JACK AND JOE FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar vector on Fort Bird seeking to uncover on Jack Reacher for their Boss Cooper When FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are sent to Fort Bird North Ca

  • Title: JACK AND JOE
  • Author: Diane Capri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar vector on Fort Bird, seeking to uncover on Jack Reacher for their Boss , Cooper.When FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are sent to Fort Bird, North Carolina to find Jack Reacher, powerful enemies with their backs against the wall will stop at nothing to keep the secrets Reacher left behind.

      Diane Capri

    About Author

    1. Bestselling author Diane Capri is a recovering lawyer She s a snowbird who divides her time between Florida and Michigan An active member of Mystery Writers of America, Author s Guild, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime, she loves to hear from readers and is hard at work on her next novel.Connect with her online Twitter twitter DianeCapriFacebook facebook pages Diane Here s the Long version, if you re looking for info 1 Bestselling Author Diane Capri s work is what the 1 worldwide publishing phenomenon Lee Child calls Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too Margaret Maron, Edgar, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity Award winning MWA Past President, says Expertise shines on every page And Library Journal raves .offers tense legal drama with courtroom overtones, twisty plots, and loads of atmosphere Recommended Diane s new Jess Kimball series kicked off with Fatal Distraction, opening as the 3 Bestselling Legal Thriller, behind John Grisham Diane s new Hunt for Jack Reacher series began with Don t Know Jack, which garnered 1 Bestseller spots on Mystery, Hard boiled Mystery, Police Procedural, Women Sleuths, and Legal Thriller lists both in the U.S and U.K Don t Know Jack was followed by two bestselling short stories in the Hunt for Jack Reacher series, Jack in a Box and Jack and Kill Diane s Judge Wilhelmina Carson mysteries were praised by Romantic Times and garnered the coveted Top Pick Diane s savvy, spunky character, attorney Jennifer Lane, stars in her own romantic suspense series, which kicks off with Annabelle s Attack.Diane is the past Executive Vice President of International Thriller Writers, past member of the Board of the Florida Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and active in Sisters in Crime and other writing organizations She comes to writing after a successful legal career and is married to her college sweetheart She loves her nomadic snowbird existence preferring perpetual summer migrating from Florida to Michigan each year.Diane says she writes mystery and suspense for the same reason she reads to find out what happens, why people do what they do, and how to bring justice to an unjust world.Her books are translated in twenty territories Diane loves to hear from readers Contact her at DianeCapri Contact to receive notice of new releases, subscribe to Diane s blog, or simply connect with her.

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    1. Wow, what talent Not only the mix, the pace, the mood, the wit, the tongue in cheek and the writing style hold perfect for this genre, but also it tops all else I have read in the last year for being the most absolutely current And not only in the politico, but in the every woman eyes of Otto This is the woman who will break the glass ceiling.It was a 6 star for entertainment value too Getting that award as it did detailed in the trailer , entirely understandable And reading Lee Child s letters [...]

    2. Capri returns with another Hunt for Reacher novel, pulling in past history of Lee Child s popular character with her own spin Working alone at the start of this mission, FBI Special Agent Kim Otto head to Fort Bird, North Carolina to liaise with a former military colleague of Jack Reacher s, at a posting that saw nothing but trouble develop for the elusive man Learning little of interest on Base, Otto settles in for a quiet night at her hotel, but is roused by a shooting at the local strip club [...]

    3. Title Jack and Joe Hunt for Jack Reacher 6 Author Diane CapriPages 250Year 2015Publisher AugustBooksMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.Diane Capri s Hunt for Reacher series continues on in this latest gripping suspense novel I sat and read straight through the book as I noticed that unlike others the beginning of the story starts in first person view of Agent Otto Agent Otto is alone in her investigation because her partner, Agent Gaspar, is home seeing if his son is about to enter the world Otto is [...]

    4. You never really quite know what is going to happen when your boss calls That is the downside of being employed The paychecks are nice, but it s those pesky phone calls.Diane Capri has created as parallel world to Lee Child s vaunted REACHER series two FBI agents, Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar, who have been tasked by their Charlie esque boss Cooper to build a file on Jack Reacher and his activities since the end of The Affair the purpose is ostensibly to vet Reacher for a confidential government m [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading the book While being fast paced, it s great to see FBI special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar back on the trail searching for the elusive Jack Reacher It is hard to find someone who has remained off the grid for the past 15 years Special Agent Otto begins this leg of the journey flying solo Col Eurnice Summer, who served under Jack Reacher, fails to show for her inteview appointment with Otto Special Agent Carlos Gaspar is sent to join Otto as they try tracing Jack Reacher t [...]

