Conduza a sua Carreira! Um Guia Para o Autoconhecimento Profissional

Conduza a sua Carreira Um Guia Para o Autoconhecimento Profissional O que significa ser bem sucedido Ter dinheiro status posi o e poder Talvez signifique agradar seus pais familiares e amigos ou ter uma impressionante lista de conquistas profissionais Neste livro

  • Title: Conduza a sua Carreira! Um Guia Para o Autoconhecimento Profissional
  • Author: Robert S. Kaplan
  • ISBN: 9788535274967
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • O que significa ser bem sucedido Ter dinheiro , status, posi o e poder Talvez signifique agradar seus pais, familiares e amigos ou ter uma impressionante lista de conquistas profissionais Neste livro, Robert Steven Kaplan aborda essas quest es e fornece um roteiro para auxiliar o leitor a conquistar suas aspira es N o se trata de um livro de autoajuda para alcan arO que significa ser bem sucedido Ter dinheiro , status, posi o e poder Talvez signifique agradar seus pais, familiares e amigos ou ter uma impressionante lista de conquistas profissionais Neste livro, Robert Steven Kaplan aborda essas quest es e fornece um roteiro para auxiliar o leitor a conquistar suas aspira es N o se trata de um livro de autoajuda para alcan ar bens materiais, status ou poder tampouco foi projetado para fazer as pessoas descobrirem como se tornarem vencedores aclamados Trata se de um livro sobre autodescoberta, cujo objetivo que voc entenda melhor suas habilidades, descubra quem voc e defina o que deseja uma obra que vai auxiliar o leitor a desenvolver estrat gias para conduzir sua vida e carreira e descreve uma abordagem sistem tica para pensar e aprender, de modo que possa aumentar suas chances de alcan ar seu pr prio potencial.

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      Robert S. Kaplan

    About Author

    1. Robert S Kaplan born 1940 is Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, United States, and co creator, together with David P Norton, of the balanced scorecard, a means of linking a company s current actions to its long term goals Kaplan and Norton introduced the balanced scorecard method in their 1992 Harvard Business Review article, The Balanced Scorecard Measures That Drive Performance.This method has been endorsed by companies such as Mobil and Sears The balanced scorecard envisages executives as pilots with a range of controls and indicators in front of them, based upon which they make decisions and develop strategies He has also published in the fields of strategy, cost accounting and management accounting Prior to Harvard, Kaplan was on the faculty and was Dean of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.In 2006, Kaplan received the Lifetime Contribution Award from the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association.In 2006, Kaplan was named to the Accounting Hall of Fame.

    One thought on “Conduza a sua Carreira! Um Guia Para o Autoconhecimento Profissional

    1. I heard about this book and thought, Hmmm, sounds interesting, I ll get it some time because I spend a good deal of my time thinking about what I m really meant to do Of course, then I didn t bother to get it So I m in the library, glancing at the new books section and there it is Easy, so I check it out.At first glance I figure it s a typical, Get to know your strengths, find your passion, conquer the world type book, but what the heck.And, yes, when you first crack it open, sure, he talks abou [...]

    2. If you re looking for a quick read on how to maximize your potential at work, this book may be for you On the positive side, the author provides an introspective road map that I agree is essential for recognizing, understanding, and using your traits and values to reach your definition of success However, there was very little discussion on how to handle factors that are, indeed, completely out of your control, such as business failures and office politics The text, though, was well written and [...]

    3. I think the title creates an unrealistic expectation that after reading this book, you ll know what you re meant to do It doesn t The answer doesn t come from someone else You have to do some soul searching and identify what makes you happy That s not new, nor any of the other concepts in this book The book is useful in that it contains stories that readers can relate to and maybe one of these stories will spark an insight or motivate a person to take actions for a career move.

    4. This does not tell you what you re meant to do It tells you how to improve upon your current job Alas, I have no clue as to what I m really meant to do I m enlightened withignorance Also, the stories there are enough to induce a migraine are unnecessary and dull Thanks for nothing It was so boring that I had to skim the last 50p to make it here.

    5. I thought this book would be about some round about way to understand what you like doing and how to pursue it well, it did but even profoundly than I anticipated I really enjoyed this book and felt like it helped me understand myself and what I like doing in a new way The real life examples and problems were great in understanding the root cause of work life problems and why we sometimes run away from them I recommend this book to everyone wanting to see their life in a new way and figure out [...]

    6. I read this so for work purposes I work with postsecondary students , but I find that a lot of the ideas apply to me as well as I progress in my career I took this out from the university library, but it s worth getting a copy and taking the time to really work through all the activities.

    7. This book is about owning your career, no matter what point you are at right now It helps you think about how to take responsibility to continually grow and become the best person you can be There is special emphasis on managers senior managers Highly recommended.

    8. If you are struggling with what s next and are you doing what you were made to do, this is a good start with actionable steps to get you there Should be required reading for 16 year olds.

    9. Serviceable book about changing your career or simply finding joy in your work Worth the read if you re in such a position but it s oddly specific yet no one person is experiencing all circumstances this book s target audience would be Nonetheless, good content and worth the read for those really struggling with career choices.

    10. I think it is a very good book and I plan to use some of the advice it gives The parts I like the most are the ones that talk about discovering your true passion and on this subject there is this one question on the book that I really loved it said If you knew you were going to be highly successful in your career, what job would you pursue today I have asked this question to a few people and they haven t been able to give me an answer, but they have started to think about it and I think that s t [...]

