The Unwilling Executive

The Unwilling Executive He doesn t care about the wealth and opportunity his father offers Racing car mechanic Lucas Renner never expected his biological father to start acknowledging him as a son and only heir He bet the ol

  • Title: The Unwilling Executive
  • Author: Miranda P. Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He doesn t care about the wealth and opportunity his father offers Racing car mechanic Lucas Renner never expected his biological father to start acknowledging him as a son and only heir He bet the old man has ulterior motives that has nothing to do with wanting to develop a relationship with him He refuses to make contact with the man who has rejected him all his li He doesn t care about the wealth and opportunity his father offers Racing car mechanic Lucas Renner never expected his biological father to start acknowledging him as a son and only heir He bet the old man has ulterior motives that has nothing to do with wanting to develop a relationship with him He refuses to make contact with the man who has rejected him all his life until his father s message is hand delivered by a blushing beauty who stirred him in the right places.She cares about keeping her job.Jade Tully thanks her lucky stars for her new role as the personal assistant to a wealthy CEO Heaven knows she needs it But she doesn t anticipate getting entangled in the personal conflict between her eccentric boss and his extremely hunky son a man who rattles her poise and melts her heart She wants to help bring father and son together But if she continues to do her boss s bidding, would she lose Lucas trust and her chance to capture his heart The Unwilling Executive can be enjoyed as a stand alone or as Book 1 of the Captured by Love series.This book is for adults only It contains hot sex scenes.

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    About Author

    1. Miranda P Charles is the author of than twenty steamy, stirring and suspenseful contemporary romance novels.She prefers to spend her time in front of her laptop, putting into words the love stories that play in her head Don t get her started with reading a great book, though, because she has the tendency to not put it down until she gets to the last page.She does have a life outside of books Mostly, that consists of bonding with family and friends or going on romantic trips with her awesome husband who, thankfully, puts up with her hermit like daily routine Oh, yeah, there s also the housework But she really wishes someone else could do that for her so she could get back to her books She lives in one of the suburbs in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.

    One thought on “The Unwilling Executive

    1. If your a fan of Ms Charles books, you already know Lucas Renner, but never fear this book can be read as a stand alone and as usual it is a book that is just about imposssible to put down.Lucas Renner has no inclination to find himself in the same situation as many of his freinds, In a relationship or worse yet married Lucas much prefers no strings attached after all that is how he gained the title amongst his freinds as the F__k King , which he happily uses to help let women know , he is not l [...]

    2. The Unwilling Executive is a contemporary romance and book one of the series called Captured by Love.Frankly, I thought the story lacked depth I wasn t drawn into it at all I understand the title of the book but we don t really know if Lucas became an executive There was one conversation between Lucas and Thomas that mattered One There had to have been that would have made a difference in the story This could have been a great story about forgiveness and a father and son trying to get to know e [...]

    3. Arc received for honest review This is my first book by Miranda Charles and I was pleasantly surprised This story focuses on Jade Tully and Lucas Renner Jade works for Lucas father and helps Mr Bilton connect with Lucas, who doesn t know the Bilton is his father Jade works hard to be honest and open but Lucas doubts her intentions The couple must build trust between each other before a relationship can build That becomes the focus in the story The relationship takes time to build, seemed to be t [...]

    4. Spoilers I gave this book two stars because lets be honest here, the tittle alone is misleading Lucas is not an Executive until the very end of the book He is a mechanic on race cars He might have gained that tittle at the end of the book but by that time he was already in love with Jade From the beginning when they first met he had feelings for her and his whole Mr Fuck King persona changed This girl Jade is annoying as hell bouncing around playing head games with Lucas and then using the guy t [...]

    5. Meh This book was okay, for a self published romance novel, but I tend to have higher standards for my romances and this didn t really live up to them.For one, this novel lacked so much emotional depth between the characters The climax of the story, when Jade and Lucas finally put their feelings on the line, was seriously half a page long It was, Hey, I m sorry I m sorry, too Let s have sex now Okay LIKE WHAT No There needs to be a discussion here, a meeting of minds And a lot of the novel felt [...]

    6. Most definitely 5 stars How is one supposed to feel when your father keeps using his PA s to try to get you to talk to him To get you to learn the company so that you can take overwhen all you know is that he never wanted anything to do with you essentially How is one supposed to not feel used What is even worse is falling in love with the PA that finally was able to get you to talk to him only to suspect that she was playing a a game and in the end break your own heart Once you ve realized that [...]

    7. First of all I would love to say I really loved this bookI fell in with the charactersLucas Renner Racing Car Mechanic and Jade Tully Personal Assistant to a wealthy CEO Loved the emotions in this book tooEspecially with Lucase action in this book very SEXYWould also love to give thanks to the Author for doing what you do for us readers you are appreciated

    8. photo my thoughts_zpsfejxs2wfg Entertaining book Goes by very quickly There is just enough snark, angst and romance to keep you wanting to continue I am left with one question who and what happened with Jade and her ex to have her so cynical and jaded We get a brief look but nothing long which will have you wondering Here in this delightful book we have Jade and Lucas Jade is a PA just hoping to keep her job with some really awesome protective friends and family telling her she needs to start to [...]

