The Wages of Desire

The Wages of Desire In the late summer of as the war in Europe drags on long buried secrets begin to surface in the Hampshire village of Winstead when the body of a young woman a former conscientious objector is

  • Title: The Wages of Desire
  • Author: Stephen Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781681771496
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the late summer of 1941, as the war in Europe drags on, long buried secrets begin to surface in the Hampshire village of Winstead, when the body of a young woman a former conscientious objector is found shot to death in the church cemetery The woman s only connection to Winstead seems to be that she lately had joined a group of conscripted workers who are buildingIn the late summer of 1941, as the war in Europe drags on, long buried secrets begin to surface in the Hampshire village of Winstead, when the body of a young woman a former conscientious objector is found shot to death in the church cemetery The woman s only connection to Winstead seems to be that she lately had joined a group of conscripted workers who are building a prisoner of war camp on an abandoned farm near the village But Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lamb, who is called in to solve the case, has his doubts.The mystery deepens when workers at the farm find the remains of a child in the foundation of the old farmhouse, and a tramp who had been squatting in the wood near the church turns up dead Lamb soon begins to suspect that the crimes might be related to a tragic event that occurred in Winstead than twenty years earlier the suicide of a village woman who took her life in despair after her husband abandoned her and took their young twin sons with him As Lamb pieces together the connections between the crimes, he draws closer to the source of evil in Winstead s past and present and, in the end, must risk his own life to uncover the truth.

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    1. I ve always loved reading good mystery novels, especially those from the English masters Conan Doyle, Dame Agatha, Colin Dexter, Peter Robinson and others I m also a huge fan of the Norwegian crime novelist, Karin Fossum Before turning to writing fiction with a vengeance, though, I was, for nearly thirty years, a newspaper reporter, editor and columnist My work has appeared in the Balti Sun, The Washington Post, Balti Magazine, The Columbia Flier and Howard County Times I have a Master s from the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars and have taught writing and journalism at Hopkins, Towson University, in Balti, and Sweet Briar College, in Virginia I live in Columbia, Maryland, with my wife, Cindy, and our daughters, Anna and Lauren We d love to have a cat we love cats but we can t because Anna and I are allergic So it goes.

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    1. I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Pegasus Books, W W Norton Co.If you decide to read this book, take my advice and don t ever let yourself begin to think you have all the ducks in a row and you can solve the case on your own No such thing because this author will have his plot take twists and turns from beginning to end I enjoyed that Of course it didn t hurt at all that I was reading what I like to think of as a classic historical British mystery This one takes place in 19 [...]

    2. The discovery of a woman shot to death in the local cemetery is only the first of numerous mysteries confronting Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lamb and the reader in this delightful World War 2 novel.This is the second in Kelly s Inspector Lamb series and it makes me want to read the first all the .The murdered woman is a conscripted worker helping to build a prisoner of war camp on an abandoned farm near the village Lamb recalls a tragic event that occurred on that farm than 20 years earlie [...]

    3. I won this book in a drawing.Second book in the Inspector Lamb series.The War is still going, but things aren t quite as bad as they were in the first book Lamb s daughter is accompanying him around, wanting to become a policewoman, and starting a romance with one of Lamb s underlings Meanwhile, the remains of a child are found in the foundation of an old farmhouse.Not bad, but got a bit tedious in the middle.

    4. Not all deaths in wartime happen on the battlefield or in a bombed city Sometimes people are murdered in quiet country villages in places like Hampshire Those deaths are investigated by policemen who sometimes wonder why they re not off in battle But they re serving their country by keeping the peace at home Such a policeman is Thomas Lamb, in The Wages of Desire , who is faced with murders both recent and not so recent in 1942 in the village of Winstead Lamb, who served in the trenches in the G [...]

    5. I found this a page turner Good mystery with 3 cases running side by side Interesting info about female conscription in Britian during the war Author has a thing for W names Winchester, Winstead, Wolseley, Wallace, Wheatley, Wimberly, Webley, Winston Sheed, Willhemina, Walton, White, Willis.

    6. The Wages of Desire An Inspector Lamb Novel by Stephen Kelly is set in a small English village during the early years of the war.Although this might fall into the cozy category, it is a much complex version The characters have depth and individuality, and the plot is a knotty tangle of threads that reach back into the past Secrets abound in the bucolic English countryside the title is significant in than one way.I haven t read the first in this series, but I liked Inspector Lamb and the way Ke [...]

    7. I enjoyed this WWII set mystery Lots of parallel plots going on but I had to concentrate to keep some of the characters straight However one thing really bugged me Everyone was on the phone , police widow, church cleaner, farmer etc This really irked me as domestic phones were a luxury, especially in the country There was also no concern expressed about party lines or operators overhearing The DI explained why he wanted a search warrant to a magistrate over the phone, and discussed the specifics [...]