    11. First and foremost, the name is a bit deceptive in terms of the expectation it creates in the potential reader vs what it offers to the reader The first 3 chapters contain beneficial information and questions to ask yourself in order to understand yourself better You identify your strengths, weaknesses and skills Then you think about your desires and passions using mental questions such as If you had enough money to do whatever you wanted, what job or career would you pursue.The book which was i [...]

    12. The last chapter made reading through this ponderous self helper worth it Normally, I would likely find the last chapter too feely, but today was THE day that I needed to read it or something like it and be reminded that I m an individual and I help myself none by comparing myself to others I kinda want this book now, to go through the exercises at my own pace and not while hoping I can beat the library max loan period and reread certain parts when I need to Now, this isn t to say that I swooned [...]

    13. This would probably be applicable to people in traditional business roles as opposed to being in a library Plus the narrator was very dull

    14. Actually this book wasnt bad it was good and hopefully will encourage me to change some habits I read the book during a holiday trip I promised myself that during this holiday I will pause and reflect back on my achievements and failures, and decide what really I want to do with my life Kaplans book gave me a framework to start that process The book was logical in its approach to asking yourself the right questions It also gives a clinical definition of certain traits and skills that are useful [...]

    15. Harvard Business School professor dean recommends journaling and talking to close friends to help figure out what you should do for work The first thing I thought upon finishing this audiobook was How many times has this guy been on Oprah The summary is very pop, but Kaplan does his earnest best to drill down a level below the platitudes to provide some rigor to the process, and I found that rigor interesting and memorable Did I do the process he outlines Of course not, that very rarely happens [...]

    16. I always love to observe the place where passion meets talent When you meet someone who is so good at what they do, and they obviously love it, it doesn t really matter who they are or what their profession is, it s magic I would like to say that upon completion of this book I now have a clearer understanding of myself and where my own particular talents would combust into something that the world would applaud, but that s not the case All the applications, examples and exercises in this book ar [...]

    17. Excellent book, even for those like me who already know what they want to do This book will show you how to be the best in the position you re in, help you understand that you may not need another company but a new career inside the company, and also help you understand why you are not living your life to your fullest capabilities This isn t the kind of book you read and put down To maximize the benefits from this book, you will have to do a bit of soul searching, which can be difficult Honest a [...]

    18. Good book, not a great book.It s a very well laid out book, written to encourage readers to dream in the realm of reality The book attempts to keep readers aware of the harsh realities of life, and promotes self awareness and accountability in relationships, friendships, and employment as well as life goals and ambitions I didn t find it very thought provoking or inspiring, however I don t think that was the intent of the author I got the impression, that the message here, was to have readers to [...]

    19. I ve read lots of these books and many of them rehash the same old ideas but this one presents some really thought provoking ideas, questions to get you thinking about them, prompts for writing about or acting on suggestions given in each chapter I like the way it s laid out, each chapter focuses on a different skill that will help in being successful at whatever you decide to do The author focuses on the business world but the info presented can easily be applied to anyone in any field Worth re [...]

    20. I have been reading books on passion, personal management, and workflow management for a very long time I have yet to read a book that gives lessons on life like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Similarly, I have not read a book that teaches daily workflow management like Getting Things Done So, if you want to read two books on the subjects, the two aforementioned books are the ones to buy What You re Really Meant To Do was well thought out, but still pales in comparison to my two fav [...]

    21. A good book about coaching, mentoring, building relationships, honesty with yourself especially and defining success on your own terms.It doesn t try to be a know it all kind of book but like the title says it is road map The author admits that some most of this isn t easy but it may be worth it if you aren t getting what you want out of your work.Although this is by far the traditional business book compared to the other one I just finished reading The Art of Power , there are some correlation [...]

    22. The questions and activities at the end of each chapter were well done and interesting The book was clearly laid out The last chapter was the emotional inspirational stuff I was looking for This is probably for people who are wondering whether they should stay in their job or not It was also rather corporate focused What about jobs in the arts In general it was just rather dull and unhelpful I know I want to leave my job, I think I know what I want to do instead, is my path the right one Book p [...]

    23. As one might expect from an HBS Goldman Sachs individual the overwhelming majority of examples centered on finance, marketing, retail law based occupations I can only think clearly of 2 examples from not for profits the public sector was completely neglected.I need to spend some time thinking about this book before I level any judgement on the recommendations, but it was clearly well thought out written by an individual clearly looking to help others and have a positive impact on workers lookin [...]

    24. Kaplan s What You re Really Meant to Do is quite good I admittedly began reading the book with a negative bias, expecting a typical self help book filled with fluff and pop psychology However, Kaplan won me over with his simple approach and ability to garner powerful insight with a few pointed questions I am actually going to put this book on my will reread list and would recommend this book to aspiring professionals Kaplan deftly proves that we are all works in progress, and we should all self [...]

    25. This was too focused on stories and examples of 9 5 professionals assuming that one is operating from a place of having a job in the corporate world or considering it right after college It does encourage self exploration, is a succinct helpful read, and has a few good exercises A good resource to help you organize your thoughts to make a decision but in no way would I say you will know what you are meant to do after you read this Some application, time, reflection, and work are necessary.

    26. This book could have been titled better, as it was very career focused rather than just focused on ideas for how to achieve your dreams or work on your passions in general.I would recommend it for anyone who is unhappy with your career It would provide some good direction to put yourself in a position in which you feel fulfilled and happy It also had a good deal of ideas that anyone could use generally.

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