Lost Along the Way

Lost Along the Way Three months after losing his parents in a car crash Denver weatherman Daniel Whitaker returns to Laramie Wyoming It s bad enough dealing with the death of his parents and his failing relationship o

  • Title: Lost Along the Way
  • Author: Marie Sexton
  • ISBN: 9781632168580
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • Three months after losing his parents in a car crash, Denver weatherman Daniel Whitaker returns to Laramie, Wyoming It s bad enough dealing with the death of his parents and his failing relationship of fifteen years, but when he finds his childhood home full of clutter, Daniel is at a loss He enlists Landon, his parents sexy neighbor, to help him sort through the mess.Three months after losing his parents in a car crash, Denver weatherman Daniel Whitaker returns to Laramie, Wyoming It s bad enough dealing with the death of his parents and his failing relationship of fifteen years, but when he finds his childhood home full of clutter, Daniel is at a loss He enlists Landon, his parents sexy neighbor, to help him sort through the mess Landon Kushner is a study in contradictions He builds wind sculptures out of scrap metal and loves the outdoors, but he also rides a mint green Vespa and has an affinity for knitting and fortune telling He s been friends with Daniel s parents for years, and he s than willing to lend a hand.Their plan is simple clean the house so Daniel can sell it and get back to his life in Denver But when a strange cookbook comes into Landon s possession, Daniel begins to realize that the universe and Granny B may have other plans.

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      Marie Sexton

    About Author

    1. Marie Sexton lives in Colorado She s a fan of just about anything that involves muscular young men piling on top of each other In particular, she loves the Denver Broncos and enjoys going to the games with her husband Her imaginary friends often tag along Marie has one daughter, two cats, and one dog, all of whom seem bent on destroying what remains of her sanity She loves them anyway.Coda Which book do I read first Visit Marie s website at MarieSexton

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    1. 3.5 If you read Lost Along the Way, I dare you not to think of it the next time you make meatloaf or bake banana bread If you had Granny B s magic cookbook, the meatloaf would give you clarity, and the banana bread well, you ll have to ask Landon for that recipe Daniel has been with the same man for 15 years and he s still with him throughout most of the story Chase isn t good for Daniel, but Daniel clings to the past and to hope The man who brings Daniel joy lives in Wyoming and makes wind scul [...]

    2. I think I m the only person who didn t like this book Like, the only one I loooove Marie Sexton, and I basically worship her, but this one was all wrong for me To start, I ll talk about the audiobook narrator Jeff Gelder I ve listened to a few books narrated by him, and he is usually an okay narrator for me Not with this one I really didn t like his stilted manner of speaking, and his tone, which was almost void of emotion It sounded vaguely robotic to me, and I think that the audio had a seriou [...]

    3. Marie Sexton is one of my favorite contemporary authors and I ve been missing her new material for a while now She did release a much darker stories in a different pen name, but I have always leaned towards her sweet ones So when I found out that Sexton was part of this series, I just knew that I had to read it.Lost Along the Way easily becomes my favorite entry of the Tales of the Curious Cookbook series so far the previous novellas are written by R.J Scott and Amy Lane I guess the key element [...]

    4. I liked this story I think it was about accepting your relationship and moving on than anything else By the time things finally came to a head, all Daniel really felt was relief, and I got that It seemed fast, but when it s already been over in your head for months, what s left to angst over Yeah, I got it Great story, and I loved Landon.I d also kinda like to read about Chase down the road, he didn t seem like an awful guy, just one who fucked up.

    5. I think that I don t enjoy reading about really long relationships gone wrong This was 15 years That is a really long time I couldn t get over the time to see the future It just put such a dark cloud over the book for me.

    6. 4.25 stars I really enjoyed this one I can t even place what it was exactly, it just all came together and worked for me I wish there was time spent with the MCs in their HEA, but it s a novella, so I understand I really liked Danny and Landon Best one so far for this group of stories.

    7. Lost Along the Way was exactly what I needed in the middle of a tough week at work Marie Sexton s writing just meshes with me I ve enjoyed everything of hers that I ve read and this book was no exception.I loved the mystique of the cookbook and how it puts Daniel on the path to happiness And I loved Landon and just how in touch he was with his whimsical side He is exactly what Daniel needs.Reading this book just made me happy.

    8. 4.5 stars Granny B strikes again, this time with meatloaf and banana bread Targets Daniel and Landon.This is my favourite book of the series and this doesn t surprise me, I pretty much love everything M.Sexton puts out there.Daniel is a Denver weatherman He lives with his partner of fifteen years, Chase and has only recently reconnect with his estranged parents His quiet life is about to change after a phonecall that informs him that his parents have died in a car crash Now, he has to deal not o [...]

    9. 3.5 stars I just adore these sweet little stories with just a hint of magic, they re reminiscent of the Petit Morts series, another favorite of mine.This starts a little rough, with Danny s parents dying right off the bat and his 15 year relationship on rocky ground But I quickly enjoyed watching his friendship bloom with Landon, and seeing how the magical cookbook would help them figure things out I love the way the recipes provide clarity and cut through the bullshit, no love potions here It m [...]