    8. An excellent well researched historical mystery set in one of my favorite periods, England during WW2 I highly recommend

    9. A complex plot and interesting characters should have made this a good read however, way too many anachronisms and inaccuracies kept it from having a genuine period atmosphere Most annoying was that distances were repeatedly given in meters except for one refreshing ten and one half inches England definitely was not metric in 1942.I am very fond of the Charles Todd novels, and this was nowhere near that quality.

    10. advertised as a WWII mystery, but the war played a minor part in the story The main plot could have been fashioned without it.

    11. This is a well paced thriller, if a tad on the obsessive side with regard to lots of police procedural detail but not enough flair Still, the WWII setting and characterization are interesting with an authentic feel, and the portrayal of complex social ties in the small English village is marvelously drawn.

    12. The body count keeps going and going My thanks to my contacts at Pegasus Books, Iris Blasi, Katie McGuire, and Maia Larson, for my advance reading copy of this book You ladies rock Possible SPOILERS but I try very hard to reveal nothing that cannot be read in the first several pages of the book But you have been WARNED Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lamb is back in the second book of this series With WWII raging and almost all available people conscripted into the army, the police departments [...]

    13. This was a give away from Pegasus Books through I thoroughly enjoyed The Wages of Desire An Inspector Lamb Novel Overall, well written with quirky characters and though the names were similar as pointed out by anotherAdvanced Copy Reader the characteristics were so different, it was not difficult to keep people or locations separate The biggest clue came in the third paragraph since this reader knew and I paraphrase, not directly quote here the really wicked usually got what they deserved So I k [...]

    14. 2 in the Inspector Lamb series set in rural Hampshire in 1942 Murdered woman found in the churchyard in Winstead, and Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lamb is called to investigate His daughter has just been appointed to be his driver since Lamb fell off a ladder trying to clean his house gutters and cannot use a clutch.I decided to give this second outing 4 stars because the story was somewhat tighter and despite a wide swath of villains and non villains, it pulled together satisfactorily The a [...]

    15. I received this book in return for an unbiased review from Net Galley I loved this book I had not read the first installment, but plan to go back and do so This is a solid, well written historic mystery The characters are well drawn and believable The mystery of the death of a woman in the cemetery sets off a chain of events that will keep even the most hard boiled mystery fan guessing until the very end I was completely engaged waiting for the next clue to be revealed, and the parallel story li [...]

    16. I m always wary of a second book in a series entry Most authors let down a little, failing to set up the key characters in a way that entices new readers or, worse yet, give too much detail and foul up the flow of the story Not so in The Wages of Desire, which is even better than the first book When you read this excellent followup by author Stephen Kelly, you ll want to go back to the first I love Inspector Lamb, and especially his daughter Vera, who comes up big in book two These fast paced no [...]

    17. Terrific read that was well worth the wait Once again Stephen Kelly pulls me in to the World War II world of Hampshire and its nearby villages His characters, especially those that inhabited only this book, such as Lilly are so real that I readily fell into step with them, wondering what would happen to them as the mystery played out Especially today, when I particularly need an escape from the politics and tenor of our too often me first world, it is with gratitude that I could spend time with [...]

    18. I didn t think this was a particularly well written book Too many people, English villages, weapons and automobiles begin with W and are hard to keep straight Wheatley, Webley, Winston Sheed, Wolseley, Walton, White, Wallace, Winchester, Winstead, Warwickshire, Wimberly, Wilhemina.The plot was enough to keep me reading, but I constantly had to refer to my list of people, places and things I began to see, as I approached the end of the book, a parallel to Louise Penny s Inspector Gamache whose se [...]

    19. An Inspector Lamb WW II England mystery Set in 1942, takes a bit to get your mind wrapped around the time frame Tis during the time when the war is still dragging on, but in the little town of Winstead many long buried secrets begin to surface Inspector Lamb is a former soldier, in WW I, turned cop finds that he can use some of his battlefield experience to great advantage Dead bodies, skeletons intrigue are a constant mix in this intricate mystery Plus the fatherly worry over his 19 yo daughter [...]

    20. Thanks Pegasus Books and netgalley for this ARC.This is one of those laid back, feel good mystery series that are always looked forward toward A few twists and surprises make this series stand out from being cozy mysteries to me Hope to read about Inspector Kelly s daughter in the next book too War, pain, and family life make this series extra special

    21. Great mystery The Wages of Desire as well as its prequel were excellent historical mysteries The plots were convoluted and the characters were likable and well described I am looking forward to the third book in the series

    22. I have not read book 1 in this series, but I don t want to now Cardboardy characters, ridiculously convoluted plot with too many sub plots, and an ending meant to be melodramatic but just plain silly.

    23. I really enjoyed this second book in the series A quick read and I m interested in World War II I Really enjoyed both books Looking forward to 3 I received both books for free From the publisher.

    24. I enjoyed this mystery thoroughly I was just in the mood for a cosy read Inspector Lamb is a very likeable addition to my roster of Montalbano and Brunetti The new batch of mysteries can be much too gory for my tender sensibilities.

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