interesting story about two cousins Suan and Nick who end up in the fractured, but beautiful land of O They must face down evil Halfmen, intent on taking O and then Earth for their own, as they race to complete a mission given to Susan at birth.Tightly written, and featuring a strong female protagonist in an adventure story, The Halfmen of O is a great, little book Reminiscent of Bruce Coville s Into the Land of Unicorns.

    10. The Danish edition, that I read as a child, had an eerie picture of Odo Kleb wonder if that was his name in the English original dressed in black, with grey face and red eyes When I read it the first time I was 9 years old, and I just loved it I ve read it countless times after that It s the story about Nick and Susan, who come to a different world The planet O O has been corrupted by halfmen, who relish pain Susan is because of the birthmark which was placed on her as an infant on her arm the o [...]

    11. i decided to read this book because it was suggested to me so i could cross off a book written by a new Zealanders categoryis book fits into the a book written by a new Zealand author , i found this category interesting because it is interesting to read other styles of writing rather than you typical american or english books favourite quote of the book is I remember slimy tasteless food I remember grey I remember ugliness, of the soul and of action I remember fear i like this quote because it r [...]

    12. The Halfmen of O is a book about to cousins, Susan Ferris and Nicholas Quinn who are kidnapped into a new world ruled by the pain loving Halfmen The two are put strait into action and have to quickly learn how to survive in the world of O.I really enjoyed reading this book Maurice Gee is a New Zealand author so obviously fills up that square on the bingo board i decided to read this because my dad had a book by Maurice Gee and he said to read this one I liked this book because it was filled with [...]

    13. I loved this book as a kid, and stumbled upon it again today almost by chance I ripped through it again in about 2 hours Although I grew up in Auckland, we had never made the trip to South Island and the place descriptions in Halfmen slipped out of my memory Much much later, I too had driven down the length of the North Island crossed the strait on the ferry driven through the Rai Valley and Nelson and over the Takaka Hill and through Golden Bay to stay at Collingwood, and it was really enjoyabl [...]

    14. I had to read it for university and that always affects my reading experience because I m reading it for content I could use for my assignment rather than just reading for enjoyment.There a bursts of goodness in which there was a quote about humanity in there, but otherwise, I didn t like it too much Also, the cover is unattractive which also affects the way I feel about a book I ve read two other Maurice Gee books Under The Mountain and Salt and I don t remember much about either Only that I wo [...]

    15. This is epic children s fantasy at its best The plotting and pacing is tight and the world building surprisingly good, ranging from a claustrophobic and grey moonscape of pitted plateaus populated by grey skinned creatures, to woodlands of furred people, eyries of birdmen, grottos of eyeless creatures, and talking seals Nick and Susan are a bit one dimensional but Jimmy Jaspers is a fun and fully formed character It makes an excellent stepping stone to The Lord of the Rings Can t wait to read th [...]

    16. i m embracing reading some kiwi kids books as there s a whole different scope of books here and sadly, this one while apparently quite a cult classic over here, didn t really do it for me Boring writing style too blunt and non descriptive, characters that held no real depth or emotion, but the story and plot did hold enough interest for me to keep trudging through it that and cam and i were reading it to each other at night before bed i wanted to like it, but in reality, i wouldn t recommend it. [...]

    17. This is a classic New Zealand novel I read it when I was a Primary School 30 years ago and have read it again since then Maurice Gee has a great way with words that shows the story The Trilogy that this book is part of is also a great read for anyone from ages 10 14 If you like action, adventure, tension and goodies verse baddies you will enjoy this story In a way it s like a very gentle introduction to stories like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

    18. This hasn t aged quite as well as I d thought The idea of Halfmen definitely has something to it, but other than that, the plot is pretty formulaic, bits and pieces from the general pool of fantasy, laid out in a very straightforward quest, and without any particular colour to the writing Under the Mountain also by Gee is much better.

    19. It s a pretty good YA fantasy Nothing that will blow you away, but a pleasant read for when you want some quick entertainment The characters are well thought out, and I especially like the non humans of O.

    20. Great Will read the rest of the series Far better than The Dark Is Rising series didn t read either as a kid and felt the need to read them both now one held up Gee s and one didn t Cooper s.

    21. Loved reading this aloud to my 8 year old Gee was a great author, I love that difficult concepts or words are always described or defined in later paragraphs both filling out the story aiding comprehension Plus, super exciting with strong female characters

    22. I read this book every year, and despite being almost 40, I ve never become bored with this story Nick was always my favourite character, along with Jimmy Jaspers and Breeze My all time favourite teen novel.

    23. this book was sort of interesting but it not really the sort of books i like to read it started off confusing for me and ended confusing.

    24. Found this in an op shop yesterday and it totally stands up to the test of time So glad one of my childhood favourites is still good as an adult.

    25. Read this to my two boys They gave it four stars This book was given to me when I was a child by my aunt and uncle from New Zealand I ve finally got around to reading it.

    26. For sheer nostalgia and a decent dose of down under slang Yes, it s not the most complex plot in the world, but I still think it s a well written kids book.

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