Cabin Bear Heat Box Set

Cabin Bear Heat Box Set Do bear shifters fall in love at first sight This box set is the complete Bear Shifter retelling of the Cabin Heat Series No Cliffhangers The Complete Cabin Bear Heat Box Set includes Cabin Bear Heat

  • Title: Cabin Bear Heat Box Set
  • Author: Bella Love-Wins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do bear shifters fall in love at first sight This box set is the complete Bear Shifter retelling of the Cabin Heat Series No Cliffhangers The Complete Cabin Bear Heat Box Set includes Cabin Bear Heat Cabin Bear Fever Cabin Bear Glow Cabin Bear Fire The wrong turn through a Nevada mountain pass lands nursing student Abby Wittfield and her college friends in the Do bear shifters fall in love at first sight This box set is the complete Bear Shifter retelling of the Cabin Heat Series No Cliffhangers The Complete Cabin Bear Heat Box Set includes Cabin Bear Heat Cabin Bear Fever Cabin Bear Glow Cabin Bear Fire The wrong turn through a Nevada mountain pass lands nursing student Abby Wittfield and her college friends in the middle of a blizzard that can end it all When they re found by the handsome but reclusive and secretive billionaire bear shifter, Dr Andrew Carrington, it s a second chance at life In the safety of his cabin, Abby and Andrew find a deep connection neither of them thought possible Mother Nature rears its head and lets the group know the Nevada back country is no place for the faint of heart Will Abby and Andrew allow their unexpected romance to blossom Or is it too late for Andrew to escape his dark past and find the light of love in Abby s eyes You will love this contemporary new adult and college romance women s fiction story if you enjoy Bear Shifter Romance Werewolves and Shifter Romance Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Women s Fiction Action and Adventure Romance Fiction Science Fiction Western Romance Contemporary Romance Country Romance New Adult and College Romance Steamy Romance Doctor Romance Billionaire Romance Note Swearing Sexual Content Serial Romance with Mature and Fantasy related topics.

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    1. Bella Love-Wins Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cabin Bear Heat Box Set book, this is one of the most wanted Bella Love-Wins author readers around the world.

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    1. BoringWhen you read a book with a weak story, odds are that every other page will be filled with boring, and gratuitous sex That s what this series is all about.No plot, no structure, no inkling of an idea of a story that defines the title of the book.There is just so much sex one can read about and not be bored Even if it s great sex, which this is not Same thing over and over again I wasn t a fan of 50 Shades of Grey Compared to this I hated Shades of Grey , but that was far better than the in [...]

    2. Because this had gotten such high reviews, I was excited to check out this author and series I thoroughly enjoy shifter romances but this fell flat Like facedesk a few times flat The beginning of the first book held so much potential But not even halfway through, things went downhill and continued on throughout the series Overall, I found it tedious and what little of a plot there was seemed weak, clumsy and like the writer was floundering trying to make things come together.

    3. I had to stop reading this book at 71% and that was forcing myself I was hoping it would get better if I kept pushing but I couldn t This is nothing but a sex fest There s no love in this book It is all forced love is anyone can see any I love shifters, especially bear shifters, so it hurts me to say this about a shifter book But it truly was one of my least favorite books, and that s a long list.

    4. Nothing is better than this No story, no plot, no nothing Oh, I need you baby, every other paragraph, I want you baby, give it to me hard And that was the extent of the story This female needed a reconstruction job on her HoneyPot it was used so much I actually liked 50 Shades of Grey, at least it had an underlying story.

    5. DNF I managed to get through the 1st 2 books, I think I was hoping for action to come once they got out of the blizzard Book 3 was just awful, all filler it was like reading really dull verbal diarrhoea.

    6. An enjoyable read but can t say it is a keeper.I believe I had read book 1 some time ago but never finished the serial.I don t read serials as they tend to annoy me Reading this all at once made it easier going but also dragged the story out.I understood Andrew s PTSD issues and felt sorry for him, even though he was a bit of an idiot in jumping to conclusions Pity he didn t man up.Abby was a very put together woman and quite strong in going after Andrew to get answers for once and for all.

    7. Emotional Rollercoaster This box set includes four books Cabin Bear Heat, Cabin Bear Fever, Cabin Bear Glow and Cabin Bear Fire The romantic story of Abby and Andrew HOT HOT A well written story with a strong plot You will enjoy these four books and they will grab your interest at the beginning and keep it to the very end No cliff hanger.

    8. Excellent readThis book series ROCKS About a guy who was married to his Sweetheart they both were in the medical field as doctors they got into a bad wreck and she died and a drunk hit them He became a bear shifter and met a group of six stranded in a severe blizzard fell in love with Abby but he is still a reclusive and not happy bear

    9. Cabin bear heat box setWow loved the storyline and the characters so much it was hard to put down so that s why its a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

    10. Cabin Bear Heat boxed setAndrew is a widower and bear shifter hiding away from his past Abby and five of her friends are driving from Nevada to California to go back to college classes They take a shortcut which turns out to be an adventure none of them expected.

    11. Not much shifting going onI enjoyed the story Well written It could have easily been just a romance without the bear shifter It just didn t seem like that part was very involved Some chapters than others I guess.