    6. REVIEW JACK AND JOE by Diane Capri THE HUNT FOR REACHER 6 When I read, I want the story to take me away I want to be part of it I want my particular environs to fade while my total concentration focuses on the book JACK AND JOE gave me exactly that I ve been a fan of Lee Child s Jack Reacher Series for some years and a fan of Reacher , and Diane Capri s series, THE HUNT FOR REACHER intensifies my delight FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are assigned to a special covert unit under Bo [...]

    7. Received an advance copy from the author I really like this series, as it looks at a favorite character from a very different point of view Agents Otto and Gaspar are not given all of the data, and have formed an opinion of Jack Reacher that is quite at odds with that of most of Lee Child s longtime readers Another installment in the Hunt for Reacher series that does continues to fill in Reacher s backstory Jack and Joe gives information about the brothers relationship, as well as working well [...]

    8. started reading yesterday just finished I couldn t put it down it feels like Otto and Gaspar are family still looking for Reached and finding other problems instead I think I ve read all of Lee Childs Reacher novels, and Dianes novels are a wonderful tie in to continuing Reachers life.

    9. As part of the Jack Reacher Universe, as the film companies call these spin offs, this is well worth a read even though the great man doesn t appear in them Nice easy reading on my daily train commute Maybe, just maybe, there s a glimpse of him though This is the sixth book in the series and I ve also read the fifth so they don t seem to need to be read in sequence as each one is a stand alone tale, much like the Lee Child books.

    10. Reacher ishReally well constructed Leads to several possible conclusions Liked the main characters, but I always ha v e a problem with what I call a quick wrap up.

    11. a fabulous companion to Lee Child s Jack Reacher series If you like Reacher, you will love what this author has done

    12. I don t think I would read this series without it being connected to the Jack Reacher character, although this one was a little better than earlier stories.

    13. Diane Capri delivers readers a mystery thriller in JACK AND JOE she creates a complex fast moving story Capri introduces her readers to her protagonists, FBI special agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar She provides their individual backstories giving her readers a look at Otto s unique working relationship with Gaspar, and also updates as needed to continue development of Otto and Gaspar Capri introduces her readers to Charles Cooper, Otto and Gaspar s boss, and Lamont Finlay, a presidential advis [...]

    14. Another good read from Diane Capri There were a bunch of twists and turns some implausibility, but good nonetheless Jack will never be found, I m afraid

    15. Jack Reacher is a fictional character, the hero of a series by Lee Child Child encouraged Capri to write about his character, Reacher is the MacGuffin in this novel and the series she wrote FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are given the assignment to complete the dossier on Reacher Kim doesn t trust her boss all that much as he has put her in harm s way than once and without remorse Also he doesn t give her the full picture Kim is scheduled to meet with U.S Army Colonel Eunice Summ [...]

    16. I am a big fan of the Lee Child books with the larger than life character Jack Reacher who should never of been played by Tom Cruise in a movie I have my calendar marked with the date of his next book release this Sept 8 Diane Capri s new book, Jack and Joe, helped fill the void while waiting for the Child book to come out In this latest adventure of the continuing saga of FBI agents Otto and Gaspar, they continue to search for Jack Reacher in an attempt to vet him for a classified assignment fo [...]

    17. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is the first in the Hunt For Jack Reacher series that I have read but I was instantly hooked I am a massive Jack Reacher fan anyway, I mean who isn t right So I was eager to know how Diane Capri approached this because Lee Child writes about Jack so so well, but as we follow Agents Otto and Gaspar as they build their file on Reacher, we see the other side of things, we get to see what other people think about Jack, what other people say a [...]

    18. First off, let me say that I am a BIG Jack Reacher fan I have read the first 18 books in Lee Child s Jack Reacher series and many of the short stories novellas also It was with great delight that I found Diane Capri s Hunt for Jack Reacher series Jack and Joe is book number 6 and yes, I do own the other 5 also This book is written with the same intensity as Child s Reacher series books, and from a different perspective, that of FBI agents Otto and Gaspar As I read JACK AND JOE, I kept having th [...]

