Ribblestrop Katuseta hiselamud hajameelsed petajad ja surmavalt ohtlikud maa alused lab rindid Ribblestropi kooli vision rist direktor on juba enne pilaste saabumist v lgades Ja missugused pilased Siin on Sanche

  • Title: Ribblestrop
  • Author: Andy Mulligan Kristina Uluots
  • ISBN: 9789949967773
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katuseta hiselamud, hajameelsed petajad ja surmavalt ohtlikud maa alused lab rindid Ribblestropi kooli vision rist direktor on juba enne pilaste saabumist v lgades Ja missugused pilased Siin on Sanchez, Colombia g ngsteri poeg, kes end vaenlaste eest varjab Millie, metsik ohjeldamatu s taja Caspar, lossiomaniku rahellitatud lapselaps abivalmis, ent haletsusvKatuseta hiselamud, hajameelsed petajad ja surmavalt ohtlikud maa alused lab rindid Ribblestropi kooli vision rist direktor on juba enne pilaste saabumist v lgades Ja missugused pilased Siin on Sanchez, Colombia g ngsteri poeg, kes end vaenlaste eest varjab Millie, metsik ohjeldamatu s taja Caspar, lossiomaniku rahellitatud lapselaps abivalmis, ent haletsusv rne Sam ja tema parim s ber Ruskin, lisaks trobikond ookeani tagant saabunud orbusid, kes on nnelikud ainu ksi selle le, et neil on magamiseks voodid, mis sest, et need asuvad katuseta lossitiivas Selles p rases koolis v ib k ike juhtuda ja k ike seal juhtubki ROALD DAHL FUNNY BOOK auhinna nominent.

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      Andy Mulligan Kristina Uluots

    About Author

    1. Andy Mulligan was brought up in the south of London He worked as a theatre director for ten years before travels in Asia prompted him to retrain as a teacher He has taught English and drama in India, Brazil, the Philippines and the UK He now divides his time between London and Manila.

    One thought on “Ribblestrop

    1. Ribblestrop is a school like no other There is no roof The teachers are a bit odd, and strange things are going on in the secret underground labyrinth of the building The students are an unusual mix as well, from Millie, an arsonist who s been kicked out of her other schools, Sanches, the son of a Colombian gangster, to Sam, who s had the bad luck to fall into the middle of it all.I did not enjoy My expectations were high because Ribblestrop was actually published in the UK in 2009 and won The G [...]

    2. Questo libro completamente folle un trip di acido non che ne abbia mai sperimentato uno, ma immagino quali possano essere gli effetti di tale pratica lungo 439 pagine e Andy Mulligan secondo me un genio.Sui social network mi capitato di definire questo libro un Harry Potter sotto LSD e devo dire che la definizione calza, anche se tra HP e questo libro ci passa un oceano un libro fuori di testa, in cui succede di tutto e di pi e in cui i colpi di scena si susseguono a ritmo serrato.L ho trovato f [...]

    3. Andy Mulligan s Ribblestrop is a very strange take on the boarding school story, partly updated to the 21st century with cellphones and partly a throwback to James Bond spy stories with evil mad scientists and improbable gadgets Add to all that a huge volume of violence, not just the bruises and scrapes of an accident prone schoolboy but life threatening injuries realistically described with some hints of cartoon exaggeration As often in the school story genre, the characters are stereotyped th [...]

    4. Since I read this after the second one I do have to admit my preference for it over the first, but liked this one too Now can t wait for the final in the trilogy.

    5. In preparation for my first ever break with the format of this blog to review a Young Adult book about a school, I went back and looked up some of the young adult titles of my youth Wayside School, for one some of Ellen Raskin s books for another, and Neal Shusterman, and Bruce Coville, and some other titles here and there that I remember digging And, upon looking back, I realized something YA authors scare the living daylights out of me Seriously, YA is a genre full of some freaking warped book [...]

    6. There was too much speak for the tension in the story to fully build The plot was all over the place and was a bit anticlimactic Having said that, there were times when the humour was very British and rather entertaining.

    7. Let me preface this by saying I usually heartily enjoy British humor, so I went into this book with high hopes However, it took me forever to get into Ribblestrop In fact, I usually devour a book this size in 2 3 days and I was so not grabbed by the characters or plotline that I dropped it to read not once, not twice, but about 6 7 times to read other books and thus stretched this thing out for almost a month Finally, about 2 chapters from the end about 300 pages of forced reading I got into the [...]

    8. I picked this book up at the bookstore purely because I loved the name It has turned out to be a fantastic read and one I believe kids boys and girls can find something to love.Age Range 8 12 yearsGrade Level 3 7Hardcover 384 pagesPublisher Beach Lane Books August 19, 2014 This book is a UK series that has just made it to the US There is a lot to love, hilarious, fun action with unlikely friendships forming under adverse conditions with great writing and in general age appropriate subject matter [...]

    9. Questo libro uno dei pi strani che mi sia capitato di leggere, a partire dal titolo e dall immagine di copertina che appena iniziata la lettura ti rendi conto essere del tutto fuorvianti perch non centrano davvero nulla A questo proposito mi sono chiesta pi volte se la casa editrice avesse idea di cosa stesse pubblicando e probabilmente la risposta no Appurato quindi che il titolo di questo libro avrebbe dovuto essere La scuola di Ribblestrop e che non ci sar nessuna famiglia Addams, la partenza [...]

