Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall Elementary school teacher and part time librarian Sarah Mayhew has the perfect plan show off her cycling skills at her school s bike retreat and attract her oblivious coworker in the process Her end g

  • Title: Ready to Fall
  • Author: Olivia Dade
  • ISBN: 9781616509408
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook
  • Elementary school teacher and part time librarian Sarah Mayhew has the perfect plan show off her cycling skills at her school s bike retreat and attract her oblivious coworker in the process Her end game Fall in love Only one problem she needs to find someone to teach her how to ride a bike pronto But when she catches sight of Chris Dean s gorgeous physique, her bestElementary school teacher and part time librarian Sarah Mayhew has the perfect plan show off her cycling skills at her school s bike retreat and attract her oblivious coworker in the process Her end game Fall in love Only one problem she needs to find someone to teach her how to ride a bike pronto But when she catches sight of Chris Dean s gorgeous physique, her best laid plans are about to go off track .Chris is not looking for a girlfriend He s getting over his last one by focusing on his bike repair business So when a feisty, sexy schoolteacher urges him to help improve her cycling skills, he does it strictly for the money He vows he won t repeat history, even for a blonde bombshell like Sarah But when the two find themselves alone on the road, they can t help taking a detour straight into each other s arms .

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    1. While I was growing up, my mother kept a stack of books hidden in her closet She told me I couldn t read them So, naturally, whenever she left me alone for any length of time, I took them out and flipped through them Those books raised quite a few questions in my prepubescent brain Namely 1 Why were there so many pirates 2 Where did all the throbbing come from 3 What was a manhood 4 And why did the hero and heroine seem overcome by images of waves and fireworks every few pages, especially after an episode of mysterious throbbing in the hero s manhood Thirty or so years later, I have a few answers 1 Because my mom apparently fancied pirates at that time Now she hoards romances involving cowboys and babies If a book cover features a shirtless man in a Stetson cradling an infant, her ovaries basically explode and her credit card emerges I have a similar reaction to romances involving spinsters, governesses, and librarians.2 His manhood Also, her womanhood 3 It s his hard length, sometimes compared in terms of rigidity to iron I prefer to use other names for it in my own writing However, I am not picky when it comes to descriptions of iron hard lengths At least in romances 4 Because explaining how an orgasm feels can prove difficult Or maybe the couples all had sex on New Year s Eve at Cancun.During those thirty years, I accomplished a few things I graduated from Wake Forest University and earned my M.A in American History from the University of Wisconsin Madison I worked at a variety of jobs that required me to bury my bawdiness and potty mouth under a demure exterior costumed interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, high school teacher, and librarian But I always, always read romances Funny, filthy, sweet it didn t matter I loved them all.Now I m writing my own romances with the encouragement of my husband and daughter I have my own stack of books in my closet that I d rather my daughter not read, at least not for a few years I can swear whenever I want, except around said daughter And I get to spend all day writing about love and iron hard lengths So thank you, Mom, for perving so hard on pirates during my childhood I owe you.If you want to find out about me or my books, you can sign up for my newsletter eepurl bDS6Z5 come find me on Twitter twitter OliviaWrites , Facebook facebook OliviaDade , and my website oliviadade or e mail me at olivia at oliviadade I m always happy to hear from my readers

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    1. What a delightful story I super enjoyed this loveable short read Sarah is a part time librarian whose never been lucky at love She s had every man tell her she was too dramatic, too over the top, too demanding, too much work, and so much At this point, she s resigned to settle and pick a man whom she believes could handle her for than just a couple of weeks She sets her sights on Ulysses, an art teacher at the local school He is planning on attending a school social bike riding event He s neve [...]

    2. What a lovely and fun romance Sarah has a plan to catch the attention of Ulysses, a co worker of hers , by spending time alongside him at a bike retreat He seems like the kind of guy who might be able to put up with her outgoing character and she s not looking for love any, just a companion Trouble is, she and bikes have a rather fractious history and she has never really learned to ride one Enter Chris, bike repairman, and newly appointed teacher for Sarah thanks to some finagling from their mu [...]

    3. A fun light read that was completely entertaining School teacher and part time librarian Sarah Mayhew is ready to make some changes in her life She wants to fall in love and has her sights set on a co worker She can t seem to get his attention so she comes up with the perfect way to accomplish that She s going to attend the cycling retreat her school puts on One little problem learning to really ride a bike was never high on her list of musts So she recruits the local bike repair guy to help her [...]