    19. A solid entry in the Hunt For Jack Reacher Series This one opens with Otto solo trying to fill in background on Jack Reacher Boy, does she like to pop those antacids In fact, she seems to be popping them like candies in this installment A well written story that fills in some backstory on not only Jack by his brother Joe Gaspar comes in to join his partner later in the adventure on helping to fill in the backstory While Jack and Joe never make an actual appearance in the book, there are enough i [...]

    20. I find it remarkable that two FBI agents who have been investigating Jack Reacher for so many days now, after interviewing several people, have yet to form a coherent picture of who Jack Reacher is was The conclusions they automatically jump to are unbelievable If something has happened, Jack Reacher must be the reason, and it was probably for some nefarious reason that benefited him personally And they cling to that hypothesis like a lifeline, never letting go until some really big piece of evi [...]

    21. FBI agents are still chasing Jack Reacher, even years after he s left the Army This time they actually are getting to talk to a former colleague of Reacher s and she has been ordered to speak with them However, she does not show up at the meeting on post Turns out she was in a traffic accident on the way to the meeting And things get fishier from there I love Lee Childs Jack Reacher character And Ms Capri s FBI agents are believable, hard working folks who just can t catch a break Fun story.

    22. Getting to know JackWho doesn t love Lee Child s anti hero, Jack Reacher So how then could you not love Diane Capri s Hunt for Jack Reacher series, and FBI agents Otto and Gaspar, tasked with finding a shadowy legend who is intent on not being found I love the inside out perspective I get from reading these books it makes me want to go back and read the Reacher novels all over again, to double check the references between the two I simply can t get enough about Jack I m so glad I found this seri [...]

    23. Get ready for a fast paced, completely riveting storyline in the continuing Saga of the Hunt for Jack Reacher.FBI agents Otto and Gasper are still trying to find Reacher The author present how the agents see Reacher with a differentopinion than Child s Reacher The agents learn about the relationship of Jack and Joe The author weaves the past and present together without difficulty.This is the sixth book in The Hunt for Reacher Series but can be read as a stand alone.You will enjoy this book.Tha [...]

    24. I enjoyed the suspense as the book progressed Since, this was my first book in the series it took me a while to understand and judge the characters in the book Otto, is a likely real life hero who resembles real life FBI agents Otto s and Gaspar s relationship is like Sherlock and Watson minus the hype The story, for me, became interesting when Otto and Frank investigate Summer s death I look forward to reading the previous books in the series.

    25. I received an advance copy from the author FBI agents Otto and Gaspar have formed an opinion of Jack Reacher that is at odds with that of most of Lee Child s longtime readers This installment in The Hunt for Reacher series continues filling in Reacher s backstory Jack and Joe gives information about the brothers relationship, Otto and Gaspar are having their opinions changed as they discover the true character of Lee Child s best known character

    26. Diane Capri does it again I was hooked from the first two pages With all the twists and turns, I couldn t figure how this would all pan out It s hard to review without giving spoilers, but I was riveted to this book all the way through Otto and Gaspar are both such fascinating characters and their hunt for Reacher is fast paced and exciting Now I can t wait for the next book in this series

    27. The I read this series, the frustrated I get 6 books in and the two FBI agents still have no clue about Reacher Everyone who knows anything about him dies, disappears, or refuses to talk They magically have no access to records anywhere The big mysterious boss insists they go places to investigate and report back on information he already knows I had high hopes for this series when I started it, but I find myself wishing Reacher would dispatch these two idiots and end it.

    28. The Hunt for Jack Reacher series is full of thrills and page turning tension as Diane Capri s plot is a terrific jigsaw puzzle with excellent characters Loved the story and the author s writing style is unique yet still seems to flow in parallel form to the Lee Child Reacher series FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are a great pair Excellent My only complaints are the limited development of Carlos Gaspar and length of the story I so much wanted

    29. Even if you have never read a Jack Reacher book, you will enjoy this stand alone story about Jack and his brother Joe Ms Capri draws you into the story and leads you to the end with many twists and turns It certainly makes me want to read of the two agents and their quest to find the elusive Jack Thoroughly enjoyable and a great read

    30. Well read this last installment and it was well written and the characters were well placed But personally I start to not like the way that all the Reacher friends die in this series and the way the author try to make us think and a really bad side of Reacher that I do not personally want to imagine so it was my last one Recommend

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