    12. after picking up their last friend, a group of friends get surprised by the weather and somewhat a bit lost after crashing their car the friends decide to leave the car behind and make their way back on foot in hope of finding shelterck is on their side when their are found by Andrew, one of the few people who live this far away being the one who s injured, abby, is still being a trooper and trying her best to get by even with a badly sprained ankle andrew is conflicted with how he s reacting to [...]

    13. Andrew has been withdrawn from humanity for 2 years until he is invaded by stranded strangers in a snowstorm Just stay away from them, they will be gone in a few days Except he is drawn to Abby, precious sweet Abby ANd she knows what he is, and is not afraid How is this possible but she will never understand his torment, his failure, his misery.Abby and her friends are returning to college but get stranded and lost in a snowstorm Are they going to freeze and she has totaled her SUV, Twisted her [...]

    14. Wow These stories were the first I ve ever read by this author, but most definitely will not be the last I always try to keep an open mind, but can also be hesitant at first, whenever I receive an advanced reader copy from a new author But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the creative writing, the ups downs of the characters yet being hopeful, and the smoking hot romance and engaging stories D I never write reviews with spoilers since there are many out there with a detailed synopsis [...]

    15. Absolutely wonderful This was such a good series This story is Abby and Andrew story Abby and her friends are heading back to college after break or so they thought when a freak snow storm leaves them stranded in a blizzard with no shelter or food Andrew is a reclusive billionaire who is hiding from his past During an accident his wife is killed and he is turned into a bear When Andrew hears the calls for help he can t not answer he was a doctor after all When Abby and Andrew eyes meet there s a [...]

    16. I received a copy of this boxed set in exchange for a honest review The opinions in this review are my own I felt that this was a sweet, steamy and romantic boxed set I really enjoyed Abby and Andrew s story This set is great to read any time of year but also great to read in the winter Bella Love Wins has a very descriptive way of telling a story and introducing readers to her characters There are elements of supernatural slash paranormal and elements of new adult in this romance novel set I fo [...]

    17. Dr Andrew Carrington s whole life in the car wreak that killed his wife and almost killed him if not for a a mysterious woman giving him gift of becoming a bear shifter Now he and his bear life in the woods and are reclusive and stay away from the outside world until one stormy night Abby and her friends are in need of help and end up at his home.Abby and Andrew connect quickly as does another couple then the storm lifts will their romance be able to continue in the real world I truly enjoyed th [...]

    18. I received this anthology in exchange for an honest review I was pleasantly surprised that the author has come up with a story slant for shifters that I have not read before It gave me the opportunity to view the storyline with fresh eyes and anticipation It was a bit long in some of the stories but not bad enough to make me put it down The story always had a hook to keep me reading I believe that the author did such a great job with her characters and trust me when I say I wanted to slap one or [...]

    19. This was a great set The story is based on a group of college kids returning to school Unfortunately they leave with a snow storm on the way It turns into a blizzard and the group ends up crashing there car and are forced to walk to shelter Andrew is a shifter, a doctor and a recluse His wife was killed in a car crash and Andrew has not been the same He hears a cry from Abby when she sprains her ankle How they managed to make it that far they are not sure Does Abby know what Andrew is Will Andre [...]

    20. I had received a free copy of this box set from the author for an honest review This box set is very good The storyline was wonderful The characters was very good This is the first book that I ve read from this author even though I ve got other books by this author I just haven t read them yet If you like bear shifters and romance then this box set is for you I would highly recommend this box set.

    21. Good bookI enjoyed the book There was actually a bit too much heat for my taste which is saying something I was wishing there was a bit back story so I could root for the main characters And I wish the secondary characters were given a litre bit closure would love to know of Rob and Ruth made it or called it quits and Barb did she grow up a little or stay a brat and Dad who was his woman Felt a little left hanging like the story just ended abruptly.

    22. As always when I read a book by Bella Love wins, I really enjoyed this set, but she did something new, interesting, and different this time She has already written the story of Abby and Andrew before, which was absolutely wonderful, but she decided to redo the series making Andrew a bear shape shifter Interesting I enjoyed the changes, as well as just revisiting their story I received this book from the author in return for an honest review These are hot books, either way.

    23. Would give it 3.5 starsThis is another great set of books Really do recommend them However, seeing that this is the second set with note the wedding proposal or a clue about HER is really start to get to me Again, I didn t like that ending Could have been so much better Or even another book.

    24. WOW, WOW, WOWI cannot believe this book It was outstanding, fantastic Words cannot describe how this book touched me Yes, this was a shifter book, but it was so much The LOVE Abby and Andrew had was unbelievable The trials they had to go through was real life I couldn t stop reading this book Ms Love Wins has the best book ever Number one on my list.

    25. I received this box set from the author in exchange for an honest review.The box set consists of four books This is my first read by Bella Love Wins and it did not disappoint Andrew and Abby are very likable characters This was a sweet story with some steamy scenes A good book, well worth the read.

    26. Cabin bearAny book I have read by Bella Love_ wins is awesome but especially the ones that are bear shifters , the love and eventually the understanding is awesome this is a must read.

    27. WHEW, talk about melting the snow and catching everything on fire around you.This group of stories are so hot it is lucky they didnt cause a massive weather event Was a delightful read and I look forward to reading from this author

    28. Not for me just couldnt finish it quit at 63% just couldnt take any which is a shame as i love her Beartooth Brotherhood MC series

    29. GoodA nice series of books full of angst ,can Andrew move on from a terrible accident that his wife died in.

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