    10. I really enjoyed Granny B s magic cookbook and her meatloaf and banana bread recipes Loved Landon, the gentle bear and David, the sad weatherman Loved how everything in their story came together beautifully at the end.An amazing addition to the Tales of the Curious Cookbook series Recommended.

    11. Lost Along the Way is an excellent title for this story about Daniel, who suddenly finds there are issues than he thought possible in the relationship he s had for fifteen years In a difficult situation with having to consider what s next for him, the recipes in Granny B s mysteriously appearing cookbook offer the nudge into action and the support he needs This is a sad story of old things ending, but it also offers hope for new things beginning if Daniel gives them a chance Daniel has some hel [...]

    12. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 4.5 Stars This is what I was looking for when I read the blurb for the series Some magical cooking While the actual cooking wasn t the focus, the resulting goodies had measurable impact on the story.Landon was so sweet and I liked that he wasn t a stereotypical twink, but rather a gentle bear who loved gardening, cooking and his art Daniel was harder to relate to He was sad and conflicted, but I liked that he let Landon and Granny B help him find his way.I loved [...]

    13. 3.5 4.0 StarsHmmmm, it s so hard to rate this First, it was un put downable I read it in one sitting, staying up well past my bed time And that counts for much in my book Next, I loved Landon LUUUUUUUUVED him Third, I liked notice, not love exactly Daniel Here s the but dissolving a 15 year marriage almost contemporaneously with falling in love with the second love of your life seemed a bit far fetched for me, even with Granny B magic Lastly, although Chase did some rotten things, he wasn t evil [...]

    14. This was a fun sweet read It was very readable and I really enjoyed it The characters were likable and though there wasn t much if a story the romance was engaging enough on its own A well deserved 3.5 stars.

    15. 3.5 Hit close to home she did a great job of that feeling Danny had with Chase of what the hell happened and how did we let it get to this point.See Dani ela s review it s spot on.

    16. These series of novellas in the Tales of a Curious Cookbook have been really fun After reading Mary Calmes contribution, I knew that I wanted to try some of the others Of course Marie Sexton was an obvious choice I ve been a long time fan and reader of hers so I don t know why I was so surprised by this story.At under 130 pages, this book really packs an emotional punch I never thought that a short story would have me laughing and tearing up Marie Sexton just has a way of tugging on your heartst [...]

    17. It s safe to say baking zucchini bread will never be the same again I absolutely loved this book, I think the magic of Granny B s cookbook was best represented in this story Daniel and Chase have been together for 15 years, and even though their relationship is slowly falling apart, Daniel still hopes to find a way to fix it It was easy to see why Daniel was clinging to the past, and even though Chase was a no good little shit, I couldn t help but be a little heartbroken over their failing relat [...]

    18. Marie Sexton makes me happy I love to watch her spin a web in her stories and get all wound up in them Daniel goes through life with a grey kind of tone to everything he does A horrible loss happens and he meets someone who cooks the colors right back into his life Sexton s choice to create Landon as a not so physically perfect MC only makes him lovable and fun to watch I don t know about the rest of the world by I d like a copy of Granny B s book, too Update It was pointed out I kept calling M [...]

    19. I was in a book funk A hangover I needed something short and sweet Something that I knew would make me feel happy Marie Sexton always writes stories that make me happy This one made me happy and filled with glee The emotions are real and the story refreshing And one shower scene that is unique and really hot n sexy I loved the characters and felt for them all along the way as they each found what it was they needed to find While they each cut through the bullshit.

    20. This just wasn t for me The story was ok Entirely too much time was spent in the original relationship in the book and the length of the relationship for me to get behind the actual romance that was supposed to be building within the book.

    21. I think I got a little Lost Along the Way with this one Lost Along the Way is Marie Sexton s contribution to the Curious Cookbook series and I have to admit that while I like the premise of the story It just didn t quite work for me and honestly it was due to the narration than the story.Jeff Gelder was the narrator for this installment of the Curious Cookbook series and I ve listened to 3 or 4 books by this narrator in the past and I ve enjoyed them Unfortunately that wasn t the case this time [...]

    22. WOW The queen of emotional turmoil, heart break, angst and happy endings strikes again OMG I just LOVED this story This story is one of five in the Tales of A Curious Cookbook however, all four stories are standalones and can be read listened to in any order I decided to start with Marie s first as I always know that I ll be in for a real treat on the emotional front and I was seriously not disappointed Daniel and Chase have been together for over fifteen years and it appears at first the ideal [...]

    23. questa autrice riesce a rendere unico qualsiasi argomento e spunto,questa serie buona ma per ora questo capitolo il migliore

    24. I have forgotten how much I love Marie Sexton s writing, and this book did a good job reminding me The story drew me in right away and didn t let go until the end Loved every minute of it

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