We're Still Right--And They're Still Wrong

We re Still Right And They re Still Wrong Every politico and pundit has tried to explain the presidential race but James Carville the multiple best selling Ragin Cajun and grand strategist of Bill Clinton s rise to the White House has l

  • Title: We're Still Right--And They're Still Wrong
  • Author: James Carville
  • ISBN: 9780399576225
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every politico and pundit has tried to explain the 2016 presidential race, but James Carville the multiple best selling Ragin Cajun and grand strategist of Bill Clinton s rise to the White House has largely stayed silent Until now He straddled the punch bowl, dropped his pants, and whipped out his member, which, he assured everyone, was very large Then Donald TrumpEvery politico and pundit has tried to explain the 2016 presidential race, but James Carville the multiple best selling Ragin Cajun and grand strategist of Bill Clinton s rise to the White House has largely stayed silent Until now He straddled the punch bowl, dropped his pants, and whipped out his member, which, he assured everyone, was very large Then Donald Trump pissed right into the punch of the Republican Party So begins We re Still Right, They re Still Wrong with that image of Donald Trump defiling the celebration that should ve been the GOP Establishment s easy march to the White House.In We re Still Right, They re Still Wrong, Carville updates his 1 New York Times bestseller from 1996, the campaign tract that Bill Clinton once credited for his re election Carville skewers the GOP s dumpster fire of a record over the past twenty years, and argues that Trump is the living manifestation of a failed party From income inequality to race relations, Carville believes that Democratic Party is not only the dominant party of the past, but of America s future, too and he makes the case in his uncensored and earthy style.Among other things, We re Still Right, They re Still Wrong features a hot take on the Clinton e mail scandal, a story about Carville s momma schooling a pair of crawfish mongers, a lecture on political panics called The Anatomy of Bullshit, and a recipe for how to grill your non existent Trump Steak.And wit and sharp tongue aside, Carville turns it all into the most cogent and thoughtful analysis of the 2016 and how the Democrats can and must be victorious.

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      James Carville

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    1. James Carville is an former U.S Marine, political consultant, commentator, actor, media personality and pundit Known as the Ragin Cajun, Carville gained national attention for his work as the lead strategist of the successful presidential campaign of then Arkansas governor Bill Clinton Carville was the co host of CNN s Crossfire until its final broadcast in June 2005 Since its cancellation, he has appeared on CNN s news program, The Situation Room As of 2006, he hosts a weekly program on XM Radio titled 60 20 Sports with Luke Russert, son of NBC s Tim Russert He is married to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin.

    One thought on “We're Still Right--And They're Still Wrong

    1. As a Hillary supporter who has started to panic now that Trump is creeping up in the polls, I thought I d make myself feel better by reading this recent rally the troops effort by committed Democratic campaign strategist, pundit and Tulane political science professor, the ragin Cajun James Carville.Carville makes it clear that his book is not intended for Republicans, who will probably just rip up this page, wipe, and flush No, he makes no bones about its audience It s us It s Democrats The Demo [...]

    2. Rating 3.5 of five ReadingIsResistance to alternative facts a wistful might have been for many, certainly a useful tool to educate the next generation of Progressives My review is live now at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.

    3. Very interesting and informative book This book really shows how the Democrats really have done a lot for the majority of this country while in office while the Republicans worry about the super rich and try to make people believe that lowering taxes and giving breaks to the super rich will help the middle class It doesn t Fact In seven years under President Obama, the U.S has added an average of 107,000 jobs per month Under President Clinton, the economy added 240,000 jobs a month Under George [...]

    4. I picked up this book because Carville can be funny And this book does show his humor In this book Carville shows how the economy and job creation have been better under Democrat presidents since Harry Truman He also provides arguments for the Democratic policies on welfare and taxes He does also talk about that Democrats need to re examine their policies on using nuclear energy and natural gas to improve the environment Carville has a folksy sense of humor from growing up in Louisiana And it wo [...]

    5. Funny and vindicating if you are a Democrat, liberal, progressive, or Clinton supporter You will hate it if you are a Trump supporter, but I, for one, don t care.

    6. A quick read and a validating one for those who are equally baffled and concerned about what our country is experiencing I thought at first this book would be outdated now that we know who won the 45th Presidency, but most of the hopeful predictions are in one small chapter at the end The rest of the book is filled with excellent ammunition for arguing and defending any point that may come up in conversation at family reunions, work, or visiting friends in other parts of the country Or, as Carvi [...]

    7. I listened to the audio book5 hrs 3 mins.Devoured in one sitting Incredibly interesting,humorous,and to the point I only wish James had narrated the entire book,and not just the forward.

