The Rules

The Rules Terri Slade learned the hard way to play by her own set of rules Rule number one maintain control Rule number two never fall in love Then she met Gavin Johnson and broke both her rules Gavin Johnson

  • Title: The Rules
  • Author: Delaney Diamond
  • ISBN: 9781940636207
  • Page: 188
  • Format: ebook
  • Terri Slade learned the hard way to play by her own set of rules Rule number one, maintain control Rule number two, never fall in love Then she met Gavin Johnson and broke both her rules.Gavin Johnson has lived a charmed life full of adventure In Terri he thinks he s found a kindred spirit and even considers settling down But when the truth about her past is revealed,Terri Slade learned the hard way to play by her own set of rules Rule number one, maintain control Rule number two, never fall in love Then she met Gavin Johnson and broke both her rules.Gavin Johnson has lived a charmed life full of adventure In Terri he thinks he s found a kindred spirit and even considers settling down But when the truth about her past is revealed, their perfect relationship falls apart, and Gavin s left to wonder if he ever really knew her at all.

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      Delaney Diamond

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    1. Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels She s also the owner of Garden Avenue Press, a digital first press where she publishes other authors Born and raised in the U.S Virgin Islands, Atlanta, Georgia is now her home She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction When she s not busy reading or writing, she s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her e mail mailing list You can enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels on her website.

    One thought on “The Rules

    1. APB Perspective Review Delany Diamond has always bee one of my favorite I R authors , her latin men are hot as firecrackers , and all of the other stories she have written are just as good I can proudly say I have read every book she has written , when she started the Johnson Family series I was not sure what to expect but I was happy she decided to write AA romance I have read all the books in the series and with each book she goes deeper and deeper into the stories of the characters and she ta [...]

    2. If you have read the other books in the Johnson Family then you have met Gavin You know of his detachment from his family You know he disappears regularly Well let me say I am so excited that I read this one It was the last one in the series for now, but I have to say that it had it all that I was wanting and didn t know Terri was Gavin s match in many ways She gave what she got and sometimes She could hold her own and knew what she wanted I found this read to be the best one of the Johnson Fam [...]

    3. Another Johnson to fall in love withI ve been not so patiently waiting on this installment of the Johnson family series as I ve been curious to see what bad boy Gavin was about After reading and being completely captivated by Alannah and Trenton s story in Just Friends, I wasn t sure I could really get into Gavin and Terri I can now say I was not disappointed Gavin is a gorgeous, billionaire playboy with a serious death wish He has not forgiven himself for what he feels was his part in the accid [...]

    4. Gavin and Terri s story has moved to the top of my favorites in this series They were perfect for each other They were both trying to escape from demons from their past This story is very emotional and heartwarming Leaves you wanting .

    5. Well I think this is my FAVORITE in the Johnson SeriesGavin had an INSTANT attraction to Terrid he was DETERMINED to have her NO matter how many times she turned him downe verbal sparring between them was engagingfund SEXYTerri was determined NOT to fall for Gavine d been there DONE thatd refused to fall for another rich bad boy Gavin had personal demons he was constantly running from by seeking dangerous THRILLSd Terri was running from her DARK and shady pastonce Terri stopped fighting her attr [...]

    6. I m not going to pretend like I ve made it through Delaney Diamond s entire collection, because it s pretty massive But out of the books I ve read, The Rules is easily my favorite, and honestly, among the best romance novels I ve read this year.Delaney s writing is always clean and crisp and this book is no exception But I think her writing is a little bit looser throughout The Rules which in my opinion, gives it a slightly different edge than her previous works that I m familiar with anyway The [...]

    7. Perfect I don t think two people were ever perfect for each other than Gavin and Terri The vulnerability both have, the supreme outward confidence, compliment each other perfectly.It s amazing how we always judge a person so superficially but I feel Gavin and Terri saw in each other than the other was comfortable with they re kindred spirits Both hide their pain and mask it in UBER confidence but their eyes tell all.This book was sexy, emotional and heartwarming They re my second favorite John [...]

    8. WowWow, The Rules I literally started reading this book and couldn t put it down until finishing it in its entirety Delaney Diamond displays her talents as a gifted writer once again Gavin and Terri s story tugged at my heart from beginning to end The Chemistry between these characters was amazing and oozed from the pages Each time a new book from this series is released, it becomes my newest favorite from the series If you haven t had the pleasure of reading the books in the Johnson Family Seri [...]

    9. Loved itDelaney Diamond has done it again This was a great read Love this family Can hardly wait for whatever the next book will be.

    10. Different is sometimes betterNot my favourite, i like Gavin and Terri This book is definitely worth the read, it was also on the realistic side, which made it intriguing One thing i didn t like though is that i realised that although people make the Johnson s sound like a not your typical rich family , they really are just that And that made to book a little less enjoyable for me personally

    11. I think what I liked most about this book is that Terri was not falling all over Gavin For once, he had to put some work into a relationship They each had fears and secrets related to their pasts, and neither one was able to share There were a couple of interesting twists and a few moments of high tension and suspense The sense of friendship and family within the Johnson clan seems to get stronger with each book Gavin and Terri get their HEA, no worries A very enjoyable read.

