Into the Snow

Into the Snow Into the Snow is an exuberant story told in the child s own voice Celebrating immediacy and exploration along with the tender bond between mother and child this is a story that feels good the way a

  • Title: Into the Snow
  • Author: Yuki Kaneko Masamitsu Saito
  • ISBN: 9781592701889
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Into the Snow is an exuberant story told in the child s own voice Celebrating immediacy and exploration, along with the tender bond between mother and child, this is a story that feels good, the way all real things do.Masamitsu Saito was born in 1958 in Japan He studied graphic design at Tama Art University His work can be found in magazines, on chocolate packages, andInto the Snow is an exuberant story told in the child s own voice Celebrating immediacy and exploration, along with the tender bond between mother and child, this is a story that feels good, the way all real things do.Masamitsu Saito was born in 1958 in Japan He studied graphic design at Tama Art University His work can be found in magazines, on chocolate packages, and inside wonderful books.Yuki Kaneko is an artist, naturalist, translator, and author She grew up in Japan, and now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

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      Yuki Kaneko Masamitsu Saito

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    1. Yuki Kaneko Masamitsu Saito Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Into the Snow book, this is one of the most wanted Yuki Kaneko Masamitsu Saito author readers around the world.

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    1. Head into the snow with this picture book that shows the joy of winter and the wonder of a snowy day A child heads out into the snow after bundling up inside They have a sled along and also explore the way the snow falls softly, the cold of the day, and the icicles hanging nearby There is a climb to the top of the hill, then the rush of going so quickly, a tumble and the joy of landing softly at the bottom The snowy day ends with hot chocolate inside, a perfect treat after the cold snow.This ver [...]

    2. Lovely Perfectly captures the excitement of a playing on a snowy day and the pleasures of being called back in to warm up My almost three year old just requested four readings of this in a row I call that a hit.

    3. This is a great one to read on a wintry day with the little ones Ages 2 6Cleanliness mentions fairies winterLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

    4. A debut book for the author, Kaneko, who is paired with an experienced illustrator I enjoyed the title as it has wonderful indistinct, blurred illustrations when the young boy is playing outside in the snow The text uses appropriate words which evoke being in the snow, very peaceful Would be a good title for storytime.

    5. I want to see a horror story written about the ice fairy who seeks revenge on the little boy for snapping off the icicle.

    6. After hoping people d get me some of the books I was imagining for my birthday which was last week , I quietly enjoyed the beautiful illustrations Masamitsu Saito used to depict the settings of Yuki Kaneko s story.The general warm blurriness of the artwork is not unlike my own vision.It made me wonder what gouache was, which is one of the media described as used in creation of the artwork My dictionary explains gouache is a technique of painting with opaque watercolors prepared with gum adding, [...]

    7. A child wants to go sledding in the fresh falling snow and his mother makes sure he s bundled warm enough The fabulous illustrations show what fun is to be had on a wintry day, and what delicious snow day treat his mother prepared for him for when he comes inside again.

    8. Why this book got good reviews is beyond me It had an ok story and ok illustrations but nothing amazing The boy likes snow, the boy sleds, he drinks hot chocolate, the end What s so wonderful There are TONS snow books out therearch for one of those instead.

    9. I loved the artwork in this book It seems to be done with wax crayon or pastels I love how Saito captures the joy in the child s playing in the snow The simple text alternated from feeling poetically sublime to stilted as in an old fashioned reader.

    10. beautiful illustrations than story line great for a read aloud to a very young child with questions about the snow

    11. A beautiful book about the joys of snow featuring a Japanese main character A little on the small side for storytime but the pictures are so vibrant and can be seen across the room.

    12. I liked it but why is the kid in the snow by himself Especially since those aren t baby snowflakes falling down Limited visibility for sure.

    13. This book is so cute It s told from a child s point of view, and it walks the reader through everything he does out in the snow one afternoon The illustrations look like crayon, and they depict the snow storm so well Even though I m dreading winter, this book made me wish for snow It will make a great read aloud with younger kids And the simple sentences would even make it a good independent read for older kids.Ages 2 6momsradius 2016 11 cyb

    14. Told from a child s point of view, Into The Snow is a story of discovery and independence Into The Snow is a celebration of one of my most dreaded seasons of the year But, why should a kid be a pessimist like moi Yuki Kaneko s debut children s book explores the optimism and fun that a child experiences while playing in the snow Full Review sukasareads 2016

    15. Tuck this away for winter, and pair it with A Snowy Day for reading in a warm cozy house or classroom Published in China, the pages themselves look cold and snowy A little boy tramps out into the wonderland with his sled, manages to go whirling down a hill, loving all this winter fun The artist shares that oil pastels, gouache, acrylic colors and colored pencils were used to create the artwork, which is amazing.

    16. I thought this was a really cute story for young children The main character is a child so excited to get outside and play in the snow on his own As a teaching tool, there are many literary devices used throughout the text such as similes, alliteration, and onomatopoeia And for a classroom learning words that begin with f, there are so many flutter, flittering, fluffy, fleecy, favorite In my opinion, this is one to be on classroom and home library shelves.

    17. A young child explores the curious wonder of a snowy day Thoughtful observations and clever imagination make this book a bit different from other books about the same subject The illustrations in oil pastels, gouache, acrylic and colored pencils add to the fun frenzy that is found in a snowy day of play.

    18. The fun of playing in the snow from the perspective of a small child I love the warm colors, especially where muted by the cooler colors of the snowy landscape The softness of the pictures is really nice The story is very simple Would ve been nice if this was here before I did my snow themed storytime

    19. A child takes the reader along on his snow adventure that includes sledding and a hot chocolate nightcap The painted artwork really puts the reader into the elements As the snow increases, the pictures reflect the atmospheric changes with great success.Nice seasonal read aloud for PreK 2.

    20. This book captures the strong, exhiliarating, immediate feelings of a child playing in the snow The illustrations are large and good for storytimes, and I like this part of the illustrator Masamitsu Saito s bio His work can also be found in magazines and on chocolate packages Children s books and chocolate love it

    21. A gentle story of discovery about an Asian boy sledding on a snowy day Intended for the very young, the story is rather simple and wraps up with a warm, fuzzy ending The illustrations are really lovely Soft and fluffy, but also active You really feel as if you are in the snowstorm, and racing down that hill too.

    22. While I did not particularly care for the illustrations, I did enjoy the theme of the story I believe that children, especially in the winter time, will relate very well with this book This book will provide the children with a chance to talk with their peers about what they like to do in the winter and what they don t in addition to a story time and craft, corresponding with the book.

    23. The story is of a 3, but the illustrations are very artistic and for that alone I would rate this book a 4 The story is simple and reminds me of poetry I think children would get a lot of artistic pleasure out of this, but I don t necessarily think it would be a very memorable read.

    24. Not much to say about this one it s another snow book, good for reading with toddlers who my not have much experience with snow yet But it s not overly remarkable when compared to other snow books The illustrations are quite striking, although not my personal preference.

    25. Publishers Weekly describes this book as pure joy I agree The illustrations show a cherubic child The story is delightful.

    26. Sweet and simple introduction to the concept of a snowy day for young children May work for baby toddler storytime.

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