    8. If you re a liberal, a progressive, a Democrat or someone who likes facts then this book is for you Carville has an engaging easy to read and understand style I read this book in less than a day The chapters are well organized and concise If you are a conservative or a republican you would benefit from reading this book, just to learn the facts about some conservative policies.

    9. I love James Carville and am a diehard liberal Democrat, so this book was pretty much right up my alley It s full of wonderful fact based arguments on why the Democrats have been on the right side of history for a long time, including climate change, health care reform, income inequality and That said, if you re not familiar with Carville and his in your face delivery, I don t see anyone that s an independent or right winger enjoying this and looking past the rah rah ism of it to really appreci [...]

    10. I can t recommend this to my grandchildren there are some bad words, like bulls %t However, it is also full of facts, and I think all of my adult friends should read the facts and understand them Understand how they ve been lied to how they ve drunk the KoolAid I challenge anyone who voted for Donald Trump to read this little book It s a quickie just over 200 very small and widely spaced pages I hope we survive the next four years.

    11. We re Still Right, They re Still WrongWe re Still Right, They re Still Wrong by James Carville, t is a truly fascinating book Some people might find it a bit too crude and some language too colorful, but he can really get an idea across I highly recommend this book.

    12. In a recent Facebook exchange, a friend and I exchanged some words on the back and forth twixt libs and conservatives The part she objected to was the used of labels understandable, but not really the point I was getting to in my post Now, after listening to Carville rant for 4 5 hours it s easy to see why people have little desire to exchange ideas Even when he allows that the the other side may have a valid point, he uses so much sarcasm that any thought of cutting him some slack goes out the [...]

    13. Carville is an irreverent, funny and articulate yellow dog democrat His team has done some really good research on why the democratics have a better track record for making decisions that benefit of the greater good, and for why we need to elect Hillary If you like arguing with republicans or others who don t see the wisdom of the democratic platform or candidate, this is the book for you.

    14. This is classic James Carville, too much crude language for my taste but hilariously frank and witty and informative it sounds exactly the way he would sound if you were sitting in his living room having a conversation and since he owns a farm near ours, we ve had the privilege of doing just that.If you re a Democrat but feeling defensive about some of the issues, this is an interesting primer on the key issues in the 2016 election and why we re still right and they re still wrong The title is d [...]

    15. Carville scores 5 points for content and 3 points for style effective score of 4 stars In a very conversational, sometimes scatological, tone, Carvile argues that the democrats have been, and should continue to be, effective in dealing with the economy, society, race, and truthiness It will not win converts but it s goal is to help those who confront undecided voters with some facts they can use to make cogent arguments At the end, Carville says that facts don t matter, but he ends on an up not [...]

    16. This book took me no time at all to read It just really kept me engaged I don t normally read books that have just come out, but it so happened that I have read a previous book of his before thought it would be right up my alley It totally was I highly recommend this book yes I agree with most of what he has written in here but it also is a wealth of information of things that you probably weren t aware of so that made it enlightening Considering the hostile political environment we are in righ [...]

    17. James tears them a new oneCarville goes down the list of Republican talking points and then drives his Chevy truck with Louisiana plates through each.He gives the partisan Democrat ammunition to fight back anti business regulations Do we really want the chef to decide for himself if he should wash his hands after he uses the bathroom James C saves space for dismantling any notion that Trump deserves to be anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave And saves special blame for the media and republican re [...]

    18. Even though this book was written in May 2016, so much has happened in the meantime that it was somewhat dated Even so, it was heartening for this Democrat to read and confirmed my beliefs in basic progressive policies I just wish Hilary had been able to follow his advice and rally the troops But I think this election got a lot crazier and complicated than Carville could have anticipated His writing style is extremely entertaining and even though parts of the book made me sad based on recent ev [...]

    19. American Politics 101In an election year where lying, conspiracy theories, insults, and vulgarities seem to grab the headlines without much fact checking, political pundit James Carville presents a strong case for his Democratic Party The book is well researched and loaded with facts and charts that bring clarity to a very muddled presidential race One can only imagine Carville and his staunch Republican wife Mary Matallin on election day.

    20. Very readable Carville has a way with words and with explaining things clearly He also did his homework, finding good supporting evidence Not sure he would convince a conservative, but independents should take a chance If you re already liberal progressive, this will help prepare you for some of the discussions you re bound to have.

    21. Carville is always a fun and easy read given the subject matter As with the vast majority of political books, he s largely singing with the choir.It was interesting how he made a case for Democrats without mentioning Hilliary very often You know Like the Republicans and Trump.

    22. Amusingly written, but a definitely biased overall tone He states at the outset that he knows he s not going to change anyone s mind and that that is not what he is trying to do His audience is his own party so the bias is not unexpected.

    23. Have read all of Carville s books and enjoyed them a lot He is right on the mark with what is going on in Congress and our politics A funny man that tells it like it is.

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