    9. Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Jade started working at a very high profile company as a PA to the boss Thomas.Thomas sent Jade on her first task to meet with Lucas Renner and deliver him a letter and make sure Lucas read the letter She also had to give her boss Lucas s reply to the letter that he had read.They meet at a coffee shop with Lucas being very late He didn t want to read the letter He wanted nothing to do with Thomas.Why Because Thomas had broken him and he hated [...]

    10. Well Jade s boss is a little sneaky, not telling Jade she was basically being set up to ambush his son, Lucas, who wanted nothing to do with him Still, Lucas is drawn to Jade, but he can t be sure of her motivations, so he tries to keep her at arm s length, which doesn t last long Then he does something stupid and she finds out about his reputation and jumps to reasonable, if I m being honest conclusions Then he hears something and jumps to reasonable, if I m being honest conclusions a bit of an [...]

    11. The story was pretty much predictable, sad to say I was kind of disappointed The main thread of the book that gets repeated quite a few times is, someone gets mad and then they REFUSE to talk to each other So many misunderstandings, although the one between Lucas and his father was caused on purpose It was pretty easy for me to guess the who and some of the reasons as the story went on The book information on says that It contains hot sexual scenes It did, but my original thoughts and rating sta [...]

    12. Lucas is not the guy you take home to your mother.He isn t even the guy you typically see a second time around.But for some reason, he gets stuck on Jade But she is sent to him by his enemy His father.Jade has no idea what the issue is, or even who Lucas Renner is, she is just the messenger But she finds Lucas very handsome and hot.This tale is so well thought out and put together that you feel like you know the newer characters in the story and love the old ones as well.You will not be disappoi [...]

    13. I was all with this book until the last 20% She was being really strong and stood her ground for what he said to her and how he acted but then bam it switched it up and he was pissed at her Not only that but she became obsessed after the way he treated her Like I said good till the last 20%

    14. very good, well written didnt like how long they were apart though an how she wouldnt listen to lucas though cant wait to read book 2

    15. It s all been done beforeA light and fluffy read that unfortunately won t keep your attention glued or leave a memorable impression It was just meh.

    16. The Unwilling Executive Captured by Love Book 1 is by Miranda P Charles It is the first in the Captured by Love series which is about a group of billionaires who all begin to find love about the same time The series is great and this book is just the start The book is well written and the characters are very realistic Jade Tully has just gone to work for Thomas Bilton, owner of Bilton Machineries She is on probation for the job of PA for Mr Bilton She was told he is a little eccentric but this e [...]

    17. A tale of a life time of hurt and fear, as well as the struggles of single parenthood and the joy that comes from a special bond between a mother and her son as they combat those struggles together And lets not forget the joys and hurts from falling in love, especially when there appears to be misunderstandings than not Jade has just started a new job as PA to Mr Bilton, a job that she desperately needs if she wants to continue to help her brother and his family cope with their extensive medica [...]

    18. Good start the went downhill fastThe story started off well then it descended rapidly What I liked I loved that the characters met in the first scene The story was original and interesting Girl unknowingly acts as intercessor between boy and his father What I disliked Both characters were totally unlikable He jumped to silly conclusions and treated the girl badly He s the kind of guy you would never bring home to mother or around any of your girlfriends She is a ditzy doormat that is desperate t [...]

    19. Free on I really enjoyed this book It s a bit on the short side but I felt it was a complete story and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series Rick Lexie Maybe the fact that it was based in Sydney made me like it even better I m living overseas now , as I tried to imagine where the scenes were taking place Other reviews said that there wasn t enough description, but I never felt that The language and story flowed and the characters worked really well together.Lucas mechanic on F [...]

    20. This was a good premise, with Jade being honest about being caught in the middle of Lucas and his father s conflict about the past Ruby, Lucas mother, seems sweet, and the mystery of who keeps trying to keep her quiet about Lucas is interesting At some points, the writing is a bit stilted, but the flow is only minimally impacted It was also a bit much having Lucas chase Jade, who wouldn t tally to him, then having her chase him, and having him not talk to her Overall, fun, quick read.

    21. GreatJade was asked to do a favor for her boss Little she know the man she was meeting thought she alternative motives Ruby s is her favorite florist, little did she know she was Lucas s mom Great story.

    22. Didn t like this one It didn t move me It was kind of boring I got this as a free book with the 1st 3 books I like to review them one at a time, since I am never sure if I will read them all This is a short story, so that is good.

    23. Great readThis is my first time reading this author and I loved this book Off to purchase the rest in the series now.n t wait to catch up on the rest of the friends.

    24. Loved the premise of the plot but I never became attached to the main characters Wish the characters and their issues were fleshed out than written.

    25. When your past has effects on your future Lucas is Mr FK and Jade is shy around hot guysWatch these two fall over each other in so many ways

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