    4. 3.5 5This was nice, although it suffered from being too short and the characters at times felt a little much But I would read in the series

    5. I wasn t that impressed with this story Not a lot of detail went into why the characters were the way they were, and Sarah s Drama Queen antics got old in spots Chris attitude also was problematic, because I did not find it logical that he d be that bitter over his girlfriend dumping him for someone else I felt there had to be to his misanthropy Thankfully, it was a quick read, but a less than enjoyable one.

    6. This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderReady to Fall continues our journey with the Lovestruck Librarians of Nice County Literally we are ready for Sarah to fall as she learns how to ride a bike from the grumpy bike repairman Chris Sarah is a part time librarian and full time teacher looking for love in someone who can tolerate her boisterous temperament Most guys dump her after her drama becomes too much and she hides the pain of it by joking around a lot Now she has her mind set [...]

    7. happy sigh Ready to Fall is book 4 is Olivia Dade s Lovestruck Librarians series, which follows a fun group of librarian friends This novella delivers constant humor that literally made me laugh out loud along with a sweetly emotional romance.Teacher and part time librarian Sarah Mayhew is a handful She s feisty, clever, and funny However, those traits that make her endearing are the same ones that have overwhelmed the guys she has dated in the past Tired of rejection, Sarah decides to go with h [...]

    8. My Review This bookg, I loved it so, so much I read it while on a road trip with my hubby I kept laughing out loud so much, I ended up reading half the book aloud to him so he could enjoy how fabulous and fun it was Sarah s character makes this book Her friends say she s a bit overly dramatic Sarah can t help it if nature is out to get her After a string of boyfriends dump her because she got to be too much for them, she decides no dating the quiet, reserved guys that she s drawn to She needs t [...]

    9. This was really, really cute Sarah is a bit much at times, but mostly, it was just a happy story about two people who shouldn t be right for each other but are falling in love I needed that.

    10. Review also found at kristineandterri 2I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is June 21st, 2016 This story is the fourth instalment in the lovestruck librarian series While I have not read all the stories, I have read most That being said, it would not be necessary to read them in order as this can be read as a standalone There are two things that I really liked about this story Onee length I don t [...]

    11. 3.5 stars.This one was a lovely, short little thing.We have Sarah and Chris, meeting when Sarah needs help learning how to ride a bike From there, you know things are gonna be fun and awkward when Chris learns the reason why she needs to learn in three days.I wasn t much fan of Sarah doing this to get a guy s attention, when she really didn t know him However, after hearing her history with men, it made actual sense for her to do this I really wanted to hug her and kick all those guys asses Wha [...]

    12. Preeeeeeetty much the perfect fucking book to start 2017 off on This had everything I love in a solid romance compelling characters, balanced plot, and just the right balance between tension and resolution and I have to say, the subjects it dealt with hit particularly close to home For anyone whose ever worried about being too much this one is for you.

    13. Everything about this book was super adorable It was a short read, but that made me like it even It was nonstop cuteness on every page Sarah is a mismatched, misunderstood woman She s mismatched because she s misunderstood by the men who seem to dump her But she s my kind of woman smart, confident, sassy, and over the top Because she could be classified as high maintenance, she has resigned to settling for the safe man So she learns to ride a bike, which I think is completely admirable consider [...]

    14. Weird I came on line, intending to give this a 4.5 and landed on a three It s not because the book wasn t cute it was laugh out loud hysterical in places It s not because the story line wasn t enjoyable It was well written, a fast paced read, and was witty.I just for some reason, it felt too loud and too pat for me I must be getting finicky in my old age I want Ulysses to not be a caricature, for her to have a real decision to make I want the man who swore off girls to REALLY have sworn off girl [...]

    15. I have loved all of this series, but this little novella is one of my faves so far These two were just so sweet and special Plus, the handlebars of death at the end

    16. Nice short readThis is a nice pleasant short book to read It has a clever plot and is interesting from the beginning.

    17. This review is of Ready to Fall by Olivia Dade, book 4 in Ms Dade s Lovestruck Librarians series Full disclosure I received the book from Ms Dade as part of Choosy Bookworm s Read Review promotion I have also communicated with Ms Dade via the Fresh Fiction website and email and she has sent me bookmarks and postcards These actions DID NOT, in any way, shape or form, influence my feelings about Ready to Fall or the other three books by Ms Dade that I own The Story In Battlefield, Maryland, part t [...]