    10. Ribblestrop is very exciting book with lots of twits and turns at every chapter At the very beging of the book we go into the life of Sam, who is the new boy at Ribblestrop, who meets a boy called Ruskin who helps him along his journey through Ribblestrop My favourite part of the book is when Milly, who can t tell her left from her right,gets lost in these basement tunnels but she gets saved by the mystery man I would give this book a 5 5 stars and I would recommend it to year 7 and year 8 mostl [...]

    11. la parte iniziale del libro il treno, l incontro con i compagni, la scuola strana, ricordano volutamente Harry Potter E gi questa captatio benevolentiae verso il lettore target non mi piace La storia tuttavia non riesce a catturare il lettore la storia procede in modo alquanto incongruo e poco coinvolgente Gli studenti sono curiosamente borderline un gruppo di orfani provenienti da una non meglio definita regione Himalayana dai nomi improbabili la ragazzina problematica due ragazzini non troppo [...]

    12. Dr Norcross Webb, a clueless, inept, yet lovable headmaster at a newly formed, progressive school, Ribblestrop, encounters his fair share of troubles with his ragtag orphan students, some returning second year pupils, a staff which is flighty, yet trying their hardest During the second year, he hires disciplinarian, Miss Hazlatt who is fond of rules and ruthless with the enforcement of them During the year, friends Sanchez, Sam, Millie, and Ruskin encounter a few oddities Tunnels, strange concoc [...]

    13. This book took me a really long time, and a good bit of endurance and sticktoitiveness, because there was this bit of time when I didn t get to read it at all, and then there were these other books I had to read, but it was all worth it It was hilarious, and it was one mad book Seriously, learning Trig while fixing a burnt roof is a cool but bizarre idea In this book, nothing is what it really seems like And the interesting thing is that in most books, the only voice it that of the main characte [...]

    14. Welcome to the wacky world of Ribblestrop Ribblestrop is a boarding school set in the lovely English countryside in Devon, but all is not what it seems With an air of the movie Hot Fuzz things slowly unravel as you meet the characters and arrive at the school.With day to day school life, a sweet but zany headmaster, a deputy head mistress who enforces the rules, a building which was burnt down in the last school year and a laboratory and catacombs underneath the school, things are about to get i [...]

    15. I am I Er This book I am confused I am so confused The writing is very decent, and the characters are written well at a certain level, but I don t know So much violence happens to children, I just want to scream and shake all the horrible people in the story It s like Lemony Snicket if Snicket s characters were even MORE self serving and murderous, which is a miracle Also, I never got why people in the UK would call football soccer and go against a high school team That bit annoyed me to no end. [...]

    16. L unica cosa mostruosa l italianoE stato tradotto con Google Translate, secondo me Sapete quelle sane e genuine traduzioni letterali che ci offre spesso questo traduttore Ecco, alcune volte la sensazione proprio quella Per non parlare della punteggiatura, questa sconosciuta Per quanto mi riguarda, ho faticato pure a immaginarmi parecchie delle scene e delle ambientazioni soprattutto le sotterranee , non so se per difetto di traduzione o per insipidit di racconto E poi MA QUALI SAREBBERO I MOSTRI [...]

    17. The plot is very promising here, so it s a shame that it s so badly executed The lack of a single main character is this book s main stumbling point no character is actually fleshed out enough for the reader to sufficiently invest in the story emotionally, and when there are as many as ten POVs in one chapter it becomes very difficult to place yourself at the scene or care what happens at the end Books with multiple points of view are fine if written well, however this does not carry it off and [...]

    18. I really wanted to like this book, but found none of the characters to be very likeable, the plot for me was too convoluted, and there was simply too much going on I think the author may have been better served by sticking with one or two interesting plot points and developing the characters and relationships between them fully.

    19. The publisher says this book is for 8 to 12 year olds I m thinking 12 There were parts that were so violent I started to think I was reading an adult book.But it is oh so British I got this book at a Book Buzz I attended recently and the publisher said it was a book you can t stop reading She s right it s a real page turner.

    20. First installment in this British series for YR Apparently in England, kids are allowed to be pretty imperiled The actions of the bad guys might be a bit scary for younger readers, but older kids in this age range will likely find the characters and their wacky adventures entertaining I went on to read the next book in the series, so I must have liked it.

    21. I d love to give this 4 stars because I enjoyed it so much, but it does bear some marks of a first novel uneven charaterisation, a sometimes directioness plot and a very few instances of clumsy phrasing Other than that it s a gloriously nerve wracking romp in the most haphazard and hazardous school ever.

    22. Could ve been an interesting story, but everything had been rolled out in such an unpleasant pace that made it difficult to read Especially the climax Took me longer to finish this compared to other books with the same difficulty.

    23. Slow start Picked the book for its cover Whoops Really loved the colors and illustration Didn t like it so much at first But gets really interesting in the middle and not bad in the end Will be reading the next book also.

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