    12. LovelyTruly enjoyed reading this love story Terri and Gavin were able to penetrate each other s heart Thanks to Ms Diamond for an excellent read.

    13. Absolutely greatBook 3 Was great and Book 4 is greater This book kept my attention from start to finish, couldn t hardly put it down Can t wait to read next one Amazing love story.

    14. I can safely say that I am now a firm fan of Delaney Diamond because I just love her writing style and her ability to take our of my world and transport me to a world of her MCs , in this book she has done that.The Rules is about, Gavin Johnson whom is an adventurous man, who loves sport that push him to the ultimate limit and his love interest , Terri Slade whose every guys dream girl in terms on her body and facial attribute Behind their fa ades lies two individuals who need to feel loved to m [...]

    15. Wonderful Believe it or not, I kept watching for the release of The Rules Then preordered it I was so excited to finally have it, I wouldn t read it right away Thinking, once read, I will be back to watching for the next one Ms Diamond just get better and better I now understand the wait As usual, I loved Gavin s and Terri s story Two people living with feelings of guilt and questioning their self worth Each trying to stick to a love them leave them attitude Gavin being a totally different type [...]

    16. OMG, bad boy Gavin Johnson and multiple alias Terri Slade great book from page 1 all the way to the end Loved the mystery about Terri and the adventures and friends of Gavin could help but wonder if Gavin s friends were actually his friends or were they just using him because of his social status.My heart went out to Terri, can t understand why a man would want to ever put his hands on a woman and cause her pain.Very interesting to find out why Gavin was the adventurous man that he was Terri was [...]

    17. Delaney Diamond continues her winning streak with me I m loving the Johnson Family series, and really enjoyed Gavin and Terri s story For some reason, when I found out Terri was going to be Gavin s love interest, I was a little disappointed I can t remember why , but after reading this book, I can say that Ms Diamond knew what she was doing when she put these two together because they were just what the other needed I loved Terri s spirit, and the way she owned her femininity And the way she kep [...]

    18. Gavin and Terri love infringingHere come the Johnson s I am not going to reveal any secrets from the story I will say that Delaney did a phenomenal job Gavin the adventurous spirit being spelled bound by Terri was really what the doctor ordered When the past comes blaring in their face,you are left wondering how simplicity would be restored The passion between Gavin and Terri is undeniable But is it enough Forced to see what having love be an action and not just a word, you are drawn into the st [...]

    19. Gavin Johnson is Mr Extreme Sport If there is a thrill he is looking for it However, after his last thrill left him with some broken bones, things changed When Gavin met a friend of his brother Trenton s friend, it was a match Terri was a female version of Gavin, but with some hidden secrets However, both only thought that their rules were so no one would misunderstand their places Neither took under consideration, that the heart wants what the heart wants This story contains a lot of healing an [...]

    20. So worth the wait I m no amateur at contemporary romance ,I know what and when everything is about to take place.And this book is no different in that is the first book that literally made me cry and I m not a very emotional person Gavin and Terri had awesome chemistry and those steamy fan worthy sex scene s were Hawt But than that their obstacles were a reminder of how precious life is and running from your past can t help you escape it no matter how much money you got or how [...]

    21. The Johnson Brothers series is absolutely delicious and all of the books are real page turners Gavin Johnson, still feeling guilty about his part in his father s death, is still chasing death defying adventure all over the world Then while visiting his brother Trenton, Gavin crosses paths with curvy, sexy and drop dead gorgeous, Terri Slade Unfortunately, Terri has some drop dead secrets from her past So will this super fine billionaire give up his globe trotting ways or will Terri s past chase [...]

    22. WonderfulI love this story so much It has all the elements It reiterated that comment not to believe everything you read in the media No one really knows what a person goes through in life and the reason for the path they re on Both Terri and Gavin s stories tells that and This book got it all The past hurts, the search of forgiveness and love.Can t wait for the next book.

    23. This was definitely my favorite out of the Johnson Family series Reading about Gavin and his tough childhood was enlightening I can see why he was into extreme sports It was not just an adrenaline rush And Terri has a lot of pain in her background, along with trust issues, so I understood their attraction to one another A good storyline with clearly developed characters make a very good read I gave this book 5 .

    24. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF THE JOHNSON FAMILY SERIES Delaney pulled out all of the stops and didn t hold back on Gavin and Terri s story.This is a tale of the battle of wills, she brings him down a notch and he makes her let her guard down Both have lived strenuous lives, his being of the rich and famous spoiled but living life on his terms and hers getting what she thinks she needs from all of the wrong places The two meet and change each others world

    25. I love the Johnson Family series Gavin is the wild, black sheep of the family who I expected to bring it in terms of the hunt, romance, and passion Let me say, he did that This was a really sweet story about two people who fought hard against the norm, yet discovered far than they expected.

    26. Wow This is my favorite book out of this whole series It was well written and kept me interested from beginning to end It was really nice how the characters progressed from the beginning to the end of this story I can t wait until the next book

    27. PerfectSo far all the siblings storyline have been great reads as stand alone yet they connect.I can t wait to read Xavier story Excellent read with romance,drama and a little raunchy sex

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