    18. Ready to Fall Lovestruck Librarians Book 4 follows Sarah Mayhew and Chris Dean as they recover from past hurts and move on to be together Like most adults, Sarah and Chris have been hurt in past relationships Sarah seems to think her big personality tires men out and then they dump her She s 32 years old and willing to settle for the next available man, which happens to be Ulysses, the school gym teacher But she needs to learn how to ride a bicycle in order to impress him, and Helen heroine from [...]

    19. Do you like your characters to be funny, quick witted and just a bit sarcastic If yes then you will enjoy Sarah Mayhew Sarah Mayhew is an elementary teacher and part time librarian who is known for her attitude and that she is just too much to handle Outwardly, Sarah shows that she is just fine with the fact she is single and if a guy can t be with her as she is then she is ok Inwardly that isn t the case Sarah wants to be loved by a man for who she is.Chris Dean has relocated after a failed rel [...]

    20. I do like this series of naughty librarians and the men who fall for them, even if I never know quite what to expect from them next One thing I do know when I pick one up is that it will be fun and easy, with some sexy times and maybe some smuttiness and it ll be enjoyable from start to finish.Which is exactly what I got here Sarah is a larger than life personality, a complete drama queen and looking for love Except she can t find love with the kind of guys she likes to date, so she s willing to [...]

    21. What happens when the one you want is not the one you need I could not put this book down Sarah Mayhew is a Elementary school teacher and part time librarian who decides to learn how to ride a bicycle to impress Ulysses a fellow teacher,she does not like to ride after a childhood run in with one Sarah needs a person to teach her how to ride like right now enter Chris Dean who has his own new bicycle repair shop Chris has been hurt by another woman now he is just focused on his shop Will Sarah re [...]

    22. I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.Wow I really enjoyed this book, and it was funny which is always a bonus Sarah s friends in the beginning were so funny but my favourite part was when Angie says that she had sec on table so everyone pushes their chairs back to sanitise their hands Sarah is in a mission to get a guys attention and his names is Ulysses However, her plan is to participate in a bike ride which Ulysses is also participating in but the problem is she can t ride a [...]

    23. Oh this book, I loved, so much Maybe it s because Sarah is one of my favorite heroines ever The book describes her as dramatic I would describe her as effin AWESOME yes, all caps, people If Sarah were real, I need her in my life because she s 100 times fun.One thing I really love about Olivia Dade s heroines is they aren t your typical librarians I really dislike the stereotypical view of them as missish, rule bound prudes I love that these ladies have potty mouths and dirty dirty thoughts haha [...]

    24. 4 Love is not easy Nor is riding a bike stars.A sweet, quick, insta love story about two people trying to guard their hearts from the painful pitfalls of love Sarah, the bubbly drama queen among her librarian friends, is tired of being dumped by guys who find her energy and enthusiasm too much So she decides to go after a calm, staid teacher named Ulysses in the hopes that he ll be the one steady guy to stick with her Her plan is to get Ulysses attention by joining his bike retreat One small pro [...]

    25. Drama Queen Wants a Man Rated 3.5 stars This is the fourth book in the Lovestruck Librarians series The series is about a group of friends who are librarians If you read all the books, you have a better idea of who they all are But each book can be read as a standalone and don t have a cliffhanger The sex is hot and steamy so definitely 18.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I m not going to repeat all of that info here The author did a good job of giving the two main characters [...]

    26. thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for my ARCSchool teacher part time Librarian and bike repair man falls in love while teaching to ride a bike Sarah was funky librarian who wasn t afraid of anything except riding a bike She wanted to learn how to ride a bike so she could attend bike retreat to impress her fellow P.E teacher She had a traumatic experience when she was trying to ride a bike with her dad when she was little That won t deter her from pursuing to learn to ride a bicycle Sarah [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book from net galley for an honest review so here goes.This is a fun love story about about an art teacher slash part time librarian Sarah and a Grumpy Bike repair shop owner Chris Sarah the over dramatic and Chris the wounded and grumpy guy who has sworn off love that is until he meets Sarah and all her drama This story kicks off with Sarah asking her library friends to help her learn to ride a bike so she can get to know the school gym teacher Ulysses cause he is her [...]

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